GOP On Track for Huge Friggin' House Majority, Polls Overestimated Democrats' Support, Iraq Enlists Iranian General Against ISIS: P.M. Links


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  1. …and to call on the expanded GOP majority to work with him.

    Suddenly compromise is on the table.

    1. Dark and milk chocolate can meet in the middle.

    2. Can’t wait for the first meeting when some GOP senator says “well, uh, we won.”

      1. What differece, at this point, does it make?

    3. Obama Vows to Cooperate, Within Limits

      In other words, Obama draws a red line which can be shifted as needed.

      1. Co?peration is if you do what he wants. If you want to do something else, you’re an obstructionist.

        1. I like the umlaut, Ted.

          1. Who let the kraut in here?!

            1. I’ve been here for years.

          2. It’s not an umlaut, it’s a diaresis mark! 😉

            1. It’s not an umlaut, it’s a diaresis mark! 😉

              Okay, Unicode Nazi. 🙂

            2. I thought that’s what’s on SugarFree’s, um, you know.

              1. Cloaca?

            3. DIARESIS ! Cha Cha Cha!

    4. Suddenly compromise is on the table.

      For Obama, that means compromising your principles and agreeing with him.

      1. well, 2/3rds of the country didn’t vote and, afterall, he’s the guy that everybody votes for…not just one state. (yes, he actually said that today.) So really, the Red team doesn’t have any kind of majority

    5. The very last thing the GOP should do is work with Obama, unless that involves Obama signing the Obamacare repeal and various other laws that would stick in his craw.

      1. *The very last thing the GOP should do is work with Obama, unless that involves Obama signing the Obamacare repeal*

        and resignation letter.

  2. Voters in four states embraced minimum wage increases, while those in two states plus D.C. went for legalizing marijuana.

    Stoners are economically illiterate.

  3. Hello.

    “One of those additions to the House is Mia Love, a black, Republican woman elected from Utah.”

    I’m sure they’ll find a pejorative for her.

    1. Didn’t somebody post a Jezzie article in the early-afternoon election thread about this?

        1. Yep. They’re not real black people, since they’re Rs!

          1. Because nothing says “not really a Republican” like a Morman from Utah getting elected by Republican Mormans — in Utah.

        2. FTFA:

          Scott has already refused to join the Congressional Black Caucus and that’s just a peek at his forthcoming foolishness.

          So, would you say he’s “left the platation”, Ms. Crosley?

          As Zora Neale Hurston once said, “All my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

          Why, I s’pose you would/will!!

          1. Wow. Does it even occur to them that Hurston would be more likely to support Mia Love than them?

        3. This is a lovely comment:

          “White people have no problem voting for white supremacists with black skin. That does not make them non-racist.”

      1. I was gonna write that.

    2. I’m thinking Aunt Juanita.

      1. Tia Juanita makes the best menudo.

          1. Boys to Menudo

      2. Good grief, y’all aren’t up on your racial slurs.

        I predict that before the woman is out of office someone will call her a mammy for the republican party.

        1. I’m sure it’s already happening over at Salon or New Republic, maybe Huffpo.

  4. Iraq enlisted an Iranian general to help in the war against ISIS.

    ISIS is a uniter.

    1. It depends what the definition of ISIS is.

      1. I think she stitched Osiris’s body back together, so it still works there.

        1. “Oh, *ISIS*! I thought you said “ices”.”

          1. Wait, are we thinking flavored ices? I could go for a lemon ice right now.

            1. That’s what I was thinking, alright.

              *Please* get me one while you’re at it.

              1. For sure because ices bring people together.

        2. stitched together except for his penis, which had been consumed by the Crocodile god.

          /crosses leg/

          1. This is why I never let my villainous brother near me with sharp objects.

    2. He’s teaching them to never let an ISIS go to waste.

      1. +1 Tomahawked technical

    1. The War on Women sure is strange.

      1. Well, she’s a fake woman just like those fake blacks in the GOP. No fried chicken for her.

    2. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome, silly.

      She’s been held hostage and fell in love with her captors.

      1. Before you know it, she’ll be out on the porch of the capital building stirring up a big ol pot of underwear belonging to white male senators. She’ll probably be cooking up some vittles for them as well. They’ll just say, hey mammy, how’s about some more of that soul food?

        1. Wrong gender traitor, Hyperion.

          1. Yes? I thought we were talking about Mia Love. No?

      2. She clearly wants to be raped.

    3. She is cute too.

      1. Chauvinist. This is why there are no female libertarians.

        1. And why Virginia Postrel hates us.

      2. Catcalling is not allowed on the House floor.

        1. There is a new majority. Maybe it will be now.

          1. *There is a new majority. Maybe it will be now.*

            Actually, no, the House didn’t flip. Try to follow along.

