Judge Strikes Down South Carolina Same Sex Marriage Ban


U.S. District Court judge hasstruck down South Carolina's same-sex marriage ban, saying it's unconstitutional.

Judge Richard Gergel issued his ruling Wednesday in a case brought by two women who tried to get a marriage license in Charleston, S.C.

Marriage licenses can't be immediately handed out as Gergel issued a stay on his order until Nov. 20.

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  1. May 3 males create a marriage?

    Can one male marry his son?

    Perhaps a mother can marry her two daughters?

    May 3, but not 4, pre-op transgender folks marry?

    If not, why not?

    1. why complain it would be you rchance to finally be legitamate

    2. I do not see your problem with this. Why shouldn’t three adult males be allowed to enter into a legal contract together?

      So should 3, 4, or more adults, of any biological or chosen be free to enter into contractual agreements with eachother that may or may not include sexual activity. What the hell should we care?

      Now, if your issue is with the tax incentives, then TALK ABOUT THAT.

      Now, the family marriage options are odd, and not relevant, because those would be covered under either Incest laws or Inherritance/Gift taxes.

  2. So when is Lindsey Graham getting hitched?

  3. As a lawyer I see same sex marriages as a boon to business. Many more divorces. One should really consider for what one wishes.

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