U.S. and China Cut a Deal on Carbon Emissions, Gruber Backpedals, Kim Kardashian's Naked Ass Challenges You to a Staring Contest: A.M. Links


  • Leia

    U.S. and Chinese diplomats reached an agreement on curbing their respective countries' carbon emissions.

  • Jonathan Gruber—the MIT professor and Obamacare supporter who thanked the stupidity of the American voter and lack of transparency in D.C. for creating the environment that allowed the Affordable Care Act to pass—is unsurprisingly trying to walk back those comments.
  • The FCC is not on board with President Obama's Net Neutrality push.
  • New York City metro fares could increase.
  • Here is the best Hollaback! catcalling parody video yet: Princess Leia walks the streets of NYC.
  • Paper magazine attempted to "break the internet" by publishing the results of a photo shoot that feature Kim Kardashian's naked butt on display for all to see. The picture is probably photoshopped, but you're not still reading these words, are you?

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