        2. I now want to see a video of a woman in jeans and a crew neck t-shirt wandering the House floor for 10 hours.

      3. And she doesn’t have that certain leftist scowl permanently etched to her face.

      4. I fear for her. The unnamed predator from Senator Gillibrand’s book is probably still out there.

  5. The GOP should go Medieval on Obama’s ass. Listening to him earlier didn’t give me the impression he got the message. He kept up the ‘let’s get things done as long as I like them’ crap.

    1. Well, “those guys” are the ones calling him a “lame duck”.

      1. I think they said “dick”. “Lame dick”.

      2. He’s been a lame duck since 2010. Think about that. His legacy was done before he did shit except pass one of the worst laws ever.

    2. I hope the GOP does not go SoCon and start doing stupid things. Asking them to do pro-market as opposed to pro-business reforms is in itself a hard thing, given their past acts of corporate welfare.

      1. I agree, Injun.

      2. Please, please, please just focus on deregulation, shrinking government, and spending cuts/controls. Do nothing else.

        1. Hahaha, that’s adorable.

          1. I was talking to Barbara Eden, not you.

        2. Even Limbaugh agrees w/ ya, “this wasn’t a conservative wave,” it’s a stop Obama wave.


          So, yeah, stupid party socon themes emerge by the 15th, give or take.

      3. SoCon is the reason they couldn’t beat Hickenlooper, the most reviled governor in Colorado history.

    3. He has never listened to a single person who disagreed with him on anything in his entire life. Why in the world would he start now?

      Those who oppose him and stand in the way of his agenda end up being ignored, dismissed, persecuted, and sometimes even killed.

      1. They will work it out. He will let them jack up defense spending, they will fund new social programs in return, or raise the minimum wage. Yay compromise.

  6. If Democrats were blindsided by the election results, they can blame polls that consistently overestimated their support by about four points.

    Blindsided or not, the results are the same.

    1. The Blind Side II starring Barack Obama as an egotistical QB who can’t throw.

      1. Obama as Colin Kaepernick?

        1. Well, Obo may be able to tell time.

    2. “Blindsided or not, the results are the same.”

      Now see you just don’t get it. It’s not the results that matter, it’s the intentions! /derp

  7. Iraq enlisted an Iranian general to help in the war against ISIS. Yes, really.

    Yay easing of tensions in the Middle East! Wait, is this a good thing?

    1. Good for my Tehran green-card-wife prospects.

      1. As a naturalized citizen (although on a much easier path) I wish you all the best.

        1. And of all the cities to live as a naturalized citizen, you ended up in Baltimore.

          1. I didn’t think that Raven Nation lives in Balmer? I thought I was the only one here who does.

            1. JW is in the area.

            2. I’m in Carroll County but, when I travel out of state “I’m from Baltimore.”

              Does that count?

              1. I’ve not been back to Baltimore for two years, living just south of sunny St. Pete. But I’m hon and done for life.

              2. No, you Carroll County rednecks are not from Balmer, hon!

              3. We Marylanders seem to be unique in identifying our origins by county.

      2. I’m glad that when I had to describe my military training in the Russian Army on the green card application form the US and Russia still pretended to be on speaking terms.

        1. Is your furniture all fashioned out of old AKs?

          1. No, you can bring only so many of them duty free.

            1. At least matching end tables?

              1. An extra chair would be nice.

                1. That looks more comfortable than I thought it would.

      3. Are you doing the CR-1?

  8. call on the expanded GOP majority to work with him.

    Don’t even think about repealing Democratcare or messing with the individual mandate.

    Everything else is on the table, though.

    1. Work with him to pass the shit that the country rejected yesterday.

      1. “Gentle relief.”

  9. I guess I missed it yesterday during all the election hoopla, but Gordon Tullock died. 🙁

    Some charming anecdotes, first from David Friedman:

    My wife remembers meeting him when she was my girlfriend. He started the conversation by asking why she was wearing a backpack. Her interpretation was that the only form of conversation he knew was argument, he only knew two things about her?that she was my girlfriend and that she was wearing a backpack?so he flipped a mental coin and chose the backpack. He never made the common mistake of thinking that an argument was a quarrel.

    From Mark Thornton:

    The first paper I presented at a professional conference was “Ballot Access Requirements as a Barrier to Entry.” I gave my presentation at the Southern Economic Association conference in a small session on Public Choice. As I began to speak, Tullock walked in and took a seat in the first row directly in front of my podium. When I began to list some of the innovations of third parties in American history (i.e. alcohol prohibition, the minimum wage, social security, women’s suffrage?) Tullock waved his hand in the air. No so much to ask permission, but in disgust. He blurted out “I’m against all that!” You could have heard a pin drop. As all eyes turned to me, I responded “I am too, but that is not the point.” After that we were and remained friends.

