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The signs in North Hempstead, New York, say the fine for not picking up your dog's poop is $250. Turns out that's wrong. The actual fine is just $25, but rather than correct all of the signs, local officials are looking to increase the fine to match the signs.

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  1. “Well, instead of futzing around with the fine, we’re going to tack on a $225 fine processing fee.”

  2. just another law to give cops more power.Yes you should pick up after your dog,but,does force need to be use for every little thing?

    1. I think I’m OK with a small civil fine for littering or leaving dog shit on the sidewalk. The threat of imprisonment seems like a bit much.

  3. “My political views are ruining my social life”…..fe/2209261

    1. Well, if you removed that plank about being allowed to eat any mammal, regardless of sentience, they might not come across as hostile.

    2. I have never aired a political thought on Facebook. Who does that?!

      1. Neither have I, but it’s because I don’t use Facebook. If you do, do you see no political posts from your ‘friends’? I would find that hard to believe. From my limited experience with the social media platforms, it seems very important to some people to make sure that everyone knows that they have the ‘right’ views on whatever is the topic of the day.

        1. do you see no political posts from your ‘friends’?

          Extremely rarely. I only pay attention to around 10 people – actual friends, not ‘Facebook friends’ – and maybe I’m just lucky but none of them are especially political.

  4. So, who cleans up after the coyotes, racoons and possums that poop in the woods in North Hempsted?



      1. This guy and this guy.

  5. Good thing the misprinted sign didn’t read “and imprisonment”.

  6. I suppose that this is proof that government actually is capable of “fixing” problems it creates.

  7. “It is hard to enforce, because you actually have to catch the dog in the act in order to give them a citation,” said North Hempstead town spokeswoman Carole Trottere.

    Just make it mandatory to have microchipped turds

    1. It’s hard to get requirements like that past the police union. For some reason the turds don’t like being monitored.

  8. It’s the obvious choice. Their budgets are down to the bone and they would have to pay unionized gov’t workers to replace the signs after going through a bureaucratic approval process that would take years and cost many thousands of dollars in permits.

    1. Nothing. Left. To CUT.

      1. Signs? Thousands of dollars? The President’s entourage spent $1.7M for one night of rooms…..entourages

        1. You don’t actually need new signs. You just need one employee and an appropriately colored roll of duck tape to cover up the last digit.

          1. We need government to protect us from simple and practical solutions like this.

  9. Someone was taking his dog to the sand box at my daycare and letting it shit in there. Could you believe that? A fenced in playground for CHILDREN and this piece of shit – excuse the pun – would bring his dog there.

    We have a couple of vets, hunters and all-round dog lovers here to have figured it was dog shit and this was happening.

    No cops or inspectors. We just locked up the gate.

    POINT BEING…that guy didn’t need a fine. He needed a beating.

    1. Should read: No cops or inspectors required. We just locked up the gate. Problem solved.

      1. That’s fine on private property, but this situation is one that concerns a public park. It is a Tragedy of the Commons situation and I thought that the ‘libertarian’ thought on the subject that protection of the Commons is a legitimate function of government.

        I’m not suggesting that the municipality’s solution to their misprinted signage is appropriate.

    2. *POINT BEING…that guy didn’t need a fine. He needed a beating.*

      Yeah, but “you people” are against corporal punishment, too.

  10. Incentives matter! What cop will spend his time writing out tickets for $25? Most violators would simply accept the ticket without a fuss. But issuing a ticket for $250 would certainly meet with verbal objections from the violator, giving the cop license to interject violence into the situation. The old lady walking her Yorkie better realize that a cop is just itching to take her down in a choke hold.

    I know I would like to choke out anyone you would leave their dog’s shit in a public park.

  11. With the next round of QE, that $250 fine will only be the equivalent of a 25? fine today.

  12. The signs in North Hempstead, New York, say the fine for not picking up your dog’s poop is $250.

    BZZZT! The sign says “UP TO $250”. No action required.

    1. Oh, there you go, injecting reason into the argument. Cut that out!

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