Justice Ginsburg Has Heart, Expensive EPA Regulation Unveiled, National Guard Keeps the Lid on Ferguson: P.M. Links


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  1. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has heart?trouble that is.

    Progressives are hoping, but for what?

    1. Too much milk chocolate clogged those arteries, NO DOUBT.

      1. You can’t clog things with liquid, dummy.

        1. Except with cooled grease from the burgers and french fries the TEATHUGLICAN KOCHTOPUSES are trying to force all children to eat for every meal!!11!!!

        2. Oh yeah like you’re some kind of expert.

          1. If Groovus was here he’d totally back me up.

            Also, you said milk chocolate not chocolate milk, dummy.

            Also, this.

            1. You an expert? Didn’t think so.

        3. Not every liquid stays fluid permanently when stored in a tube, as your.mom can attest.

      2. Now that Republicans have a Senate majority, they can block any replacement nominated by Obama!

        Right, guys? Right?

        1. We’ll see, assuming Reid doesn’t gavel the Senate into session before the turn over. Remember the current session has 5 weeks remaining.

    2. What if she steps down now? Can the progs still get someone through?

      1. Obama will find some way to do it over Christmas break. Like, deem the new justice nominated or something.

        1. The president can make recess appointments of regular federal judges when congress is not in session. Don’t know if that applies to SCOTUS justices.

          1. If Obama appoints a justice, and then the appointment gets appealed to SCOTUS, will the justice recuse herself?

            (Let’s not pretend that the nominee will be male)

            1. Obama better nominate a transgendered. That way, everyone is happy.

      2. Only if the Republican Senate majority lacks a certain something:

        ‘O che sciagura d’essere senza coglioni!’

        “O what a misfortune to be without testicles!”


      3. Well, the Senate is supposed to re-convene on Monday. In theory, Obama could nominate someone, they could get them through the committee hearings and have a vote.

        But since there are only 53 D senators + 2 independents who will probably vote with them, it’s hard to see how they would get 5 Rs to vote for cloture so they could actually vote on a nominee.

        1. Didn’t the abolish the filibuster for Presidential nominees, via the nuclear option?

          1. Hold on, Ruth, don’t give up!

            1. OTOH, we might want a ruthless Court to consider Democratcare.

          2. Oh, that’s right. How could I forget that cacophony of media reports explaining how the abolition was justified. It came about 8 years after the cacophony of media reports explaining how such an abolition would be the end of democracy.

            Tonio: well, yeah. And I think there has been a wing of the prog movement which was furious with her for not resigning before the 2014 mid-terms.

          3. “Didn’t the abolish the filibuster for Presidential nominees, via the nuclear option?”

            Technically, Reid only applied it to minor justices and appointees. But I’m guessing he wouldn’t hesitate to expand it if there was a pressing need.

        2. She would have to die or resign. Those and impeachment are the only ways off of the SCOTUS bench.

          1. So she’s still not getting replaced, for now. Good.

        3. “53 D Senators”

          Yes, but Schumer is still only one guy.

    3. Hello.

      I’m dry today.

        1. Or if he’s REALLY dry.

          1. Supersize me, lumberjack!

          2. I see you guys have new jobs.

          3. Lube Pump Included

            Whew, I was wondering how to get it all out.

          4. Check out the also viewed products;

            A gimp suit and a body bag.

      1. And you have to announce it because…nobody could tell the difference otherwise?

      2. Why not have a nice glass of wine?

      3. Juve finally got their act together.

        Arsenal through.

        1. Not really. Team creates chances but just can’t finish. But they won.

      4. You’re Canadian. You’re dry everyday.

        1. Canada DRY.

    4. That’s not very nice

  2. Just before the Thanks[g]iving holiday hits, the Obama administration unveiled an air pollution regulation that business groups say could be the most expensive ever.

    Technically not a Friday dump.

    1. Only because there is no way anyone in the FedGov is going to be working Friday.

      1. Nobody in FedGov works any other day.

        1. If only this were true

  3. European officials want the “right to be forgotten” extended globally.

    So Europeans care what the rest of us think of them after all, eh?


    /Obamas buttplug

    Google is literally and figuratively pulling the plug on its investment in renewable energy because the technology doesn’t work.


    The green movement has responded that Google’s problem was it wasn’t “ambitious enough,”

    Is this their answer to everything? “We just didn’t toss enough money at this failed technology!”

    Could someone explain to me why “All of the above” is an intelligent strategy? I’m more for, what is economical and works.. as dictated by the market, not by the agenda of TOP MEN.