    Well, carry on. Just felt like sharing.

    1. Apparently it was on the Reason blog yesterday.

      1. Yeah, but who reads the posts?

        1. Nobody here.

      2. Indeed, I was about to post this expressing my surprise that Brian hasn’t commented on it, but did a search to be sure. I just didn’t see it amidst all the election posts.

    2. Thank you MJGreen. I missed it yesterday. Tullock anecdotes are always amusing.

  10. With election results trickling in, the Republican Party is on track to score its largest majority in the House of Representatives since 1947, and possibly since the late 1920s. State legislative wins are equally historic.

    To quote the VP, that is a big fucking deal.

    1. You know, that can be read in more than one way.

      1. Well clearly. As Obama has indicated, it’s a clear indication that the American people want the Republican’s to work with him. Duh!

        1. It’s a mandate!

          1. Yes, we elected more Republicans for him to forgive and to walk together in harmony to further the advance to an authoritarian, socialist utopia.

            That, or we elected all of those Republicans to encourage Obama to seize power and to name himself Big Jefe Barry, First of the Name.

  11. I liked most of the CL results; I just wish Fox Sports would stop giving us the same EPL/Fake Madrid/Bar?a over and over and over and over again.

    1. Careful fella, Fake Madrid is the only team capable of knocking Bayern out.

      1. That’s beside the point. I’d like to get a sense of some of the other teams (why, for example, did they completely ignore the group with last year’s beaten finalist, and didn’t that team also win its domestic league last year?), and possibly some games that aren’t likely to be blowouts. Granted, the Russian Mafia Team didn’t have it their own way today.

        1. Ted. I see your point but it may give you an ulcer.

          I still remember when Serie A dominated soccer between 1988 and 2000 and I barely got to see them on TV. I had to get special channels. It is what it is.

          But now we have options. I go to http://f?

          That it’s not on ESPN or Sportsnet is irrelevant to me now since I watch teams like Atletico who you were referring to there. The Juve-Atletico clash would be great on TV but it may not make it. So what? I got the internet!

          1. I don’t know what happened to the link. Just punch in First Row Sports.

            1. Why? Sounds like you guys are talking about soccer, not sports.

      2. My buddy just got back from a few weeks in Italy and showed me a pic of the Spanish Steps completely taken over by drunken Germans the day of the 7-1 Roma drubbing by Bayern. Tourists like him kept showing up to walk them then were like, oh hell no.

        1. Northerners drunk in Italy?


  12. Stephen Poloz comments on unpaid work raise ire of youth groups

    Poloz told the committee that when a young person asks for advice on getting through the tough times, he says, “‘Volunteer to do something which is at least somewhere related to your expertise so that it’s clear that you are gaining some learning experience during that period.”‘

    “Get some real-life experience even though you’re discouraged, even if it’s for free,” Poloz said he tells young people.

    “If your parents are letting you live in the basement, you might as well go out and do something for free to put the experience on your CV.”

    Outrage ensues, for some reason.

    1. Rich kids who can live in their parents basements can go out and work for free to get experience. But let someone try to hire a poor kid for less than minimum wage and that is exploitation!!

      1. The outrage is:

        And for recent graduates like James Tobin, Poloz’s remarks show he’s out of touch with the reality young would-be workers face every day.

        “I don’t think it really works because you have to live, right?” said Tobin, who’s been trying to land a full-time teaching job since 2012, when he graduated from Bishop’s University in Quebec.

        “Not everyone is living at their parents’ house rent-free … so how are they going to make ends meet?”

        “He shouldn’t be saying stuff like that ? it’s a very dangerous precedent to set,” said Langille, who noted the governor’s recommendation seemed to encourage people to “subvert” minimum-wage laws to gain experience.

        Got that? Volunteering is “subversion”.

        1. That fits right in with “not giving is taking.”

        2. It’s as though they think you can’t work a menial job and volunteer at the same time.

          /guy who has 2 jobs and 11 credit hours of school, and still manages to volunteer on a regular basis

          PS: If you hate volunteering so much, there are plenty of trades and specialties that pay their interns. Unfortunately you actually have to work hard and obtain uncommon skills to get those jobs.

          1. If you hate volunteering so much, there are plenty of trades and specialties that pay their interns. Unfortunately you actually have to work hard and obtain uncommon skills to get those jobs.
            reply to this

            It’s very common in IT.

