Double Your (New) Money By Donating to Reason's Webathon, and its New Matching Challenge!


By now you know the drill: Please donate tax-deductible money to Reason's annual Webathon, so that the beautiful nonprofit that publishes this here website thingie can keep bringing you the best in libertarian journalism and commentary, defending "Free Minds and Free Markets" like a Comfort Pig defends sad-faced airline passengers. We are clawing our way to an ambitious $200,000 goal before Dec. 9, and we are around $34,000 of the way there, thanks to generous donations from 287 of you.


Check it on out: Thanks to a challenge grant from an anonymous donor (who is one of your fellow Hit & Run addicts), every penny of new money that you give us during the course of the Webathon will be matched, up to $25,000. That means if you've never made a donation to Reason before, your donation (up to a total of $25,000) will be matched 100 percent. And if you've given us money in the past, but raise your donation above previous levels, our friendly neighborhood anonymouse will match the difference, dollar for dollar. SO YOU ARE BASICALLY DOUBLING YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU DONATE RIGHT THE HELL NOW.

Why should you give us your hard-earned money? We've given you a few good reasons so far: To extend and explore the libertarian moment, to defend much-hated comments sections against elites, to sic more Suderman-Computerman on Obamacare, to fight against the Drug War, to give Ron Bailey a new hovercraft, and to commit a crime against nature. We will be adding to these noble value-propositions as the week goes by.

But for now, know only this: Double your donating power! Give to Reason right the hell now, in the currency and methodology of your choice! You will get swag, you will get bragging rights, you will get a little scrolling message thingie that will display in the upper right-hand corner of the website, and you will get the satisfaction of a donation well-leveraged. 

Donate to Reason today!