    1. What I find funny is that Google is basically saying, according to the predictions of the most hysterical climate models, we can’t have the slightest impact no matter what we do. The rigged models of climate science have now bitten climate science in the ass. Rather than incite firms to get in the game with fear, they drive them away in despair.

      1. Now, now. There is an alternative.

        Step 1: Kill all the environmentalists and non-proliferation activists.

        Step 2: Build nuclear power plants now that the major opposition is out of the way.

        Step 3: Watch carbon dioxide emissions go way down.

        Clearly, we have to do it to save the planet. So let’s get started on step 1 immediately.

        1. In addition, the executive order banning reprocessing of nuclear waste needs to be rescinded. It would help reduce the waste problem by an enormous magnitude & allow fuel to be used more efficiently.

        2. Step 2: Build nuclear power plants now that the major opposition is out of the way.

          I question the profitability of nuclear power absent massive government subsidy.

          1. If you remove the massive regulations, the cost drops considerably.

            regulations differences between USA and China make the same powerplant cost 3 times more here.

            And it’s not like China has no nuclear regulation. Just considerably less than us.

  5. Many Republicans still like the idea of Mitt Romney (!) as their presidential nominee. Why?

    The Republicans are not learning machines.

    1. But his hair looks so gosh darn, well, Presidential. There’s just no other word for it.

      1. You kid, but appearances matter to people. I would say height and good hair are at least as important to a presidential candidate as free shit, if not moreso.

    2. I’m not sure they would even pass the Turing Test. Last defeated candidate to run again was Nixon: not exactly the role model you want.

      1. But, Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney ran for president twice, I believe, though he never got the nomination.

        If Romney runs it will be to finally get a Mormon in the White House. The Mormon hierarchy has been wanting a Mormon US President for the longest time.

        1. You’re correct on George R. I was referring to guys who actually made it to the general and lost. It used to be not uncommon but since Nixon, nothing.

          1. Not counting Nader, of course. And LaRouche. 😛

            Yeah, I know, major partiers, only.

            1. Yeah, good point. I fell into the two-party trap.

        2. The Mormon hierarchy has been wanting a Mormon US President for the longest time.

          Is that when Moroni will finish telling his story?

    3. My dad: “He was right about Russia!”

    4. Crippling fear of success?

    5. In the AM Links there was a link to a poll showing that Romney has a good chance against Hillary. So this isn’t crazy if they want an “electable” candidate.

  6. Canadian pro-Ferguson rally organizers ask ‘whites’ to stay in background

    A suggestion that white and non-black protesters limit their visibility and “stand behind black folks” at protests Tuesday in Ottawa and Toronto against the fatal shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Mo., has sparked a heated debate on social media.

    Bilan Arte, one of the Ottawa event organizers, says on the vigil’s Facebook page that “white/non black allies” should “refrain from taking up space” and “never be the centre of anything.”

    Hooray for the post-racial society!

    1. “Throw ’em under the back of the bus!”

    2. OK, as a honky I would be happy to stay several miles away from your demonstration.

    3. Come on, this is Canada. You’re going to get more white than non-white protesters anywhere due to sheer demographics.

      1. There are, what, like five black people in Canada?

        1. Last census I saw they were 2.9% of the population. There’s three times as many Asians in this country as there are black people.

          1. I…just can’t imagine that. It’s been incredibly strange for me the few times I’ve visited lilly white places.

            1. I had severe culture shock when I went to Boulder, CO.

              That is one pasty town.

          2. Wouldn’t they be African-Canadians?

        2. My new mechanic is black.

          From the Caribbean, man.

          1. From the Caribbean, man. mon

      2. Canada has its own problems with the police and racial past but let’s protest an event from the USA.

        Dumb and that guy is a racist asshole.

        Not about social justice.

        1. Yeah, Canadian police abuse focused on ‘groups’ has always been more about Asian or Amerindian populations, or the language divide in the East.

      3. Right? How many white people can really hide behind 3 black guys?

        1. Have the same 3 guys wear clever mustache/hat combinations as they give interviews.

        2. With or without blackface? /ducks

  7. Just before the Thanks[g]iving holiday hits, the Obama administration unveiled an air pollution regulation that business groups say could be the most expensive ever.

    Great, another “common sense environmental regulations vs. Korporate Profitz!” battle. Can’t wait.

    1. The administration contends the health benefits would far outweigh the costs, and would include fewer deaths, hospitalizations and missed days at school or work from illnesses like asthma or bronchitis.