          2. Engineering interns are generally paid quite well, for example.

            1. Yep, I was making $20 an hour in undergrad as an engineering intern.

              Law interns can make bank, too. The average is only around $15/hr, but specialized knowledge (like an engineering degree) unlocks the higher rungs of the pay scale.

        3. “He shouldn’t be saying stuff like that

          “I would not say such things if I were you”

  13. Define “work with…”


  14. I’m with Almanian today. The discontent, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth, it’s all incredibly entertaining. Most of all, the cognitive dissonance and screams of NOT OUR FAULT!

    Here are the rats that are fucking Democrats

    In no particular order.

    1. NSA, CIA, FBI spying on Americans.

    2. Corporations helping NSA, CIA, FBI spy on Americans.

    3. A Congress and White House as corporate proxies.

    4. Militarized police force.

    5. Wealth disparity on par with the 3rd world.

    6. Education and health care inflation.

    7. Education and health care policy written by corporations.

    8. Over educated, under employed workforce.

    9. Fracking pollution.

    10. Trade deals sending millions of jobs to Asia.

    11. Immunity for Wall Street crime.

    12. Endless war on drugs.

    13. Endless war on terror.

    14. Taking minorities for granted.

    15. Taking the middle class for granted.

    16. Considering social security cuts and increased retirement age as economic stimulus.

    17. The third way and blue dogs.

    1. So the fact that they have been in power for six years and have done nothing but make those things worse just doesn’t matter?

    2. Here are the rats that are fucking Democrats

      You know, that can be read in more than one way.

      1. That was my thought at first too, but then I donned my IQ governor and it all became perfectly clear.

        1. I read that 1st line fast, and read it as “here are the rat f***ing democrats”

          1. As the famous subliminal ad said:



        2. IQ governor


    3. I have a serious problem with this, aside from the highly questionable constitutionality of Social Security.

      16. Considering social security cuts and increased retirement age as economic stimulus.

      Life expectancy goes up by almost 20 years since the New Deal, and raising the age for receiving benefits is somehow evil.

      1. The US desperately need to raise the SS retirement age to the 70-72 range, from the current 67. That step alone would fix the SS funding problem.

        But no, we’ll probably just wait until it’s complete crisis mode and then panic. The sad point is that during the Reagan years the retirement age was adjusted from 65 to 67 for those that were in their 20’s without much fanfare.

        Indeed, a Democrat (Dan Rostenkowski) sponsored the bill. It passed with large bi-partisan support. And Reagan signed it.

    4. 5. Wealth disparity on par with the 3rd world.

      Gee, maybe importing millions of Third Worlders might have something to do with this? And a “progressive” welfare system that helps people stay in poverty? And minimum wage laws? Naw, none of that could possibly matter.

  15. Trigger Warning:

    Enjoy the tear-laden derp.

    How Republicans subvert democracy, and the Democrats’ sorry dereliction

    1. Okay. A headline does not an article make. My bad.

    2. We have been stupefied

      Well, I didn’t get very far before I realized that they are actually capable of occasionally telling the truth. Even if it’s not intentional.

    3. as liberal Democrats and libertarian Republicans

      Wait a minute here, they have the nerve to use libertarian in the same context as liberal democrats? Or are they just dumb. Ok, never mind.

    4. The article goes on and on about what a hero Edward Snowden is without mentioning that Obama wants to throw Snowden in prison for the rest of his life.

      These people are going to go full on psychotic before this is over.

      1. These people are going to go full on psychotic before this is over.

        Going to? You can’t go somewhere that you have already arrived at.

    5. I truly can make almost zero sense of that story. Was the author on LSD when it was written?

      It’s so damn all over the place, I don’t know what the point is.

      1. But I read the comments and now I get it. We’re all going to be dead from climate change before 2016, because the deniers won. Oh, and in 2016 when nothing happens and we’re all not dead, they’ll have to pick a new date. Maybe 2021. That sounds good.

    6. Speech: An equally chilling asymmetry between citizen speakers and incorporeal speakers has grown not only with surveillance but also with recent jurisprudence that compounds a long trend of equating business corporations with persons. Rulings such as Citizens United reduce citizens’ sovereignty over markets, championed by both Roosevelts, to trivial “consumer sovereignty” within markets. Markets cannot be free and open, or their participants hopeful and prosperous, without appropriate, occasionally aggressive regulation. But today’s market managers, driven to maximize shareholder value at all other costs, unable to engage in long-term planning that might defer their short-term gains, destroy markets’ own contributions to society by buying off the politicians whom citizens elect to regulate them.

