University Will Educate Students About Cultural Appropriation After They Hosted a Fiesta-Themed Galactic Bowling Party


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Some students at the University of Minnesota threw a fiesta-themed galactic bowling party. If you've never had the pleasure, galactic bowling is tons of fun: They darken the lanes, turn on strobe lights, and play loud music. U of M's party, in keeping with the fiesta theme, featured some students dressed up in sombreros and ponchos. Presumably tacos were consumed. It sounds like a fun evening, all things considered.

In response, University Vice Provost and Dean of Students Danita Brown Young issued a strong condemnation of the party and promised that the students involved would be "educated" about cultural appropriation and stereotypes. She also apologized on behalf of the entire campus community, according to Campus Reform:

"I want to especially extend an apology to members of our Chicana/o and Latina/o communities. We can do better," the email says. "We must do better."

"We" can probably do better by not getting all upset about innocuous and inoffensive theme parties that were only vaguely related to a specific culture and actually upset no one. "We" can certainly do better by not punishing students for throwing theme parties, even if the theme actually is offensive. "We" can keep in mind that "we" are an administrator at a public university that is bound to follow the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gives students the absolute right to wear whatever they want at their own parties.

And by "we," I mean Danita Brown Young.

As Alexzandra Enger, a U of M student, told Campus Reform:

"As long as they are doing it in a fun manner, and not doing it to mock a culture or ethnicity, I don't really see what the issue is," Enger said.

There isn't an issue in either case. Unless the university wants to make it an issue—a free speech issue—administrators should stand down.

Unfortunately, it seems like Brown thinks that her job is to police her students' lack of cultural sensitivity. She reminds students not to wear ethnically insulting Halloween costumes year after year.

I reached out to Brown to ask what sort of education she had in mind for the students involved in fiesta galactic bowling. If she responds, I'll post an update.

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  1. Hopefully they did the bowling night on Cinco de Quatro.

    1. I’d have done it on the 16th of September and confused the fuck out of everyone.

  2. “Cultrual Appropriation” is bullshit. Diffusion of ideas and components is a natural process that all cultures go through, especially where they come into contact with other cultures. There is nothing innately offensive about dressing up in peasant garb and having a party.

    1. It’s a beautiful system we have in this country. It’s racist to exchange ideas of life and culture with minorities while at the same time racist to exclude them from your life and culture.

    2. It’s offensive if not approved in advance by persons of superior moral quality, who are skilled in assessing the damage caused by public misrepresentations of cultural groups. They have training classes in sensitivity and seminars and conferences about it. They’re better than we are in so many ways.

    3. Complete stasis seems to be the unadmitted objective of prog/SJW social policy. No “culture” can ever change or be assimilated into another. There can be no diffusion of ideas and components.

      It’s really funny when you think about how “conservative” (in the dictionary sense) progs actually are. They hate change.

      1. They’re objective is control. It took them over a century to realize that its impossible to control something that’s always changing.

      2. I’ve often remarked on that myself. People like this dean and many environmentalists are really insanely reactionary conservatives.

        It’s funny that they still want to call themselves Progressives. At least the original Progressives had a plan (horrible and evil as it was) to transform humanity. And didn’t pretend to care about the environment or indigenous cultures. Today all they seem to care about is keeping poor people poor and making the US more like Europe, but not in the good ways.

        1. making the US more like Europe, but not in the good ways.

          There really aren’t any “good ways.”

          We usually avoid doing the outright stupid and/or evil shit Eurotrash are want to do, while doing everything “good” they do (like food, booze, art, fashion, culture, whatever) vastly better than they do. Some of them are marginally freer in business/finance regulations.

          For us to become like Europe would be a huge step backwards in all respects.

          1. That’s what I was saying. Didn’t realize I had to spell it all out.

          2. The problem with Europe isn’t that there aren’t plenty of good things about it, it’s that those good things are bought at too high a price.

            For example, public transportation is really nice to have… for the fraction of the population for whom it is useful; not so much for the others who get screwed over paying for it.

            Another problem with comparisons with Europe is that for almost any measure or policy, you’ll find some European nation that does better on that particular measure than the US. Progressives who want us to be “more like” Europe imagine that we get the Finnish secondary schools, German fiscal responsbility, French social system, British universities, Swiss privacy, and Irish growth rates.

