A.M. Links: House Passes $1+ Trillion Spending Bill, Police Shut Down Hong Kong Protests, Scientists May Have Found Evidence of Dark Matter


  • Andromeda

    The House of Representatives approved a trillion dollar spending bill now headed to the Senate.

  • Police in Hong Kong cleared the last of the camp sites being used by pro-democracy protesters, who nevertheless promised to come back.
  • Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is reportedly now interested in running again. He probably has a better chance of winning the Democratic nomination.
  • Snow, rain, and wind is hitting California in the worst storm the drought-stricken state's seen in years.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says he's considering something like a "dislike" button for Facebook, but not to disagree with what people have to say because, he says, that would be bad.
  • Scientists have identified signals from the Andromeda Galaxy that may be evidence for the existence of dark matter.

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  1. Via the Atlantic, Lumbersexuality and it’s discontents:

    The first one I met was at an inauguration party in 2009. I was in a cocktail dress. He was in jeans, work boots, and a flannel shirt. He had John Henry tattooed on his bicep. He was white. Somehow, at a fairly elegant affair, he had found a can of PBR. Since then they’ve multiplied. You can see them in coffee shops and bars and artisanal butchers. They don’t exactly cut down trees, but they might try their hand at agriculture and woodworking, even if only in the form of window-box herb gardens.

    In the last month, these bearded, manly men even earned themselves a pithy nickname: the lumbersexuals. GearJunkie coined the term only a few weeks ago, and since then Jezebel, Gawker, The Guardian and Time have jumped in to analyze their style. BuzzFeed even has a holiday gift guide for the lumbersexual in your life. (He would, apparently, like bourbon-flavored syrup and beard oil.)

    You guys assured me that gay marriage wouldn’t lead to articles like this.

    1. They already had one, and it’s “hipsters”. And they aren’t manly.

      1. yea seriously. In Richmond Va i was drinking at a bar that had a pbr special from the tap at 2.00, the fucking hipster sitting next to me ordered a pbr can for 2.50 cents. I preceded to ridicule him about how he wanted a fashion accessory he should go to the mall, he didn’t take it to well.

        1. Which RVA bar? That’s my former neck o’ the woods

    2. Do they put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars?

      1. yes, the skinny jean thing needs to end. I don’t understand it and it frightens me.

        1. +1 caveman lawyer?

        2. I honestly don’t even understand what skinny jeans are. Some kind of jeans, obviously?

          1. a good rule of thumb is if you can clearly make out the outline of a dudes dick while just glancing at him he’s probably wearing skinny jeans and your probably repressing some latent feelings.

            1. I don’t have a habit of looking at dudes’ crotches.

              So basically it’s just jeans that are a few sizes too small?

              1. think more like 5-10 sizes.

            2. They’re not officially hipster jeans unless they’ve been stolen from the little sister’s wardrobe

          2. I think they’re the form fitting jeans skinny chicks wear.

            1. with my mighty calves, I can barely fit in normal jeans.

          3. They are the kind of jeans that you would like to see on an attractive, slim woman, but not on some beardy guy.

      2. No, but they do wish they were girlies, just like their dear Mamas….

    3. Hello.

      “Mark Zuckerberg says he’s considering something like a “dislike” button for Facebook, but not to disagree with what people have to say because, he says, that would be bad.”

      /furiously presses dislike button.

      1. Don’t overuse it or you’ll break it.

      2. I disagree with what people say on facebook by never,ever going there again.

    4. I’m pretty close to cutting my beard clean off over this nonsense.

      1. I’d think about it, but I’m too lazy and shaving every half-day sounds too much like work.

      2. Thankfully, I don’t need to shave all that often.

      3. If you do that it means you are just as foolishly image obsessed as the silly hipsters. Don’t let them win.

        1. Yes. I grow beard in winter. I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s fashionable. I don’t give a flying fuck what hipsters do.

      4. I’m starting to shave on weekends.

    5. Normally, the fact that so many of the MSM are commenting on a fad would be prima facie evidence that it never happened, but I’ve seen such people.

      1. I see them everywhere.

        1. I think it’s the new version of the bald head and fu munchu that dudes with reciding hairlines sported to look manly.

    6. I have a beard but dress like a complete slob so nobody mistakes me for this.

      1. The you’d probably fit in better with actual loggers.

        I’d like to introduce some of these hipster dudes to some of the actual loggers I know. That would be amusing. Though they would have to switch from PBR to Natty Ice.

        1. I’m in the Idaho Panhandle. Everyone looks like this. Except Carhartt jeans.

        2. and smoke Marlboro Reds like they were going to be outlawed. A min. of two packs a day.

          1. Yeah, no more American Spirits.

    7. I don’t give a shit about the fad, even though it is sort of my look (for mostly practical reasons, and no plaid flannel for me). The name is fucking stupid, though.

    8. Google images:Lumbersexual
      Being that most look like professionally photographed models, I deem this an entirely fabricated concept.

      1. It’s not – turn on, say, a sporting event. Now in addition to head-to-toe tatts, every other player has a goddamn neckbeard.

        1. So, what is a “neckbeard” anyway? I had thought it was when people shave their cheecks and chin, but leave the hair under the chin. But it seems to be broader than that.

          1. You’re right, but for some reason that term popped into my head when I first started to see these giant, gnat-infested thickets everywhere.

  2. The House of Representatives approved a trillion dollar spending bill now headed to the Senate.

    The GOP understands its midterms mandate well.

    1. Enrich themselves and their donors?

    2. LOL. The republic is in trusted hands.

    3. They passed it to find out what’s in it.

    4. Something something frog scorpion.

    5. “I was so really heartbroken?I don’t think I’ve ever said that word on the floor of the House, heartbroken?to see the taint that was placed on this valuable appropriations bill from on high,” Pelosi said in a House floor speech ripping into the bill.

      Someone placed their taint on the bill? Eww!

      1. Not just someone, it was a taint from on high.

        1. Taintels we have heard on high
          Sweetly singing o’er the plain;

      2. It was Nancy’s

        1. Paging SugarFree

          1. “Paging SugarFree”

            I’m almost certain that invisible furry hand and allitlesense just invoked the Sugarfree Spell of Summoning.

            And I do not want to know what the material components were.

            1. *vomits in mouth a little*

          2. Where the fuck is Barfman?

  3. 10) I have this theory that the reason the millennials are all so broke (as I keep reading in the newspapers) is because they’re spending all their extra money that could go into savings, houses, etc., on Starbucks coffee. I don’t mean in a metaphoric sense, “oh, they’re spending their money on luxuries,” I mean they’re literally spending it all at Starbucks. Practically every under-30 in my office comes in every morning with a cup of Starbucks ($4? $5?) while those over 50 seem content with coffee from McDonald’s ($1.65, I think) or make their own with the office coffee pot, to which they contribute a couple bucks a week. I bet the difference in coffee expenditure is easily $10-20 weekly, or $500-1000 a year. On an entry-level salary, that’s the difference between having a nest egg and living paycheck to paycheck, or paying off the credit card monthly and building a mountain of debt. Is Starbucks America’s greatest driver of financial irresponsibility?

    1. This sounds pretty preachy to me.

      1. I said it’s not a sermon!

        *closes Bible, collects notes, sits down in bishop’s chair*

        1. I stopped drinking Starbucks when I realized I was dropping $1,200 a year on it when I could either make it myself for a lot less or just drink the K-cup coffee in the office for free.