      Why do you want people to die from bronchitis, Kevin? WHY?!

    2. Hopefully the public will realize this is the same administration that claimed fewer emergency room visits and lower health care costs.

  8. Speaking of demonstration-related violence, seven Hong Kong cops were arrested for beating a pro-democracy protester.

    Arrested by Officer Phuk Yu?

    1. And Officer Zhat Wah

  9. Thanks, but no tanks (get it?), says Michele Fluornoy, who dropped out of the running to be Secretary of Defense.

    Michele, that’s an excellent choice.

    1. When Bob Hope visited the troops, they gave him some tanks for the memories.

      1. And when the Playboy bunnies visited ….

        1. Skanks for the memories? 😉

          1. Exactly! 😎

          2. I’m surprised that your mention of skanks didn’t immediately summon Episiarch.

        2. I’ll finish for those who might not be old enough for the Playboy joke page:

          Our unabashed dictionary defines “brassiere” as “tanks for the mammaries”.

    2. It doesn’t seem to matter who fills most of these roles. It appears foreign & defense policy is being run by Obama’s equivalent of a kitchen cabinet.

      1. Valerie Jarrett?

  10. Baby pygmy marmoset gets a massage.

    1. Nothing. To. Contribute.

      1. Whatever Chris, you’re just upset that you aren’t brushing a baby pygmy marmoset with a toothbrush right now.

        1. Amazonian critters usually have some kind of Ebola, so I’m all good.

          1. The only thing it’ll kill you with is adorableness.

    2. Cap’n, I cannae take any more cuteness!

        1. Did you ever see this adorable flash animation of a seal from the ancient days of the internet?

          1. Baby seals and anal sex. That has Rule 34 potential.

            1. A vacationing penguin is driving his car through Arizona when he notices that the oil pressure light is on. He gets out to look and sees oil dripping out of the motor. He drives to the nearest town and stops at the first gas station.

              After dropping the car off, the penguin goes for a walk around town. He sees an ice-cream shop and, being a penguin in Arizona, decides that something cold would really hit the spot. He gets a big dish of ice cream and sits down to eat. Having no hands he makes a real mess trying to eat with his flippers. After finishing his ice cream, he goes back to the gas station and asks the mechanic if he’s found the problem. The mechanic looks up and says “It looks like you blew a seal.”

              “No no,” the penguin replies, “it’s just ice cream.”

              1. OK, I laughed.

              2. I hope there’s some horrible ring in the Inferno for people who make bad puns. I hope.

                1. I hope there’s some horrible ring in the Inferno for people who make bad puns. I hope.

                  Two things. That joke is a classic and I am offended that you didn’t enjoy it as much as C. Anacreon did. AND Why do you hate Grand Moff Serious Man enough to condemn him to Hell?

                  1. I don’t hate him, I just expect whatever higher power to punish people who inflict puns on others. Maybe some pit where demons torture them while exchanging terrible puns.

                    1. torture them while exchanging terrible puns.

                      And the award for most redundant statement goes to…

                      JOHN TITOR!

                    2. You’re not thinking creativity enough. How much worse would a demon skullfucking your eye socket with a spear-cock be if he was bellowing “do you see my point?”

                    3. Bah, I laughed and now the guy across the hall is glaring.

      1. DEAF! Born DEAF!

  11. Thanks, but no tanks (get it?), says Michele Fluornoy, who dropped out of the running to be Secretary of Defense.

    Only the dumb rats reenter a sinking ship.

    1. I’m betting we don’t get another Secretary of Defense for the next 2 years, and nobody notices.

      1. If enough people refuse to sign on to Obama’s sinking ship, might he be forced to resign?

        1. I don’t think so. Remember Jackson.

  12. “Police of the United States you will learn in due time once anonymous has shut down your sites that we will not stand for your ignorant untrained rookie cops.”

    Anonymous Crashes Cleveland City Website in Retaliation for Police Killing of 12-Year-Old

    1. Saint Louis went down after the Ferguson decision went public.

    2. DDoS-as-protest is so dumb.

      1. Anything that rattles them, Carl, anything that rattles them.

    3. I’m sure many pizzas were falsely delivered too.

  13. “Does he really want to be remembered as the guy who traded away public health protection?”

    Um, what were we talking about?

  14. A Ugandan lawmaker who helped draft the country’s revised anti-gay law is hoping to have the bill passed this year as a “Christmas gift” for Ugandans.

    “Revised” here meaning harsher.

    In August, President Yoweri Museveni said he wanted the law amended to remove penalties for consenting adults. Ssebagala said however the new version still punished gay sex among consenting adults.