            In addition, people are usually vastly mistaken about how Europe actually operates. It’s not the left wing nirvana people imagine it to be: large parts of it are ruled by Christian parties holding views more right wing radical than many American socons.

    4. Cultural appropriation is how every culture ever came to be. It is utterly idiotic to act like it is a bad thing.

      Anyway, the greatest “victim” of cultural appropriation has to be the USA. How come no one complains about how all of the rest of the world is appropriating so much of our culture and instead blames it all on Americans?

      1. Cultural appropriation is how every culture ever came to be.


        Indonesian, Thai, Szechuan, and Indian Vindaloo cuisines are famous for their picante spiciness. That’s only because the Southeast Asians appropriated the chili pepper from native American cuisines. The chili is not indigenous to Asia. Ditto the potato and Irish cuisine.

        Cultural appropriation is utter bullshit, and it should be ridiculed at every opportunity.

        1. All the best vegetables are from the New World.

    5. I, for one, am grievously offended when I see all those Sassanachs appropriating my cultural traditions by getting sloppy drunk and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.

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    1. I caught her show – what she did with the weasel was incredible.

      Double points for going tail-first, I think.

  4. Social Justice Warriors are truly joyless fucks.

    Which Latin community should they apologize to? Mexicans? Bolovians? Surely they don’t mean ALL of them since Sombrero’s and Ponchos come from different regions and cultures. It would be really racist and insensitive of the university to not recognize the difference.

    1. Bolovian… well fuck, I guess I’m the racist now. Can’t even type.

      1. Duh. Everyone knows its “Boloviators”, not “Bolovians”.

  5. I don’t think I wanna live in this country anymore. But where the fuck would I go that isn’t worse?

    1. Antarctica?

      1. Great STNG reference! About as obscure as you can get and still have a chance someone will notice!

    2. That’s the million-dollar question.

      My folks have this dream of moving to Costa Rica, but I think it’s based more on being comfortable in their retirement than anything to do with liberty or the pursuit thereof.

      Libertopia only exists in your head, friend.

      1. Curse me for being born too early to homestead Mars!

        1. ^^THIS^^

      2. The “liberty” advantage of places like Costa Rica, Panama, etc. is two-fold:

        They do not have, and cannot afford, the fabulously huge, complex, and intrusive regulatory machine that we have.

        Minor infractions or differences of opinion can be resolved on the spot with cash. If I’m going to get pulled over for speeding, I’d rather give the cop a $20 than pay a $200 fine, take a class, and have my insurance rates go up.

        1. Of course, being if you are a gringo you will likely face “infractions” made up on the spot.

          People who honestly believe living in Latin America is an improvement on the US usually haven’t actually lived there, and if they have (like Hyperion), they’ve managed to stay in the safe touristy areas. Race and class hate and the attendant violent criminality those inspire are only just simmering under the surface in most areas. If you have clean clothes, look white, speak Spanish with an accent, and have a car (no matter how old or basic) you’ll be a target in a lot of areas, for cops and criminals.

          Every single Latin American country, regardless of whatever their Constitutions or federal codes say is only one popular wave election away from being another Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, or Argentina.

          And property rights as Americans would recognize them, forget about that. Forget owning guns. If you do manage to get a gun, and use one to defend yourself from a local, be prepared to witness Latin American justice.

          I really like visiting Latin America and despite my criticism, genuinely like the people and cultures, but living there? Fuck. That.

    3. There might be something in that Sombrero galaxy. As a bonus, it’s in the constellation Virgo.

      1. Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.

        1. In fact, it’s cold as hell.

      2. Then you have to deal with Green vs Red politics.

      3. Then you have to deal with Green vs Red politics.

    4. …where the fuck would I go that isn’t worse?

      I was thinking about this the other night. Even if libertopia (or anarchotopia) were established somewhere in the world, they would have to come and destroy it.

      1. Of course they’d come and destroy it–because Libertarianism has, for some weird reason, accepted that borders must be left open so that invading populations are more easily able to dismantle such brave experiments as Libertopia and/or anarchotopia so that people never get to really see that liberty works better than topmanism.