          I think it has less to do with Starbucks and more to do with brand signalling, just like the iPhone, and also entitlement since they’ve been drinking it for years on their parent’s dime, so why should they stop?

          1. I may be in the minority that when at Starbucks, I get the coffee coffee, about $2. If I want something desserty, there are milkshakes available at your favorite fast food outlet for a lot less than a double mocha half-caff soy frappucino.

            1. That’s what I used to get too – but 2-3 times a day. I found the math horrifying. I only go back now for the egg nog latte, or to buy coffee for use at home.

              1. for 2-3 times a day, just take a mini coffee maker to the office.

                1. You and your good ideas! I just drink the free k-cup stuff. It’s totally fine.

          2. I used to get a “venti” dark roast coffee from the Sbux drivethrough every morning on the way to work…2.50 I think.
            But, I have been boycotting them the day I discovered that the sleeve on my cup was covered in nonsensical feel good blather by that icon of philosopy….Oprah Winfrey. Took one look said “fuck that, Im not going to fund that bullshit” and never went back.

      1. A shockingly number of people think it’s necessary to function, when in fact it is much easier to get up when you aren’t addicted to caffeine.

        1. LIES! You wait until I have had my coffee and I’ll have a pithy retort.

        2. dude it is the elixer of life.

        3. But without caffeine I’d have to confront the hollow shell of my soul first thing in the morning.

          1. Without caffeine you wouldn’t be hollow in the first place.

            1. Hey man I could quit anytime I wanted.

              1. I did once. I had a headache that would kill a normal human.

            2. “Without caffeine you wouldn’t be hollow in the first place.”
              Unfortunately if I stop drinking caffeine I’ll still have red hair. But it’s a nice thought.

              1. Well that does it then. I guess the next thing you’ll tell us is that you like deep dish pizza.

                Sips coffee smugly

            3. What if I like being hollow?

              1. I mean, you have no idea what used to be in that hollowed out place…

        4. Caffeine has it’s advantages and uses, but you are correct that if you use it regularly, you have to stick with it or you get withdrawals (mostly headaches), and that is why most people feel that they “need” coffee to function.

          I’m currently on a high caffeine regime, which I am kind of getting sick of, but it really is a pretty good mental stimulant.

          1. I had a lot of caffeine this Tuesday because I was going to work right from a redeye, but that’s pretty atypical. Which just meant that it’s super-effective.

            1. The biggest gain from being a caffeine addict is that you get the increased sharpness without the stimulant jitteriness. I’m not completely sure it is worth it, though.
              I’ve had plenty of time without lots of caffeine too and it’s not really any harder to get going.

              1. And regular BMs….

        5. I’ve given up caffeine. Way less ups and downs. Now I just go through life in a constant stupor instead of a rollercoaster of exhaustion or frenzied activity.

      2. Starbucks isn’t coffee

        1. Well, the regular coffee is if you like the taste of burnt.

          1. Yeah most of their coffee is gross. The blonde is not terrible though.

            1. Agreed. They burn it to get a uniform flavor.

              1. They make it too strong for the purpose of selling hot milkshakes.

            2. I like the holiday blend.

      3. The Lord may be the Water of Life, but coffee is a close second!

        I actually like the taste of a good coffee, not just the caffeine.

        1. Sure you do, Swiss. It’s similar to how you buy certain magazines… just for the articles.

          And I have a mirror handy, so be careful with that gaze of yours.

        2. Don’t you military types call it Go Juice? I knew an LTC once that kept calling it that.

          1. I for one, enjoy a good cup of black joe, and find that McDonalds and Dunkins make the best coffee.

            Burger King, at one time, carried a brand called ‘Cuppajoe’ that was the absolute best.

            Now they carry ‘Seattle’s Best’, which, if true, means I don’t want to go to Seattle.

            1. Is not Seattle’s Best Starbuck’s by another name?

          2. The younger troops lived on espresso type coffee or, even more so, energy drinks. Monster and that type of stuff makes me gag – but in Iraq, I considered it one step below ammo and medical kits for our security folks…

      4. I drink coffee. With Bailey’s naturlich.

        1. Though I will admit to occasionally having coffee without Bailey’s. It is a lesser substance without Bailey’s.

    2. I think part of the problem is the rise in the percentage of jobs that require license/credentials/degrees and the increased cost of education. People who are in their 50s probably didn’t have to hang a $50,000 weight around their neck to get a starter job. Another problem is the millennial generation was told to follow their heart and do what they love and they’ll never work a day in their life. I think that is bad advice. You have to look at ROI before selecting a career and your ability to perform.

      1. Another problem is the millennial generation was told to follow their heart and do what they love and they’ll never work a day in their life. I think that is bad advice. You have to look at ROI before selecting a career and your ability to perform.

        In my experience, this is the important part. All of my friends who are broke followed this advice. The ones who are doing well actually looked at what jobs paid (or just happened to have a passion for STEM).

        1. Before I dropped facebook, I got called a “arrogant hypocrite” because I pointed out the advice to “follow your heart in college” was bunk. I responded with “Where have I done one thing but said do another?” and got no response.

          Just because I went to college and say that college is not for everyone does not make me a hypocrite.

      2. I think that one unsung part of the problem is that late-Gen-Xers and Millennials look at the lifestyle their parents had when they themselves were old enough to notice and think that’s an appropriate lifestyle to have right out of school.

        If I had tried to live my parents’ lifestyle right out of school, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. “Wah! Downward mobility!”

        But if I dug through old photo albums to explore my parents’ own right-out-of-college lifestyle, and tried to duplicate that, I would have been fine. In fact, I would have been doing better than they did. “Yay! Upward mobility!”

        Even if you are upper middle class, you shouldn’t expect to have as much shit in your 20’s as your parents did in their late 40’s and 50’s.

        1. pretty much this.

        2. That’s an interesting take that I haven’t really heard before.

          I do feel like 20 somethings now are probably spending a lot more on traveling than 20 somethings where 25 years ago.

        3. Actually I’ve enjoyed my parents lifestyle ever since I found my own tree branch to crawl on.

          1. But I would wager they had an exclusive rock on which to sun…

        4. While you are correct to a point, you can’t be too hard on millenials about this.

          I am in my mid 40’s and in a significantly higher income bracket (My parents income never went much higher than the 20th percentile, my household income is around the 10th percentile and I still cannot afford close to the lifestyle my parents did.

      3. Another problem is the millennial generation was told to follow their heart and do what they love and they’ll never work a day in their life. I think that is bad advice.

        Agree…especially since passions can change rapidly throughout one’s life.

      4. I sort of did the “follow you passion” thing in college. But I already knew how to do other, useful things, so it was OK. Way too many people think that they are going to be fully prepared for work with a liberal arts BA.

      5. It used to infuriate me when my in-laws would tell my kids positive-thinking bullshit like “follow your heart and study what you love”. I had to be the bearer of the bad news to the kids after every visit to the overly optimistic in-laws. The kids turned out okay, probably as the result of some golden mean between optimistic in-laws and a pessimistic old man.

        1. More sensibel advice along similar lines would be “learn to love something that provides reasonable career opportunities, then study what you love”. And failing that, just learn to do something useful and find some good hobbies.

