Minimum Wage

Developing: Minimum Wage Increases Winning in Neb., Ark., N.D.

Alaska and South Dakota also have votes


Arkansas voters were asked to increase theri minimum wage to $7.50 an hour in 2015 and eventually to $8.50 by 2017. It has been projected as winning with 64 percent of the vote with 12 percent of the vote tallied. 

Nebraska voters are asked to increase their minimum wage to $9 an hour by 2016. It is winning with 61 percent of the vote with 10 percent of the vote tallied.

We will update with more numbers in the future.

Update: An initiative to increase the minimum wage and tie it to inflation is currently winning in South Dakota, by a vote of 42 to 48 percent. Only 37 percent of the vote has been tallied so far.