A.M. Links: Ebola Fighters Named 'Person of the Year,' Congress Unveils $1 Trillion Spending Bill, World Reacts to Senate Torture Report


  • Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Time magazine has named "the Ebola fighters" as its Person of the Year for 2014.

  • According to the White House, "proper security measures are in place" around the world to deal with threats and other fallout from yesterday's release of the Senate Torture Report.
  • Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein has died as a result of injuries sustained in a clash with Israeli troops during a protest in the West Bank.
  • After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant an appeal, the state of Missouri executed Paul Goodwin last night via lethal injection. It was the state's tenth execution this year.

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  1. Time magazine has named “the Ebola fighters” as its Person of the Year for 2014.

    Too afraid to name Ebola itself.

    1. Virus of the Year, maybe.

    2. Hello.

      Captain Obvious sez, “We never recovered from the rollout” of Obamacare.”

      1. Nor the implementation, nor the regulations..



      2. CPT Obvious has a problem with his tenses, as well.

        “We will never recover from the rollout” of Obamacare.”

    3. But I was told that Ebola was no big deal and anyone saying differently was a fear munger.

      1. I think that sort of depends on where you are. The people who said it was no big deal in the US seem to have been right so far.

    4. Meh, since Ebola isn’t a person. I think they have named things and events as POY before (The Computer back in eightysomething). But yeah, should relabel that as Newsmaker of the Year.

    5. In that ebola fighters article image, anyone notice the guy without protective gear sitting on the sample cooler, possibly eating his lunch?

      1. I was kind of hoping for a caption that read = “I bid 2 clubs”

  2. “Congressional leaders on Tuesday evening reached a deal on a nearly $1.1 trillion spending package to keep the government funded.”

    Going to be running lean for the next few weeks.

  3. Slate mocks weeny law professor for attempting to enforce a consumer protection law, but not the law itself. I am shocked


    1. The law is never the problem. Just ask Eric Garner(s ghost).

    1. Was it a positive review? If so, good fire.

      1. Jim DeRogartis was fired for a negative review – Wenner didn’t like pissing off advertisers.

        DeRogartis BTW is also a founding member of the Ex-Lion Tamers, and was involved in breaking the R. Kelly kiddie rape story, so there are three things to like about him

        1. Wenner is such a useless dick.

          1. This. He is about 3 decades past any cultural relevance, and yet totally unaware of the fact.

        2. the R. Kelly kiddie rape story,

          He should have stayed in the closet.

          1. I watch all your links to old films. Cool.

            Did you watch ‘Hitchcock?’

    2. The UVA story fit the narrative so it was true, its just those sexist facts that caused a problem.

  4. …fallout from yesterday’s release of the Senate Torture Report.

    Good thing they didn’t release the report on YouTube.

    1. …Fine, I’ll say it if no one else will: Bravo.

  5. Moving photo captures the moment riot cop met the 9-year-old girl leading Arizona protests after police officer shot dead her unarmed father

    The 9-year-old daughter of Rumain Brisbon, Aiyana Rains, was among those attending a demonstration Monday in the city’s downtown
    A police officer in riot gear was snapped meeting Rains and reportedly told her ‘I’m sorry’ at the event
    Police on Tuesday released the name of the officer who shot and killed Brisbon, an unarmed drug suspect
    Officer Mark Rine has been reassigned to nonenforcement duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation, police said
    Prosecutors will determine whether the 30-year-old officer will face criminal charges in the December 2 shooting
    Police were investigating complaints of drug dealing in a Phoenix neighborhood when Rine shot Brisbon
    The officer mistook a pill bottle in the suspect’s pocket for a gun as the two scuffled
    An autopsy has determined that Brisbon died from gunshot wounds to his torso

    It’s moving alright. It moves me to want to wrap that radio cable around the pig’s neck and pull until he’s dead.

    1. Ha! Ha! You sure are a great big kidder sarcasmic, what with all of your crazy jokes and all! No way the FBI would take something like that seriously! Ha!


      Jesus, man, you can’t just say shit like that, you wanna get SWAT-ed?

      1. Saying you want to do something is not the same as saying you intend to do something.

        1. The authorities often disagree, and then you will have to lawyer up to defend against the charges they bring, even though the charges are bullshit.

        2. I was joking, but the wanting/intending distinction has been trampled on before.

        3. A Supreme Court case by the end of the decade.

        4. Watch your back, man.

          You’re on Reason.com – the ultimate hangout for those with “dangerous” “anti-government” views.

          You’re saying something against Government, which is like blaspheming god himself.

          1. Reason.com – the ultimate hangout for those with “dangerous” “anti-government” views.

            With all due respect, I think lewrockwell.com would come in ahead of Reason.

          2. Not really.

            In a conservative athiest group on Facebook we had a guy go on an anti cop rant saying that it was time that people rise up and start shooting back at the cops.

            Some dipshit edited the guys posts out of context to make it look like he was intending to start killing cops and then posted the image of those posts along with his facebook page to a police facebook group where his local police department was a member and they responded that they knew who he was an would be taking care of the situation.

            We havn’t heard from that guy since

        5. “See these fists?”