          1. I tell my kids Pursue what you love but make sure you have a skill that can pay the bills

        2. whether you hang a label on it like passion or just look at it as something you like, picking a career that you are suited for and are likely to enjoy is pretty good advice. The world is full of at-leasters, people who are unlikely to do more than the minimum required to stay employed.

          What you love and what you are good at may not be one and the same. But if you are talented at something, chances are that you like it and will put some effort into it, which only benefits you in the long run.

          1. My advice was to pick something that is both tolerable and lucrative, and then get so good at it that you love it.

        3. My parents are funding a 529 for the son. As long as its fully funded by someone who isn’t me, he can get a EdD in Basket Weaving and I won’t care.

    3. You do realize there’s a difference in quality among coffees, right?

      1. Yeah, and Starbucks is worse coffee than Dunkin Donuts but twice as expensive.

        1. Are you from the Northeast? Most people who have a strong affinity for dunkin doughnuts coffee seem to hail from the north east.

          1. I think Dunkin Donuts coffee is great and I’m from the midwest.

          2. I am a midwestern lover of Dunkin Donuts as well.

          3. I’m from the northeast and I think DD coffee is not great. Maybe better than Starbucks but not good. I don’t get the love for Dunkin at all. Their doughnuts are nothing special either.

            If you want really good coffee, go to a place that roasts their own.

            1. I don’t get it either. It smells and tastes like donuts. As horrible as (plain) SB coffee is, at least you can dump enough milk in it to sort of cut the taste.

          4. Most coffee drinkers I know prefer Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to Starbucks by a wide margin. That’s coffee to coffee, mind you, not coffee to milkshake, which is what Starbucks is really selling.

            1. DD was good when compared to the absolute shit that most places used to serve like 20 years ago. Most places have caught up by now.

          5. I am a native Memphian, and I like Dunkin Donuts. I also like Starbucks, though.

            The best coffee ever–EVAR–is served at the Women’s hospital in Tampa, FL. I only had it twice, since we were in Tampa only long enough to have two kids. Excellent stuff, though.

          6. DD coffee is weak and flavorless. Fuckin’ yankees.

        2. Starbucks is espresso based.

          DD doesn’t.

          There’s a difference.

        3. Well, Dunkin Donuts serves the best cup of coffee.

          *Prepares to fight*

          1. It’s gonna be a war!

          2. If you can see through it when you pour it, it’s shit coffee and that’s DD coffee.

      2. Of course there is.

        And if some people feel that quality difference justifies $5 to $8 a day, they are welcome to pay that price for the additional utility they gain from the better quality coffee.

        Just don’t complain that you have no disposable income when you do that.

      3. Yeah, Starbucks is nothing particularly good, but it probably beats most of what you can buy pre-ground in a can.

    4. Hey man, I get a coffee from my local coffee joint at the train station (about $2.00) or I make it myself (which would be like .40 cents a cup).

      Don’t go lumping me into these broke ass starbucks drinkers.

      1. As mentioned above, I just don’t drink it all.

        Though I could get it for free here at work, so it isn’t really saving much money.

      2. It’s probably less than 40 cents a cup. Coffee is really cheap when you make it yourself.

      3. We will lump you into whatever broke asses we come across.

    5. I do the k-cups at 50 cents a cup.

      1. I buy k-cups on sale, in bulk at 20-25 cents a cup. Late winter is heaven if you really like the Holiday flavors.

        1. Pumpkin Spice is an abomination.

  4. 1795 time capsule unearthed at State House
    Boston time capsule believed to contain coins, silver plate, newspapers

    The capsule is believed to contain artifacts that date to 1795 when it was first buried by Gov. Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and William Scollay, based on records found by Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration detailing a ceremony when the capsule was buried.

    The capsule was last unearthed during emergency repairs to the State House in 1855 and put back in place when the cornerstone was reset.

    Based on records, the capsule likely contains a collection of coins that date between 1652 and 1855, an engraved silver plate, newspapers, a seal of the commonwealth, cards and a title page from the Massachusetts Colony Records.

    1. No porn?

      1. In the Yeare of Our Lord 1756, A Record of Ye Porne of The Massachusetts Bay Colonie

      2. The cards were a Colonial Nudies deck.

      3. Massachusetts was founded by Puritans. If those newspapers even mention a women, that is 1790s porn.

        1. Those puritans had to have the dirtiest secret stash ever.

        2. Late colonial Boston was famous for its industrious whores.

          1. industrious whores

            Nice band name.

        3. Hence the 30th anniversary of the outlawing of Happy Hour in Massachusetts the only non-Mormon state in the land to do so!

          1. When did Vermont become Mormon?

            1. Wasn’t Joseph Smith born in Vermont?

              [runs off to check]

              Why yes, yes he was.

              1. And had to leave.

                1. The Mormons were shot out of Illinois…

    2. “Believed to?” Just open it, there’s probably some tasty snacks that are coming up on their expiration date.

    3. Oh, lord, the first thing I thought when I saw that was they’ll probably add a picture of Gov. Patrick to it for future generations to adore.

    4. “We know in August 1855 it was humid, and they washed the contents in acid. That’s concerning.”

      Well, in 1855 Massachusetts was governed by Know-Nothings.

      1. Still is as far as I can tell.

      2. They just dropped the value of the coins. 😉

        I own an 1802 Draped Bust penny – you can make out the date and the outline of Lady Libery, but it certainly isn’t mint. It is, however, a cool historical piece.

        1. “Cent”, damn it! Pennies are British.

          Sorry for the numismatic pedantry. I really like the large cents. Somewhere in my family we have a pretty good collection with some in decent condition.

          1. bah – get technical on me.

    5. Wow, they really are getting desperate for money.

      1. “Hock the silver, auction the other things!”

    6. Too bad there is not a first draft of the 2nd Ammendment in their.

      1. Isn’t that in the Virginia State Constitution?

      2. In their what?

    1. Your odd Commonwealth spelling had.me reading that as “hand sinister” and puzzled.

      1. The left landed league replaced the malk with white russians!

    2. It was unlikely the girl would suffer any long-term physical or psychological effects from the incident, he said.

      Other than becoming a slut?

    3. What do we want? What do we want?
      Hand Sanitizer control!

      1. Something must be done.

    4. I like how she rolls.

    5. I like how they mention that the 4 year old was over the legal limit for driving.

      Can you make hand sanitizer with pure ethanol, or are they required to make it poisonous like in other non-taxed alcohol based things?

    6. “How could you not catch that a 4 year old stumbling around and talking nonsense was probably drunk?”

  5. The British man who crossed America using dating app: Hitchhiker travelled 7,500 miles by taking rides with women he found on Tinder

    Daniel Beaumont, 24, set off on journey across America in May this year
    But he soon became tired of being rejected by drivers while hitchhiking
    Turned to Tinder in a bid to help with journey from Vancouver to New York
    Charmed 32 women into giving him a lift on the 7,500 mile return journey
    He also used websites Craigslist and Couchsurfing on his adventure
    Admits there was ‘some romance’ on trip but declines to expand further


    1. I remember reading about a homeless guy in NYC who was just picking up chicks and going to their place every night so he had a place to sleep and shower.