      1. There’s just so much stupid here.

        The devastation of the American Dream is also partly a consequence of the global intensification of capitalist asymmetries: Transnational businesses that escape regulation and taxation force governments to compete with one another to attract them by scanting basic public needs even more than they already have by being bought off right at home. The genius of markets in focusing narrowly on investors, workers and consumers as self-interested individuals quickly becomes their stupidity in obliviousness to the social consequences of their gyrations. That’s why we need democracy to catch up with plutocracy by strong transnational regulation. Even in Nathan Hale’s time, Boston Tea Partyers defied the East India Company, one of the world’s first multinationals. Apostles of global prosperity such as Fareed Zakaria ? and perhaps libertarians such as Edward Snowden ? should revisit that page of both American and global history.


    The Rude Pundit – Random Observations on a Reaming: That’ll Teach That Negro to Be President

    You want this to end happily and hopefully. You need someone to tell you it’s not that bad. You are desperate for columns and blog posts that relieve what ails you, whether its nausea, rage, or, most likely, disgusted exhaustion. This isn’t going to do it. There needs to be some big time soul-searching. Hillary Clinton and 2016 ain’t the cure for what ails you because, well, shit, after that is 2018 (and Clinton is problematic, but that’s another riff for another time). We have to accept the obvious ignorance of the voting public. Mostly, people are stupid yahoos, hunched naked in ditches, picking at nits, looking for a shiny object they can worship.

    1. I’m not going to DU because I want to say sane, but the snippets y’all have been posting have been so, so wonderful.

      1. Let me bring some more to you:

        I am angry that I may not live long enough to see the damage they are going to do

        When climate change drowns and kills millions of rightwingers who said it doesnt exist, I so god damn wanna be alive to see it.

        When the wealth of the Oligarchs creates mass poverty and tens of millions are living in warehousing like conditions, I so wanna be alive to see it and laugh.

        Yes, god dammit I want to laugh, in a few minutes I am going to rightwing message boards where republicans making $15 an hour as security guards at Target are going to be gleaming with pride that the party that wants to KILL HIM won…well, they dont want to outright kill him but he better god damn understand that in 2015 people will line up for his job to do it for $10 an hour

        AND IN 2016 people will line up to do his job for $5 an hour…that person will be on a high because he thinks he just won something.

        1. When climate change drowns and kills millions of rightwingers who said it doesnt exist, I so god damn wanna be alive to see it.

          And these people wonder why the dems got destroyed last night.

        2. “When climate change drowns and kills millions of rightwingers who said it doesnt exist, I so god damn wanna be alive to see it.”

          And I want to be alive when it’s obvious that we will not be drowning in the rising seas. Or, failing that, I’d like to be alive when they start pushing out the date of “it’s too late to do anything.” Watching them rationalize, like fundamentalist cults, that “oops, it’s not too late — we need to recalculate the end of the world” will be sweet, too.

          1. ” Or, failing that, I’d like to be alive when they start pushing out the date of ”

            Umm, they started pushing the dates out some time ago. Here’s a classic example.

            Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech (2007):

            “Last September 21, as the Northern Hemisphere tilted away from the sun, scientists reported with unprecedented distress that the North Polar ice cap is “falling off a cliff.” One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years. Another new study, to be presented by U.S. Navy researchers later this week, warns it could happen in as little as 7 years.

            Seven years from now.


        3. I think I’m gonna get schadenbetes from all these cakes baked with prog tears.

        4. When climate change drowns and kills millions of rightwingers who said it doesnt exist, I so god damn wanna be alive to see it.

          It’s kinda when you start talking to one of the more appocalyptic evangelicals and begin to realize their entire worldview is just a rationalization for their sadistic torture fantasies.

          1. “It’s kinda when you start talking to one of the more appocalyptic evangelicals and begin to realize their entire worldview is just a rationalization for their sadistic torture fantasies.”

            They are Malthusians. Of course, that is exactly what it is.

            Congratulations Stormy, you hit a nail on the head.

        5. When climate changeGod drowns and kills millions of rightwingersunbelievers who said itHe doesnt exist, I so god damn wanna be alive to see it.

          Sounds legit.

          1. Excellent analysis, AC.

      2. A bunch of mud footed pig fu*cking hillbillies in mostly RED states voted repuke, now the whole country is screwing in the straw? No. Media again. Bad cantidates lost . Grimes was hopeless with her im not a witch___ Obama crap. Im just sorry to see CO ditch Udall and Harkins seat taken by Daisey May pigsticker. That is all.

    2. He just called people monkeys. Isn’t that the racist?

      1. No. Article I, Section 1 of the Team Blue rulebook clearly states that “It’s not racist when we say it”

    3. Mostly, people are stupid yahoos, hunched naked in ditches, picking at nits, looking for a shiny object they can worship.

      The person that wrote this, his/her mind is full of worms. S/he hates other people. Solopsistic, perhaps.

