Our Boston TSA Heroes: 'Even if Some of These Items, Such as Toy Guns, Weren't Deemed Dangerous…'



It's amusing/sad to watch CBS Boston's effort to portray local airport security antics as important and worthwhile. The best the station can really offer after initial "Weapons on Planes" bravado is that "even if some of these items, such as toy guns, weren't deemed dangerous, they do slow up the lines at the checkpoints significantly," which is why it's important to "get the word out before the busy holiday travel season begins." 

Obviously, by bringing a perfectly safe item—such as the confiscated faux-TNT packaged cologne pictured to the right—in your carry-on bag, you are at fault for holding up security checkpoint lines when Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials mistakenly flag it as dangerous.  

Reporter Christina Hager "got an exclusive look at some of the items TSA agents have confiscated" from Boston's Logan International Airport, which include a lipstick tube that conceals a knife blade, a knife that folds up to fit into a wallet, and a fake iPhone with a slide-out knife—all items perfectly plausible for people to keep on them (in general) for self-defense. Also confiscated: a flask in the shape of a gun. Total number of firearms found in carry-ons in the past year: six.

Even the TSA agent interviewed isn't convinced these items were intended for on-flight harm. "There's not much that surprises me anymore," says TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy. "It's mostly just passengers who may not have been aware of what's allowed in their luggage."

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  1. Also someone carrying a firearm onto a plane isn’t necessarily planning to use it against anyone.

    1. You think the TSA would ever consider that?

      1. Waiting until someone commits a crime before treating them like a criminal does seem like a pretty tall order.

  2. such as the confiscated faux-TNT packaged cologne pictured to the right

    Apparently Wiley E. Coyote(Genius), is out to disrupt holiday travel this season.

      1. Those cartoons could never be made today.

        1. It’s a darn shame. I was practically raised by those cartoons.

          1. Wile E. made the ACME company a household name.

            1. Impressive for a product tester. They’re usually the unsung heroes of a company.

          2. Fortunately, animation is better than ever.

  3. A while back when Michele McPhee was subbing for Howie Carr, she was outraged that the TSA had changed their rules to allow small knives on board. She was actually putting forth a scenario where someone would stab her in the leg with their pen knife because, well, because that’s what people do with knives or something. Animism.

    1. Knives are just like guns, if you have one, it’s going to force you to use it.

      Government training, of course, gives you the power to overcome the will of the weapon.

      1. Nonsense. Every time a cop shoots a bystander, it’s all passive voice “A shot was fired”, “The weapon discharged” etc.

        1. But that’s only because they needed more training to resist the gun’s mind control rays.

          1. Every time a cop shoots a dog or bystander, and angel gets its wings burned off by Satan.

    2. Are you in the Boston area? We should plan a Reason commentariat gathering.

  4. Apparently ENB’s alt-text was confiscated.

    1. Thank goodness, or the terrorists would’ve won.

  5. Oh, almost forgot


  6. If BOS TSA has found 6 guns, they’ve let around 14 through. Remember that the most recent Red Team tests showed that they missed around 70% (and after that they’ve refused to release the numbers, but there’s evidence it’s around the same). No planes falling out of the sky because of that. Hmmmm.

  7. OT?

    The derp is very strong with this one …


    1. Holy shit. That is some of the worst gun reporting I have ever seen, and that’s saying something.

  8. Fuck that “self defense” nonsense; opening letters or packages or any other goddam thing up to and including carving “Kilroy was here” on airport furniture is legitimate.

  9. The Army is seeking to replace the M9 and M11 pistols with a handgun that is more accurate, ergonomic, reliable and durable than the current pistol.

    I have a Beretta M9. It seems accurate and dependable enough. The grip is huge, but tell me how the next high capacity handgun will be ergonomically superior. Will they issue a .22lr sidearm?

    ps- I vastly prefer the 1911, 7 round mag and all.

    1. “ps- I vastly prefer the 1911, 7 round mag and all.”

      Same here. My Kimber .45 can’t be beat for accuracy and reliability. My brother started referring to it as my ‘sniper pistol’ after he saw me hit a milk jug 3x in a row at 100 yards.

      The 1911 has been around more than 100 years and hasn’t been significantly improved on. John Browning was a genius.

    2. The 1911 is a great gun, but I will admit I am a wimp when it comes to recoil so I am much more accurate with my Beretta M9.

      1. This. My wrists are getting worse as I age, and now I’m afraid to shoot the big handguns. I can’t remember the last time I shot something bigger than a 38.

  10. You rubes forget what the world was like before we professionalized by federalizing in 2001 by a Senate vote of 100-0. Prior to Daschle and co invented the concept of airline security, the world lacked any technological means whatsoever of preventing knives and guns from being carried aboard planes.

    Today, for only $8B a year, the TSA prevents fully 30% of all handguns in carry-ons from being taken aboard the flittle-people aircraft.

    That metric is misleading, of course, as the thousands of handguns and tens of thousands of knives they do allow aboard are exclusively in safe hands, as evidenced by the fact that the tax cattle’s air cars aren’t being hijacked left and right. Just another example of the TSA’s equanimity and outstanding judgment.

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