    2. Would have have accomplished the feat more quickly had he used Grindr and gotten rides from gay men? 😉

      1. He would still be in the same truck rest stop years later.

    3. Damn. He doesn’t look all that attractive and yet some of the chicks he got to “take him for a ride” are hot as hell.

  6. Saved: The four lost flamingos who all flew NORTH for the winter and ended up in SIBERIA

    Four flamingos recently touched down in various parts of Siberia
    Fishermen rescued one that landed on an ice lake in the Tomsk region
    Scientists are baffled about what’s causing the birds to veer off course


    1. Wrong response, this is a Darwinian sign, those four are unfit.

    2. Yet another sign the poles are about to flip. Disaster is imminent.

      1. I hope that is sarcasm.

        1. I’m not sure how to respond to that.

          1. I’ve been hearing that the poles are about to flip since I was a kid. At this point I’ve lumped it together with humal-level AI, fusion power, and the practical electric car. As in forever just across the horizon.

            1. Did I out-sarc you?

              1. game, set, match

            2. Well, the poles are about to flip. But that means any time between tomorrow and 30,000 years from now. Sort of like how Betelgeuse is about to supernova and a supervolcano could erupt any time.

            3. Flying cars, bitchz!

              *They’ll all crash when the poles flip.

    3. That seems to happen from time to time. I remember reading about the same sort of thing a few years ago.

      Flamingos are some really weird birds. They like to live in lakes of poison and eat slime.

  7. Teen dies after having his own sawed-off shotgun turned on himself in botched street robbery

    Police say Channel Johnson, 18, was shot after he approached a 22-year-old target on a Washington, DC street on Wednesday
    Johnson announced he was robbing the man and present his gun before a struggle ensued leaving Johnson wounded
    Johnson was taken to a Washington hospital with grave injuries and he later died


    1. …Channel?

      1. It’s pronounced “Fiddy”.

    2. …and he later died.

      Okay. I’m finding it hard to shed tears.

      1. Okay. I’m finding it hard to shed tears.

        Here, let me help you with that.

        1. That was helpful. *runs away to grab a Kleenex *

    3. So Johnson was shot and killed by someone in possession of a sawed off shotgun? DC police are going to have a field day taking that hardened criminal off the street.

  8. Butt implants aged 12, waists crushed into painful straps for weeks and intestines removed by 16: Inside the extreme Venezuelan ‘beauty factories’ where girls go to shocking lengths to become Miss World

    1. They may not have toilet paper, but ….

    2. If you’re engineering beauty is it really beauty?

      1. It can be, it just should have an entirely separate competition. Something for the surgeons’ skills rather than a traditional beauty contest.

      2. In theory, yes. In practice, occasionally.

    3. It’s tough competing with those Brazilion chicks.

    4. The booties I see at my CrossFit are so impressive that I think implants should be outlawed and every female in the world given a bar to squat with. I can think of no better use for my tax dollars.

      1. Someone here gets it, finally. I mean, other than the Crossfit garbage.

        1. I’ve seen some hilarious Youtube videos coming out of Crossfit.

  9. Are you brave enough to try a waterslide LOOP THE LOOP? Thrill seekers prepare for world’s fastest wet ride featuring a 90ft vertical drop

    The SkyCaliber waterslide, developed in Missouri, is set to break three Guiness World Records when it opens
    The thrilling ride reaches speeds over 50mph, and its 30ft vertical loop is the world’s tallest in a waterslide

    Looks like fun!

  10. Married cops arrested with ‘safe full of drugs and $80,000 cash’ and accused of being part of huge nationwide drug ring

    Jason Woods, 44, and Teresa Woods, 34, were booked into the Boone County Jail in Indiana on Thursday
    Allegedly found with 100 grams of synthetic drugs and $80,000 cash
    Police believed it is linked to a landmark Spice ring busted in 2013
    They were fired as Hendricks County deputies earlier this year for possession of thousands of dollars in missing money

    Will anything else happen?

    1. They had $80,000 in seizable cash…they are hosed.

    2. Depends on how much dirt they have on their colleagues.

    3. “Spice ring”? Like the fake pot stuff? I’m not sure why you’d bother with that once it is illegal, rather than proper weed.

      One thing I really hate about reporting on drugs is how reporters (even some from Reason) repeat the stupid, meaningless names like “Spice” or “bath salts” as if that is a real name for it. How about doing a little reporting and figuring out what the actual drugs in question are.

      1. Hey I heard that stuff was so potent you could warp space and time with it

  11. Slumber party? Karlie Kloss spotted leaving BFF Taylor Swift’s NYC apartment… after singer denies lesbian romance

    Makes sense. I mean, it’s not like Swift can keep a boyfriend. Maybe there’s a reason.

    1. They do have a similar look.

    2. With the legs on those chicks that would be a sight to see.

        1. “Scisssor me, Xerxes!”

    3. Do we really need to fabricate stories of them being lesbians? Can’t we just imagine anyway?

      1. Ya I’m ok with complete fiction on this one. As long as I am directing the shoot.

        1. It’s not as if they were going to let you watch if it is true.

          1. Yeah, no way would they ever video themselves and have it stolen or leaked at convenient times to resuscitate their celebrity.

            1. I suppose that is a possibility, but it’s far from a universal tactic.

            2. The problem is that T-Swift will be 40 before she needs that, and then its just Madonna all over again.

    1. Results are of registered voters, unless otherwise noted.

      Well, that’s just registered voters. There is a vast majority who don’t register to vote that think these are fake scandals. The President heard them in the last election.

      /BP logic

    1. The oldest kid was 12.

      A 12 year old can babysit.

      1. I know, I used to babysit at that age – 3 kids, including a baby.

      2. Err yeah, my younger kids had a half day yesterday. 2 12 year olds and a 6 year old were home alone for something like 5 hours and NOTHING happened (by nothing I mean nothing, they didn’t get any of their damned chores done)

      3. I used to come home from school (latchkey) when I was 10 and be there for 3 hours before my parents came home. I also watched my little brother, 6, at the time. Apparently I was abandonded for those 3 hours every day.

  12. Mark Zuckerberg says he’s considering something like a “dislike” button for Facebook

    Eh, I’ve already instructed everyone I’m friends with that I’m sarcastically clicking the “like” button.

    1. Nice. May I steal this?

      1. By all means

  13. Driver launches BMW off highway, plunges through family’s roof 20 feet below, then leaves scene

    A sport utility vehicle went airborne and sailed through the roof of a home in California’s San Diego County, but the residents inside weren’t hurt.

    The crash happened shortly before 12:30 a.m. Wednesday in Escondido.

    Police tell U-T San Diego the driver of a BMW lost control during a turn, went off a road and plunged through the roof of a home that sits about 20 feet below the roadway.

    1. I left my Beemer in Escondido?

      /sung to the tune of “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”

      1. I was pleased that the Cohen brothers used that song in their remake of The Ladykillers.

    1. Wow. What a cunt that girl is. A serious cunt.

      Problem is, a dumbass judge forced her parents to pay? No wonder she’s acting like a cunt. She has the court on her side.

    2. What justification is there for forcing parents to pay for tuition when their child is over the age of majority?

      1. Apparently a law in NJ says they can.

        1. So the old “give me the money or you’ll be sorry clause” The gov. has been using that one for years.

          1. New Jersey has moved beyond laws and is now governed by feelz. Those parents really need to GTFO of that state.

            1. Exactly. There is no NJ law that requires the parents to pay her tuition. A judge just decided they should.

      2. Why are you against women having equal access to education Irish?

      3. I read a story on this last week. It is due to a quirk in the laws regarding divorce.

        The state cannot force a married couple to pay tuition for an adult child, but the state can force one or both of divorced parents to pay for tuition. This law was put in place to punish fathers that abandon their children protect the children of broken families.