        Gramsci fucked the LP good and hard.

    5. Seasteading.

  6. Chicana/o, Latina/o?

    A/O, Aaaa/O!

    Daylight come and we wanna go home!

    Isn’t this racist?

    1. This is the correct way to celebrate different cultures.

  7. “If she responds, I’ll post an update.”
    If there’s an update, I’ll let an ugly woman peg me.

    1. I have a friend who would probably help you out with that.

    2. The Dean in question fits that bill – it would be a two-fer!

  8. Here’s a question for Dean Young:

    What’s the difference between “cultural appropriation” and “celebration of diversity”?

    If a Fiesta-Themed Galactic Bowling Party isn’t just about the most diverse frickin’ theme party you can throw, then what is?

    1. It’s whenever white people, especially white males do anything. Because of all the privilege. He doesn’t owe you an explanation, he’s an academic!

      1. He doesn’t owe you an explanation, he’s an academic!

        Pretty sure this bitch is a chick. Dean Martin was at Grand Lakes University.

        1. And in a lot of Westerns. And played a mean guitar and could sing a little.

          1. And drunk as hell.

      2. I’m pretty sure its a she. You can tell because of the two last names, which,when I was a kid, was like a bitch early warning alarm.

        1. You can tell because of the two last names

          Can you, really?

          1. My boss married a Mexican guy. She kept her own last name, but added his. e.g., “Smith-Juarez”. What cracked me up was, after she had a son, if her son follows Mexican tradition, he will be “Juarez-Smith”.

          2. In European cultures, double last names are usually used when a woman marries and wants to keep her maiden name because it’s famous. That has a long tradition, In some cultures, the habit has become an affectation so that even ordinary maternal names are kept.

            The fact that some people choose to use double names for other purposes and that double names have other functions in other cultures doesn’t change that fact.

            So, show some cultural sensitivity and understanding.

        2. Seriously just burst out laughing at this.

        3. It’s definitely an SJW feminist early warning system, and while all SJW feminists are bitches, not all bitches are SJW feminists.

        4. Only one name can be last.

          I don’t know if that is fair to people whose parents burden them with hyphenated names. Or Elizabeth Nolan Brown. She’s alright.

        5. Winston Churchill’s father once put down a Parliamentary rival with the observation that mediocrity was so often attached to a double dowered name.

    2. “Cultural appropriation” is when white men put on ponchos and sombreros.

      “Celebration of diversity” is when white men are excoriated for privilege and colonialism by people in ponchos and sombreros.

      1. Damn, you Catatafish! *shakes fist*

        1. *waves flipper*

    3. “Cultural appropriation” is what happens when white people throw themed parties that are meant to be fun.

      “Celebration of Diversity” are exercises of self flagellation interspersed with periods of smug back patting and congratulating themselves for being so tolerant and open minded, not like those EVUL TEAHADISTS.

    4. She’s just pissed she wasn’t invited just because she’s a bitch.

  9. I’m sure that none of the bowlers had even a drop of Latin blood and thus it was impossible they were representing and sharing their own culture with others.

    I know this because the anti-Latino forcefield that Jesse Ventura had installed around the state is still functional.

    1. Quiet! Us local Minnesodans still like to drive down to the Iowa border on a nice summer night and watch the illegal immigrants explode in a blue flash (ala a bug zapper) when they hit the forcefield.

  10. I reached out to Brown to ask what sort of education she had in mind for the students involved in fiesta galactic bowling. If she responds, I’ll post an update.

    The best kind: re-education, of course. You see, all whites are deep down racists, but many don’t realize that’s what they are because they’ve grown up in a culture of white priveledge. They must be re-educated for their own good to recognize what vile, disgusting creatures they truly are. Only when properly filled with self loathing will they be ready to become good little progressives.


  11. How about a WASP themed wine and cheese party with Glenn Miller music in the background?

    1. Ugh.

      Though I’m not technically A WASP. I’m more of a White Irish-Saxon Protestant… WISP?

      1. A dean of students themed party where everyone dresses as a humorless scold with a stick up their butt. Carrot juice and tofu will be served.

