Obama to Announce Immigration Actions, Gay Marriage Comes to South Carolina, DOJ Rakes in Bank Bucks: P.M. Links


  • They're rushing to catch the speech on TV.
    jonathan mcintosh / photo on flickr

    President Barack Obama will be announcing executive actions on immigration tonight Thursday night during primetime. But there's a new episode of Arrow Scandal!

  • A planned sitcom starring Bill Cosby has been canceled by NBC in the wake of sexual assault allegations against the comedian.
  • The first marriage licenses to gay couples in South Carolina were handed out today, even as the state's attorney general fights a federal ruling striking its ban down.
  • Five students in Thailand have been detained for reportedly using the three-fingered salute invented by the rebels in The Hunger Games in front of the country's prime minister.
  • Speaking of The Hunger Games: Snow has killed six folks in New York State.
  • The Department of Justice announced it has collected a record $24 billion in penalties for fiscal year 2014, three times the amount they gathered last year, thanks to some big bank payouts.

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