        In this specific case, the two divorce parents are in agreement and are fighting jointly against their daughter. The case wouldn’t exist if they were still married.

        1. Same law exists in Iowa.

  14. Armour created for naked bacon cooks

    A US company is marketing protective armour for people who like to cook bacon while they are naked.

    J&D Food’s Naked Bacon Cooking Armour consists of a hard plastic shell covered with foam then enclosed in vinyl.

    Co-founder Justin Esch told Huffington Post: “It truly is the gold standard of genital grease burn protection.”

    1. I make my wife cook me bacon while she’s naked. It’s even funnier watching her when I throw an ice cube in the skillet.

    2. The solution already exists. It’s called clothing. Worst case, use an apron.

    3. From the people who brought you BaconLube!

    4. “It truly is the gold standard of genital grease burn protection.”

      Bullshit. *Any* genital grease protects from burns.

    5. genital grease burn

      Good grindcore band name.

    6. What the fuck is ‘armour’? A lovesick armadillo?

      1. I laughed out loud at this one.

    7. But then you aren’t naked.

  15. Scientists have identified signals from the Andromeda Galaxy

    They had to strain to hear them.

    1. What you did there…I see it.

      1. You’re narrowing your gaze as you do it, aren’t you?

        1. Oh no, wide eyed panic, barely kept in check…

      2. By protective gear I assume you mean a tin foil hat, frying pan cod piece and gardening gloves.

        1. Amour bacon grease cod piece, thankee very much!!!!!!

    2. Nice.

    3. Did they tell us how to build a Wave Motion Engine and cure the radation pollution on Earth?

      1. Starblazers!

    4. Quick! Get the green liquor!

  16. “Scientists have identified signals from the Andromeda Galaxy that may be evidence for the existence of dark matter.”

    Dark matter? Isn’t that, like, racist? If not, it should be.

    Dark (feelings) matter!

    1. #Allmattermatters

      1. *golf clap*

    2. Fritz Zwicky: http://discovermagazine.com/20…..no-respect

    3. More important, scientist has new idea for why life exists.

      Why does life exist?

      Popular hypotheses credit a primordial soup, a bolt of lightning, and a colossal stroke of luck.

      But if a provocative new theory is correct, luck may have little to do with it. Instead, according to the physicist proposing the idea, the origin and subsequent evolution of life follow from the fundamental laws of nature and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill.”

      At the heart of England’s idea is the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of increasing entropy or the “arrow of time.”

      He derived a generalization of the second law of thermodynamics that holds for systems of particles with certain characteristics: The systems are strongly driven by an external energy source such as an electromagnetic wave, and they can dump heat into a surrounding bath. This class of systems includes all living things. England then determined how such systems tend to evolve over time as they increase their irreversibility. “We can show very simply from the formula that the more likely evolutionary outcomes are going to be the ones that absorbed and dissipated more energy from the environment’s external drives on the way to getting there,” he said.

    4. Oh, but it is racist.

      White, cis-gendered scientists — though mostly male, one female was prominent also, but all were steeped in the racist Western ethnocentrism of modern science — discovered that certain astrophysical phenomena did not comport with known laws of nature. They hypothesized that another form of matter, different from ordinary matter, must exist to explain the anomaly. Such matter is difficult to observe, and exists apart from their direct experience.

      Their racism is obvious in their choice to refer to this “other” as dark matter, which is clearly an analog for people of color. Their latent, but unshakable, belief in white supremacy naturally imparts a superiority to matter with which they are more familiar.

      Still, these scientists are not the worst variety of racist. Some deny the very existence dark matter, mainly because they do not encounter dark matter in their own lives. To these more vicious racists, dark matter does not matter, much like the lives of Michael Brown and Eric Garner do not matter to the white race, which is unable to experience and understand the lives of people of color due to its congenital racism.

    1. “No one stole any of the four Time magazines or 15 Economist issues.”

      Too funny. Not even thieves read Time.

      1. I once stole a Time from a doctor’s office but the damned thing burst into flames upon seeing daylight.

    2. I went to the dentist yesterday and read a new issue of Motor Trend. It was a good read, from the two articles I read (plus I always scan through the readers’ letters column).

      1. Despise Motor Trend. Car and Driver is a much more libertarian car magazine.

        Also, MT is put together like a really bad website. Changing fonts and colors, and shit all over the place. Gives me a headache when I look thru it.

  17. though dark matter is ubiquitous and omnipresent, it’s nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of.

    So, dark matter is God?

    1. Dark Matter is just like regular Matter. It’s just better at sports.

      1. And has more rhythm.

      2. Nature loves to hide.

        — Heraclitus, about 500 BC.

        1. – Old Dude not familiar with animal camouflage…

    2. The God of the Gaps, perhaps.

  18. Elizabeth Warren could not be reached for comment.

    Students dressed as Indians at off-campus Thanksgiving party disciplined for ‘cultural appropriation’

    Bowdoin College men’s lacrosse players have been disciplined by administrators for how they spent personal time at an off-campus party to celebrate a pre-Thanksgiving meal with friends.

    The “Cracksgiving” party took place just before Thanksgiving in a house rented by some members of the men’s lacrosse team. It’s called the “Crack House,” and “Cracksgiving” something of an apparent annual tradition. The invite asked people to dress up like Pilgrims and Native Americans, urging students to “wear your finest Thanksgiving attire.”

    1. The people who dressed up as Puritans were also engaging in “cultural appropriation”, but that appropriation is apparently A-OK.

    2. Next their going to tell me charlie chan and blackface aren’t funny anymore.

    3. When will they be disciplined for the cultural appropriation of playing lacrosse?

    4. They should have dressed as Indian Indians. That may have been more politically correct/acceptable.

      1. [Narrows gaze]

        1. *ahem* It wasn’t like he said “seabug” or something!!!!!!

    5. I’m waiting for an apology from the rest of the world for appropriating so much American culture.

      It makes me feel like less than a person to see so many people around the world adopting American style dress and food and music. I demand justice!

      Seriously, these people are fucked. Didn’t we all dress up like Pilgrims and Indians in elementary school for Thanksgiving?

    6. How the fuck is it any of the college’s business what they do off-campus on their own time? And ‘cultural appropriation’? What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? Fuck yourselves sideways with a lunchbox, assholes.

      1. If they are on the college’s sports teams they have probably signed extra-special releases that lets the college control their lives even moreso than that of the regular students.

        Academia as we now know it cannot die soon enough.

  19. Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is reportedly now interested in running again

    It’s reported he has binders full of plans.

  20. Ticket-fixing cop invokes ‘chokehold’ in defense

    “He violated his oath,” Kluger said. “He did bad things as a police officer. But he takes responsibility for what he has done. I feel bad for him. He messed up, but he could have been a great police officer.

    “He wasn’t choking people. He wasn’t shooting people. He wasn’t hurting people. He wasn’t robbing people until they [Internal Affairs] set him up to do it.”


    1. ‘Ramos, 46, still faces charges that he fixed tickets, sold counterfeit CDs and conspired, with his wife, to kill one of the witnesses against him.

      Ramos expressed remorse for his crimes, and said he didn’t want to be separated from his family.

