Temperature Trends

Global Temperature Trend Update: October 2014 tied as the warmest October in the 36-year global satellite temperature record



Every month University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer report the latest global temperature trends from satellite data. Below are the newest data updated through October 2014.

Global Temperature Report: October 2014

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decade

October temperatures (preliminary)

Global composite temp.: +0.37 C (about 0.67 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for October.

Northern Hemisphere: +0.34 C (about 0.61 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for October.

Southern Hemisphere: +0.40 C (about 0.72 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for October.

Tropics: +0.19 C (about 0.34 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for October.

Global Temperature Trend October 2014

Notes on data released Nov. 4, 2014:

October 2014 tied as the warmest October in the 36-year global satellite temperature record, according to Dr. John Christy, a professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. With a global average temperature that was 0.37 C (about 0.67 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than seasonal norms, October 2014 tied October 2012.

Warmest Octobers (1979-2014)
(Warmer than seasonal norms)

1.   2014    +0.37 C
      2012    +0.37 C
3.   2005    +0.36 C
4.   2006    +0.32 C
5.   2003    +0.30 C
      2010    +0.30 C
6.   1998    +0.29 C
      2013    +0.29 C
8.   2009    +0.27 C
9.   2004    +0.25 C
10. 2007    +0.19 C

Go here to see monthly lower troposphere temperature data since 1978.

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  1. Good. Let’s get a warmest November going already. Fuck this climate change shit, it’s too fucking cold! We need to turn up the star!

    1. Someday, if and when we become a Type II civilization, wars will be fought over the correct temperature to set the sun.

  2. Ron Bailey – still not drowned.

    1. The chickenshit Ann Coulter is still hiding somewhere deep in the ocean, just like all that mysterious missing heat.

      1. “Release the Kraken!”

  3. I’m sorry, what’s the ‘correct’ global average temperature, again?

    1. Whatever it was right before it got warmer. So, this morning before the sun came up.

      We’re going to need massive wealth redistribution, that is redistribution of wealth from the tax payers into the pockets of corrupt politicians and cronies, to fix this.

      1. It’s the only possible answer.

    2. Do you understand what is meant by “warmest on record” or “above the mean”?

      1. Tony is here to share his yummy tears! Hi, Tony! Tell us how the people have spoken, and what the majority wants is obviously morally legitimate, so you have no cause to complain about the Republican agenda now!

      2. Do you understand that we’ve only been keeping records for what amounts to a fucking nanosecond when compared to the age of the Earth? Gee, it’s warmer this century than it was during the last Ice Age…oh nooooo.

        1. Do you understand that concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are much higher than they’ve been since the human species existed, and are continuing to rise?

          1. Did you know that the climate has changed in the past without humans putting CO2 into the atmosphere?

            I’m serious! It’s true!

            That suggests that maybe, possibly, CO2 isn’t the only thing that controls the climate!


            1. Nobody said it is, you ridiculous moron. It happens to be what’s causing the current rapid warming, and that’s just what the facts are whether you intend to accept them or not.

              1. The rapid warming that’s been on hold for the better part of two decades?

                That warming?

                1. It hasn’t been on hold. Here from that lefty rag Forbes. Read it and explain what you’ve learned or shut the fuck up.

                  1. Weather is not climate when it is cooler, but it is when it is warmer. Got it.

                    1. So you didn’t read or can’t read or can’t learn from what you read?

                  2. Here’s what I learned, ‘Tony’: An awful lot of base-stealing in that Forbes article: …temporary cooling forces that are masking the overall warming

                    So, unexplained ‘cooling forces’, which he knows to be ‘temporary’, somehow, because they just must be! And the warming is still there, it’s just ‘masked’! Jesus titty fucking Christ, how can anyone who has any education at all in science take this shit seriously?

                    1. And the warming is still there, it’s just ‘masked’!

                      Well, yeah! That’s the beauty of circular logic! When your conclusion is your premise, you cannot be proven wrong! It’s logically impossible!

                  3. It hasn’t been on hold. Here from that lefty rag Forbes.

                    Every time a socialist blogger posts an op-ed(!) on Forbes, lefties proceed to exclaim how “even those evil capitalists at Forbes accept our premise as valid”.

