Misandry in the GamerGate Controversy

One of the weirder bouts of gender conflict in the culture wars.


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If you're like many people I know, you've been doing your best to know as little as possible about GamerGate, the hashtag movement that is either—depending on who you ask—a consumer revolt against corruption in the videogame media or a harassment campaign targeting women in the videogame world. Who wants to get embroiled in a two-month-long Internet drama over videogames? But this story is not nearly as frivolous as might seem. One reason it won't die is that it's a battlefield in a larger culture war over issues ranging from gender politics to media bias to social libertarianism versus left-wing moralism.

In the last couple of weeks, the GamerGate story has become front-page news after highly publicized threats to two feminist critics of the videogame industry and gaming culture, media analyst Anita Sarkeesian and game designer Brianna Wu. While there is no evidence connecting these threats to any individuals involved in GamerGate, media coverage has heavily implied such a linkage. Newsweek published an analysis of tweets in the #GamerGate hashtag concluding that it is indeed an anti-female harassment campaign; blogger J.W. Caine responded with a counter-analysis arguing that the vast majority of the tweets the Newsweek reported counted as "harassment" were actually neutral mentions of women who were prominent in the controversy.

The full story of GamerGate is so convoluted it could probably fill a book by now. I have done some fact-checking in two previous articles for and (and the Know Your Meme website has a fairly detailed chronicle).  While the various charges and countercharges are incredibly difficult to sort out, there are several ways in which the media narrative has been egregiously skewed.

Only a few journalists in the national media, such as's David Auerbach, have acknowledged that serious harassment, including threats and "doxxing"—posting a person's private information online—have happened on both sides of GamerGate. Meanwhile, uncorroborated claims by Sarkeesian and Wu that the threats against them are connected to GamerGate have been uncritically repeated. In fact, there are persistent rumors, backed up with screenshots and chat room records, that at least some of the harassment and threats come from trolls who go after both sides to stir things up, because that's what trolls do. To some extent, journalists have been reluctant to look into these claims because they don't want to be targeted, but blaming the threats on GamerGate is also a convenient narrative. Meanwhile, GamerGaters' efforts to stop and report harassment have been only rarely acknowledged. (When GamerGate members claimed to have found the man who had sent threats to Sarkeesian, anti-GamerGate blogger David Futrelle responded by accusing them of harboring some of Sarkeesian's harassers in their midst—citing as his example a netizen known as "thunderf00t," who has done little more than to engage in sharp criticism of Sarkeesian's work.)

The online kerfuffle that eventually grew into GamerGate—a controversy surrounding feminist independent game developer Zoe Quinn—has been reduced to a misogynist attack on Quinn by a vindictive ex-boyfriend who publicized her sexual foibles and by Internet bottom-feeders who falsely accused her of trading sex for positive game reviews. In fact, as I showed in my first GamerGate piece,  the Quinn controversy was a grab-bag of many issues, including Quinn's own alleged (and fairly well-documented) attacks on another feminist videogame project.

Since then, I discovered another curious, narrative-complicating wrinkle to this story. Eron Gjoni, Quinn's, was encouraged to go public by at least one woman in the videogame industry: former Tumblr blogger KC Vidya. She believed that Quinn's liaisons with industry insiders and with a gaming journalist who had given her positive publicity were a breach of professional ethics, and that her behavior toward Gjoni went against her declared personal ethics as a "social justice" activist. (While KC Vidya later deleted her blog due to the backlash she encountered, screencaps of her posts still exist.) Ironically, a line from one of KC Vidya's posts was quoted in a article as an example of things "males" have said about Quinn; at least in that case, the magazine later amended the wording and posted a correction.

With few exceptions, GamerGate has been portrayed as a group of aggrieved white straight males who don't want women, gays, and minorities on their turf—even though female, gay, transgender, and minority gamers are among the movement's most passionate supporters. Pro-GamerGate pundit/scholar Christina Hoff Sommers has been dismissed by detractors as a right-wing faux feminist (in fact, Sommers is a moderate, pro-choice registered Democrat). But the movement has also received at least partial sympathy from self-identified liberal feminists such as New York comedian/writer Sara Benincasa and Canadian journalist Liana Kerzner. Kerzner has had her conflicts with GamerGate but has lately found herself closer to the "pro" camp, partly because of what she sees as unfair media coverage.

A part of GamerGate's image problem is its own identity problem.  While the movement's concerns about cronyism in "elite" gaming journalism (represented by sites such as Kotaku, Polygon, and ArsTechnica) and its rather incestuous relationship with the "progressive" indie development scene are definitely not without foundation, the "ethics in journalism" arguments are often somewhat vague.  It is also hard to sustain the argument that GamerGate is not a backlash against feminism when it finds itself conspicuously at war with feminists on and around the gaming scene; indeed, the gamers' complaints about gaming media collusion are often directed at the promotion of a feminist agenda.