      “I’m not the same person that made those bad choices four years ago,” Ramos said. “I’m asking for another opportunity to atone for my action. I am very sorry, deeply remorseful. Words cannot express how much I need my family and they need me.”

      Really? You did all that bad shit AND planned to kill someone with your wife and citizens are supposed to give you leniency or be sympathetic?


      1. ‘Ramos, 46, still faces charges that he fixed tickets, sold counterfeit CDs and conspired, with his wife, to kill one of the witnesses against him.

        Um, one of these is not like the other. Yeah, let’s concentrate on fixing tickets and not conspiracy to murder.

  21. Mitt Romney may be interested in running again, but he’ll have to fight off a vigorous challenge from Bob Dole.

  22. Scientists have identified signals from the Andromeda Galaxy that may be evidence for the existence of dark matter.

    That’s just reflected noise from when we beamed Requiem for a Dream into space.

    1. Now that’s really dark.

  23. The House of Representatives approved a trillion dollar spending bill now headed to the Senate.

    What has less meaning at this point? A trillion dollars or the House of Representatives?

    1. The Senate?

  24. The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind

    Frank Walsh still pays dues to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, but more than four years have passed since his name was called at the union hall where the few available jobs are distributed. Mr. Walsh, his wife and two children live on her part-time income and a small inheritance from his mother, which is running out.

    Sitting in the food court at a mall near his Maryland home, he sees that some of the restaurants are hiring. He says he can’t wait much longer to find a job. But he’s not ready yet.

    “I’d work for them, but they’re only willing to pay $10 an hour,” he said, pointing at a Chick-fil-A that probably pays most of its workers less than that. “I’m 49 with two kids ? $10 just isn’t going to cut it.”

    1. Why not freelance?

      1. Honestly. An independent electrician can make pretty good money and there is plenty of demand.

        The only reason I can think of why he might not be able to do that is that he is either not a fully licensed electrician or the IBEW goons will break his knees if he does.

        1. I don’t think that IBEW cares about residential jobs, or rather they can’t fuck with those. Large business and government contracts, OTOH…

    2. Frank Walsh still pays dues…


    3. Yeah, that’s why $0 is better.

    4. Maybe he should be out looking for a job instead of “sitting in the food court at the mall”

      1. Is he “living in a van down by the river”?

    5. I have a hard time feeling bad for people like that. His job search apparently consists of sitting at the mall food court and noticing signs. He could probably find a non-unionized electrician position or do something that relates to his skill, but he’d rather just cry into his mall hamburger.

      1. He could have used that inheritance to start his own contracing business.

        1. Or worked for that $10 an hour for the past four years, and had another $80k (pretax) at this point.

        2. Or work one of these “mcjobs” in the morning and have his wife do an evening job. It would supplement their inheritance until something better came along.

    6. “I’m 49 with two kids ? $10 just isn’t going to cut it.”

      So there are jobs Americans are unwilling to do!

      1. If we cut off his government subsidy, $10 an hour will look like a good deal.

    7. The Vanishing Male Union Worker

    8. Many men, in particular, have decided that low-wage work will not improve their lives, in part because deep changes in American society have made it easier for them to live without working. These changes include the availability of federal disability benefits; the decline of marriage, which means fewer men provide for children; and the rise of the Internet, which has reduced the isolation of unemployment.

      No mention of video games and porn.

      1. No mention of … porn.

        What isolation do you think the Internet is addressing?

  25. ‘He turned grey’: Mother of child who fell ill after drinking raw milk speaks out

    Favourite bit:

    The mother acknowledged she had been blinded by the wider trend towards raw food, but said she was not aware of the serious risks associated with raw milk.

    “If I had heard of anything like this happening to anyone I wouldn’t have brought into my home – I wouldn’t have consumed it myself,” she said.

    “It was a wake-up call to make sure I’m no longer blinded by the latest trends. It was a wake-up call to make sure I’m making informed decisions for my family.”


    1. she was not aware of the serious risks associated with raw milk.

      There are risks with everything. For instance, pole dancing. A person can get hurt.

      1. I just like the idea that she needs to have her baby hospitalised to teach her to make informed decisions. Cos, you know, it’s such an extraordinary idea that no-one would normally think of.

        And before you all pile in, I have no probs with people choosing to drink raw milk, just problems with people who say stupid things

        1. What’s your stance on pole dancing?

          1. Three points of contact at all times?

            I heard – that’s right, I heard – that a small amount of Dark Energy sealed in a capsule and then sewn into your thong maintains a slight anti-gravity field, proving most helpful.

    2. she was not aware of the serious risks associated with raw milk


  26. Kathleen Sebelius on ‘Obamacare’: Change the name

    “I think we may need to call it something in the future different, but it is working,” Sebelius said at POLITICO’s “Lessons from Leaders” event.

    Sebelius, who resigned in April following the botched roll out of President Barack Obama’s signature health law, said that current issues involving the Affordable Care Act have to do with its commonly used name.

    “Obamacare, no question, has a very bad brand that has been driven intentionally by a lot of misinformation and a lot of paid advertising,” Sebelius said.

    1. So she’s admitting that Obama sucks so much that his name is a bad brand?

    2. said that current issues involving the Affordable Care Act have to do with its commonly used name

      Jeez, people like Sebelius are about as deep as a sheet of paper

      1. So now, “Good Governance” is reduced to a product pitch? Jesus, Did it ever occur to this dipshit that “the product” itself sucks?

        1. Has Obama ever been more than marketing?

    3. Very well. “Sebeliuscare” it is.

        1. “Sebelia-Scare” is not catchy?!

      1. “My premiums shot up! What gives? I’m unhappy!”

        “Sir, have you considered it calling it something else?”

    4. What this pig needs is a new coat of lipstick!

    5. Would a turd by any other name smell as foul?

    6. So does this explain why why my Redskin’s suck? All Dan Snyder has to do is rebrand for the 15th time, this time by changing the name?

      1. Yes, once they are called the Washington Bureaucrats, they will once again be successful.

        1. Yes, once they are called the Washington Bureaucrats, they will once again be successful expected to be unsuccessful.


          1. More accurate, thanks.

    7. been driven intentionally by a lot of … paid advertising

      Pajama Boy and shot-ski whores?

    8. Wow. Life immitates satire. I suggested that it would be changed to “SebiliusCare” once it became obvious it sucked.

  27. Countless crows, droppings rankle Ohio residents

    Thousands of crows roosting at night in a western Ohio city’s downtown have some residents comparing the landscape with the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” as they work to drive them away.

    The crows troubling Springfield aren’t aggressive, as birds in Hitchcock’s 1963 thriller were portrayed. But their overwhelming presence on trees and buildings causes concern over damage and potential health hazards from droppings, said Roger Sherrock, CEO of the Clark County Historical Society.

    The society operates the Heritage Center of Clark County, one of the buildings favored by the federally protected crows.


    1. The crows troubling Springfield aren’t aggressive, as birds in Hitchcock’s 1963 thriller were portrayed.

      How about as aggressive as the birds portrayed in the 1977 comedy High Anxiety?

      But their overwhelming presence on trees and buildings causes concern over damage and potential health hazards from droppings

      See? Just like the birds in the 1977 comedy High Anxiety!