    1. Didn’t they call it a ‘Christmas gift’ in 2012 as well? Geez, Ugandans really suck at Christmas gifts.

      1. *the Ugandan government, I guess I should clarify.

      2. It could be worse. It could be an ugly sweater or a Kirk Cameron film about grumpy people at Christmas time.

        Put Christ back in Saturnalia…Yule…Christmas!

        1. If that movie doesn’t have a talking crocodile duck it has failed on so many levels.

        2. He has this dead look in his eyes, since his jesus thing, like someone who’s been lobotomized or had a serious course of anti-psychotics.

    2. Does this count as re-gifting?

    3. Ssebagala said however the new version still punished gay sex among consenting adults.

      “Ssebagala”. Now, there’s a gay name.

      1. Totally a power bottom.

  15. This is “old news” if you’ve been hanging around in the proper nerdy circles, but it will probably interest some of you: God’s Lonely Programmer

    TempleOS is more than an exercise in retro computing, or a hobbyist’s space for programming close to the bare metal. It’s the brainchild?perhaps the life’s work?of 44-year-old Terry Davis, the founder and sole employee of Trivial Solutions. […]

    He’s done this work because God told him to. ?According to the TempleOS charter, it is “God’s official temple. Just like Solomon’s temple, this is a community focal point where offerings are made and God’s oracle is consulted.” God also told Davis that 640×480, 16-color graphics “is a covenant like circumcision,” making it easier for children to make drawings for God. God demands a perfect temple, and Davis says, “For ten years, I worked on programming TempleOS, full time. I finished, basically, and the last year has been tiny touch-ups here and there.”

    Within TempleOS he built an oracle called AfterEgypt, which lets users climb Mt. Horeb along with a stick-figure Moses. At the summit, a round scrawl of rapidly changing color comes into sight?the burning bush. Before it you should praise God. You can praise Him for anything, Davis says, including sand castles, snowmen, popcorn, bubbles, isotopes, and sand crabs.

  16. Scott Alexander (liberal but anti-SJW) reviews the literature on racial discrimination in the justice system. Summary:

    There seems to be a strong racial bias in capital punishment and a moderate racial bias in sentence length and decision to jail.

    There is ambiguity over the level of racial bias, depending on whose studies you want to believe and how strictly you define “racial bias”, in police stops, police shootings in certain jurisdictions, and arrests for minor drug offenses.

    There seems to be little or no racial bias in arrests for serious violent crime, police shootings in most jurisdictions, prosecutions, or convictions.

    Overall I disagree with the City Journal claim that there is no evidence of racial bias in the justice system.

    1. But I also disagree with the people who say things like “Every part of America’s criminal justice is systemically racist by design” or “White people can get away with murder but black people are constantly persecuted for any minor infraction,” or “Every black person has to live in fear of the police all the time in a way no white person can possibly understand”. The actual level of bias is limited and detectable only through statistical aggregation of hundreds or thousands of cases, is only unambiguously present in sentencing, and there only at a level of 10-20%, and that only if you believe the most damning studies.

      (except that you should probably stay out of Memphis)

  17. So Obama might get to replace Ginsburg. Big deal. It would be pretty much impossible to find a bigger communist than her, so it would just be maintaining the status quo at worst.

      1. Can one write dissents in a high voice?

      2. Fuck. Yes. I see your Wise Latina and raise you the first African-American woman to sit on the Supreme Court! This is the one good thing I could realistically see Obama doing, if Brown starts sucking up to Jarrett now.

    1. Every time I see a pic of Ginsburg, I wonder if she has ever been happy in her life.

      1. Ask SugarFree about that.

      2. Every time I see a pic of Ginsburg, I wonder if she has ever been happy in her life.

        I’ve seen that type of face before, and the only thing that can make her smile is when an aide changes her compression stockings.

    2. No, Jordan, it can always get worse. In fact I can think of someone right of the top of my head…

      1. Is it Holder? It’s Holder, isn’t it?

        1. No, I was thinking female, and that’s all I’m going to say. I do suspect, as noted by someone else above, that this president would nominate a woman to replace RBG.

          1. HillDog?

          2. The lizard queen?

          3. Maybe Holder could get a sex change? Wouldn’t that be even better?

  18. I’m sure this has been posted here today already.

    “Bunch wrote that “based on training and experience, I have seen handguns in many shapes and colors and perceived this to be a handgun.”

    I’m embarrassed to say I live here. We have such an utterly farcical police force…

    1. “Fruitvale”?

