Hit & Run

A.M. Links: House Passes $1+ Trillion Spending Bill, Police Shut Down Hong Kong Protests, Scientists May Have Found Evidence of Dark Matter


  • Andromeda

    The House of Representatives approved a trillion dollar spending bill now headed to the Senate.

  • Police in Hong Kong cleared the last of the camp sites being used by pro-democracy protesters, who nevertheless promised to come back.
  • Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is reportedly now interested in running again. He probably has a better chance of winning the Democratic nomination.
  • Snow, rain, and wind is hitting California in the worst storm the drought-stricken state's seen in years.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says he's considering something like a "dislike" button for Facebook, but not to disagree with what people have to say because, he says, that would be bad.
  • Scientists have identified signals from the Andromeda Galaxy that may be evidence for the existence of dark matter.

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