Jacob Sullum Finally Has Some Good News to Cover. Give Us Money So We Can Send Him to Places With Legal Weed!



Welcome back to Reason's annual Webathon, where we remind you of the value we add to your lives, in exchange for you giving us your money—$200,000 of it before the witching hour tomorrow, we hope! 

Today's example of what we bring to you, the beautiful people: Senior Editor Jacob Sullum. Since 1989 (!) Jacob has been helping people calm the Fletch down about drugs. His books, Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use and For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health are must-reads for anyone whose panties are starting to feel bunchy about individuals opting to ingest, inject, or inhale substances of their own choosing (without causing harm to anyone else).

Sullum has been banging the anti-prohibitionist drum for decades, sometimes nearly alone. So imagine our surprise and delight when we realized that we could actually send our P-word correspondent to a place where recreational marijuana was legal. In the U.S. and A., of all places.

What he sent back was a super detailed, scrupulously fair account of what's working (whoo Colorado), what's not working (ahem, Washington state), and also what's in store for all of us as legalization fever spreads. (While in the line of duty, Jacob did manage to overdo it a little on the gummy candies, but valuable lessons were learned and shared.)

Don't you DARE cross him. |||

We need your donations so that we can keep sending Jacob to cover the slow, bleary American awakening from the War on Drugs in real time.

Sullum doesn't just preach to your choir about intoxicants. He writes columns for Forbes about the bad facts and bad faith that plagues the debate as well.

And though he's arguably the best drug-war reporter in the country, that is hardly Sullum's only beat. Just think of how much clarity he brought to the crazy-making journalistic discussion over Trayvon Martin's killing and "Stand Your Ground" laws, for one of many examples. If you want scrupulously fair readings of law, politics, and Salvia-smoking, we challenge you to name someone better at it than Jacob damned Sullum!

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  1. OT: Fake Scandal!!!!!

    According to retired ABC News journalist Ann Compton, Barack Obama has launched into "profanity-laced" tirades against the press in off-the-record meetings with reporters. In a C-SPAN interview, Compton also derided the President for leading "the most opaque" administration of "any I have covered." The journalist, who retired in August after a 40-year career, revealed to C-SPAN's Brian Lamb: "I have seen in the last year Barack Obama really angry twice. Both were off the record times. One, profanity-laced where he thought the press was making too much of scandals that he did not think were scandals."

    She explained, "And I don't find him apologetic. But I find him willing to stand up to the press and look them in the eye, even though it was off the record and just give us hell." After Lamb wondered if the President had a point, she chided, "We cover what we are allowed to cover. And when policy decisions and presidents are inaccessible and don't take questions from the press on a regular basis, I think they reap what they sow."

    1. Holy shit. Shrike is really Obama.

      1. I can't even imagine how funny it would be to hear Barack go on a profanity laced tirade.

        "um.. fuck you guys in the uhh-asshole. I don't understand uh why uh you keep uh reporting these uh-fucking non-uh-stories."

        1. "Let me be clear, umm, fuck you." Actually, that's not too bad.

        2. "Look, uh, here, um, peckerhead. We, uh, we, um, can kick up some dust, if that is, um, what you want."

    2. After Lamb wondered if the President had a point...


    3. I wouldn't put it past Obama to have some kind of "truth squad" of staffers that spends the whole day trolling hostile sites. Maybe Shrike just picked the short straw and was stuck with us. "Why couldn't I have picked Jezebel!?!"

  2. The webathon ends tomorrow. I'm beginning to suspect there isn't going to be a different post highlighting each of the star commenters here.

    1. But the H&R 'Stars' include the moonbats, wingnuts and crazies. Such a post would have to highlight our many, many trolls, as they contribute greatly to the entertainment value of the commentariat.

      Much more than the guy who just happens to post first a lot.

    2. Which of course would start with you.

  3. Jacob needs to do a podcast really baked sometime. I bet that would scare up some donations.

    1. Podcast?

      Does anyone even listen to those anymore?

  4. In all seriousness, Jacob Sullum is near, if not at, the top of the list of reasons why I support Reason. And that's been true for the better part of 20 years.

    1. My favorite, now that Postrel is gone.

    2. Yeah, Sullum is the shit. I like a lot of the Reason writers, but he probably is the best just in terms of his actual reporting and analysis.

      1. As far as the print version goes I like Doherty, Sullum and Beato.

  5. No link to his Bill O'Reilly interview? Seeing that might motivate people to donate more.

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