    2. So he needed to be all geardo’d up to face a 9 year old girl and her Mom?

      1. Hey, kids can be dangerous, sometimes they even need to be shot, like that 12-year-old with the pellet gun.

        1. Or that 20-month old Laotian drug dealer in Georgia they had to flash-bang.

          1. Or Aiyana Jones (8)

  6. The revenge of ‘Manbeast’: Once ‘fat’ Oxford student who was asked on date by old school bully years later, stands him up and sends letter instead listing his cruel taunts then posts it all on Facebook

    Louisa Manning, 22, arranged to meet bully at restaurant but never showed
    She asked a waiter at the eatery to give her ‘date’ an old photo and letter
    The note detailed jibes the bully made about her weight and mono-brow
    He has since replied, apologising for his actions and wishing her the best


    1. Now they both get to be ugly on the inside.

      1. Although apparently he grew up and no longer thinks like a 12-year old.

        1. We should all be punished for our 12-year-old selves. It’s the only way they will learn.

          1. Somebody needs a spanking.

            1. I’ll have to ask nicole first.

    2. What a child. Look a lot of people are assholes get over it, talk about pathetic move on with your life.

      1. All she did was stand him up for a date. She might have gone through some serious bullying.

      2. If being an asshole is no big deal, then why would it be a big deal if I’m an asshole to you NOW?

        1. They had a history. We don’t know it. Then he asks her out. She’s probably like ‘that’s chutzpah, and ironic.’ She stands him up.
          So what?

          1. Fluffy agrees with you, Bo. He’s responding to IH.

            1. Yes, didn’t mean to post mine as a reply to him but as an addendum to my original comment

      3. I think the bigger qualifier is that kids are assholes. Seriously, I don’t get you breeders, kids are some of the biggest shitlords on the planet. I wouldn’t trust twelve year old me.

        1. Marry me?

          1. Check out the 5th word in the second sentence. I think you’d be in for some disappointment.

            1. I’m not gay, but I am Canadian. Need to get my green card somehow.

            2. Check out the 5th word in the second sentence


              1. Technically, it’s “get”, in that “don’t” is two words.

                1. “Technically, it’s “get”, in that “don’t” is two words.”


            3. I’m not gay and I call people with children “breeders”.

              1. Okay, my bad. I hadn’t realized the word had moved out of gay culture.

    3. So what he said was terrible bullying but she took his advice and lost weight and shaved the mono-brow.

      He should send her a bill for his successful consoling.

      1. See, fat-shaming works!

      2. You know what else she shaved?

        1. Her back?

      3. He should send her a bill for his successful consoling.

        Bingo. All the idiots giving her these “YOU GO GRRRL!” backslaps seem to have neglected the fact that 1) she didn’t “stand up” to this guy until several YEARS after the fact; and 2) she ended up doing exactly what he told her to do–quit being a slovenly pig and take better care of herself.

        She should be profoundly grateful for the guidance he provided to better herself.

    4. Sounds to me like he dodged a bullet on that one.

  7. German students install Pong on pedestrian traffic lights


    1. It’s been done.

      News report here (in English).

      (Yes, they misuse the word “svelte”.)

    2. Put it on the *motorist* traffic lights using a cell-phone app. Think of the lives saved!

    3. This strikes me as _______

      (fill in the blanks)

  8. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.): “We never recovered from the rollout” of Obamacare.

    Blaming the rollout? That’s the new thing?

    1. Of course, if only the website had worked better, everyone would love it!

      1. *** furiously waving hands ***

        Ooh, ooh, put *Pong* on the website!

        1. I thought it was “find a stranger in the Alps”.

  9. Chubby-chasers (you know who you are), do not click on these links.

    Krysten Ritter slips her slender frame into a stunning stud embellished LBD for Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance


    Making a splash! Olivia Wilde and adorable seven-month-old son Otis play in the ocean as they enjoy a family beach day in Hawaii


    1. Thank you for the warning. I’ll continue to revel in looking at photos of Latina TV anchors.

      1. More please.

        I don’t know why I should be looking at those beach photos of Olivia Wilde. I could go to any lake in central Appalachia and see more attractive women in bikinis.

        1. Fewer teeth.

          1. Bug or feature?

            1. More teeth than tattoos is the general heuristic of class throughout the southern US.

          2. I haven’t found the Bell Curve on beauty any different in these geographic location. Intelligence, on the other hand….

      2. I, for one, welcome our hot Latina TV anchor overlords.

  10. “We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem?health care reform,” Schumer said

    And the “right problem” was …?

    1. The growing moobz problem, obviously.

      1. Chuck is up front about being abreast of the situation.

        1. Chucky should put in drains so his interns can just suckle those moobs away.

          1. Gah! Thanks for that image, you monster.

            1. Like water bottles in the cage of two gigantic and hairless hamsters.

              1. Dammit, now I’m laughing like a mental patient in front of my computer!

                1. Just tell them you huffed Freon in the parking lot this morning.

              2. fukin a man… “SugarFree” is a natural trigger warning.

  11. Sheep wearing holiday sweater found wandering in Nebraska

    Nebraska Humane Society spokeswoman Pam Wiese says someone reclaimed the sheep, named Gage, Tuesday evening.

    The Humane Society was caring for Gage after he was found Sunday evening in an Omaha neighbourhood.

    Gage shares a shed with two chickens, when he isn’t in his owner’s house.

    1. A *wool* sweater?

    2. I wonder if the rumors about the owner are true.

      1. Are the owners initials AAW?

    3. when he isn’t in his owner’s house.

      Which room in the house?

      1. The kitchen, the owner is a renown haggis-maker

  12. there’s this thing called sex…

    The two women who want to make sure we can all orgasm

    The vibrator was the brainchild of Fine who was dissatisfied with the couples-focused sex toys currently on the market. “The concept came to me after having several discussions with women about our disappointment in vibrating penis rings. I already knew that I wasn’t alone in my desire for clitoral stimulation during sex, and that a hands-free vibrator which would allow me to have sex as ‘naturally’ as possible would be desired by many.” She wasn’t wrong, with thousands of units now pre-purchased and the initiative going on to become the most successful crowdfunded campaign ever for a sex toy.

    Lieberman, who has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, had also experienced similar displeasures with the available range of adult toys, but unlike most realised she had the technical prowess to create something better.

    1. Insert jokes about “kickstarter” and vibrators here.

    2. Be back in a sec…

      1. I don’t understand…If a chick wants it she can just go to a college campus and pick any freshman. Maybe not as skilled but can be taught, strives to please, and the batteries last longer.