    2. According to the hunting regs of Minnesoda:

      Crows are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act but can be taken out of season, without a permit, when caught in the act of committing, or about to commit, damage to ornamental or shade trees, agricultural crops, livestock or wildlife.

      Lethal means of control can also be undertaken when they are concentrated in large numbers, such as communal roosts, and subsequently constitute a nuisance (e.g. noise) or pose a threat to human health, as would be the case when accumulations of fecal materials pose a sanitation risk. Legal methods of take are the same as during hunting seasons. Crows cannot be taken outside of the damage area.


      Maybe Ohio doesn’t have the exception to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act?

      I have never heard of anyone being particularly worried about killing crows though. I know as a kid crow season was effectively year round because crows were always on their way to cause damage somewhere.

      1. Hire a Falconer. The crows will soon find somewhere else to hang out.

  28. Breaking Down the ‘Cromnibus’ Vote

    Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn. Progressive outside groups worked themselves up into a frenzy when it looked like Himes was on the short-list to be the next chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. A former Goldman Sachs investment banker, he’s been scrutinized for having close ties with Wall Street and taking substantial campaign contributions from the financial sector. His vote in favor of the cromnibus might be put into liberal activists’ files, as it was perceived by those on the left as a cave to big banks, given the policy rider to roll back portions of “Dodd-Frank.” Jamie Dimon, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, was even making calls to House Democrats to shore up support for the bill.

  29. Roller coaster rides trigger pediatric stroke

    Strokes previously have been reported in adult roller coaster riders, but there are only a few previous reports of strokes in children who rode roller coasters, including a 13-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy. The 4-year-old boy described by Loyola neurologists is one of the youngest reported in the medical literature.

    BAN IT!


    The result will be that we will go on believing, as a culture, that women are not to be trusted. Which means we will go on not listening to them as they speak, as they shout, as they scream. As they beg to be afforded the same right that so many men are, and always have been, afforded: the right to narrate their own lives.

    Yep. Men who use lies to push a political agenda are never questioned. She’s got this privilege thing down.

    1. as they speak, as they shout, as they scream.

      One of these things is not like the others.

    2. What does it even mean to narrate their own lives? Twitter?

      1. As we’ve been told, time and time again this last week, the facts don’t matter. Only the narrative.

        Why won’t you let them have their own narrative? You misogynist shitlord.

      2. Like Wonder Years. Doesn’t everyone have an outer monologue?

      1. OK, I will narrate my own life…

        I rose to glory, a Medal of Honor, 3 PhDs, a supermodel wife and vast riches on the strength of my vast intellect, radiant sexuality, and mighty thews.


        Oh, wait, I may have narrated it, but IT STILL AIN’T SO.

        1. Well, maybe the mighty thews.
          [whatever the fuck those are]

        2. I rose to glory, a Medal of Honor, 3 PhDs, a supermodel wife and vast riches on the strength of my vast intellect, radiant sexuality, and mighty thews.

          Hey man, be careful!

          I think dunphy has that narrative copyrighted.

      2. I hired James Earl Jones to follow me around and narrate the momentus events of my life…

        “Mr. Frankleson now struggles to remember which brand of Juice Boxes Mrs. Frankelson told him to get. It is a choice that could lead to woeful defeat and humiliation…”

        1. You have to take a picture of said Juice Boxes with your smart phone/device of choice and refer to the pictures when shopping for Mrs. Frankelson.

          It shows you care (TM).


          Uncle Charles

          P.S. What Swiss wrote.

    3. “The result will be that we will go on believing, as a culture, that women are not to be trusted.”

      Who is this we?

    4. The result will be that we will go on believing, as a culture, that women are not to be trusted.

      You mean on top of not being listened to when the championship game is on?

    5. “As they beg to be afforded the same right that so many men are, and always have been, afforded: the right to narrate their own lives.”

      According to the left, I believe we’re up to 727,328,923 inalienable human rights which only a monster would breach.

      These rights do not include free speech or the right to self-defense.

    6. Holy fuck, they are just making shit up now.

      People lie about shit sometimes, even women.

  31. Teen gets in standoff with cops, points rifle at them, says he is going to shoot. Negotiators brought in, talk him down, no one gets hurt.

    Call it your morning non-nut punch.

    1. Well, he was white.

        1. Weretrue Scotsmen only appear once a month, however.

          1. +1, nice!

    2. “It was only hours later, after he was restrained, that police discovered that his weapon was an air rifle.”

      I looked at the photo and noticed that in less than one second.

  32. Dark matter was ignored for so many years because of racism!!


  33. Scientists have identified signals from the Andromeda Galaxy that may be evidence for the existence of dark matter.

    Either that or “Why did you cancel I Love Lucy?”

    Snow, rain, and wind is hitting California in the worst storm the drought-stricken state’s seen in years.

    … Compared to all the other worst storms they had seen in years.

    Mark Zuckerberg says he’s considering something like a “dislike” button for Facebook, but not to disagree with what people have to say because, he says, that would be bad.

    There’s already a button for that – it is called the “I unfriend you” button. My Marxian sister used it couple of times on me.

    1. There’s already a button for that – it is called the “I unfriend you” button. My Marxian sister used it couple of times on me.

      1: Why did she keep re-friending you?

      2: shouldn’t there be a level of intermediate censure prior to that?

      1. Re: UnCivil Servant,

        1: Why did she keep re-friending you?

        I sent her a new request to friend me when I needed to know her new address so my wife could send her Christmas cards. She unfriended me again after I destroyed one of her lefty friends on Facebook when he said something really stupid about something he shared from Gawker.

        Marxians have no sense of humor, I tell you.

      2. Regarding 2, there is. You can now ‘unfollow’ which removes their updates from showing up in your feed.

        1. I have a number of “unfollows” – FB cloggers and the more politically crazy ones.

          1. I took the extreme “unfollow” route: I dropped facebook completely.

          2. I took the extreme “unfollow” route: I dropped facebook completely.

            1. It took long enough for the squirrels to get me.

    1. The graphics are awesome.

      1. Looks like the graphics were designed with a much bigger win in mind, well in advance of the “true” results.

        1. nah, they just know the people who see that don’t know what percentages are and will only look at the graphic.

  34. It looks like Jackie’s friends may be able to sue Rolling Stone for libel. Their insurance company is going to be handing out some big payouts.

    What Rolling Stone did to “Cindy”

    1. How can they sue for libel when no one knows who they are? What are the damages?

      Unless they can prove someone identified her and this identification somehow harmed her, there aren’t any real damages there.

      The people who are going to fuck Rolling Stone are the frat guys. Their house got vandalized and they were basically called rapist scum for two weeks.

      1. Unless they can prove someone identified her and this identification somehow harmed her, there aren’t any real damages there.

        Um, not a US defo lawyer but I don’t think that’s right. Surely there’s no need to prove any harm to Jackie if her friends are suing.

        If the identification of Jackie that has been made online is correct, her friends can say that they’re identifiable by anyone who knew Jackie and her friends. Then it’s a question of what imputations arise from the article (basically, the imputation is that they’re horrible arseholes).

        If the online identification is wrong, the false Jackie’s friends could sue, but not the real Jackie’s friends.

      2. They gave enough information to make her identifiable. You can’t just use a transparent or easily penetrated pseudonym to avoid libel suits. Then everyone would do it.

        1. “They gave enough information to make her identifiable. You can’t just use a transparent or easily penetrated pseudonym to avoid libel suits. Then everyone would do it.”