                    Nobody said it is, you ridiculous moron.

                    Said the guy whose constantly claiming that his opponents believe the climate isn’t changing at all.

          2. Jebus Tony. CO2 levels have fluctuated wildly in the past. They are nowhere near as high now as they have been many times in the past.

            1. When in the past are you referring to? They are much higher now than at any time the human species has existed, much higher than at any time in about the last million years. Is that not sufficient enough to cause alarm, or do you suppose we can adapt easily to a global environment our species has never lived in?

              1. They are much higher now than at any time the human species has existed

                Medieval Warm Period and Roman Warm Period were higher, dipshit.

            2. Dude, you need to employ your circular logic circuits. You see, human activity is causing CO2 levels to rise, and human activity is bad. Therefore, CO2 created by human activity is bad. Since the climate isn’t the same as it was a couple hundred years ago, and human activity is bad, human activity must be the cause. Thus human activity that results in CO2 must be stopped, because if not it will cause the end of the world!

          3. CO2 levels in the atmosphere were at 7000ppm during the Cambrian Period, which produced the most intense burst of life and evolution ever seen on Earth. Earth experienced an ice age 450 million years ago, with CO2 somewhere between 2000 and 8000 ppm. Over the last 40 million years the CO2 level in the atmosphere has fallen from 1000-2000 ppm, to a minimum of 180 ppm 20,000 years ago. Not since the Perm period circa 250 million years ago has the CO2 level been so low.

            They’re now at 396.48.

            What does this prove? It proves that CO2 levels rise and fall regardless of mankind, and that life will go on regardless of CO2 levels.

            1. They also rise because of human activity, and are you saying you’re OK with it as long as some life survives? I’m concerned about the human species personally.

              1. Tony proves once again that reading comprehension and logical reasoning are not his strong suits.

                1. Re: WTF,

                  He just doesn’t care. He wants socialism and he wants it good and hard. Never mind the fact that even if AGW was a real phenomenon (which is looking more and more like it isn’t), the proposed “solution” – with its eerie semblance to goofy Zero Growth proposals – carries NO assurance that it will be better for the planet or humans or anything. Socialism has proven to be MUCH DIRTIER than free market Capitalism, many times over.

                  1. He just doesn’t care. He wants socialism and he wants it good and hard.

                    Bingo. Any excuse will do.

            2. But ZA, this time it isn’t natural! Industrial activity is the cause of the rising CO2 levels, and industrial activity is bad! Therefore the CO2 is bad, and whatever results from it is bad! Because capitalism is bad!

  4. Jesus, what a way to start the day.

    I wake up to a pounding on my door. It’s a bunch of Washington State officials demanding their cut. And they told me that it’s gone up, and they want it earlier in the month now.

    1. Initiative 594 passed, Paul. God fucking damn it.

      1. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t win a single thing. Not one.

        I’m considering going back to not voting, because it made no difference. And I’m out the cost of a stamp.

        1. I never considered not not voting, Paul. Your vote, and mine, is meaningless. You gave in to the fallacy that it mattered, and learned again that it doesn’t. Welcome back.

          When does the initiative take effect?

            1. Then I’d better get selling and buying.

              1. What was it you were selling again?

                  1. Oh yeah. Damn. Don’t need one of those.

                    I was hoping you were selling an AK at H&R friend prices.

                    1. No, I’m looking for an AK at H&R friend prices too. I should find out if we have a gun show within 30 days and go (I’m sure we do, but now it will be a madhouse). My Washington Arms Collectors membership has expired but I can just pay the guest rate.

                      It’s more the selling I’m concerned with now though anyway. I’d better get an ad out there. Sigh. Why do the gun grabber scum have to ruin every place I live?

                    2. Whoops, the italics should have been on “I’m” there.

                    3. If you are serious about selling, send me an email. Photo and price etc.

                  2. Nice. You have the extra .22 mag cylinder?

                    1. I do. I will send you an email.

          1. *Francisco shakes head in disgust*

            1. Do share…how awesome and what is this “594”?

              1. Do share…how awesome and what is this “594”?

                All gun transfers require a background check.

                You go shooting with a friend, and while you’re out on the range, you trade your Glock for his HK USP compact.

                Two background checks required.

