WATCH: Is the Bitcoin ATM the Future of Money?


This story was originally posted on October 27, 2014. Here's the original write-up:

Are these Bitcoin ATMs really the future of money? Mike Piri of Bitcoin Agents and thinks so.

"We put it in these places because […] people pass by them every day, they see it, maybe they'll become curious, maybe they'll buy ten dollars," says Piri, who installed a Bitcoin ATM at HandleBar in downtown Austin, TX.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be used online or wherever Bitcoin is accepted. Users can add or withdraw cash from their Bitcoin wallet (a QR code found on their phone) after scanning their government-issued identification and the palms of their hands.

Piri admits that the ATMs are not a profitable business right now but machines like his work to popularize and mainstream cryptocurrency.

"It's person to person," says Piri. "That's what's great about it."

Produced by Paul Detrick.

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  2. Psaw. The future of currency is macks.

    Macks are tasty too. Take that bitcoin.

    1. Interesting; a couple of 'finds' from you link.
      Tony Serra (quoted in the link) is a lefty defense attorney in SF. I didn't know he'd been tossed in the slammer for tax evasion, but he's supposedly taken a 'vow of poverty' which unfortunately means his landlord did too; he lives in a rent-controlled apartment.
      Also, in searching info on Serra, Wiki is again asking for donations, but at least this time they're admitting that 'advertising isn't evil'(!)but then claiming 'it has no place on Wiki'.
      Sorry, no donation from here. Sell some space. You get no 'purity' props from me for denying econ.

  3. I thought the future of money was Paddy's Dollars.

    Dennis: I think we made every single one of our Paddy's Dollars back,

    Mac: You're damn right. Thus creating the self-sustaining economy we've been looking for.

    1. I thought it was underwear.

      1. Is THAT how we make profit?

  4. What about Titcoin?

  5. Didn't some officious twit start hauling away bitcoin ATMs recently?

  6. Government issued id? Scan the Palm of my hand? Is this Russian currency?

  7. Wait.

    What about the downtrodden in our society who have no ID ?

    Are they to be denied the purity of Bitcoin ?

    Social Justice demands we make Bitcoin available to everyone without discrimination.

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