But this backlash is not directed at women, who are already a strong presence in the gaming world. (Today, more than half of role-playing videogame players are female, as a third of those playing in massive multiplayer online games.) Nor it is directed at female-oriented content in videogames, where female protagonists—or ones whose gender can be customized by the player—are hardly a rarity. Its target is a narrow brand of feminism that not all women and not all feminists espouse—one that does not simply champion equality and inclusion, but sees modern Western culture as permeated by patriarchy and views male "sexualization" of women as inherently oppressive.

GamerGate has been attacked over anti-feminist comments made by some of the movement's sympathizers, such as provocative British tech blogger and writer Milo Yiannopoulos. But far less attention has been given to extreme views on the anti-GamerGate side. Take writer Samantha Allen, whose decision to stop writing about videogames, apparently because of GamerGate, has been lamented by Brianna Wu as the tragic loss of a valuable voice. (Update: Allen contacted me to say she gave up videogame writing because of a Twitter harassment campaign in June/July, several weeks before the existence of GamerGate as such, even though Wu's Washington Post column names her as one of the women "lost" to GamerGate.) A few months ago, Allen posted (and later deleted) a diatribe  on her Tumblr blog that opened with this declaration:

i'm a misandrist. that means i hate men. i'm not a cute misandrist. i don't have a fridge magnet that says, "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them." my loathing cannot be contained by a fridge magnet.

 (It's all downhill from there.)

Obviously, Allen does not express such attitudes in her published work; but it is surely not a stretch to think that they inform her journalism.

In his GamerGate commentary, journalist and blogger Andrew Sullivan notes that the movement was partly a revolt again "the creeping misandry in a lot of current debates … and the easy prejudices that define white and male and young as suspect identities." I disagree with some of Sullivan's writings on gender, which come too close to a "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" view of intractable sex differences for my taste; but in this case, his insight is on target. This misandry expresses itself not only in many feminist critiques of videogames (which I discussed in some detail in my second piece on GamerGate), but in a climate that treats male sexual expression—and even harmless humor that could be interpreted in a sexual way—with suspicion and disapproval.

In this climate, a man's quip, "Relax, it will be over soon" to a woman during a videogame demonstration can spark an outcry over a "rape joke"; a male game designer can be vilified as a misogynist for casually joking in a pre-Valentine's Day interview that men could earn sexual favors by introducing their girlfriends to his new multiplayer game and letting them win; and a programmer can lose his job over an overheard childish joke about a "big dongle" at a tech conference. In this climate, a leading videogame publication can criticize a game maker for insisting on his innocence of a rape accusation made in the social media rather than admit that he might have inadvertently violated his accuser by not seeking explicit consent.

None of this negates the fact that male chauvinism exists in the gaming community. But to fight it by stigmatizing maleness is exactly the wrong approach, and a way to alienate not only men but many women as well.

The feminism of male demonization and female victimhood has become an insidious force that, despite its faux-progressive trappings, stands in the way of genuine equality. Whatever its flaws, GamerGate is a politically diverse movement of cultural resistance to this brand of toxic feminism. For that, it deserves at least two cheers.

This article originally appeared at SpliceToday.

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  1. But what do millenials think about it?

    Oh, it seems 95% don't give a shit so youse guys can give it a rest.

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    1. It appears I'm good at that. I hardly even tried.

      1. It's like World of Warcraft, only briefer.

    2. That link should have totally gone to Tropico 5's website.

      1. I love Tropico.
        People say it's racist, but mostly, it's just anti-dictatorship. Why can't people make fun of Latin-America's history of corruption and dictatorships without being called racist? Besides, the American tourists are portrayed just as stereotypically. Little fat pasty white people waddling around to souvenir shops.

  3. In this climate, a man's quip, "Relax, it will be over soon" to a woman during a videogame demonstration can spark an outcry over a "rape joke"; a male game designer can be vilified as a misogynist for casually joking in a pre-Valentine's Day interview that men could earn sexual favors by introducing their girlfriends to his new multiplayer game and letting them win; and a programmer can lose his job over an overheard childish joke about a "big dongle" at a tech conference.

    This is the point--the Racism Wars of the past forty years have enjoyed such widespread success that the rhetorical methods that have defined them are being employed on behalf of every group of oppressed people.