    4. The bottom line is this: People like Democratic ideas. They don’t like Democrats. That’s all.

      Yep, that’s it in a nutshell.

      Seriously, it’s really hard to believe people write this kind of crap.

    5. looking for a shiny object they can worship.


  17. “To everyone who voted, I want you to know…I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate…I hear you, too.” ?Obama

    1. Narcissist-in-Chief


    2. We can safely assume that anyone who didn’t vote totally supports making Obama God Emperor.

    3. “Barack Hears a Who”

      1. He’s got the ears for it.

    4. leftieNanner (171 posts)
      50. I hate to use the “I” word…

      but with the senate in red hands, they will move to impeach the president. I’m just sick about this. All those LUNATIC men and women who are now in positions of great power are going to royally screw the American people. We women might as well go barefoot and get pregnant, because that’s all that’s left for us.

      I know I’ll get up again one morning soon and get back on the horse, but tonight I’m thoroughly demoralized.

      1. Sorry, that was a comment from under Scruffy’s post below.

        1. It’s funny no matter where you put it.

  18. Here is a mini-thread for posting your favorite Derpbook complaints. I’ll start with mine:

    “The only thing that yesterday proves is that elections can be bought.”

    1. They really are committed to the idea that the general populace is made up of morons who can’t think for themselves. It’s a messaging problem. It’s Citizens United. JUST LET US TELL YOU WHAT TO DO EVERY WAKING MOMENT, YOU FOOLS!

    2. “The Koch Brothers have awakened a sleeping giant.

      In 2016, we are going to hit them with a Democratic tidal wave unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Let’s start organizing NOW!”

      1. With this picture attached at the bottom of that screed.

        1. They lack…le mot juste. Let’s see. They lack intelligence these people.

        2. Is there any evidence that the Kochs spent “hundreds of millions” on this election? And how much did Soros and Steyr and Hollywood spend?

          And Bill Maher’s “flip this district” plan failed miserably.

          1. Oh, I’ve already got the “well that’s different” excuse when it comes to Soros spending.

          2. Tom Steyer = Still the largest single political donor – *that they know of* (cue scary music)

            Because who knows about the UNKNOWN REPUBLICAN BILLIONAIRES? THE SHADOW KNOWS

            More here

            If there’s any lesson, its that big money CAN NOT ‘buy elections’. Because Steyer poured tens of millions into many of these close elections and still got zilch for his $$

      2. Andrew S.|11.5.14 @ 4:56PM|#
        “The Koch Brothers have awakened a sleeping giant.”

        Uh, ‘sleeping’?
        “Billionaire Bay Area activist Tom Steyer and his wife topped the list of the nation’s individual political donors last year, with contributions of more than $20 million to Democratic and liberal causes, a political-money watchdog group said Thursday.”…..675351.php

        And, yes, he’s heavily invested in the firms he wants the feds to fund.

        1. Billionaires buying elections is the worst thing in America…except when they’re on TEAM Blue.

      3. The Koch Brothers spent hundreds of millions on this election? Where?

        1. The media that regularly accuses them of personally funding all these elections becomes remarkably mealy mouthed when it comes to the details. It turns out their ‘dozen of PACs’ actually ‘raise’ most of their money from other donors. But still = KOCHTOPUS!? Its big and confusing, therefore ‘scarier’ than just a simple crony billionaire like Steyer directly pouring $100m of his own money into elections.

    3. 2Reply

      Today 1:35pm

      “White people have no problem voting for white supremacists with black skin. That does not make them non-racist.”

      1. Yeah, not liking Progressive policies = racist.

        Calling black Republicans “White supremacists with black skin” = Progressive policies.

  19. Voters in four states embraced minimum wage increases, while those in two states plus D.C. went for legalizing marijuana. The grass will be a comfort when those entry-level jobs become scarce.

    I have it on good authority from progressives that demand curves do not slope downward.


    My sister keeps telling me will survive this no matter what but I don’t think she truly understands how crazy and dangerous the Tea Party right is. I do have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow. She’s a smart lady and she picked the date on purpose. She knew I would probably need extra support tomorrow.


    2. I don’t think she truly understands how crazy and dangerous the Tea Party right is.

      “But I do. I DO!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!”

      1. Oh shit, we’ve lost Rich again!

        *Gets Costco foil package*

        Don’t worry I’m coming!

        *Forms hat with adorable swan on top and places it on Rich’s head*

        Ok everyone, deep breaths now. It’ll be ok.

    3. And the psychiatrist said, that’s enough internet for you for a few months.

    4. Those crazy and dangerous Tea Party types! Why, they want to government to follow the Constitution, and to not spend more money than it has! Oh, the horror!