        The old saying is still true; “Every women knows if she is getting laid tonight or not.”

        1. You miss the point. It’s a hands-free vibrator. Meaning you can go to town and not have to position yourself so your can reach the right area. Sometimes women need extra clitoral stimulation to orgasm beyond the standard vaginal in-out-in-out.

          The More You Know?

          1. This I understand…NOT using college boys I don’t.
            A. If I was a chick I would never leave my house, too much fun to be had inside.
            B. If I was a chick and did leave my house I would be a lesbian.
            C. If I was a chick and did leave my house and wasn’t a lesbian I would go to a college campus and hit as many as I could, IYKWIM.

            1. I like men who have reached full puberty. As in, lack of chest and leg hair is a deal breaker and honestly squicks me out. THat rules out 99% of college freshmen.

              It’s too bad I didn’t start having sexy times until I was 22. I never got to experience the perpetual erection of a 16-year-old dude.

              1. Nothing stopping you now. I’m sure you could find a hairy 16 year old. Hell, I was hairy at 16.

  13. Disabled Vietnam veteran scares off would-be thieves with gun in walker holster

    JosephSapienza , 68, convinced two men trying to pry off the front door of his Gastonia, N.C., to leave by shuffling towards them with his .45-caliber pistol visible on his walker. He warned any future intruders by taping a note to his door.

  14. Wait until the anti-video game people get a hold of this one:

    Video game player murders opponent in real life for being “demon”, gets declared legally insane

    Granted, the guy is insane, what with the schizophrenia:

    Byron Armstrong, 24, was today found to be legally insane at the time he killed his childhood friend Henry Pan in Half Moon Bay, east Auckland, on February 15, 2013.

    In the High Court in Auckland today, Justice Graham Lang said Armstrong had schizophrenia and developed a fixation on Pan after Pan beat him in an on-line computer war game.

    He said Armstrong thought his friend had become a demon and he heard his voice all around him, taunting him.

    Armstrong had auditory hallucinations instructing him to smash things – his collection of stones and crystals, his university books, a tiki necklace and his baptism candle – which he obeyed.

    He also obeyed an instruction to kill his tropical fish.

    1. We have a video game murder culture! We need to pass new laws!

      1. Knife control laws, too.

        1. NYC actually has knife control laws.

          1. Yep, and there’s a federal switchblade law.

    1. Isn’t that a commercial for mobile broadband or something?

  15. *snort*

    With New Capital Rule, Fed Nudges Big Banks to Shrink

    The Fed’s push to increase capital may also reduce the chances that a large bank’s problems may weigh on the wider economy. Some economists have said that the size of some banks has made them “too big to fail.”

    Janet L. Yellen, the Fed’s chairwoman, said on Tuesday that the proposed rule might persuade banks to shrink. The rule, she said in a statement, “would encourage such firms to reduce their systemic footprint and lessen the threat that their failure could pose to overall financial stability.”

    Most of the affected banks have raised billions of dollars of new capital since the crisis, so they will most likely not find the proposed rule onerous to comply with.

    1. Why would any bank want to give up ‘Too big to fail”?

      Especially since any real reform of the FED is stopped by the Too Big to Fail rule

    2. Not passing TARP 1 & 2 as well as many new inane regulations would have been a good first start. When the big banks were falling apart many of the mid and small sized banks were circling around to buy up assets at their reduced (real) value. Instead they got screwed with more costly regs while the politically connected “too big to fail” banks took billions of tax payer dollars. Any new changes and regulations are more likely to further hurt smaller financial entities given the stupidity of our top men.

      1. Considering that the Feds want a smaller number of players since that’s easier to control, then yes we have to expect that the smaller financial entities are going to be hurt.

        However, the current crop of Feds want to make everybody poorer, so the TBTF banks are going to get smaller too.

  16. Northern Ontario hotel built with surplus shipping containers

    Calgary-based manufacturer Ladacor announced the opening, calling the two-storey, 60-room building located 380 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay “the largest shipping container-based hotel in North America.”

    The company says it has developed expertise in repurposing shipping containers for modular buildings.

    The technology was “an environmentally sustainable and progressive solution” that resulted in “a very high-quality project to meet stringent standards of the Days Inn brand,” said Ladacor president Joseph Kiss.

    1. Days Inn?

      1. Stringent != Days Inn

    2. Bah. Afghans have been making housing and small shops for a decade with US shipping containers.

    3. How I loathe that word, “sustainable.”

    4. Shee-it, I thought it was the Reason video on small houses that talked about an apt built from those. In DC perhaps?

  17. “proper security measures are in place”

    What difference at this point will it make

    1. That remains to be seen.

  18. Source: Rolling Stone Deputy Editor Tendered Resignation; Wenner Declines

    According to a source inside Rolling Stone, who insisted on anonymity to preserve an ongoing relationship with the magazine, Sean Woods presented a letter of resignation to founder and publisher Jann S. Wenner. Mr Wenner, said to be furious at the unraveling of what had originally looked like a massive scoop, declined to accept the resignation.

    Asked if either Mr. Woods, who edited the story, or Will Dana, the managing editor of Rolling Stone, had offered to resign Mr. Wenner told the Observer that this account was “not true.” He declined to go into further detail. A second source confirmed that Mr. Woods had offered to resign.

    According to the first source, “Sean handles all the non-music features, including anything like Matt Taibbi. This happened in part because Will is stretched way too thin. You have to understand, he’s not only the editor of Rolling Stone, but of Men’s Journal, too.”

    1. “””Men’s Journal”””‘

      Men’s Journal is part of the rape culture and distracted Rolling Stones in a effort to deny the fact that all womens rape claims are true.