      Christ, what is that place – Sesame Street’s arch enemy?

      And you get arrested for pointing a banana at people?

      “there are plenty of others who would say Channing got exactly what he deserved for antagonizing* a pair of law enforcement officers who put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis.”

      *with a banana

      I’d like to meet these ‘plenty’ of others.

      1. And this was in a straight news piece.

        1. Well-played

            1. And now that song will be stuck in my head all day.

              I had an uncle who used to claim he composed that song. He stopped doing that after the rise of the internet.

    2. You’re in Grand Junction? I was just there mountain biking a few weeks ago. No interaction with cops, but there was a really bitchy Shell clerk. Although we found a decent Mexican restaurant over in Fruita.

    3. Nathen, by physical action, knowingly placed Deputy Love and I in imminent fear by use of an article fashioned in the manner to cause us to reasonably believe it was a deadly weapon.”

      “Imminent fear?” Is that even a thing?

      1. Somebody didn’t copy the canned response correctly. Seriously. Those working class heroes don’t talk like that; it’s lawyer speak they’ve been taught to parrot.

      2. These two morons are saying that they reasonably believed a banana was a deadly weapon. With a strait face.

        I don’t think they know what the word ‘reasonable’ means.

        1. No, but they know the right words to parrot for the court jesters.

      3. How does one fashion a banana? Peel it?

      4. Is that a banana in your pocket or are you glad to see me?

    1. Needs moar ay-rab slutz, brah.

      1. Since you asked douche-ly.

        This one is playing games from the start.

        1. Oh man, look at that painted-up ho. Ima stone the shit out of her, if you know what I mean, brah.

            1. I can’t tell what’s more ridiculous: her body or their grasp of safe weapon handling.

              1. It makes them look brave you racist.

        2. Mrs. Suthenboy and I like ME food. The restaurants all have those videos/music playing all the time. I can’t tell the difference between the songs or videos. They all look and sound exactly alike to me.

          Zydeco music is the same way. If you run all the songs together it is impossible to tell where one stops and another starts.

          1. “oooh habiiiibi”

          2. Dirka dirka, mohammed jihad.

    1. I had no idea that proper British genes could produce such… pertness.

      1. You now have something to be thankful for. You’re welcome.

    2. Katie from Sidney Sussex wins by a long shot.

    3. They’re Brits, you fools. I ain’t restorin shit until I see their face and teeth.

      1. Or until you see them after 25.

    4. Katie was nice, the rest wouldn’t even get an honorable mention at an American university.

      Unqualified to comment on the man ass.

  19. Oops: After Threatening Hacker With 440 Years, Prosecutors Settle for a Misdemeanor

    Eighteen of the 44 counts in Salinas’ indictment, for instance, were for cyberstalking an unnamed victim. But each of those charges was based on Salinas merely filling out a public contact form on the victim’s website with junk text. Every time he clicked “submit” had been counted as a separate case of cyberstalking.

    Another 15 counts of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in Salinas’ indictment were tied to websites he had targeted in an alleged hacking spree; in some cases he was charged multiple times for different alleged hacking attempts of the same site over the course of just minutes. In each case, Ekeland says, Salinas had merely scanned the sites with commercially available vulnerability scanning tools like Acunetix and Webcruiser.

    Side note: obligatory Popehat explainer on reporting of maximum sentences

  20. The Left’s Unending Fascination With Scripts to Browbeat Relatives on Thanksgiving Strongly Resemble… Scripts for Religious Conversion
    …These advice columns are becoming a genre unto themselves. The stock villain: crazy right-wing uncle, the jokes about stuffing. But I recognize them by what they unwittingly emulate: guides for religious evangelism. The gentle, righteous self-regard, the slightly orthogonal response guides, the implied urgency to cure your loved ones of their ignorance. Your raging uncle will know the truth, and the truth will set him free.

    That’s a problem. Our politics are taking on a religious shape. Increasingly we allow politics to form our moral identity and self-conception. We surround ourselves with an invisible community of the “elect” who share our convictions, and convince ourselves that even our closest and beloved relatives are not only wrong, but enemies of goodness itself. And so one of the best, least religious holidays in the calendar becomes a chance to deliver your uncle up as a sinner in the hands of an angry niece….

    1. “why is it so many of them seem to need these bluffer’s guides to explain to them why they believe the things they believe?”

      Nail. On. Head.

