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Joanna Armand says her dog Zeus has never bitten anyone and no one has ever filed a complaint about the dog. Her daughter O'Hara Owens, who has severe neck problems and must use a wheelchair, says Zeus is the first to notice if she is in pain and comfort her. But Zeus is a pitbull, and the city council in their hometown of Moreauville, Louisiana, voted to ban pitbulls and rottweilers. The family must get rid of Zeus by Dec. 1 or the police will seize the dog, "dispose" of it and fine them. Alderman Penn Lemoine said the council banned the breeds because of complaints from residents. He says there may have been some attacks from these dogs but they haven't been documented.

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  1. UPDATE:

    The Village of Moreauville is putting plans to officially enact its pit bull and Rottweiler ban on hold.

    They’re saying after an outcry from people around the world about a breed ban that would force a family to get rid of their beloved dog, Zeus, they’re taking a step back to figure out what they should do next.

    1. “Pit bull” isn’t a fucking breed in the first place!!!! Dammit, dammit, dammit!

      There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

      1. I agree,I have trained hunting labs for years and proper training is very important.I have seen mean labs and German short hairs,they take clues from their masters. I’ve been around many farm dog of all types and never had a problem. I have to say though,I never turn my back on a chow .

        1. this. It’s comical how uninformed most breed bans are when they don’t account for actual bite/attack stats.

        2. I have the most vicious breed in the world, a miniature Dachshund.

          1. poodles are up there too

          2. Oh yeah? Well my pug could kick your dog’s ass!

            1. But can he take a Yorky? They all think their 10 foot tall and bullet proof.Ours used to snap at my 90 pound hunting lab,a dog that love to fight a wounded goose

              1. The pug would let the Yorky tug on the loose skin around the pug’s neck until the Yorky got tired, then the pug would sit on the Yorky and smother it.

                1. with snot?

          3. Clearly you have never been in the company of a Jack Russell Terrier.

            1. My Yorky made a peace with a friends Jack Russell,my Lab taught him who was boss .

    2. Ooooh, so an ‘outcry’ forces them to think critically? Lovely to hear.

      As a doberman owner, I freakin hate breed bans

      1. dobermans are nice dogs,they got a bad rape do to a movie

        1. rap,or maybe rape was right


    Just move the needle to 39 seconds for commentary by Dr John on the city council.

  3. Many laws are not based on harm now a days.There based on,’oh my god something could happen”.That’s why the 12 year old in Cleveland is dead.

    1. Soon we’ll all be incarcerated from birth due to the undeniable fact we’re all potential criminal.

      If only one person can be protected from a crime it’s all worth it!

  4. Alderman Penn Lemoine said the ordinance was created to appease several residents.

    “We had several residents that were complaining about not being able to walk along the neighborhoods because these dogs were basically running along town,” Lemoine said in a phone interview.

    We asked Lemoine about dog attacks…

    “There have been, but I don’t think they’re documented,” he said.

    And, if they plan to kill the dogs they collect on December 1…

    “I’d rather not elaborate on that,” he said.

    “Is that what it is? Are you going to kill the dogs?” asked reporter, Brooke Buford.

    “If that’s what the ordinance says, then that’s what it says,” Lemoine responded.

    Lemoine told us he owns a German Shepard. But, he only considers pit bulls and Rottweilers as “vicious.”

    He also says what the town is doing is completely legal.

    O’Hara Owens and her family say they plan to continue to fight for Zeus.

    “Like I told them, they’re going to have to take him from my cold, dead hands before they get a hold of him,” Owens said.

    Alderman Lemoine says if there’s a strong enough public outcry about the severity of the ordinance he says he would consider possibly changing it.

    Appeasement never works. Also, the police chief has the same name as this weasel alderman. Sounds like this village is one you want to steer clear of.

    1. Oh, hell, the mayor also has the same last name. Definitely stay away.

      1. So it’s like a Mel Brooks flick?

        1. Will Mongo collect the dogs?

          1. I think we’re all indebted to Gabby Johnson for clearly stating what needed to be said.

        2. Give the governor a harrumph!

      2. Oh, hell, the mayor also has the same last name. Definitely stay away.

        pop. 929

    2. “Sounds like this village is one you want to steer clear of.”

      Actually Moreauville is a pretty cool place. The people are exceedingly friendly and hospitable even for Louisiana. The annual cochon de lair next door in Marksville has some of the best food in the world. Pure heaven.

      That is not to say that they don’t have idiot politicians like everywhere else.

      I have met the chief of police and mayor. They are pretty good guys. I don’t know about Lemoine, never met him.

      *How the hell do you enforce a breed ban? Unless the dog is registered as a certain breed then how can you prove it is an A , B, or a C? Pure Idiocy.

      1. Ask the dog? That’s how Homer Plessy was arrested. The cops couldn’t tell then either.

    3. “We had several residents that were complaining about not being able to walk along the neighborhoods because these dogs were basically running along town,” Lemoine said in a phone interview

      What about passing a leash law instead?

  5. I didn’t know Obama and Christie knew each other as kids.

  6. Racial profiling has gone to the dogs!

  7. Woosyism and pussyism are all the rage in USA these days.

    1. ^^^THIS^^^


    Rita McWilliams and her dog, Sugar, are one of two other known families affected by the pit bull and Rottweiller breed ban

    Tony approves.…..91901.html

    Aldermen Penn Lemoine say the response has been overwhelming.

    “It has gotten out of hand,” said Lemoine.

    Wah wah. I hope someone sticks potassium chloride in your next IV.

    1. “It has gotten out of hand”

      Oh good, so you realize you fucked it all up in the first place

      1. No. Part of being in government is never ever admitting to being wrong. It’s the people who have it wrong. They don’t understood that government knows best.

        1. One of the hallmarks of a sociopath is that they are, in their minds, never wrong. Which makes sense, from their POV — if other people are just objects to be used, basically appliances like a toaster or a car, how can said appliance be right and you be wrong?

  9. When I was a kid, I had some bad experiences with pits, rottweillers, chows due to some really shitty dog owners in our neighborhood. I managed to get over it. Pits aren’t my kind of dog but every one that i have met with a good owner has been very sweet. But what do you expect from government? The easy thing to do is ban them, round up and destroy the ones that exist, and extort more money from the people that take care of them. Dealing with a few cases of negligence and bad ownership every year is just TOO HARD.

    1. If anything, pit bulls are a little sweeter, less crazy, and more people friendly than other dogs.

      Of course they are big dogs and like other big dogs can do more damage than a small dog if they do attack. But that’s always a question primarily of training, for any dog, big or small.

      1. If anything, pit bulls are a little sweeter, less crazy


        Sweeter, yes. But they are goofy, crazy, high-energy dogs usually.

  10. Sounds like the solution is to give everyone a pit bull. The vicious ones will determine who are the bad owners. This could solve the politician/police problem.

    1. If the problem is solved, then we won’t need the politician/police. The end game is never to SOLVE a problem, it’s to increase their petty power.

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  12. I love the emotional anecdote in this story. It’s basically the same device that is used at council meetings to get stupid laws passed. If individual dogs were a problem they could sentence the owners to obedience training.

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  14. Ban humans, IMO.

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