  19. read on and despair. Via the buzzfeed( who I’m pretty sure are the only people willing ot publish her):
    Lena Dunham: Why I Chose To Speak Out

    It has been almost a decade since I was sexually assaulted. It took me a long time to fully acknowledge what had happened and even longer to discuss it publicly, in the form of an essay in my book Not That Kind of Girl. When I finally decided to share my story, it had ambiguities and gray areas, because that’s what I experienced, because that’s what so many of us have experienced. As indicated in the beginning of the book, I made the choice to keep certain identities private, changing names and some descriptive details. To be very clear, “Barry” is a pseudonym, not the name of the man who assaulted me, and any resemblance to a person with this name is an unfortunate and surreal coincidence. I am sorry about all he has experienced.

    1. To be very clear, “Barry” is a pseudonym,

      You mean it wasn’t the president?

      1. She’d never insist that Obama wear a condom.

        1. Obama wearing a condom, ala Howie Mandel and surgical glove, would be interesting. Don’t think the ego would fit though.

      2. It wouldn’t have been “rape-rape” in that case.

    2. I am sorry about all he has experienced.

      No, you’re only sorry someone called you on your bullshit.

    3. It took me a long time to fully acknowledge what had happened

      Then it couldn’t possibly have been sexual assault.

      1. Couldn’t possibly? If someone was passed out I could see that. (This isn’t to support Dunham’s particular claim).

        1. She doesn’t claim she didn’t remember.

          She claims she had to think about it for a decade before she figured out it was sexual assault.

          If you have to think about it for a decade, it wasn’t sexual assault.

          We have to view the question of whether or not it was sexual assault from the perspective of the perpetrator. He has to be able to reasonably know it was sexual assault at the time, or it’s not sexual assault. If Dunham herself by her own admission didn’t know, and needed to navel gaze about it for a decade before she DID know, then it’s absolutely and indisputably unreasonable to expect Barry to have known.

          1. This. Otherwise any encounter can become an assault at any time after the fact. In other words, “victims” don’t get to self-select.

          2. Yeah, that is worse for sure.

      2. “It took me a long time to realize that this event was my ticket to victim status, which has a ton of benefits in my line of work.”

        1. Bingo. This guy gets it. Victimhood confers special status, all the more special when someone needs to sell enough books to be able to afford deep fried choco-drizzled bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And teatime. And bedtime.

    4. She’s trying to stave off a lawsuit.

    5. Err, if there are grey areas and ambiguities then it isn’t fucking rape.

      A person who has been raped has is in no way uncertain about what happened to them

      1. Hence the movement to call it rape if there are grey areas and ambiguities…

    6. “Barry” is a pseudonym, not the name of the man who assaulted me, and any resemblance to a person with this name is an unfortunate and surreal coincidence.

      “How could you bunch of ignorant hicks find the guy I was talking about if I used a pseudonym for cryin’ out loud? Pseudonym!”

      1. Why the hell would she change names to protect the guilty?

        And, no, it wasn’t a coincidence. She gave a very specific description of the guy, which just happens to be a specific description of a guy who was there when she was, and was named Barry.

        I suspect she had an unfortunate sexual encounter (which was not rape), and when writing her memoirs she decided to go ahead and hang it off some campus conservative she undoubtedly loathed at the time.

  20. yeah…

    Why millions of Christian evangelicals oppose Obamacare and civil rights
    Religious fundamentalists believe end times are upon us. It’s no wonder they’re so desperate to cling to power

    My argument in a nutshell is that the apocalyptic theology that developed in the 1880s and 1890s led radical evangelicals to the conclusion that all nations are going to concede their power in the End Times to a totalitarian political leader who is going to be the Antichrist. If you believe you’re living in the last days and you believe you’re moving towards that event, you’re going to be very suspicious and skeptical of anything that seems to undermine individual rights and individual liberties, and anything that is going to give more power to the state.

    1. Finally there’s an explanation for the persistence of libertarianism – they’re all Protestant end-times fanatics!

      It all makes sense now!

      (circles finger around temple while saying “cuckoo, cuckoo”)

    2. “you’re going to be very suspicious and skeptical of anything that seems to undermine individual rights and individual liberties, and anything that is going to give more power to the state.”

      Silly evangelicals. Why be suspicious about undermining individual rights and individual liberties?

      1. You know who else wanted to undermine individual rights and individual liberties?

        1. Nixon?

        2. Michelle Obama?

        3. Just about every president we’ve ever had?

      2. SkyNet?

    3. The average IQ of the Salon writer seems to be about room temperature.

      That explains the warmth of their emotions towards those who think differently, and the razor-sharp logic in their writing.

  21. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.): “We never recovered from the rollout” of Obamacare.

    Maybe it’s that people hate post-rollout Obamacare too.

    1. But the Donkey Party will not countenance the slightest alteration of this glorious law! The “Stupid Party” label may need to shift over to the left…

      1. I don’t think that he is suggesting that changes to the law are necessary.

        1. Hence it will still be used as a club to beat the Donkey Party over the head….and why Stupid Party may need relabeling.

    2. They never recovered from the legislation process itself. This was an anchor around their necks from day one.

  22. GOP fuddy-duddies learn to love nuke option: So much for “restoring dignity” to the Senate
    “Institutionalists” like Sens. Grassley and Hatch don’t want to restore the filibuster. What a change of heart!

    something, something good for the gander

    1. How dare they use the Democrats own tactics against them!

      1. No shit, those fucks let the genie out of the bottle, and the fucks at Salon and their ilk were at least silently supportive.

    2. Who could have seen this coming? Fuck these guys.

  23. Nobel Committee gives Peace Prize to Malala Yousafzai, the girl who got shot in the head for supporting education for girls, and Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian abolitionist (as in abolishing slavery).