      See = buttplug, last night, trying to talk/not-talk about Benghazi report, throwing series of bullshit talking points around like so much missile-chaff

      1. Yes, and once he brought it up and tossed those points out they were shot down one after another and the scandal lost all of it’s fakeness.

        Shreek really is an idiot.

    2. Gizmodo just had one on “talking to your family about Net Neutrality” that exactly follows this.

      How to Explain Net Neutrality to Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide

      Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and getting peppered with questions about tech-related news stories because hey, you read a bunch of blogs and you even know what a yik-yak is! It’s only a matter of time before they ask you “So what’s up with that thing on the internets?”

      Lucky for all of us, the year of Bitcoin is over and you’re probably safe from having to explain the finer points of the the blockchain to Uncle Nigel, who seems waaay too interested about the part where you can use cryptocurrency to buy heinous porn on the darknet. No, this year there’s a good chance you’ll wind up describing “common carriers” and gingerly trying to explain how sometimes government regulation is the answer to your Tea Partier Aunt and her enthusiastically nodding second husband when they blindly ask you what this “net neutrality” thing is all about.

      1. Lucky for all of us, the year of Bitcoin is over and you’re probably safe from having to explain the finer points of the the blockchain to Uncle Nigel

        Yes, because Gizmodo readers know how the blockchain works.

      2. I often dismiss these Vox-splain type of liberal talking-points, because i know that anyone who actually needs them would be unable to actually answer any questions, and consequently fail to convince anyone of anything

        But people often tell me that I’m far too charitable in assuming ‘people ask questions’.

        My feeling is that people tend to not be convinced unless they convince themselves, and these proggy “how to talk about X” guides are less for the purpose of proselytizing the Unwashed… and more for simply telling progs how to talk to Each Other. To signal to each other that they ‘get it’. *(the program)

        1. That would certainly explain why tomorrow I’ll be subjected to a bunch of uncles yelling at each other about how they don’t quite agree with Fox News in exactly the same way.

          1. I would hope that you would be well versed in the Typical Right Wing Talking Points that we recite daily here on the Koch-Bros-funded faux-libertarian Holocaust Denial Site

            1. What the?

              This article is interesting, but besides the fact that it looks like Reason flirted with some less than savory people in the ’70s, the bulk of the article is “person x is bad, so person y, who is on the same board is bad, which means person z, who shared a cab with person y is bad too!”

              1. He’s playing “six degrees of charred bacon”.

              2. Once guilty, always guilty, Jesse. And they loves them some guilt by association, which includes past associations.

                Sqrlsly, it’s like that article on Turkey Day Prog Evangelism linked above.

                1. Once guilty, always guilty, Jesse. And they loves them some guilt by association, which includes past associations.

                  Unless those past associations reflect badly on leftists. For example, it simply will not do to mention that Gore Vidal published an article in the Nation in the 1980s where he argued that America needed to ally with Russia in order to stop ‘Grimly efficient Asiatics’ from taking over the world and turning white people into serfs.

                  No, I’m not making that up.

                  Vidal was a champion of the white race. He worried that, because of American imperial overreach, the white race’s moment of world domination had come to an end. He believed that Tokyo had replaced New York City as the global capital of finance. World power had shifted from the white race to the “Asiatic colossus” and the “yellow man.” And he feared that, if the white race failed to rally, “we are going to end up as farmers?or, worse, mere entertainment?for more than one billion grimly efficient Asiatics.” The pronoun “we” referred, of course, to anyone among The Nation’s readers who identified with the white race and its past glories and future prospects?arguably, not too many people.

                  The Nation has always been an objectively racist magazine starting with their support of eugenics.

                  1. Gore Vidal published an article in the Nation in the 1980s where he argued that America needed to ally with Russia in order to stop ‘Grimly efficient Asiatics’ from taking over the world and turning white people into serfs.

                    They do actually believe that. See “affirmative action”.

  21. Shocking! (not really): website security seals are not good for a whole lot

    We managed to buy (or get free trials for) security seals from eight companies. Surprisingly, we could immediately include two seals in our website, as the two seal providers did not find any vulnerability in our [deliberately vulnerable] website. By looking at our server logs, we found that the lack of vulnerability discovery actually was not that very surprising. One of the seal providers merely ran a port scan using Nmap, and the other did a very basic Nessus scan. These tools are definitely not adequate to perform a rigorous security evaluation of a website.

    The other six seal providers did manage to find *some* vulnerabilities, but performed far from sufficient. Five seal providers found a third or less of the vulnerabilities, and one found almost half. Of course, you could argue that we made it incredibly hard for the seal providers to find these vulnerabilities. That’s why we compared the coverage of found vulnerabilities with three popular vulnerability scanners (Acunetix, HP WebInspect, Burp Suite). These tools, which can also be used by an attacker, found at least as many vulnerabilities as the best-performing seal provider.

