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A Spanish court has ordered a man, who wasn't named by local media, to continue paying child support to his 29-year-old daughter. The court ruled he must continue paying child support until she completes her studies, which is expected to take two more years.

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  1. The judge also noted the young woman was not entitled to any unemployment benefits.

    Apparently she is, just not from the state. One wonders if a son would have gotten the same ruling. Guerra contra los hombres!

    1. Hey, FoE, I won’t be around for morning links, so please do me a solid for throwing in this gem:…..val-at-unc

      If you don’t, you’re a racist.

      1. If you want ‘First’ billing it’ll cost you bitcoin…

      2. So if I’m a racist I shouldn’t post it?

      3. “Due to racist prerequisites, some students of color or low socioeconomic status are excluded from pursuing certain majors. In eight semesters, it is nearly impossible to graduate with a bachelors of science in a STEM field if you must first complete a course in “College Algebra.””

        This is perhaps the most retarded statement I’ve ever read. It’s in the Beyond Mount Rushmore it’s so retarded.

        1. Well, if they need Algebra and we let them skip it then they’ll fail out of the major in only 2-3 years. That’s better than forcing them to take Algebra and giving them a chance at actually graduating. Because derp.

          1. Not knowing the context, I wonder if it’s just a complaint about a particular college’s niggling requirement to take a certain algebra course when the student may already be proficient in the algebra needed for those science majors.

            1. “Niggling”? Ahem.

        2. “Pie are *round*! *Cornbread* are square!”

          1. *cornbread* R RAAAAAAAAAAACIST

            1. And we closer to Idiocracy every day. Soon, degreed engineers with no match skills will be designing the aircraft you ride in.

              1. Soon, degreed engineers with no match skills will be designing the aircraft you ridedie in.


                1. Thanks! Should have fixed my poor match/math spelling skills as well – good think I don’t design aircraft anymore.

                  1. “good think”
                    I want to believe that’s intentional.

        3. it is nearly impossible to graduate with a bachelors of science in a STEM field if you must first complete a course in “College Algebra.

          So your saying there’s a chance

        4. Or UNC could drop the required classes that are utter bullshit like “Intro to World Musics”, “Standard Drama Theory and Criticism”, “Intro to Western Drama”, “Making Sense of Ourselves (a philosophy course)”. These are actual courses on my transcript from UNC
          Leave those out and there is plenty of time for someone to start from Algebra and go on to complete Organic Chemistry. My recommendation for a student dead set upon doing 4 year college is to take the intro courses at a community college. It’s easier to learn and the professors usually care about helping if you ask.

          1. Those are required?

            1. Those specific courses are not, but categories such as fine arts, philosophy, cultural diversity are

              1. It seemed like most students disliked the extra requirements especially when it meant being funneled into hokey shit.

              2. Sorry what I mean is those specific courses were not required, but they were part of fields of study that were required like fine arts, philosophy, and cultural diversity which were required. Everyone has to take these extra diversity courses to graduate from UNC

          2. Fellow UNC Alumnus. Having attended top schools like UNC, Duke and Emory, I couldn’t agree more. Intro level courses are much better at lower level colleges. I struggled with chemistry at UNC – my German professor and Chinese TA were very difficult to understand because of the language barrier, and they had little ability to bring things down to a first year student’s level. After taking the course again during summer school at UNC-G I breezed through the rest of Chemistry and into grad school, largely because of the solid foundation laid by a teaching-based professor rather than a research-focused professor.

            Contrary to the article-writer’s opinion, I always advise against placing out of intro courses. I entered UNC with the notion that you should get as much AP credit as you can and place out of as many courses as you can. I started with 32 hours of credits on my transcript. All that did was assure that I was woefully behind when I started out in Math 33 and Biology 52.

            1. Nice to see another alum.

              I changed careers a few years ago and took Chem 1 through Organic Chem at a community college in St Paul as well as microbio. I felt like the material was thorough. Organic was still very difficult. The easier part was labs which were calculations and such. I recall doing only one full fledged write up.

            2. At big universities most professors don’t want to teach. They want to do research. They only teach because they are forced to. This leads to experiences like yours.

              I think placing out of basic course is ok as long as you don’t overdo it. If you really felt like you dominated the course in high school, then you should place out of it. If you just passed it, even with an A, but don’t feel like you mastered it, then you should probably take the college edition.

              1. More than the material, there is the learning experience of “how to take a college course”. It is vastly different than most high school students experience. Learning how to tease out the important from the irrelevant, reading the teacher, self-motivation, even learning that “lab quiz” might mean a test covering 50 prepared animal cadavers with 3 numbered labeling pins each (and spelling counts)…. all can come as a shock to the new student.