    5. I don’t think she truly understands how crazy and dangerous the Tea Party right is

      Who controls the British crown?
      Who keeps the metric system down?
      We do! We do!

    6. “I do have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow.”

      Telling us that certainly increases your credibility liberalynn. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to be a feminist would you?

      1. Also, the TEA party is crazy. Thats why YOU have an appt with a psychiatrist.

        Got it.

  21. Hey, good for Mia Love. But can Reason dial back the post-election euphoria? She’s the FIRST (and only) black female Republican congressman, for Christ’s sake. Get a grip.

    1. I agree. I am not sure why I should be getting excited over a Rep from Utah no matter who it is.

    2. She barely won a district that Romney carried by 16 percent.


      2. “She barely won a district that Romney carried by 16 percent.”

        She won by 3.3% and she carried a clear majority. To put it in perspective Obama only beat Romney by 3.9%.

        1. You know, the media acts like Obama won by 70%. Both elections. So fucked up.

      3. I don’t even get what you trying to imply.

        Why don’t you state it plainly, for once, instead of acting like a concern troll shill. Then maybe not quite as many people would consider you a concern troll shill.

  22. If Democrats were blindsided by the election results, they can blame polls that consistently overestimated their support by about four points.

    It would seem that Dems are more likely to respond to polesters.

    1. Not necessarily. The 2012 polls had a Republican bias.

      The true takeaway is that polls are worthless.

      1. PUBLIC polls are worthless for the purpose of actually measuring the likelihood of electoral victory. Internal polling is usually more accurate (because campaigns have to pay for it).

  23. MST3K Turkey Day Marathon returns. Sorta.

    Joel Hodgson to curate new “Turkey Day” streaming Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon

    1. Hooray! Due to interpersonal issues, I might be alone on Thanksgiving Day, so that will come in handy.

      1. Hah hah! How do you like that mandatory quarantine now, be-yotch?

        /only kidding!

    2. Will it only be the Joel episodes? Because while I enjoyed both hosts, I find Mike Nelson significantly funnier.

      By his own admission, Joel hated being the butt of jokes, which often results on him stepping on the jokes by adding an unecessary “getting the last word in edgewise” line after the actual punchline. Mike Nelson realized the human character’s function was to be the butt monkey for the robots and was happy to embrace that role.

      1. I like Mike better, but they both were funny.

    1. Boy howdy, I’m thirsty.

  24. Okay, THAT’S really creepy:

    UW study shows direct brain interface between humans

    researchers were able to transmit the signals from one person’s brain over the Internet and use these signals to control the hand motions of another person within a split second of sending that signal.

    Is the “receiver” subjectively aware that the decision to move their hand was imposed from outside, or did it seem like their own spontaneous decisions?

    1. That’s really cool, but really not OK at the same time.

      1. I’m thinking of something even more terrifyingly paranoia inducing. Like a hat that makes you like Obama, but you can’t tell whether you like Obama because you actually like Obama or because the hat is forcing you to like him.

        1. I have never been a hat person. Now I know why.

          1. Oh but that hat would make you think you like wearing it too.

            1. I think Warty may have this technology already.

  25. Amid the sparse post-election coverage on Raw Story, there’s this:

    ‘Make them squeal’: Joni Ernst’s victory speech borrows line from movie rape scene

    “But, thanks to all of you we are heading to Washington. And we are going to make ’em squeal.”

    ABC News dubbed the remark one of the “Best Lines From Joni Ernst’s Victory Speech.” And she was almost certainly referencing the political ad about her experience castrating hogs that launched her campaign.

    In the ad, Ernst had said that her knowledge about removing piglet testicles would help her cut spending in Washington. And it was clear from her words on Tuesday that she would also be taking her figurative castration knife to more than just the budget.

    But the language from her victory speech was disturbingly similar to a rape scene in the 1972 thriller Deliverance.

    1. In one campaign ad, she pulls out a gun and says that she’s going to unload once she sets her sights on Obama…


    2. Pshaw … It was man on man rape anyways. I thought that was OK because patriarchy. Did they change that rule?

      1. Well, she also used the word “the” in her speech, which was from the movie “The Accused”.

  26. is it just me or do polls usually overestimate Democratic support? If I remember the heady days of my early middle age, wasn’t the 1994 republican takeover a complete shock and surprise?

    1. Seems that way to me. Then again, polls often have media companies involved, who seem to also have a thumb on the scales. Odd.

    2. Nope, pretty random, though that ’94 election also was Dem-biased by 3.1 points.

      1. Thanks for the link. I’m just using my dusty old memory and it seems that people were more shocked when republicans won. But according to your link, yeah, looks pretty evenly scattered.