    1. Yeah, anyone who thinks these mean much is deluding himself.

      1. But are they GMO-free?

  22. Justice Ginsburg may want to hire an extra security detail for protection, as Obama could easily decide to try and Breitbart her.

    1. If she were to die, we would have 8 justices until 2016. And, if republicans don’t take the presidency in 2016, we’ll have 8 justices until 2020.

  23. Church where Mike Brown Sr. was babtised last week was burnt down.

    Lee was an ever-present fixture next to Michael Brown Sr. in the months after his son, Michael Brown Jr., was killed in a violent confrontation with Wilson on Aug. 9. The elder Brown was even baptized at the church on Sunday.

    “I’m very vocal in regards to the Michael Brown case,” Lee told NBC News.

    Business owners took a hit Monday, with many buildings getting torched, looted or defaced in some way. Much of the mayhem happened along West Florissant Ave. as a pizzeria and two auto parts stores burned.

    But Lee pointed to the distance between his church and the bulk of the violence, calling the burning of his church a targeted crime.

    “I was in complete disbelief,” Lee said. “I did not believe what I was seeing was fire coming out of the church. I didn’t think that anybody would set a church on fire.”

    He said it’s unlikely the people protesting the grand jury’s decision are responsible. Instead, racists who wanted to harm the brown family are probably behind the blaze, he said.

    Does this guy know that “white devil” is just an expression?

    1. The comments are … entertaining.

      1. Rational heads seemed to prevail:

        Doubt It Queen B ? 4 hours ago
        We wouldn’t survive a race war. Whites been stockpiling arsenals of weapons, bombs and ammunition forever. Over the last few six years, they’ve been buying so much, the shelves are perpetually empty (because of who’s in the White House). Most of our men are unable to purchase weapons because of their criminal records. The new Blacks like Barkley and Lemon, would run to the white side hollering, “I’m not like those ninjas, I’m on your side.” Not only are we outnumbered, we’re too disorganized and divided to put up a good fight.

        It really ain’t too bad there. I see worse on Gawker. Mostly from self-hating white tools. As far as I can tell, only three commenters want a race war, and two want a new state created. One is unaware of history of Liberia and the other wants a do-over. For him, I would suggest making friends with some old jews. They managed to get almost exactly what they were shooting (pardon the pun) for.

        1. Related:

          and here we have a collumnist at salon arguing for a race war.

          Peaceful protests have been happening for over 100 days. But white folks only really pay attention if they fear they have something to lose. Smoke flares in their nostrils, because then they are confronted with the possibility of charred, burning, white flesh. No more water. The fire next time.

          Humans can only be sucker punched for so long. Humans can only have the life choked out of us for so long. Humans can only be kicked in the stomach while your foot is on our neck for so long. Humans can only be bullied for so long. One day we stagger to our feet, and you see reflected back to you the results of your own unresolved monstrousness.

      2. “That’s what some want on both sides…I do believe black Americans should consider doing like the Jews in Europe and return to our homeland…find a sizable area in West Africa purchase it, return and create a separate country there for those who want to go…this place is going to reap the whirlwind soon anyway…the US is going to fall we might as well get while the getting is good.”

        Cuz like, that’s totes never been tried before

    1. Thats so sad and horrible and sad

      Creed was the worst band since Creed

      1. Creed was Nickelback before Nickelback was terrible.

        1. before Nickelback was terrible.

          When was that?.

          1. Before Nickelback was formed?

  24. “Just before the Thanksgiving holiday hits, the Obama administration unveiled an air pollution regulation”

    Does this lying bastard ever release information during a news cycle?

  25. As a Liberal, I hate Ruth Ginsberg. She should had resigned right after Obama won in 2012. Now, if she dies, the republicans will block a next appointee until they can get control in 2016. And, if the Republicans don’t take control in 2016, I think we’ll have eight Justices with a 5/3 Conservative/Liberal breakdown. And, for those few times that Kennedy goes Left, at best well get a 4/4.

    She claims to be for the liberal cause. Her not resigning will set back the liberal cause 30-40 years.

    1. You realize how impossible and damaging for the republicans it would be to stonewall a Supreme Court nomination for *two freaking years* right?

      1. Thanks to Obama, a handful of republicans can fondle someone’s little boy across the street from the White House without fears of losing congress.

