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Cops Called Because Kids Brought Confetti Guns on School Bus


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A bus driver in Flagler County, Florida called the cops on two students who brought a very colorful, non-dangerous kind of toy gun onto the bus: a confetti gun.

This kind of weaponry delivers a payload of brightly colored paper and makes a pleasant popping sound when fired.

Administrators at Buddy Taylor Middle School praised the driver for calling the cops when he heard the noise—which he immediately recognized as not belonging to a real gun—because it's always better to be safe than sorry. According to

Once he heard the pop, even though it may be wasn't exactly the sound of a gun he just wanted to be precautionary and so he called for backup," Townsend said. "He did the right thing."

Flagler County deputies quickly established there was no threat on the bus and the students from Buddy Taylor Middle School continued on the route to the school. Fox 35 showed parents a picture of the party favor, which the district considers a toy gun.

It's not clear whether the kids received any formal punishment, but the district believes it would be well within its rights to punish them, since real weapons, look-alike weapons, and even imaginary weapons are all strictly prohibited under the insanity of zero tolerance.

At least the kids never got a chance to shoot up the school—with merriment.

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  1. Reason #227 to home school.

  2. If the school administrators were truly serious about zero tolerance, they would ban construction paper, which is easily convertible to confetti, aka *ammunition*.

  3. And schools that have such irrational policies, and enforce them with no subtlety or thought whatsoever, have the nerve to be surprised wham they get sued, and lose.

    Is it a requirement for public school employment that all applicants get a lobotomy, is is that just how things work out?

    1. Well it is a covered benefit in their union plan, so why NOT use it?

  4. when I was in grade school we played with cap guns at recess.I even bought one at a school fund raiser

    1. Ah, yes. And hammering a whole roll on the sidewalk!

      1. ever set a box of them on fire ,cool?We also had fire crackers and smoke bombs and wrist sling shots to shoot them in the air,good times

        1. My father despised few people more than the nannies would outlawed fireworks in so many States. Y’see, he was the adopted son of a Menthodist Minister, so running around setting off firecrackers was something he wasn’t allowed to do because “it wouldn’t look right” (his mother was hyper-worried about appearances. His father probably didn’t care all that much, but went along with it to keep peace in the house). So, he waits patiently until he is out of his Father’s house ? and in the meantime the ninnies have passed laws against it.

          My Father was a professor of the history of science and technology AND had worked on the Manhattan Project during the war. The idea that he was not allowed to buy and set off black powers fireworks because some absolute idiot might win a Darwin award infuriated him.

  5. You know who else called for backup forces when the Confetterates fired shots?

    1. Rip Taylor?

      1. +9 Hollywood Squares

      2. Confetti guns are now banned under “Rip’s Law.” If it saves just one child from having to clean confetti out of his hair it’s worth it.

  6. This bus driver deserves a shiny Clover trophy.

    1. Right after a public flogging.

  7. “. . .and even imaginary weapons are all strictly prohibited under the insanity of zero tolerance.”

    Imaginary weapon? Are they mind readers now?

    1. *** points finger at RCY ***

      Pew! Pew!

      1. I advise caution with your irresponsible utterance of pew pew, sir.

        1. I accept full responsibility for the utterance.

    2. Imaginary weapon? Are they mind readers now?

      These are not the imaginary weapons you’re looking for.

    3. The imagination is dangerous! Thank Zod, we have public schools to control it!

    4. They even have names for it.

      “Level two lookalike firearm”:…..ger-video/

  8. Jeff Tiedrich @jefftiedrich ? 19h 19 hours ago

    If you are against #NetNeutrality you are literally saying “please charge me more money for crappier service.” Why would you want this?

    Reason #1,241,839,310,494 to homeschool

  9. real weapons, look-alike weapons, and even imaginary weapons are all strictly prohibited

    Given the fact that the kids still brought a toy gun onto the bus, I would have to guess that the school has failed at teaching kids the no guns policy just as miserably as they fail at teaching anything else. Are any teachers or administrators being investigated as to why they’ve done such a shitty job of teaching these kids even so much as one simple rule?

  10. Did the cops help the bus driver and kids clean all that shit up?

    1. Number one damn reason I quit buying those huge confetti cannons. Seriously fucks up a yard.

  11. I love it “imaginary weapons are prohibited” We always knew that the schools were trying to regulate all things including imagination which of course leads to independent thinking people which we can’t have in our Orwellian society

    1. Why do you want the terrorists to win?

      1. He must hate the children too, Vulgar Madman, as he wants them to have imaginations and think independently.

        Just think of all those children using their minds freely, without any regulation whatsoever.

        An unregulated mind is a terrible thing.

        1. A mind is a terrible thing!

      1. “Amen!” to: “independent thinking people which we can’t have in our Orwellian society.” Sorry for any confusion.

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  13. I know someone who got suspended from school for firing one of these in the hallway – not even gun shaped, just pull the string. Getting the cops involved is crazy, but lets be real, you really shouldn’t be allowed to do that on a bus.

    1. Well, the story here is about … getting the cops involved. Quit trying to excuse or minimize the stupidity and here.

      1. Except the at the end where it talks about the school district, and how they should be punished.

  14. While individual insanity is relatively rare, mass insanity is quite common. The inmates have taken over the asylum ?. and more.

  15. I like to call these GD illiterates the “American Taliban” because they would like nothing better than to shove their conservative BS morality down the throats of those who dare not agree with them. Their leaders are people like Larry Craig (a gay republican congressman with a felony conviction), and Mark Foley (a man who for years was molesting young male pages who worked in the halls of congress, while all other members of congress knew about it!). Mark Foley is the reason we have the “sex crimes registry,” so why isn’t he on it? He was never even charged with a crime, and never spent a single day in jail. These are the people who are now running this country. It’s only going to get worse from here.

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