Reason on Reddit: Ask Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie Anything Tomorrow at Noon During Their Epic AMA



Admit it, you are curious about Nick Gillespie's favorite flavor of Pop Tart. You want Matt Welch to dish about his recent interviews with Rand and Ron Paul. You're wondering if Somalia really is a libertarian paradise. And you probably need some advice about a new leather jacket you are thinking about purchasing.

Didn't get a chance to ask those burning questions during previous Ask a Libertarian sessions? Now's your moment.

Tomorrow at 12 noon, head over to Reddit for an epic Reason AMA. Editors in Chief Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch will be there to answer all the questions the Internet can throw at them for a couple of hours. And by "the Internet" we mean you.

The link will go live a few minutes before noon, so post early to increase your chances of getting an answer. 

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