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"NO, FUCK YOU, CUT SPENDING." And then she wiped away a tear, and kissed the lobster. |||

Hey, pssst, do you know what tonight is? Do ya, do ya? Yes, it's the merciful end (as of midnight, anyway) of Reason's record-breaking annual Webathon, in which we somehow separated you from two hunnerd large for the noble cause of better, stronger, and faster libertarian journalism (keep on giving until the gong strikes 12, people!).

BUT! It's also the one-year anniversary, the toddler's birthday, of your very favorite nightly cable television news program, The Independents! That's right, one year ago tonight, Fox Business Network let a weirdo libertarian news show starring former MTV fave Kennedy, myself, and some rando Rothbardian (j/k) Kmele Foster go on air, where we have not done too shabbily in the network's ratings among the targeted demographic.

Looking at the comments string on that first night, we can already see the stirrings of what would soon be great. No, not the show, but the fashion reviews:

GILMORE|12.10.13 @ 11:28AM|#

Someone keep track of Matt's ties.

I suspect the producers at Fox will not let the black shirt/yellow tie combo slip in anymore.

Oh, Gilmore, will you never win?

Look, some people respond to gaining a foothold in cable news by putting on airs, going apeshit about guns, or just dancing like a fool. While these reactions are all more than morally justified, let the record show that I helped (or at least did not throw up an obstacle against) Reason commenters just taking the piss out of our hard-fought efforts. Ladies and gentlehobbits, I bring you Bernie Maxsmith and Two Minutes Hate:

Please tell me what other opinion magazines give you that kind of Fan Service (OH THAT'S RIGHT LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.) And yes, in an hour or so hence, we'll have tonight's Independents open thread as well. So DONATE RIGHT THE HELL NOW! And thank you!