Brickbat: Polish Concentration Camp


Police in Poland fined a Jewish group touring the Auschwitz  concentration camp $350 for singing "Ani Maamin." The song, authored by a rabbi in a cattle car on the way to a concentration camp, was adopted by Jewish prisoners in those camps during War War II and is known as the Hymn of the Camps.

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  1. Know who else fined… Oh fuck it. The jokes are too obvious for this one.

    1. No, no. Go on.

      1. …know who else reprimanded Jews in Poland?

  2. The Poles were not exactly nice to Jews either.They had pogroms there,as well as other parts of Europe,including Russia.Elders of Zion anyone?

  3. War War II

    Today’s gonna be a good day.

    1. You didn’t even have to use your AK?

      1. +1 breakfast with no hog

  4. Would it help to bring back Polish jokes?

    Honestly, this is full of fail.

  5. In the comments is this official response:

    Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz
    The whole situation was a problem of far too loud and inappropriate behaviour at the Memorial of the group. That become a problem for guides and other visitors who were on the site at that moment. Other visitors were disrupted even in such a sensitve place as the building of the crematorium at Auschwitz I. The group blocked it and did not let in any other visitors. Only after they security intevened, they reacted.

    When the group was asked to quiet down on the site of former Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp, as they were not only singing very loud, but also running around the site, there was no response. Numerous requests of the security were left with no reaction. The leader of the group refused to give his name and produce documents. That is why the police was called. He was asked for documents. He told the police he had any. And the documents were found on him. The police gave him a ticket for disrupting public order and refusal to cooperate with the police. No one was arrested.

    1. All situation that had nothing to do with the songs that were sung and the origin of the group. There are many groups visiting the site and singing in the way that is respectful to other people who visit the Memorial. There are different ways of commemoration but none of them can disrupt other people visit. Such bad behaviour arrouses many critical comments from other visitors. Yet, we should emphasise that great majority of visitors, including numerous groups coming from Israel, know very well what are right and appropriate ways of behaviour at the Memorial Site.

      Thole situation is recorded and has been analysed. The reaction of the Museum Security was correct in this particual [sic] situation.

      1. I don’t know if the museum security acted properly – of course, the Polish state has a really solemn responsibility to maintain the proper atmosphere at this site, whether they went too far this time I don’t know.

        1. But they ought to leave some room for some loudness by people reflecting on/mourning what happened there.

      2. I’ve been there. It was a long time ago (summer 1992) and it was at the time only sparsely attended.

        I spoke to as many locals as a could (English was not widely spoken, particularly in that corner of the country which is basically out in the hinterlands away from urban centers) and the general attitude about the camp was extremely negative. Many wanted to demolish it forever; most felt that it was an unpleasant reminder of a part of history in which Poles were themselves victimized – and then suffered for decades under Communism – yet now they are the unwilling home of “The Holocaust” for the remainder of time.

        Another thing about the ‘museum’ camp – its *tiny*.

        The whole facility used to be 2 separate camps = the ‘original’ Auschwitz, then Auschwitz/Birkenau which was down the train tracks a bit. The latter was 30X larger – an enormous industrial complex which was demolished and is just empty fields and rubble now.

        The former is more like a tiny liberal-arts college; 16 or so small brick buildings surrounded by walls. If a group were running around wailing in that enclosed space, i can see the guards telling them to shut up and be more quietly-miserable like everyone else.

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