    1. It’s sad that it is actually a surprise they didn’t give it to some political douchebag again.

      1. She’s smarter than Obama and *she* got a bullet in her skull!

  24. I’ve been suffering in Lean hell – our department is going through a multi-day meeting on how to streamline and improve. *kaff*

    1. +1 Kaizen Event

      Had that happen to me the beginning of this year and my Swiss masters loudly proclaimed they had “streamlined” various processes. Needless to say, those of us in the hinterlands had more work in order to “simplify” things back in the Alps…

    2. I’ve been suffering in Lean hell

      Having to watch Doctor Zhivago certainly is hell.

      1. I think I could fill all of those squares out – lol.

        Of course our IT department, being what it is, is very hard to streamline since 1- we’re too small 2 – each of us is an expert in our own field with very little overlap.

        So it has been a whole bunch of talking with very little result.

        1. “When all is said and done, more is said than done.”

        2. I used to work for a company that did all sorts of development, from embedded systems to services to web development. Each year the CEO made one of our goals to come up with a common set of tools for all the development teams.

          None of us could convince him that there was no one development tool that worked for all the projects we had going on. He kept insisting that it would be so much more efficient if we all decided to use the same tools/languages.

          1. HR magical thinking.

          2. OF COURSE there is a common tool/language. It is called binary.

            1. I was going to go with machine code but the geeks on here would have called me out, rightly, for different architectures…My third choice for a universal tool is brainfuck however. How awesome is it that a language called brainfuck is studied for AI purposes.

    3. How to streamline:

      Stop having meetings about how to streamline

  25. CIA Made False Claims Torture Prevented Heathrow Attacks

    The Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly and falsely claimed that its use of torture had enabled it to stop attacks on London’s Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    The report into “enhanced interrogation techniques” published in Washington yesterday said that “thwarting of the Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf plotting is one of the eight most frequently cited examples” that the agency gave to justify torture. In reality, neither plot was advanced, and both had been effectively disrupted when the people the CIA tortured for the information were captured.

  26. Old banknotes used to generate electricity

    Old banknotes, which are out of circulation, have been used to generate electricity for the first time in China. These old bank notes were earlier used to make paper products.

    An electricity generation plant using old notes from the People’s Bank of China in Zhengzhou was set up in April this year as a pilot project to test the feasibility of the idea. The power plant was set up in Luoyang city in central China’s Henan province.

    One ton of scrapped banknotes can generate about 660 kWh of electricity. Around 4,000 tonnes of coal can be saved in the province every year by using this process.

    1. At half the BTU per pound compared to coal (6500 on average compared to 12000 on average for coal), you still need twice as much paper money to get the same energy. Since paper money is a waste and valueless, burning it to generate electricity still makes sense, since coal has to be mined and freighted over, plus if wet when stored in big piles it tends to smolder which creates a fire hazard.

      1. I thought they sprayed the big piles with water to keep the dust down. Is it some fine balance they are keeping between fire and dust?

        1. Re: some guy,

          I thought they sprayed the big piles with water to keep the dust down. Is it some fine balance they are keeping between fire and dust?

          It has to do with oxidation, I believe. When piles start to smolder, you take a front loader and start taking a few bucketloads of coal to get at the burning embers, take those out and leave them exposed until they burn themselves out.

          If it gets really bad, you have to call the fire department.

      2. Wouldn’t it be more SUSTAINABLE if they just printed a trillion dollar bank note and burned that?

    2. Zimbabwe should have an endless supply.

      1. They actually had a secondary market selling 10, 20, 50 & 100 trillion notes to foreigners. I bought a set.

  27. An inquiry whose findings will be praised and then ignored:

    The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) today released an Issues Paper, Traditional Rights and Freedoms?Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws (IP 46), and has called for submissions from the public.

    The Freedoms Inquiry is a review of Commonwealth legislation for consistency with traditional rights, freedoms and privileges. These may be seen as fundamental freedoms in modern society, such as freedom of speech, of religion, of movement and association; and rights or privileges such as client legal privilege, the right to a fair trial, and access to the courts, to name a few. The Terms of Reference list 19 such rights, freedoms and privileges.

    The Attorney-General has asked the ALRC to identify provisions in Commonwealth laws that encroach upon these traditional rights, freedoms and privileges, and critically examine these laws to determine whether the encroachment is justified.

    1. Maybe they could abolish kangaroo courts.

      1. And replace them with what? Drop Bear courts?

        1. Now I could be in favor of that!

          “I find the defendant guilty”

          *reaches down and pulls lever, opening cage above defendant, drop bear plunges down on to hapless convict, who is promptly mauled*

          1. Gives new meaning to the post-conviction command “take him down”.

    2. “””and critically examine these laws to determine whether the encroachment is justified.””

      I am sure that the won’t ignore this part and will find that all encroachment is fully justified

  28. “According to the White House, “proper security measures are in place” around the world to deal with threats and other fallout from yesterday’s release of the Senate Torture Report.”

    Really? So who’s being indicted?

    Let’s see, for starters, we’ve got violations of the Fifth and Eighth Amendments…

    And if the CIA stomping on the Constitutional doesn’t matter to this White House, there’s always international law.

    I’d rather we dealt with this in house. Certainly, if federal prosecutors are looking at the possibility of federal charges on civil rights violations in the Eric Garner case, the CIA took “I can’t breathe” to a whole ‘nother level.

    1. This is the same administration which blamed the Libyan riots on a video to advance their agenda.

      Is it possible they’re holding out the possibility of riots to discourage future revelations about torture?

      1. How many more revelations do we need before someone finally launches a criminal investigation?

        At some point, the Europeans will start doing something in the international court. We may live to see them do to Rummy (or someone) what the Europeans did to Pinochet.