    3. Seems they sometimes overestimate support in midterms, but underestimate in presidential elections. 2012 was a complete shock for Fox and Team Romney, but Nate Silver had a lot of excess info from Obama’s team that wasn’t there this time.

      1. 2012 was a complete shock for Fox and Team Romney

        And Tulpa.

  27. Today I found out from a Rush Limbaugh caller that libertarians are actually liberals in denial. They don’t base anything in facts or reality, just emotions and are gimme gimme gimme without regard for anyone else.

    All that really matters to libertarians is good intentions, they’ll go along with anyone as long as they say what libertarians want to hear.

    1. Was the caller’s name Tony?

    2. stop listening to rush. he was funny for about 4 months in the 1990s. He was never insightful.

  28. For what it’s worth, John Stewart is calling for a reinstatement of the draft.

    Do you think there should be a draft?

    I do. I absolutely do. I’ve watched military families suffer in a way that is unconscionable considering the demands that we have placed on them over this ten-year period. When I say there should be a draft, I also think it should be noncompulsory military. There should be a draft where every young person has to do one year of something ? military, public works ? something so that we all feel invested in the same game, because that’s the part that we’ve lost.…..ation.html

    1. And what does he think should be done to people who refuse to do their one year of something?

      1. And what is he going to be doing for his year?

      2. “If people aren’t willing to participate in voluntary service, then we should consider making voluntary service mandatory.”

        ~Mike Huckabee (paraphrased)

        1. I mean what’s the punishment? “If you don’t do your year, you’re inelligible for federal student aid”? Or “If you don’t do your year, you’re going to federal prison”?

    2. Wow, straight up slavery. He doesn’t even go the Charlie Rangel route where Rangel thinks that a draft would give Congressmen/President some pause before sending kids to war.

    3. I could never stand that douche when i thought he was just a ignorant celebrity; now I cant stand him since he is a slaver celebrity

    4. Hmmm … so he’s pro-slavery.

      Good to know.

    5. The court foole cannot wrap his tiny brain around the 13A.

  29. Where should I go to sample the tastiest salty ham proggie tears?

    1. Democratic Underground is something of an endless Bellagio-Fountain-Show of Progtears.

      Salon, however, wins points for the most melodramatic, narcissistic, incoherent, pedantic spew of deluded horseshit I’ve ever seen. The comments however aren’t as good as DU for pure LOL-inducing whine.

      1. Not sure why they’re so upset. Bloomberg has been raising his leg all over the country and leaving his taint.

      2. an endless Bellagio-Fountain-Show of Progtears.

        I Love you, man.

        God that was fucking funny.

    2. I have to highly recommend Salon. Their salty prog tears get 5 stars from this reviewer.

      Just don’t expect to actually understand that they are shrieking about, because in most cases, it’s not possible.

      1. Ahh, Progressives = the Educated and Scientific Party:

        “family guy 3 hours ago

        I woke up this morning to 3 of 4 branches of the U.S. government in the hands of a corporate oligarchy.

        sarahconnor 3 hours ago

        @family guy Umm there are only 3… but yes oligarchy.

        alterego55 3 hours ago
        @sarahconnor @family guy

        The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch and the Koch Branch. That’s 4.”

  30. BTW, did anyone watch Colbert last night? I kinda want that clip of Andrew Sullivan going “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” for meme purposes.

    1. What’s funny is that since 1994, each new group of young people freak out when Congress changes hands, and act like it’s UNPRECEDENTED.

      I remember after the Democrats took power in, what was it, 06– there were comments on Daily Kos comparing it to watching their child being born. I guess maybe if your child looks like Nancy Pelosi.

      Anyhoo, none of it… NONE OF IT was the shocker that took place in 94, when congress had been Democratic for 40 years prior. That was unprecedented.

      Now it’s just another five minute round of capture-the-flag.

      1. 1994 was pretty crazy. And, for a time, it looked like real change would occur. THE ERA OF BIG GOVERNMENT IS OVER! Kids, guess who said that one.

        1. Hillary’s Man-Servant!

      2. The bit in question wasn’t even about the election results, it was about Colbert making his guests buy $12 muffins if they wanted to use the show’s Wifi, cutting to Andrew Sullivan at his laptop going “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” with an absolutely perfect expression on his face.

        1. Ah sorry. I thought yours was another in the long line of posts about Salon and DU freaking out over the election results.

  31. Alabamans amend their constitution to subject any and all restrictions on the right to bear arms to strict scrutiny.

    Strict scrutiny? How about instant ridicule for already being unconstitutional? Do they subject and and all restriction on freedom of speech and the press and the right to peaceably assemble and the right to trial by jury to strict scrutiny? Oh wait…

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