          I agree. But I haven’t seen any information that random people identified them and that this resulted in any injury.

          If they haven’t been identified by anyone other than some reporters they talked to, then I don’t see where they have standing to sue. Saying ‘theoretically I maybe could have been identified and possibly suffered some harm’ is hardly a cause for a libel action.

          1. Cindy is not her real name, but she was surely identifiable, not only to herself but to an entire circle of people at UVA.

          2. Except the likelihood of being identified isn’t theoretical.

            People had figured out who ‘Barry’ was. They figured out who Jackie was. The identifying information put out by the Rolling Stone was sufficient to make identifying the actual people quite feasible for script kiddies dicking around on the Internet.

            And these people were subjected to oppobrium.

            The thing is that the statements made about their conduct were so diametrically opposite to their actual conduct, that a jury would probably say they were pima facia evidence of malice. The Rolling Stone published those falsehoods with 0 fact checking, an act of breathtaking mal-practice.

            And the allegations are like a mine waiting to detonate, as soon as someone publishes a name and picture to go with the pseudonyms.

            And at a young age, when one is trying to establish a career, being accused of such sociopathic behavior can have a chilling effect on getting employment.

            I think there is enough of a controversy that a judge wouldn’t automatically deny them standing.

      3. why in the world should her female friends have to prove any damages? isn’t the accusation the verdict?

        1. Sorry, your narrative does not support your claim.

    2. I bet she never fancied herself as a media conglomerate at that age.

  35. It looks like Jackie’s friends may be able to sue Rolling Stone for libel. Their insurance company is going to be handing out some big payouts.

    What Rolling Stone did to “Cindy”

  36. Man accused of killing stepdaughter for sex with corpse. Gregory Graf recorded himself sexually abusing the body of Jessica Padgett, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said Friday. The video was discovered a day earlier on Graf’s computer, the prosecutor said.

    1. Saw that earlier. Filming it apparently saved his life. He can’t be charged with murder one since he killed her before he fucked her.

      1. This is in the county next to me. He can’t be charged with capital murder since he proved that he didn’t rape her while she was alive. But he’s going to prison for the rest of his life.

        In better news from Northampton County, the DA is considering charging a cop who killed a guy after a car chase.

      2. Filming it apparently saved his life.

        Only if he’s not released into Gen Pop.

        1. “make way for the corpse fucker!”

  37. Alright, reasoniods, last day as a Florida Man. I may be rarely seen around here for a while depending on new job’s work demands and my ability to have a computer screen the boss can’t see. But while I’m here, is anyone else in Houston who wants to organize a meetup next week while I’m in Houston without the family.

    1. Good luck with the new job / state. Is it Houston which has the drive-through place that sells game meat burgers? I do hope so for your sake

      1. Astros and Texans? Good luck!

        1. No, its great, because you can plan October activities in June without worrying about Astros traffic.

      2. Is it Houston which has the drive-through place that sells game meat burgers?

        Yup. I try to eat there once or twice a month.

    2. Good luck!

    3. I envy you and the others that live in the relatively freer states.

      Best of luck with your move. And tell Rick Perry I forgot which 3 federal departments he is going to close.

    4. What part of Houston? North/South/East/West?

      1. Pearland. South.

        1. I tend to do most of my drinking around the Sugar Land/Stafford area (south/west). You’re welcome to join. What day?

            1. I’ll shoot you an email. Do you check the one on your handle?

                1. Cool. I’ll send it out when I get off work.

    5. And if you run into an Indian immigrant progressive in Texas, tell him “I am become death, destroyer of his socialist a$$”.

      1. Just the first one?

    6. the wanderlust of the H&R commentariats… I’ve been living in the same city for ~20 years.

      1. I’m considering transferring offices and trying out LA for a couple of years, and that’s despite loving it here in Boston.

        1. Wouldn’t the red head pool be smaller in LA?

          1. That is one downside, it is true.

            1. I dunno – bigger city means a bigger pool, plus maybe you’ll see Amy Adams and/or Isla Fisher at a restaurant or something.

  38. A few months ago I switched my blog over to have moderated comments. This was due to Mary or whoever.

    Yesterday, while looking over the latest comments, I got yet another – something, something vanity publishing, about my car battery, and H&R. Yeah.

  39. The Unfinished Business of Fort Hood: At last, a chance to right a wrong after the ‘workplace violence’ slaughter at Fort Hood by an Islamist fanatic.

    There has finally been a significant upturn in the case of the 2009 Fort Hood terror attack in Texas that took the lives of 13 Americans?a saga drenched, since its inception, in official lies and evasions. Not to mention the Defense Department’s studious indifference to the fate of the more than two-dozen survivors, many suffering serious wounds, but who discovered themselves ineligible for the Purple Heart and medical benefits given to military personnel injured in combat. Thanks to strong bipartisan support, the House agreed last week to an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2015 that would provide such benefits for Fort Hood’s and other military victims of terror attacks on American soil.

    The provision is now given a good chance of passing the Senate. The question remains whether President Obama will veto it as he has, in the past, threatened to do with any such bill.

    That is excellent news indeed. Maybe the victims will finally get some justice after five long years.

    Ram it right down that son of a bitch’s throat and see if he really has the audacity to veto it.

    1. But Mike, that was not a “terrorist” attack, it was everyday workplace violence. /Shrieky

  40. Hot Tub Time Machine has a sequel coming out!! And they remade Mad Max!!

    this is a glorious age for theatre.

  41. “Inventer” of the internet ought to stick to tech-nerd-ness:

    “Web inventor says affordable, protected access to Internet should be ‘basic human right'”

    Wanna bet he wants to use gov’t money to make it affordable, since that’s free money?

    1. That’s not AlGore

  42. David Sirota ought to stick with, well, cleaning toilets:

    “Are Charter Schools Segregating America’s Education System?”

    Not any worse than gov’t schools, you twit. And at least the kids get an education.

    1. ??? Has Sirota ever been to an inner city public school? There are entire schools that are 100% black.

      Yet another argument from a leftist that amounts to ‘if you disagree with me on this subject, you are racist, sexist, or homophobic.’

      1. I think it’s stupidity or sophistry. As you mention, he either doesn’t know that gov’t schools are segregated (possible) or he hopes others will ignore inconvenient facts along with him.

      2. Has Sirota ever been to an inner city public school?

        No. I am sure he has not. His moral righteousness makes him qualified to speak, however.

  43. In honer of Brett’s last few days as an official Florida Man.

    Florida man masturbates outside after mom won’t let him watch porn in the house

    A Florida man was arrested last month after allegedly walking outside his Stuart home while naked and touching himself, reports TCPalm.com.

    Anthony Smith, 21, explained to authorities he gets a “high” to have others see him naked.

    But the real issue could be his strict mother, who actually has a rule of no porn inside the house.

    That’s what prompted the nude suspect to go outside in the middle of the day on Nov. 14 in hopes that someone would see him, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the report.

    He wasn’t disappointed, although others probably were.

    A witness told police they saw the clothes-less Smith masturbating in his yard. As officers responded they saw him “bending down naked in the driveway,” the website reported.

    After seeing the officers -?the real ones, not porn ones ? he ran inside his home and put on some clothes, the website reported.

    He was charged with exposure of sexual organs.

    1. Why do think Brett’s moving to Houston…

      Mom kicked him out.

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