        1. Mitch Connor|11.26.14 @ 5:37PM|#
          “Thanks to Obama, a handful of republicans can fondle someone’s little boy across the street from the White House without fears of losing congress.”

          Thanks to what passes for “the press”, Obo could do that and we’d never hear about it except from Fox.

          1. Gee Sevo, r u say’n FOX NEWS is the Koran and your choice as a meaningful News Source ??

            1. I refuse to watch TV “news” from any source, but from what I can find out, the three broadcast stations are still trying to find out how to pronounce “Gruber”.

        2. Thanks to Obama’s success at implementing the liberal agenda, a handful of republicans can fondle someone’s little boy across the street from the White House without fears of losing congress.

          FTFY. He doesn’t go from Wonderboy to scapegoat just to protect the tribe.

        3. Hey now, Mark Foley is long gone.

        4. Thanks to Obama, a handful of republicans can fondle someone’s little boy across the street from the White House without fears of losing congress.

          That’s a common misconception. It’s actually pajama boy, and he’s of legal age.

          1. That gets a double 😉 😉

      2. Actually, it would not be damaging for republicans because, with the absence of a Liberal Justice, many Republican initiatives could be addressed and many liberal policies could be reversed.

        If anything, blocking every one of Obama’s appointees would be rather positive for the Republicans.

    2. Pray tell Mitch, what is the liberal cause? From what I can tell it seems to be anything but liberal and setting it back 40 years would be a good start.

  26. “Most expensive regulation ever?”

    Fuck it, I’m gonna start an ozone mitigation company and make billions. I am sick of fighting it anymore.

    1. Does it allow more immigrants?

  27. Her not resigning will set back the liberal cause 30-40 years.

    We can only hope.

  28. Go popehat. The only account of “shirtstorm” that backs feminists and also actually mentions the actual tweet that people were responding to,

    “Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me asshole”

    -Rose Eveleth, columnist for the Atlantic.

    instead of the milder one she sent later. I don’t agree with this:

    So where the hell do I come out on Shirtgate?

    I come out like this: the shirt was not workplace-appropriate, but Dr. Taylor may not have realized that. The appropriate way to tell him was privately and professionally. Making him apologize on TV ? if, in fact, he was made to do it ? was hideously inappropriate. Some people reacted much more strongly to it than I did, but those people might have very different experiences with sexism than I’ve had. Someone calling Dr. Taylor an asshole on Twitter is not the same as someone saying “I call upon the polity to brand Dr. Taylor officially an asshole.” Shut the fuck up about lynch mobs already.

    1. The reaction has been well known for quite some time. Every techwriter in the world is aware of donglegate.

      This woman is a popular writer with a large twitter following. And has participated in the “feminist-twitter-callouts- which-resolve-in-someone-getting-fired” a few times. She knew exactly what she was doing. She sent out the inflamatory tweet after she wasn’t getting much response from her first one, then deleted it when the anger started flowing like she wanted. Self-promotion for the win.

      Unfortunately, the anger must not have been up to par, cause I’ve only seen the same 6 tweets reposted in the “women aren’t allowed to give mild criticsm” articles that all came out the next day. None were death threats, though most of the articles claim they were. Even some that have the tweets listed as well. What kind of audience do you have if you can blatantly lie in an article while providing evidence of said lie, then get reposted all over the web?


      As usual when russia isn’t involved, RT has the best writeup.

  29. Off-duty Chicago cop opened fire on officer who stopped him for drunken driving

    off-duty Chicago police officer is accused of firing multiple gunshots at another officer who tried to pull him over on suspicion of drunken driving.

    The 52-year-old officer, whose name was not released, was driving his personal vehicle about 4 p.m. Sunday with another off-duty Chicago cop in the passenger seat when they were stopped by Merrionette Park police.

    The Merrionette Park officer ordered the driver out of the car, saying he had been driving erratically, but the Chicago cop drove away.

    The suburban officer called 911 and followed the vehicle until it stopped at an intersection near the Morgan Park District police station ? where the off-duty officer was assigned.

    The off-duty officer got out of his vehicle with a gun in his hand and approached the Merrionette Park officer, police said.

    The Merrionette Park officer ducked and drove off as the off-duty officer fired about five shots at the police cruiser, investigators said.

    The off-duty officer was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, and he likely will face additional charges.

    The officer’s arrest powers were stripped while the investigation is under way.

  30. Rand Paul. Fuck you in the ass.

    I voted and caucused for your dad.

    But you are a war mongering piece of shit.

    Go die in a fire.

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