Election 2014

Varying Rules From Photo ID to Provisional Ballots

Make sure you know 'em.


Republicans, Democrats and their advocacy groups are gearing up to navigate an Election Day governed by voting rules that have changed since the last national election — some of which are still tied up in the courts.

For Republicans, the effort is about maintaining ballot integrity and preventing fraud. Democrats and their allies, meanwhile, say the focus is maximizing participation.

Michael Thielen, executive director of the Republican National Lawyers Association, whose group provides attorneys in every state to help monitor elections and handle any challenges to voting rules, said the GOP wants "an open, fair and honest election."

Said former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat who now leads the Center for American Progress Action Fund, "There is growing perception that there is a systemic effort to make it more difficult for certain segments of our population to vote." …

No matter the ideology, the rules for voting are different in many states than they were in 2012. Here's a look at the varying landscape.