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Donate to Reason Right This Second, Because Ron Bailey Needs a New Hovercraft!


It is Day Two of Reason's annual week-long Webathon, which means PLEASE MONEY US RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE WHO ARE READING THIS FOR FREE ALL THE TIME! 


It also means we have a next eligible non-bachelor up on our senior staffer Webathon auction block: Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey. He loves robots! And hypothetical digital babies (though his feelings on actual babies are less enthusiastic.) Ann Coulter wants to drown him! What more do you need to know?

Would you be more willing to help us meet our Webathon goal of raising $200,000 this week if we told you that we were going to spend the money on a new hovercraft for Ron? (We're not.) (We might.) 

Ron has literally given everything he has to Reason since joining the mothership back in 1997. Why, he once shared his entire genome with the Internet, as part of a brilliant defense of trusting individuals with their own genetic information.

Bailey reads academic journals for fun, which is kind of kinky, and then translates them into English so that the rest of us can enjoy learning stuff like "Both Gay and Heterosexual Marriages Are Equally Stable," "Immigrants Are Less Criminal Than Native-Born Americans," and "Famine No More: The World of Plenty Lies Ahead."

And who among us does not feel his heart swell with joy when it's time for the monthly "Global Temperature Trend Update"?

Bailey is the only Reason staffer worth fully trusting to greet our new robot overlords. I mean, think about it.

And stay tuned for Ron's forthcoming book, The End of Doom, which will drop even more good-news bombs on grumpy civilians, causing some seriously great collateral damage for capitalism. DON'T OVERTHINK THE METAPHOR, DONATE TODAY.


In conclusion: Mo' money, mo' Bitcoin, mo' Bailey.