Keystone XL

House to Vote on Keystone XL Pipeline


Many Oklahomans have been anxiously awaiting it, and now the first step in completing the Keystone XL Pipeline could be made Thursday.

The line begins in Canada and runs through Oklahoma, ending in Texas. The U.S. House has a vote set for Thursday and if it passes it will head to the Senate.

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3 responses to “House to Vote on Keystone XL Pipeline

  1. It is funny because they think that the Emperor will allow this to pass. Even if he signs it he will regulate and tax it out of existance. Everybody knows that the keystone pipeline is bad for Buffett, so our president won’t approve anything that hurts one of his favorite yesmen.

    1. Maybe Rome was really on to something; senators assassinating an out of control emperor. Jus’ sayin’

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