        I sure wish we’d go after the perpetrators ourselves. From not compelling people to testify against themselves to cruel and unusual punishment, we’ve got enough to go after people for–without even bringing up the Conventions Against Torture.

        Obama is probably worried about what went on under his watch.

        1. Well, since the report only covered the Bush years, we’ll never know. They could have pretended to be bi-partisan, though, and gone back to when extraordinary rendition started — under Clinton.

    2. Really? So who’s being indicted?

      A. A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      There will be no negative consequences for anyone involved, ever. Ever. Vast, unchecked power with limited oversight means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

  29. Jezebellians struggle with what they want men to call their vaginas.

    And in the comments, someone asks the most crucial question of all: Whatever happened to “vulva”?

    1. Nothing, mine’s still present and correct. Unless they mean this Vulva

    2. Crotch boob
      Tiger (sexy cat?)
      Dim sum
      Delicious hamburger

      I’ll vote for “dim sum”.

      1. Soup dumpling would make more sense.

      2. What’s wrong with Tuna Taco?

      3. Crotch boob? What the fuck. Delicious hamburger? From a Jezzie? Doubtful. How about just call it a vagina and stop with bullshit cute/hip phrasing.

      4. Rose of Jericho

      5. If we’re going with food, I vote “Arby’s special”.

        1. Does that come with Horsey Sauce?

          1. Naw. Large grain sea salt.

            1. Though I hear some places in Mexico serve it with donkey sauce.

        2. Feels like an Arby’s night.

      6. Hatchet Wound

    3. it may be yokeltarian but I still use the classic “pussy”. I mean vulva or vagina sounds too medical.

      1. Is the point where someone makes the crude joke about the difference between a pussy and a cunt?

        A pussy being something warm, nice and wonderful, and the cunt being the one the pussy belongs to?

        1. The little pink part is the pussy; all the rest is the cunt.

          1. Now we’ve lit the Ken signal…

          2. Re: WTF,

            The little pink part is the pussy; all the rest is the cunt.

            Now we’re getting too technical.

    4. Private parts of the women of Jezebel?

      I’ll take “things I’d prefer not to think about, Alex.”

    5. Whatever happened to “vulva”?

      What’s a swedish car got to do with any of this?

  30. Krugman rides again.

    As I tried to explain early on, this means that we need to distinguish between an underlying, sluggish inflation rate that is hard either to increase or reduce, and fluctuations around that rate reflecting more volatile prices. Standard measures of core inflation are imperfect ways of getting at this distinction, but they are vastly better than the headline numbers ? and have been hugely vindicated by the experience of recent years. So I’m glad to see all the people who issued dire warnings about inflation in 2011 acknowledging that they had the wrong model. Hahahahaha.

    And yes, this means that you should discount the effects of falling oil prices in the same way you discount the effects of rising oil prices. I would nonetheless urge the Fed to hold off on rate hikes, but for different reasons ? the asymmetry in risks between raising rates early and raising them late. And I worry that the Fed may be losing the thread here (hi Stan!). But that’s another topic.

    I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.

    1. I would nonetheless urge the Fed to hold off on rate hikes, but for different reasons ? the asymmetry in risks between raising rates early and raising them late.

      Would someone *kindly* translate that?

      *** gets coffee ***

      1. Would someone *kindly* translate that?

        We gonna ride dis fucker till the wheels come off.

        1. Thanks, C. That seems about right.

      2. By this he means to say that the Federal Reserve policy that led to the 1929 and 2008 crashes was less destructive and “risky” than the policy that led to the 1960 recession.

        Seriously, that’s what he’s saying.

        Raising rates too early gets you a mild recession.

        Raising rates too late gets you total fucking destruction.

        He still thinks raising rates too early is riskier.

        1. *** awards Fluffy imaginary Nobel Prize ***

      3. Would someone *kindly* translate that?

        Better to risk inflation than deflation, according to Krugnuts.

      4. My translation was:

        I’m balls-deep in interest rate swaps, and if they raise rates now I won’t be able to afford a cardboard box.

        Gimme time to get on the other side of trade, and I’ll be all for an increase in rates.

    2. As I tried to explain early on, this means that we need to distinguish between an underlying, sluggish inflation rate that is hard either to increase or reduce, and fluctuations around that rate reflecting more volatile prices.

      I just so love how Keynesians talk about inflation as if it was this mindless beast that can only be reined and controlled by the Federal Reserve.

      I would nonetheless urge the Fed to hold off on rate hikes, but for different reasons ? the asymmetry in risks between raising rates early and raising them late.

      The asymmetry he talks about is really the one between hiking rates before the presidential election and after the presidential election.

    3. Seems like change in M2 is far superior.

  31. Holy shit. I agree with Katie Halper.

    I didn’t know Markie Mark was such a shithead thug. Fuck that guy.

    1. I don’t.

      Punching Vietnamese people is bad, but it shouldn’t have fucking shit to do with opening a restaurant in California.

      Best solution:

      Deny Wahlberg a pardon.

      Get rid of the ability of California to stop people from selling or transferring their property “’cause they’re mean!”

      1. Those, while being points I agree with, are not really addressed in that article.

        All she said was he should try to seek restitution with the victims before he asks for a pardon. I agree with that as well.

        1. I think it’s the core of the issue.

          Wahlberg wants to open a restaurant.

          Halper wants Wahlberg to ritualistically engage in an empty process of apology – for crimes he already did time for – before he’s given the similarly empty formal pardon that will let him open a restaurant.

          It’s ridiculous that this is even an issue.

      2. How old was this guy when he did the crimes?

        He implies he was a “troubled youth.”

        1. Never mind meeting the victims, how about paying them some compensation out of his sacks of money?

          1. It’s the least he could do.

        2. It was 26 years ago. And he grew up in Boston – it comes with the territory amongst a certain subset of that city’s denizens.