                1. I’m actually wondering if this can be challenged as unconstitutional (either US or WA state). If it can be, I’m pretty sure it will be.

                  1. I will support and donate money to any court challenge.

    2. Wait, what? bureaucrats actually outside doing work?

      1. Oh they won’t return my calls. But if I miss a payment? Yeah.

      2. Well that’s obviously a lie.

  5. The later I have to buy heating oil, the better.

  6. Gaia is having a sad because the Rethuglicans were elected with Kochtopus oil money.

  7. Tony be sporting a chubby.

    1. Nah, ‘Tony’ be wailing and gnashing his teeth today.

  8. Winter was cold as shit and July was historically cold. But as soon as a single warm thing happens, we’re back to this?

    Fuck this cult.

    1. Winter and July were just ‘weather’. October is ‘climate change’.

    2. July 2014 was the 4th hottest July on record.

      You do realize that there are more places on this planet than your home town? Yes?

      1. Tell us ‘Tony’, what is the correct global average temperature, and why?

          1. That is not an answer, moron, as it answers neither of my questions. Tell us, what is the correct global average temperature, and why?

            1. There is no universally accepted measure of absolute average global temperature, so there is no answer to your question. The useful data are the trends that each method of measuring absolute temperature produce, and which accord with each other. The link does answer your question, but you’re not actually interested in educating yourself are you?

              1. According to “trends”, the earth’s climate has always fluctuated wildly.

              2. There is no universally accepted measure of absolute average global temperature,

                So the whole AGW hysteria is bullshit, since the purported ‘problem’ you are trying to ‘solve’ can’t even be meaningfully measured. DERP!

    3. “Winter was cold as shit and July was historically cold. But as soon as a single warm thing happens, we’re back to this?”

      Yep. Cite a cold spell and it is dismissed as just weather, but every warm one is global warming.

      The recent recycled lie about the walruses crowding together on land ( a reserve put aside for them long before global warming because they do it every year to mate) because of missing sea ice should be enough to tip anyone one with half a brain off that it is a fucking scam.

      When people tell lies to sell you on something its a clue that what they have aint worth buying.

      1. There wasn’t a cold spell. He is talking about weather–a local phenomenon. You do understand the difference between weather and climate? The July he’s talking was the fourth hottest month on record. Not a cold spell, except maybe where he lived, which is not relevant, as any fucking toddler can understand but nobody here for some reason.

        1. No warming since 1998.
          What is the correct global average temperature, and why?

          1. I already gave you the information you need to know, so why do you persist on being ignorant?

            1. Because the ‘information’ you provided answers neither of the questions I posed. Why do you persist in being stupid?

        2. The July he’s talking was the fourth hottest month on record.

          And all the predictions were for an exponential increase in average global temperature.

          Tell me, Anthony, why it’s the fourth hottest July on record and not THE hottest July on record? Where is your hockey stick President Mr Gore?

          1. Right here. But you’re smarter than the scientists at NASA, right?

            1. Are you too stupid to realize you just proved my point?

              No one is arguing the CO2 has increased.

              The problem is, there is no corresponding increase in average global temperature.

              You are a scientific illiterate. You are too fucking stupid to grasp the basic concept. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the models predicted an exponential increase in average global temperature corresponding to an increase in CO2. You show the increase in CO2 but the average global temperature has remained nearly steady for 17 fucking years.

              .67 deg F above the 30 year average. 17 years with no warming is nearly half that fucking period. Is it warmer? Yeah, slightly. But the models are ALL FUCKING WRONG! THERE IS NO EXPONENTIAL INCREASE AS PREDICTED!

              1. No one is arguing the CO2 has increased.


              2. Who predicted exponential increase? And are you claiming there has been no warming, or that the observed warming is not attributed to CO2?

                1. Do you have any idea what an exponential increase is?

                  Al Gore’s hockey stick.

                  Here are the model prediction. We are running about half of the average and about a third of the handwringer’s predictions.

                  1. And next to ZERO since 1998.

                    Warming by .1 degree when the prediction from an average of all the models was to warm .4 degrees and the worst case .8 degrees shows their hypothesis to be complete fucking bullshit.