                Yes, the “lab quiz” lesson came from Bio 52. Holy crap, was that a wake-up call. Identifying a dehydrating bit of muscle on a skinned cat is tough enough when you didn’t prepare for a “quiz”, but spelling “xiphihumeralis” correctly? Not a chance. None of the juniors and seniors in my lab section made the same mistake – they all understood that “quiz” meant “one third of your grade”.

                So based on that, I say get a couple of classes under your belt and take the A’s. I’m not recommending taking Afam 105 or whatever that paper class was, just don’t jump in the deep end right out of the gate. Success in college is more about knowing how to take college courses than it is about being smart. Well, that and knowing when it is OK to go on a 72 hour bender and when it is better to get in early.

      4. I really can’t wait to see Tom Sowell tear that kid a new asshole.


        1. Thomas Sowell is a gift to this country. Too bad more people don’t recognize his…genius isn’t quite the word. I’ll just go with “wonderfulness”.

          1. I still can’t believe he works at Stanford – I know it’s not Cal, but you’d think he’d have been hounded out of that campus by now.

            Or does he work for the Hoover Inst? (another Stanford conundrum)

            1. It’s exactly what tenure was designed for.

            2. He’s Hoover Inst. I just love his work. I like when Walter Williams subs for Rush Limbaugh and calls on Doctor Sowell – it’s a twofer of economic and general freedom. And clear thinking.

            3. An older professors at Stanford who’s huge into the field of Data Analytics teaches a MOOC with two others (German dude and a “Professor” who’s just an alum that sold a couple of Internet companies for as much as $250 mil. and today runs a VC firm.) Anyway, first guy is white and has bad things to say about affirmative action and traffic calming measures on campus, along with housing restrictions. Entertaining as fuck, but he’d be canned in three minutes if he weren’t tenured and obviously bringing in the gravy viz. research grants and such.

              /The MOOC is worth at least listening to for the lectures. They’re still getting things together and I find the homeworks rather unhelpful, though.

          2. I’d throw Walter Williams into that category too. He has an incredible gift of taking complex economic or political ideas and making an analogy so simple even Tony could understand it.

            1. even Tony could understand it.

              You speak rather boldly.

              1. Tony isn’t stupid. Just mendacious.

                1. Ima go with “stupid AND mendacious”

          3. “Knowledge and Decisions” was the book that pushed me out of my squishy liberal complacency and go full-on libertarian. Engineers will recognize the analogy to control theory.

  2. How can Spain turn around its economic crisis without fully qualified underground puppeteers?

  3. I think this was the same judge who handled my divorce.

  4. to continue paying child support to his 29-year-old daughter.

    Child Support: It’s not just for children anymore.

    1. So… in Spain you have to support your child until they decide they want to be an adult? Nope, don’t see any problems with that. No perverse incentives there…

      1. of course not, it’s not like those govt bennies are helping keep the youth unemployment at over 25%. That’s crazy talk, especially since now the parent has to pay.

        1. And/or vice versa?it may be that high unemployment is encouraging students to stay in school.

      2. Well the government can’t afford it anymore, so who else is going to pay?

        1. I’m sure we’re probably sending them money.

  5. You know, I followed the link hoping I’d find “there’s a rest of the story”. Nope. It’s as bad as it sounds. The judge’s whole rationale rests on the notion that the daughter’d have a rough go of it otherwise. So, how about a 99% tax on the earnings and assets of Spanish judges. I mean, there’s plenty of Spaniards without divorced fathers to fleece. And I’m sure they’re having a tough time too.

    1. I was hoping to learn what she was studying, but that’s not in there either. The father did complain, however, that this was not a normal ruling.

  6. I could have sworn I read a similar from Spain article not too long ago.

    Also, the pic of the Spanish chiquita….rrrraaacist!

    1. Racist is right. IT’S A CULTURE NOT A COSTUME.

      1. Exactly. IT’S A CULTURE NOT A CHOICE.

  7. Speaking of SPAIN, young SPANIARD Marc Marquez won the final MotoGP race of the season at VALENCIA yesterday, capping off his second championship in a row.

    The kid’s 20 or 21….making millions. So he’s paying for his own “child” support by Spanish standards.

    And God DAMN that kid is fast! holy shit…

    1. Youtube link??

      I’m sure he’s moved his residency to Switzerland or Monaco by now.

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    1. They should know about this in Spain. Consider promoting in Spanish.

  9. But ya know, I kinda like the music.

  10. While the age of 29 is unheard of, child support continuing past 18 years of age isn’t unheard of in the USA, usually for “educational expenses.”

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