          1. Yes, overwhelmingly liberal/Democrat Boston is also incredibly racist.

        3. He was 17/18

    2. Wow. I had no idea. What a little piece of excrement.

  32. $300,000 lawsuit against wedding photographer for allegedly inadequate photographs. The suit was later withdrawn.

    “Karen Poon and her Dude hired Dream Production Studio to photograph their Vegas wedding in the Fall of 2011. Nelson Tang is the principal of Dream Production Studio, located in King County, WA, and operates his business as a sole proprietorship.”



    1. “Poon” and “Tang”, eh?

      You can’t fool *me*, Notorious. That’s from The Onion.

    2. +1 Wang Dang Sweet Wedding Photograph

    3. Poon v. Tang

      Shit just got real.

      coming to a court house near you.

  33. I’ve been working on a new book – another post-apocalypse thing.

    Question to the commentariat: are zombies passe? I was originally going to write this as yet another undead book – an easy villain but now I’m having second thoughts. Luckily I haven’t reached the point where they make an appearance so I can veer in another direction: something, something government created virus that has “accidentally” killed off 99%+ of the population.

    1. are zombies pass??

      Well, at least dead men walking.

      Seriously, go with something new.

    2. Zombies are old. You should write about the walking braindead

    3. How familiar are you with depopulated world / Last Man on Earth genre? I can help if you like; I was going to write my dissertation on the subject back when I thought I hated myself enough to be a college professor.

    4. How about a post-apocalyptic Australia where a warlord in bondage outfit terrorizes the…oh, never mind.

    5. No zombies, they are worn out by now, almost as much as vampires. The depopulated world concept sounds interesting, though.

    6. I dunno. Looks to me like the zombie craze is still strong. Milk it while you can.

    7. OK, Tube-Amp Guy (/jealousy), I’m probably the biggest Zombie fan here among the long-term regulars. We (zombie fanbase) tend not to use the term “undead” because that confuses them with vampires and other creatures reanimated through supernatural means.

      We have reached peak zombie, but the genre is in long, slow decline as opposed to a quick die-off (SWIDT?). The two “hot” sub-genres are fast-moving zombies and zombie romance (“Generation Dead” etc).

      Remember that the typical zombie fanboy (or girl) wants to be a survivor as opposed to the vampire fans who just want to be bitten. This is a good platform for advancing libertarian ideas.

      You could take this in a slightly different direction – a worldwide pandemic where end-stage victims suffer a long slow decline and wander aimlessly but are not dangerous. How society deals with an increasing number of victims who need ever-increasing care towards the life of each patient. Prion infection, for instance.

      1. Interesting thought Tonio. Zombies that are more like chronic sleep-walkers than rabid psychopaths…

    8. Like everyone else I think the zombies are tired and need to take a break.

      There’s plenty of other ways to destroy the world. Most don’t work in reality, but we’re talking fiction. Anything goes in fiction. Get creative and good luck.

    9. thanks everyone – think I will go for the depopulated world angle.

      And interesting idea, Tonio.

      1. Cliche Bandit started an interesting thought for me: nano-tech based hive mind instituted by a government… Nanotech gets out of control leading to massive die-off. You have the hive minders who are subordinate to top down control – do not talk, act somewhat like zombies and the bottom-up protagonists who can think together, but use this to solve problems on the fly, making and breaking networks at will and still free.

        1. I like it. Be sure to include government incompetence. They don’t need to be truly malicious until confronted with the undecidability of their own actions being the cause of the antithesis of their goals. Then you let in the evil doers who claim to be able to “fix it” but are sub rosa operating for total personal gain and control. The rebels are comprised of some rational and realistic skeptics as well as unhinged conspiracy theorists (who don;t have it completely wrong) and everything in between. A side story on father son journey where the son brings the father to enlightenment on liberty or something would be a nice added bonus.

          1. undecidability = undeniability

          2. Ramez Naam’s writing (Nexus, Crux, non-fiction too) is a good place to start for ideas about the description of nanotech driven BCI.

    10. Go zombie protagonists. They all mulling around oozing brains and inards. Just chillin. A gang of not deads come in and start choppin their heads off. They find the value of free association and the NAP and end forming societies superior to the not deads.

    11. Zombies? yawn

      Virus kills everybody? eh, kinda tired, but if you get past it fast enough and into a good, original/creative story, you might get away with it.

  34. Newly-discovered letter from C. S. Lewis defines joy (assuming the letter is genuine)


    1. Didn’t he already do that in “Surprised by Joy”?

      1. It was an earlier discussion of the same concept.

        (assuming the letter is real)

  35. Don’t call Mandy Marcotte a man-hater!

    It’s a funny read if you can make it through her tortured prose and self-serving nonsense.

    1. Perhaps this is why she closes the book with a critical assessment of Andrea Dworkin, an ’80s-era anti-porn feminist who died nine years ago and whose writings are mostly kept alive by those who need a hyperbolic man hater to quote. It’s a fine essay. I enjoyed it in the same spirit as I enjoy reading about obscure punk bands that only record collectors care about anymore. But Kipnis either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that the ghost of Dworkin long ago fled the feminist headquarters, leaving only a memorial straw woman behind.

      Tell that to Rockstar Games.

  36. Now that’s one hell of a nasty snatch.

    Look, I do not relish making light of attempted murder. But sometimes you just need to write about a really crazy attempted murder.

    A Brazilian woman has been accused of trying to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina and asking him to have oral sex with her.

    The intended victim ? identified only as a 43-year-old man from Sao de Jose Rio Preto ? knew something was going on when he noticed an unfamiliar odor coming from his wife’s freshly poisoned nether region.

    But here’s the thing about vaginas, as this woman soon learned: They are very porous.

    Realizing that his wife was probably absorbing a majority of the poison she had intended to kill him with, he brought her to the hospital and saved her life.