        1. I’ve attended enough of those already, thank you.

          1. Be glad your school is private, not public.

    2. While not sounding wildly entertaining as described, I could see doing a modestly entertaining. The guys could all wear bowlers and the women could all wear oversized hats. You could serve Fuller’s and tea-based cocktails.

      The funnest part would be watching the dean decide if it was “cultural appropriation” or a “subversion to undermine privilege”.

  12. Dean Young must stew in an inordinate rage every time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

    1. I doubt it. The Irish are white folks, after all. She probably tells them “check your privilege”. And they look at each other and ask “is this bitch talking to us?”

  13. “We must do better.”

    This idiot should get off her fainting couch and check out any soccer match featuring the Mexican national team. Sombreros and ponchos everywhere.

    /”But it’s only OK if they do it.”

    1. That has nothing to do with it, though. Remember that SJWs get off on making sure people know just how social justice-y they are, which is why they make big deals of shit like this. They’re way less concerned with actually doing anything and way more concerned with making sure everyone sees how wonderfully progressive they are. Getting people they don’t like to knuckle under is the other large portion of what they get off on.

      1. Yeah, it wouldn’t change her mind at all. Probably just make her double down on the stupid.

    1. If like could only learn from like, Dr. Young, I wouldn’t have even been educated past kindergarten.

      And that kid from Finding Forrester wouldn’t be the man now, dog!

  14. ay carumba

  15. Presumably tacos were consumed.

    And who doesn’t love tacos?

    *Waits for deep taco discussion to begin*

    1. Personal preference is for soft-shell tacos, because the hard shells tend to crack at the bend and dump their contents all over my hands and/or shirt.

      1. If I am away from home, I go soft. But at home where I am not afraid to make a mess I go hard.

        1. Yeah, I BET you do.

    2. Corn tortillas, or flour tortillas?


      1. Corn

      2. Flour, with lots-o-shrimp inside.

      3. Neither!

        /paleo dieters

      4. Flour with egg, chorizo, peppers, onions and jack cheese.

    3. I hope they had tequila and margaritas.

    4. So the joke goes, if god didn’t want us to eat pussy he wouldn’t have made it look so much like a taco.

      My corollary, you have to eat a lot of ’em to actually find one you regret eating.

  16. “Go to college” is to education what “put stuff in your mouth” is to nutrition.

    …Twittermeister Iowahawk

    1. Speaking of Iowahawk and Latino cultural approbation, check this out:


  17. I want to especially extend an apology to members of our Chicana/o and Latina/o communities.

    I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry America has been shanghaied* by a bunch of thin skinned humorless twats.

    *SIUYA, honey

    1. Do they know Latin was spoken in Rome, as in Italy?

  18. Dean of Students Danita Brown Young issued a strong condemnation of the party and promised that the students involved would be “educated” about cultural appropriation and stereotypes.


  19. When everything is an outrage, nothing is an outrage.

  20. Isn’t the University of Minnesota built on Sioux land appropriated through violent conflict? How does the Vice Provost look in the mirror each morning? Shouldn’t she quit in protest?

  21. So are white kids only allowed to have hootenannies, box socials, and hoedowns?

    1. I’m sure if some white kids tried to have a hootenanny, they would get into just as much trouble. Celebrating white culture is ALSO insensitive.

      1. Woah I don’t want any backwoods hillbilly music being labelled “white culture” I thought we listened to metal.

        I can’t keep up with all this racial stuff. How does academia do it?

        1. Don’t you know that white culture is monolithic? The very idea that there are hundreds of separate cultures within the brotherhood of people with non-kinky hair (cause that’s the real defining line, not pigmentation) is unpossible!

          1. non-kinky hair (cause that’s the real defining line, not pigmentation)

            Interesting theory. Not sure if I am entirely convinced. Don’t a lot of American Indians and Central Asians have straight hair?

            1. Indeed they do, so therefore NOT black. And as I learned while attending an inner city school, any one who is not black is white, unless their last name is Spanish sounding, then they are Hispanic, unless they have kinky hair then despite the Spanish sounding name they are black. See, obvious.

              1. Ah, I missed the “not black = white” part. Now it makes sense
                God, people are fucking stupid.

              2. But there’s a helluvalotta Welsh people with seriously kinky hair. And I don’t know if it’s possible to get much whiter than welsh

                1. Welsh hair is super curly not kinky. There is a difference.

    2. Hoedowns are racially insensitive, because every time someone says “Hoedown!” the black men think their woman been shot.

