Hit & Run

Torture Report Even Nastier Than Expected, Gruber Apologizes For Insulting Everybody, Public Favors Charges for Eric Garner's Killer: P.M. Links


  • Torture
    Marathon Man

    That torture report that finally got released today… It's even more appetite-suppressing than anticipated. It details illegally held detainees and widespread mistreatment.

  • The Obama administration, which dragged out raising the curtain on torture for six years, isn't getting much mileage out of patting itself on the back for the Senate Intelligence Committee's release of the report.
  • Polling finds that most Americans think the cop who killed Eric Garner should face charges.
  • Obamacare architect consultant jackass Jonathan Gruber is very, very sorry for insulting the entire U.S. population. Well, a little. But he still insists that his pet policy is just awesome.
  • A few misfired raids won't deter the U.S. government from attempting to rescue kidnapped Americans from the various lowlifes snatching and murdering people around the globe, say officials. So maybe we do get something for our money.
  • Robert Wayne Holsey is slated to be executed today, after being represented by a vodka-guzzling defense attorney who has since been disbarred and imprisoned.

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