    This guy! He is totally down to perform oral sex 24/7 and will generously rush you to the emergency room after you try to kill him. And they say chivalry is dead!

    But he is nobody’s fool: Sources reveal the man intends to sue his wife for attempted murder.

    1. He needs to chow down on some habanero salsa before he goes down on her again.

    2. A Brazilian woman has been accused of trying to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina and asking him to have oral sex with her.


  37. A new campus counterculture: Students who support chastity, fidelity and true marriage.

    “Last spring, a tidy illustration of the new counterculture versus the established sexual libertinism transpired at Stanford University. The Stanford Anscombe Society (SAS) led by Judy Romea and other persevering students tried to host a conference on the family and values at Stanford. They succeeded, but at a cost. The Council of Student Government defunded the event after some LGBTQ students said they felt “threatened” by Ryan T. Anderson and other speakers. The University charged SAS over six thousand dollars as a security fee, which was later dropped due to the administration having “found” the money. The Stanford Anscombe Society no longer receives any funding by Stanford. Search the Student Organizations List and you will not find the word “Anscombe” listed among the 650+ groups, but you one will find over twenty LGBT groups. How very inclusive. Nevertheless, the Society plans a conference on “The Legacy of the Sexual Revolution” for next year. The revolution rolls on.”


    1. How the fuck can you be threatened by someone else’s opinion? Suck it up buttercup, the fucking world doesn’t revolve around you. Nice lesson in tolerance, too. Any dissent from leftist orthodoxy must be silenced and crushed.

      1. Dissent is intolerance, and it is the duty of tolerant people to stamp out intolerance.

      2. That’s why uber-liberal Chris Rock says he won’t play college campuses – they’re too conservative (in that they only allow one set of views).

        1. It seems that Mr. Rock is right – except his curious definition of conservative.

          The campus establishment isn’t trying to conserve anything, it’s part of an ongoing radical project to reshape the colleges and the country.

          1. “except his curious definition of conservative.”

            You mean the correct one?

  38. As if we didn’t have enough dangerous animals, now we have fire ants too

    1. Do rabbits eat fire ants?

    2. If they eat the ‘Africanized’ killer bees it might work out

    3. Fire ants aren’t that bad once you know you have them. Unless you are really allergic. Then they can kill you.

      1. I once sat on a fire ant mound. Possibly the most painful experience of my life.

  39. “Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.): “We never recovered from the rollout” of Obamacare.”

    No, Harry, the rollout was only a clear demonstration of the value of the entire thing.
    And, BTW, it looks like it’s going to get more expensive yet:
    “Research & Commentary: Medical Device Tax Update”
    Yes, folks, it turns out that taxing something makes that thing more expensive to the consumer; the tax money wasn’t harvested from the orchards that EVUL KORPURASHUNS keep out on the back 40.
    So now, there’s talk of repealing it. How about we repeal the entire damn thing?

  40. Have a little more Krugman.

    Just to be clear, I’m not calling the Obama-era economy a success story. We needed faster job growth this time around than under Mr. Bush, because the recession was deeper, and unemployment stayed far too high for far too long. But we can now say with confidence that the recovery’s weakness had nothing to do with Mr. Obama’s (falsely) alleged anti-business slant. What it reflected, instead, was the damage done by government paralysis ? paralysis that has, alas, richly rewarded the very politicians who caused it.

  41. That Bosnian in Ferguson deserved the hammer’s blows


  42. Crazy Marcotte is back.

    She went semi-rational for a while, but those days are apparently gone.

    Either deny that rape is a serious problem, in which case women have nothing to worry about. Or scold women to stay away from men, which requires believing rape happens. You can’t have it both ways.

    They’re saying it isn’t any near the problem you say it is, and if you absolutely believe that it’s so prevalent, you’d advocate anything at all that would reduce it. They are not the ones who want it both ways.

    But nope, these asshole think they get to have it both ways. John Fund says out of one side of his mouth that the “statistics that one out of five campus women has been sexually assaulted” have been “inflated”. (He offers no evidence outside of assertion.)

    Okay, if you believe that rape isn’t a real problem and that the risk of it is low,

    You know the what the evidence is. You delete it out of your comments section constantly.

    And the bold section is just me highlighting you once again conflating rape with sexual assault, something “nobody does”.

    1. He tries to make himself out to be the good guy by saying, “I constantly hear that instead of lecturing women about their behavior we should teach men not to rape. I totally, completely, 100 percent agree that we should teach men not to rape. The problem is we do that. A lot. Maybe we should do it more.”

      I disagree. What I see is that whenever a man is accused of rape, no matter how likely he is to be guilty, people rush up to defend him, to shame the accusers and, in some cases, to give him standing ovations. Even if it becomes excruciatingly clear that they’re guilty, they can expect people to hand-wring about how terrible all this must be for them. That is the opposite of teaching men not to rape.

      There need to be two or three times as many college assemblies about it. Maybe every morning at 7:30 would do the trick. And more posters. I don’t want to be able to see a single inch of wallspace without propaganda and bunk statistics.

      1. I don’t want to be able to see a single inch of wallspace without propaganda and bunk statistics.

        Makes sense. I can’t watch an hour of television without seeing multiple propaganda pieces against smoking or drugs.

    2. Either deny that rape is a serious problem, in which case women have nothing to worry about. Or scold women to stay away from men, which requires believing rape happens. You can’t have it both ways.

      She is the queen of false dilemmas.

  43. “Ebola Fighters Named ‘Person of the Year'”

    Thats so precious.

    Maybe next year, they’ll name People as ‘Person of the Year’

  44. “After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant an appeal, the state of Missouri executed Paul Goodwin last night via lethal injection. It was the state’s tenth execution this year.”

    So you’re saying the Goodwined thedeath penalty?

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