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How about this: Our awesome long-form Q&As. Our new print issue on "libertarian realism" features not one but TWO lengthy Q&As with famous libertarian-leaning politicians with the last name "Paul." Here with Ron and here with Rand we probe their definitions of when (if ever!) the United States should use deadly force abroad. This is just what we do. Let's go through the years looking at some classic interviews, shall we? 

2014: TV host Mike Rowe: Diplomas vs. Dirty Jobs

2013: America's most syndicated columnist: George Will's Libertarian Evolution

Decades' more worth, after the jump.

2012: Economist, physicist, and market anarchist: David Friedman on How to Privatize Everything


2011: Former MTV VJ and Radio Host Kennedy on Medical Marijuana, The Politics of Alt Rock, and How She Went From Conservative to Libertarian

2010: Adam Carolla Uncensored: Legalize Drugs, Cut Taxes, Drive Through Red Lights!

2009: John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism

2008: Grover Norquist: An Alliance for Freedom?

2007: An Interview With Matt Taibbi: Rolling Stone's controversial chief political reporter on Campaign 2008, following Hunter S. Thompson, and his new book

2006: Trey Parker and Matt Stone: South Park Libertarians

2005: The Iconoclast: Salman Rushdie discusses free speech, fundamentalism, America's place in the world, and his new essay collection

2004: David Simon Says: The creator of HBO's The Wire talks about the decline of journalism, the failure of the drug war, and a new kind of TV

2003: Otto Guevara, Costa Rica's libertarian revolutionary: The Other Guevara

2002: Vernon Smith: The Experimental Economist

2001: Christopher Hitchens: Free Radical

2000: Curing the Therapeutic State: Thomas Szasz on the medicalization of American life

1999: Dilbert's Doctrines: Cartoonist Scott Adams on cubicles, capitalism, and the angst of the knowledge worker

1998: Astronomer Sallie Baliunas: Stars in Her Eyes

1997: Stand-Up Guy: Comedian Drew Carey on network censors, Hollywood guilt, and why he likes eating at Bob's Big Boy

1996: Contemplating Evil: Novelist Dean Koontz on Freud, fraud, and the Great Society

1995: Milton Friedman: Best of Both Worlds

1994: Dave Barry: All I Think Is That It's Stupid:

1992: F.A. Hayek: The Road From Serfdom

1991: Bruce Ames, scientist and cancer researcher: Of Mice and Men

1990: Vaclav Klaus—Velvet Revolutionary, and future president of Czech Republic: No Third Way Out: Creating a Capitalist Czechoslovakia

1987: Interview with Charlton Heston

1986: An Interview with Eldridge Cleaver

1984: Interview with George Stigler

1978: William Niskanen on Cutting Taxes and Shrinking Big Government

1977: Timothy Leary's New Trip: A Reason Interview

1975: Inside Ronald Reagan

1973: Why I Did It!: An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg

Want more like these? Of course you do!