Saudi Arabia

Brickbat: What's Arabic for Irony?


A Saudi court has sentenced three lawyers to five to eight years in prison for criticizing the nation's judicial system on Twitter. The attorneys said Saudi courts too often wrongfully convict people while allowing letting off corrupt officials.

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  1. Just how screwed up is the middle east? There isn’t a Arab county that can make so much as a pencil,They all have to import food and many items just to survive. They sit on oil wealth and don’t use it to build a civilized society.

    1. I don’t know about that. Dubai is quickly becoming one of the big players in the world of finance.

      1. The world of finance, i.e. skimming

        1. Well, that and the rules of Islamic banking do have a few things going for it. Despite a prohibition on interest, which is creatively dealt with, Islamic law mandates the use of a hard currency based on gold.

          1. If one prohibition can be creatively dealt with, so can another.

      2. yeah,they make lots of oil and gas money and build banks.The Spanish did this with South American gold a sliver.They make nothing and import people to do the lesser tasks.Hell the Swiss make watches,cheese and chocolate.

    2. The last thing tyrannical oligarchs want is a middle class to deal with. Hence the policies of the House of Saud over there and King Barry over here.

  2. I blame the Jews.

    1. For showing that it is possible to have a country in the middle east that isn’t a shithole, thus inspiring these lawyers to advocate for the rule of law and even standards?

      1. In a word,yes

  3. They probably used the wrong hashtag

    1. or made hash out of pork

      1. Hrmm… I’ve never had pork hash.

        My mind has immediately gone off on a tangent. The Asian Grocery Store* sells corned tuna (and spicy corned tuna) in the vein of corned beef. it’s not bad, but if we made corned tuna hash with purple potatos…

        *that is literally the name on their sign, so it’s not my fault

      1. *slap!*

  4. What do you call three lawyers sentenced to prison for eight years?

    A good start.

    1. What do you call three lawyers sentenced to prison for eight years?

      An average day at the New York Legislature.

      1. An Illinois Governor’s Alumni Club meeting?

        1. WINNER!

  5. OT: Birth of a SJW

    My not even HS graduate niece on FB: “This is why we need to change rape culture” commenting on a shared article about abuse victims sharing their stories.

    Then follows up with a comment: “We need a culture where people are actively aware and involved in by ending the culture we have now. People need to see rape for the vile act it is, and adhering to the culture is almost as cruel as the act itself. There needs to be a swift movement of change, and it shouldn’t have gone on for so long without anyone’s attention. A lot of people don’t like to think about it, or enjoy dismissing it’s reality because it is terrifying, but it is explicitly real. I pray that one day the rape culture people have adopted will end.”

    1. I just..I… *sigh*

      Fighting the urge to troll my own family right now…

      1. At least explain to her the proper use of ‘it’s’.

        1. Seconded.

        2. How about this:
          If you’re going to throw out a Salon-grade word salad of feelz, at least get the English right”
          Too harsh?

      2. I’m thinking of going with something flippant like “we should make rape illegal” just test the waters…

        1. “I disagree with what you say, but I ENTHUSIASTICALLY CONSENT to your right to say it.”

          1. Well done, but my guess is that would go right over her head.

      3. Rape was invented around 2011. Thank jehuty for the kiddos finally bringing it to the awareness of humanity and doing something about it.

      4. it shouldn’t have gone on for so long without anyone’s attention

        Thank good ness for your niece to bring this everyone’s attention!

    2. what about the murder culture?How about the fraud or armed robbery culture?

      1. Well, we’re probably gonna have to live with the government…

      2. what about the murder culture?How about the fraud or armed robbery culture?

        Ice Cube, what say you?

    3. People need to see rape for the vile act it is

      The overwhelming majority already do. Can she name even one person or person she knows of that thinks rape is just swell?

      1. You don’t understand. one needn’t necessarily believe that rape is okay to be a supporter of rape culture, and by definition deprive rape of the vileness which it deserves. Things like supporting due process for the accused, or recommending that a woman not get blackout drunk in a club, for example, are expressions of support for rape culture, even if not of rape itself. And through the magic of moral equivalence, that also makes you as culpable for rape as an actual rapist.

        1. There’s that. Plus the “rape” that must be seen for the vile act it is isn’t forcible rape that you might be thinking of…. it is the “enthusiastic consent” definition of rape that includes pressuring a girl into doing something she doesn’t want to by saying things like “if you really loved me…” or “everyone else does it”. As the BS Agent intimates below, they even want to include things like “would you like to go get a coffee with me” under the umbrella of sexual assault (when uttered by unattractive men).

          On that last front there was a huge kerfuffle in the Atheist community when a feminist atheist activist got politely hit on at a convention. While admitting that he was perfectly polite, it was creepy (because she didn’t find him attractive) and she felt like she could have been raped. A large segment of feminists and feminist sympathisers jumped to her defense and agreed that the misogynist culture at atheist events had to change.

          So no, not made up or exaggerated.

          1. Yep. Ironically enough, the only people making a mockery of actual no-shit rape are the 3rd wave feminist tumblr sjws who have defined it into nothingness.

            1. That’s the thing. Most people, including me, would say that emotionally manipulating or pressuring a woman into sex is morally wrong. They would win the argument if they said campuses should have policies against those things (separate from actual sexual assault policies).

              But they take the common progtard easy way out — they redefine words, in this case “rape”.

      2. Ah, but you and I are going by the old definition of rape(penetrative sexual assault). The new SJW definition of rape is saying hello to a girl who doesn’t want you to talk to her because you aren’t cute and there’s definitely a culture of “that”.

      3. What does she look like? I might be in favor of statutory rape.

  6. Sounds legit.

  7. It is ?????, which also means ridicule or mockery. Quite apt in this case.

    1. I can’t even break that down into phenomes, so without a transliteration, that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.

      1. It is “Sukhriyah” and comes from the root “Sakhara” which means “to laugh”

    2. Gah! Thanks for reminding me how much of my Arabic has faded away…

    3. I was really hoping the ARabic for ‘Irony’ would turn out to be al-annis, but I guess that was too much to hope for.

  8. The ultimate irony? America allied with a country known to be the source for Wahhabism and the terrorism it fosters.

    1. KSA is undoubtedly one of our most disgusting allies in history. But we get the better end of the deal by far — we and our friends get to suck the sands dry far faster than we would if they had anything approaching a democratic government. They also are useful as Sin Eaters to deal with said terrorists in ways that would make Americans uncomfortable.

  9. “What’s Arabic for Irony?”


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