              3. You are a scientific illiterate.

                No Fd’A, you are the one who is scientifically illiterate! You see, the scientific method is just a quaint thing that only deniers believe in! True scientists have embraced consensus!
                You see, when really smart people agree on something, regardless of experimentation, computer models, or reality, then they must be right!
                Who are you to say they are wrong? Huh? They are really smart!

        3. Your religion is going down in flames, Tony Baloney. Better get a new religion. No one gives a shit. Soon enough you’ll be the only one on the intertoobs going on about this totally debunked mythical non-sense.

  9. who decides what normal is supposed to be since there has always been a warming trend since the last ice age. that is if you ignore the medieval warming period which means we are cooler but thats okay to leave out relevant information these days when discussing science. BTW for all we know the medieval warming period may also be cyclic which means we may be heading for another one which would be a real natural disaster for most of the Northern hemisphere.

    1. which would be a real natural disaster for most of the Northern hemisphere.


  10. Anarctic sea ice is at a record high according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

    1. Which also proves man-made global warming. Because, science!

      1. Well, yeah!

        More ice is caused by wind shifts due to global warming!

        Same with less ice!

        Droughts, floods, seasonal storms or a lack thereof, hot weather, cold weather, it’s all global warming!

        1. There’s really nothing it can’t do.
          Except actually make the world warmer since 1998.

          1. Or the Cubs win.

    2. Yet antarctic waters are warming. (Increase in antarctic sea ice results from complex local factors.) None of you seem to have learned yet that because it’s cold one day or because there’s more ice somewhere doesn’t mean the whole theory is wrong, because the theory doesn’t say that it’s always going to be fucking warmer at all places on the surface and in the atmosphere at all times. If that’s what you think then you need to do some more reading.

      1. What’s the correct global average temperature, and why? Come on ‘Tony’, educate us!

        1. I linked you above and it should explain why your question isn’t really meaningful. Read it and explain what you’ve learned to the class.

          1. So, you admit you can’t answer in any meaningful way. Which proves your agonizing over warming that may or may not happen is irrational. Thanks for playing, moron.

            1. You’re asking a question only an idiot who doesn’t know the first thing about this subject would ask. Why do you insist on polluting the internet with uninformed opinions?

              1. Why do you insist on polluting the internet with uninformed opinions?

                Oh, God, the lack of self-awareness is breathtaking!

      2. But if it is warm one day or if there is less ice somewhere it means the theory is correct?

        Go sit on a sharp stick motherfucker.

        1. When it’s cold it’s just weather.

          When it’s warm OMG it’s a climate event!

        2. No. Weather and climate are two different things. There is an Internet out there for you to educate yourself with. Why do you refuse to do so but continue talking about this subject?

          1. You mean the available data that show that there is no net warming since 1998? Which has falsified the AGW CO2 models and therefore falsified the hypothesis the models were based on? That kind of education? You really are pathetic.

            1. But that’s a ridiculous lie.

            2. 1998 was a record-setting el nino year, and by some measures temperatures have been relatively flat since that large spike. So how do you account for the warming that happened pre-1998? And the fact that each decade has been warmer than the last without exception?

              You must understand that the entire reason 1998 is selected as a starting point (cherry picked) is because it was a record hot year. This is not science, this is bullshit artistry.

              1. If “natural variation” explains the break in trend lines since 1998, why doesn’t it explain the trend line before 1998?

                1. Because, Tony’s religion tells him that doesn’t matter!

          2. Tony: remind me, other than vomit up pinko horseshit on the internet, what is it you do again? What is your education?

            I don’t need the internet for that. I kept all of my science text books from college. That section alone is probably bigger than every book you have ever read.

            1. ‘section of my bookshelves’

            2. what is it you do again?

              I believe that it has been confirmed that the answer to that is, sit in his mums basement, play on the intertoobs saying stupid stuff, and pass out drunk by 2pm. That’s pretty much it.

            3. Which one of those texts says that the greenhouse effect is a hoax?

              1. So nothing, right?

      3. Milankovitch cycles. Look it up, dip-shit.

      4. Many of us might believe the AGW has some basis in fact, that doesn’t mean we agree with the implications and alleged impacts often cited by eco-looneys.