  22. Ixnay on the fried chicken.

    1. That’s okay. We’re calling it tempura.

      /waits for SJW lynch mob

      Wait, did I just say lynch mob?

      /waits for double secret SJW LM

  23. “We must do better.”

    Yeah, next time, Bohemia instead of Corona.

  24. She reminds students not to wear ethnically insulting Halloween costumes year after year.

    I’d be powerfully tempted to throw a Halloween party where you had to wear one of the verboten costumes to get in.

  25. Oh, sure. But Mexicans playing accordions is kosher? Oy vey!

    1. See, you don’t get it. All of the cultural appropriation that led to the formation of every culture that exists in the world today is OK. But now the world must be kept in stasis so that rich, white liberals can use it as their museum.

      1. Well they also don’t believe the climate should ever change from this time period, or that evolution should continue by allowing certain animals to go extinct.

        Wow they really are extremely conservative in a lot of ways.

        1. Even when it’s obvious (like pandas) that the animals WANT to be extinct.

          Panda Female: I don’t care if you’re the last male on the planet, I’m not fucking you.

          Panda Male: I AM the last male on the planet.

          Panda Female: Still not happening.

  26. The only proper response to these people is for the entire university “latino community” should dress up as hasidic jews and hold a Luau, complete with fire-spinning, limbo and hula dancers

    Similarly, all the campus lesbians should dress up like Vikings on Chinese new year and have a mass square-dance to mark the occasion

    There should be zero-tolerance for zero-tolerance; everyone should offend each other as much as possible until ‘being offended’ ceases to matter.

    1. Lesbian Vikings? Get out of my head!

      1. Now thats all I can think about.

      2. Bisexual Samurai would round out that intolerant orgy of multicultural lash-back quite nicely.

        1. I just lost my erection.

        2. Since Samurai actually were frequently bisexual and that was generally tolerated, I’m not sure what you think that would accomplish.

          Concern over homosexual tendencies among warriors seems to be historically a fairly recent phenomenon.

  27. So OSU should turn down the invitation to the “Fiesta” Bowl ’cause racism?

    1. Yes, using any word from the language of one of the biggest European colonial powers ever is racist. Obviously.

  28. So OSU should turn down the invitation to the “Fiesta” Bowl ’cause racism?

    1. No they should turn it down so it can go to a worthy conference champion, like Marshall.

  29. So, according to Braindead Danita white women can’t wear this during a fuck without being racist between the sheets.

    Danita should come to one my fiestas if she really wants to be horrified.

    1. “Hey, baby, I’m not in the Klan but I *am* a wizard under the sheets!”

  30. There’s a Mexican guy in a sombrero, etc. who stands near a Mexican restaurant to advertise it.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he *enjoys* it.

    “You burned the tortillas again – you know what that means!”

    “No, boss, not the sombrero!”

    “Yes, the sombrero!”


      Or was it only my elementary school where that was shown over and over?

  31. So is it “cultural appropriation” when people of non-German descent go to an Oktoberfest? Or when non-Irish drink on St.Patrick’s day?

    Can someone who isn’t Scandinavian listen to Metal?

    And why are we still allowed to refer to a certain brand of cheap tape as “scotch tape” thats a stereotype.

    1. Or Highland Games.

      A lot of Scandanavian Metal acts sing in English. I think they are the evil cultural appropriators.

      As for Scotch tape, have you ever met any older Scottish people?

      1. “As for Scotch tape, have you ever met any older Scottish people?”

        Hey I didn’t say the stereotype wasn’t true (or even a negative) I just said it was a stereotype.

        I met a guy that was half Irish half Scottish, the Irish side of him wanted a drink, but the Scottish side wanted him to get someone else to pay for it.

    2. Scandinavia didn’t invent metal.

    3. More importantly, is it cultural appropriation when American progressives appropriate German neo-Marxist theories, like Danita is doing?

  32. It’s racist to be tolerant of and embrace/enjoy other cultures.

  33. Remind me to wear a stovepipe hat with a chimney damper to Harvard’s next sensitivity training meeting .

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