The Reason Webathon Is Doing Pretty Good at the Halfway Point, BUT IT COULD DO BETTER. Do it for Libertarianism, Johnny!


Caption contest! ||| Judd Weiss, at a Young Americans for Liberty event
Judd Weiss, at a Young Americans for Liberty event

Let's review where we are in Reason's annual Webathon, in which we spend a week asking you, our very favorite people in the world, to cough up an ambitious $200,000 in tax-deductible fiat currency, Bitcoin, and estate deeds, in order to punch the drug war in the snout, make anti-libertarians feel sad, and perform a gandy-dance on The New Republic. We started this campaign off on Tuesday morning, will finish up this next Tuesday night, which means (checks Abacus, squints at the moon, punches dog) WE ARE AT THE HALFWAY POINT, DROOGIES!

Do you understand the things I do for freedom? I don't think you do. ||| Judd Weiss, at this year's Freedom Fest
Judd Weiss, at this year's Freedom Fest

I don't have the official-offical numbers handy, but a glance to the upper right on this page suggest that 623 of you generous-minded souls have combined to push us right up against the halfway point to our goal. For which I and the people who populate these parts thank you with all our box-shaped hearts. Your donations allow us to irritate Supreme Court justices, expand this libertarian era, and push our arguments and oddly compelling (compulsive?) views out into an occasionally hostile world. We're spending it wisely, is what I'm saying.

So how does 623/almost 100G stack up to recent Reason campaigns, here at our wardrobe-malfunctioning halftime? Pretty damn good, it turns out. Last year's record-breaking Webathon netted 650 donations totaling $150,000. In 2012 it was roughly 610/$100,000. The year before, 500ish/$70,000. Like the influence of libertarianism in general, support for our ideas and execution thereof—I rush to emphasize your support for our activities—is growing at a very healthy rate. We see similar trendlines in our web traffic, our YouTube hits, our overall revenues. There has never been a better time for libertarianism, and there has never been a better time for Reason. Let's let your money be an irrefutably positive data point about the devious spread of Free Minds and Free Markets! Donate to Reason right the hell on a Saturday night!

And here's an important reminder about the leveraged power of your donations: Thanks to a challenge grant from an anonymous donor, every new donation—from someone who hasn't given before—and every new level of donation (i.e., the difference between your previous level and this year's record-breaking amount), will be doubled, up to $25,000. That means that if you've never given us a dime, and you read this site several times a week, and you're as poor as I was until my mid-30s, you can donate $10, and know that the effect will be a donation of $20. You might think that's insignificant on our end, but it's totally not—do you think staffers of The New Republic might be wishing the mag was published by a nonprofit with thousands of donors right about now? With great dispersion of the donor base comes great editorial freedom and resilience. We won't even spend the $20 on beer, unless it's a day ending in d-a-y. (Totally kidding! It's a BYOB/BYOW office!)

Tomorrow, we'll talk more about some of specific value we are producing with your cash dollar bills, but for tonight I want to appeal to the numerical brains in the audience. See that box up there to the right? It's not quite half-orange. We need to fill that puppy up, max out that $25,000 matching grant, turn 623 into 1,000, and show the media world that in a time of open hostility toward comments sections and readers in general, our beloved Reason commenters are voluntarily paying for this unlikely juggernaut to continue confounding the universe. Oh, and one more thing. LIVE, FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!

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  1. Last year people said they’d donate if you would add an edit button. One year later I see no edit button.

    If I am going to donate this year, here are my demands:

    1. An edit button is added.
    2. No more swearing in the headlines. I really just think it’s unprofessional.
    3. The site needs a clean up. I honestly don’t know what other features the site has besides ReasonTV and H&R.

    If you can strive toward the above, I will donate.

    1. Also, hire Lucy back.

    2. 2. No more swearing in the headlines. I really just think it’s unprofessional.

      I’m gonna donate anyways, but I’ll donate more next year if you ignore this one. Fuck that.

  2. Congrats Buckeyes on Big Ten Championship. Good luck against Arizona in Glendale.

  3. I have an automatic payment sent every month, and I don’t care what you do with it — order pizza for the local homeless, pocket it when no one’s looking, drop it in the local church collection box, light a cigar with it — makes no difference. It’s your money once you get it, not mine any more, and I figure the worst that can happen is, one of your underpaid interns trousers it and decides libertarians are suckers ripe for plucking. Eh.

  4. For all the times I bust y’all’s ball for being a bunch of lily-livered, light-in-the-loafers (nttiawwt) lilac-and patchouli-reeking cosmotarians Reason is the best motherfucking magazine in the whole wide world and everyone else should reach deep down in their pocket-books, take out the largest bill you have and give all you can so I can continue to be a principled-free riding reader of this fine publication.

    Despite their not “giving till it hurts” to retain the great Michael Moynihan before he took down Jonah Lehrer ,Reason continues to nurture and sustain young talents like Robbie Soave who can proudly point to the scalp of (soon to be formerly) higher-paid hacks like Sabrina Rubin Erdely hanging from his lodge-pole.

    As a Great Man once said, “You want a good magazine? Reason magazine… It’s a magazine for libertarians. It’s a magazine for everybody. It’s a magazine for the world. Reason magazine: A good, good magazine.”

    Hell, I might even cough up a C-note before the pledge drive is over. Even though that paltry amount won’t score me a tote bag to cross contaminate the free range organic chicken salmonella with the arugula as I pedal my fixie home from the food co-op.

    1. It’ll net you a cool beanie.

    2. Eliminationist rhetoric!

  5. Maybe if I had visited the Reason DC office when I was there for the summer, I would be more interested in forking over some dough. Instead I spent my days drowning in booze at local shitty NW dive bars. No regretz.

    1. Instead I spent my days drowning in booze at local shitty NW dive bars. No regretz.

      Sounds like you did stop by the Reason office.

      1. I thought they sit around in swank and hip clubs sipping fruity drinks like good cosmotarians? Are you telling me they’re not really cosmotarians and that Matt and Nick drink beer from cans?

  6. I’m going to suggest once again, that you don’t do this in December.

    Some of us spend a lot of extra money in this month and all of us, despite popular opinion, are not filthy rich one percenters. Also, most of us in this country do buy Christmas gifts and sometimes travel to see family. Most of us won’t freak the fuck out if you call it Christmas instead of ‘Winter Holiday’ or if we see a tree. I’m not religious, it’s just a thing that’s a tradition since I was a kid and if it offends anyone, they can go fuck their self with a 8 ft. Christmas tree with sharp needles.

    Ok, I donated this year, but if you guys do this in December next year, unless I’ve entered the one percent by then, I probably won’t do it again. I have Christmas, 2 birthdays(my wife and I) and a wedding anniversary, plus new years activities in this month, we often travel, so I’m typically not as loaded with cash as in the rest of the year.

    Also, edit button. How hard cant that be? It isn’t hard is the correct answer.

    1. caption:
      Put that away before you get every troll from HnR up in here!

      1. Fuck the trolls with a rusty tin Christmas tree.

  7. caption
    Nick: Shhh! I’m trying to find the Silk Road.

  8. Sorry Welch, but you can’t count your LARPing towards freedom, nor can you count it as work related on your tax forms.

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  10. Doing pretty “good”? I think Matt’s translation software is acting up.

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