        1. Also, I suspect many of us tend to get hot under the collar when the subject comes up and a serious discussion can’t be had because of the cultists and commie fuckers pushing “The sky is falling! Quick, give me your wallet!” .

      5. Re: Tony,

        Yet antarctic waters are warming. (Increase in antarctic sea ice results from complex local factors.)

        Since the smoking gun for global warming was supposed to be an Antarctic continent bereft of ice, this explanation of yours sounds pretty hollow. Like someone was doing a lot of bullshitting for years.

        “Behold, I will stop the sun!”
        “It hasn’t stopped.”
        “Give it time!”

        1. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

          1. Project much?
            Derp de derpity derp DERP!

          2. Re: Tony,

            You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            Nice comeback.

            I know exactly what I am talking about. Measuring implies a baseline, always. If the baseline was MUCH LOWER than the norm, your averages are going to seem much higher than they actually are.

            And I am not saying that the GW scientists aren’t aware of this. What I am saying is that no general can withstand a $50,000 gold peso cannonade (an old Mexican saying).

      6. Yet antarctic waters are warming. (Increase in antarctic sea ice results from complex local factors.)

        But when the Holy Consensus was using the perceived decrease in sea ice as alarming evidence of their prophecies, that was not because of “complex local factors” it was because of Global Warmz!

        You really fancy one-way streets dontcha?

  11. Say, didn’t we just have record early season snows in the Southeast? Must have been because it’s getting warmer.

    1. And Chicago, and Maine, and a bunch of other places too.

      North America is having the earliest start to winter in everyone’s lifetime, but that’s because global warming causes the Polar Vortex, and ummmm, derpity derp derp.

      1. Another lie/clue; the polar vortex is a natural phenomena and has always been there and has never been completely stationary. It wobbled a bit toward NA and the global warmers pretended that it had just appeared.

        See also the hole in the ozone layer.

  12. as a bird hunter,upland and waterfowl,I can tell you in the last 25 years,some years it warm and dry,some cold and wet,some hot and wet.You deal with it.

    1. Man, fuck waterfowl. Sitting out in the middle of a pit freezing your ass off waiting for shit to fly over. Give me quail hunting any day.

  13. In Soviet Russia, October warm YOU.

  14. OT: NFL’s Oldest Cheerleader Arrested for Blowing 15 Year Old

    Key to the investigation is what allegedly happened Labor Day weekend in Bethany Beach, Delaware, where Molly Shattuck, her kids and some of her kids’ friends were staying in a rented beach house. The boy stayed over one night.

    The documents say, “Sometime around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, they drove to a liquor store and (Molly) Shattuck purchased a 12-pack of Miller Lite and a 12-pack of Bud Light for them.”

    The younger kids were left home alone. Once back at the house, Molly Shattuck allegedly performed oral sex on the boy, first outside the home while walking the dog and again in her bedroom.

    1. No really, what was she arrested for? Did she bite? Did she want money afterwards? What gives.

      1. She should have been arrested for buying Miller AND Bud Light.

        I mean really, what’s the point?

        1. She bought it for the kids, and kids don’t know any better. Hell, I drank shitty beer back in the day too.

      2. It might be for losing her looks, though the photo in the article is too grainy to tell.

    2. What the hell is happening to this country. When I was 15, you would have received a fucking certificate of accomplishment signed by the Mayor for getting blown by an NFL cheerleader, no matter how old she was.

      1. She’s 47.

        1. She’s also smoking hot, especially for a 47 year-old. If at 15, I had a choice of getting blown by an average 18 year-old, or by a smoking hot 47 year-old, I think I’d go with the latter. I’ll take experience over youth. My point is that if getting blown by a cheerleader was some sort of traumatic experience for this kid, he’s already fucked up in the head.

          1. My only problem with him is that he ratted her out to the pigs.

            Got to learn when to keep your mouth shut son.

            1. Yep, I was bragging about my sexual encounters to friends in Junior High. One of my female teachers took me aside and explained the intricacies of Statutory Rape laws, and suggested that I might want to be a little more discrete. I got the message loud and clear.

              1. Reminds me in high school civics class the teacher was stating the statutory rapes laws. One the boys face went white. The teacher noticed and said so should (name) be concerned. The boy just lowered his head and said nothing. And nothing else happened.

