Zero Tolerance

Cops Called Because Kids Brought Confetti Guns on School Bus


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A bus driver in Flagler County, Florida called the cops on two students who brought a very colorful, non-dangerous kind of toy gun onto the bus: a confetti gun.

This kind of weaponry delivers a payload of brightly colored paper and makes a pleasant popping sound when fired.

Administrators at Buddy Taylor Middle School praised the driver for calling the cops when he heard the noise—which he immediately recognized as not belonging to a real gun—because it's always better to be safe than sorry. According to

Once he heard the pop, even though it may be wasn't exactly the sound of a gun he just wanted to be precautionary and so he called for backup," Townsend said. "He did the right thing."

Flagler County deputies quickly established there was no threat on the bus and the students from Buddy Taylor Middle School continued on the route to the school. Fox 35 showed parents a picture of the party favor, which the district considers a toy gun.

It's not clear whether the kids received any formal punishment, but the district believes it would be well within its rights to punish them, since real weapons, look-alike weapons, and even imaginary weapons are all strictly prohibited under the insanity of zero tolerance.

At least the kids never got a chance to shoot up the school—with merriment.