                Nowadays the teacher would have to report you to the authorities.

            2. Well, to be fair, if you got a smokey from an NFL cheerleader when you were 15, would you have kept it quiet?

          2. The documents say she allegedly performed oral sex on the boy and told him “if he wanted to have sex she would. The boy opted out. He decided to leave. At that point, she told him to come back later but he did not go back.”

            Doesn’t seem like he was all that into it. However, that should’ve been the end of it. He got to shoot down the smokin’ 47 year old, she got rejected. I see no reason for the authorities to’ve gotten involved.

      2. Yeah, it is certainly creepy on her part for wanting to do it to a 15 year old, but the inner 15 year old CPA is thinking…nice

      3. ^This.

        When I was 14 my girlfriend’s hot mom threw me on a pool table and fucked my brains out. It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. It took a year for my smile to fade.

        What the hell kinds of little wimps are we raising these days?

        1. What? Ok, a milf was nailed… But there were no fucking rapist bears in that story. FAIL!

        2. When I was 15, I had a 34 year-old German woman teach me shit that benefited me, and every woman I’ve performed cunnilingus on throughout my life. She saw herself as a teacher, and I was willing to learn.

  15. 36 years? That’s it? 36 years? The planet is billions of years old FFS.

    1. 36 years allows them to ignore previous warming cycles.

    2. If you keep that up, Tony’s cult of warming will be forced to steal the 6000 year old earth meme from that other religion.

  16. *read in Rainman voice*

    Yeah…definitely…definitely a hockey stick.

  17. Re: Tony,

    Do you understand what is meant by “warmest on record”

    Yes, it means warmest since someone bothered to take measurements. Which is like saying “my house is the tallest since I decided to use a tape measure instead of just looking at it.”

    It is a completely meaningless statement.

    1. You’re smarter than NASA too. Bunch of geniuses here.

      1. Re: Tony,

        You’re smarter than NASA too. Bunch of geniuses here.

        Don’t insult me. I am not merely smarter than NASA. I am a person whereas NASA is a department. I am WAY smarter than a department.

        Keep that in mind. Or learn to write.

  18. What I love is how “the record” extends back only so far for some purposes (since we’ve been taking satellite measurements or whatever), but it can extend much further back for other purposes (tree ring, ice core, other kinds of measurement tools).

    Its almost like the warmistas cherry pick their data to reach the conclusion du jour.

  19. Interesting study –


    Note temps and CO2 levels.

    I am sure it will be mostly ignored as it shows that mitigating AGW is as easy as planting trees, no tax needed, no giant bureaucracy needed etc.

    Never mind that AGW is negligible, plant trees anyway because. Plant fucking trees, which I do on a regular basis. Last year 44,000 pines, 2000 pecans. Next year’s plan; 40,000 yellow poplar.

    As a matter of fact I was out picking up white oak acorns this morning. Damn deer got most of them already.

    1. Wow, you’re like a Johnny Appleseed. I was proud of my 57 pines/spruces.

      1. Timberland….Tony has scolded me in the past for raping nature for profit. He thinks all that money should be given to…I am not sure, but not to the guy who did all the fucking work and paid all the property tax.

        I wonder how many trees he has planted. I am guessing zero.

        1. That’s what government is for.

  20. How much did the election results change the climate?

  21. A temperature 0.37 degrees above normal when the normal variation range is +/-0.6 degrees is not very strong evidence for a permanent increase in temperature.

  22. Tony, speaking of NASA, have you found where all the missing warming has gone yet? Because your buddies at NASA confirmed that it isn’t hiding in the oceans.

  23. And so here we are…September was the warmest September on record according to NOAA, and we are now on pace for 2014 to be the warmest year since the industrial revolution, eclipsing 1998. You know what that means, deniers- you can start counting from 2014 rather than 1998 in order to live in the fantasy world you live in.

    And all that is without an El Nino (and 1998 was the El Nino of the century), but alas, the El Nino is now forming, thus making for even more warmer temperatures over the next few months.


    But what’s to worry, right Ronald? Like you said yesterday, with the GOP firmly in charge of Congress, all of the President’s mild efforts at addressing this problem will now be put on hold.

    So much for science in the world of the right wing…and that includes Libertarians.

  24. taco

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