    The problem with the widespread adoption of effective Alinskyism is that now everyone can claim oppression in multiple ways, whether due to gender (everyone has one), sex (everyone has at least one), race (same), class (yes), religion (uh huh) or another of the myriad ways human beings have of distinguishing their tribe from the other.

    The good news being that, thanks to the universal adoption of the Oppressed-Oppressor worldview, we all get to sneer at those evil oppressors on the other side of the fence.

    1. White, american women, are some of the most privileged people, in the history of the goddamned earth. Not accepting that victim shit.

      1. Personally, I feel most victimized by economic scarcity, which I regard as divine (or secular universal) oppression.

  4. I'm a member and regular reader of several videogame-related forums, and this is the first time I hear about all this hashtag shit.

    It exists mostly on Twitter and 'blogosphere', I guess.

  5. One reason it won't die is that it's a battlefield in a larger culture war over issues ranging from gender politics to media bias to social libertarianism versus left-wing moralism.

    Who doesn't love a good culture war hatefest? Besides me, that is?

    1. Well, I do think this is a case where John's point does hold true. You might not be interested in a culture war to impose your will on the proglodytes. That doesn't mean they're not interested in a culture war to impose their will on you.

    2. social libertarianism versus left-wing moralism

      It is really left vs left. They have done some surveys and the politics of the gamers is left wing.

      More like left wing authoritarianism vs left wing civil libertarians. It is kind of heartening to see that left wing civil libertarians actually exist. Who know they all were hiding out in video game communities.

      1. Could someone explain the difference between left wing libertarianism and right wing libertarianism?

        1. Err I wrote left wing civil libertarians.

          Note the "civil" part.

          Basically left wing civil libertarians are the ACLU. They like the Bill of Rights minus the 2nd amendment. Unlike left wing authoritarianism which are like Ezra Klein who think the bill of rights is like over 100 years old and therefore can't be understood cuz of the strange ancient foreign language it was written in and should be ignored.

        2. Left-wing libertarians want to go form socialist communes.

          Right-wing libertarians want to do what they want on their own property.

          They aren't incompatible, they just sometimes think they are.

      2. We should start emphasizing this difference more, but call it social liberalism vs. progressive moralism (or left-wing moralism, if you prefer). Start getting self-described liberals to realize that they are not always on the same team as progressives and that they are not progressives themselves. Start making them look much more critically at the progressive message and maybe even distance themselves a bit from them.

        1. Honestly question why a liberal would abandon the liberal name in favour of the name progressive unless it was to abandon liberalism.

        2. Yeah, I think "progressive moralism" is better and more accurate. They are very similar in mentality to the teetotalers of the early 20th century. They want to regulate human behavior in all sorts of ways.

          Actual leftists are mostly focused on economic inequality, and are much less likely to use moralistic language when they talk about issues.

  6. I'm just gonna share updates about my hangover as the day goes on. I feel like luke warm re-fried ass right now

    1. I'm hammered all the time and rarely get a hangover. What the fuck did you drink?

      1. This clarifies a great deal

        1. What, you couldn't tell just from his posts? He starts off pretty coherent early in the day. The evening posts often read like they are in a foreign language.

  7. Blame it on the radical feminist conspiracy, Lizard.

    1. If that's true then it was really dick move on their part

      1. dick move

        I see what you did there.

  8. left-wing moralism

    Now, you're just making stuff up.

  9. Thanks for the overview, now I can continue ignoring GamerGate in the mainstream press, but still be able to talk about it if someone brings it up.

    1. If someone brings gamergate up I grab a box noodles, boil them thoroughly, allow them to cool, and then beat the unwitting fool about the entire neck and shoulders with the lot.

  10. I've yet to see some really true "misogyny" online. I hear it everywhere, but I never really see it. I'm sure it exists out there somewhere, but it's such a small minority that I haven't seen it. BUT, what I have seen lots of online is misandry, but for some reason that never gets reported on. I guess it doesn't fit the feminist victim narrative. And "miss" Allen's own misandry is even more convoluted as "she" really is a man, if you get what I mean.

    1. I have to agree with you, I actually think misandry is more prominent online, it is just ignored. While it is true I have seen misogyny online misandry is more common if you look at it logically and do not hold double standards. The problem is the people that claim misogyny everywhere either claim you cannot be sexist towards men that misandry doesn't exist ANYWHERE or use double standards in which they claim the act in question is misogynistic but the equal act against men is not misandristic.

      Example: Many feminists claim the over sexualized/feminized Bayonneta design is misogynistic but no one ever says that the oversexualized/masculined kratos from god of war is misandristic. A sexualized woman is objectification and a sexualized man is a power fantasy to these people, double think at its best.

      From my perspective these feminist idealogues that do not use universal logic towards both sexes are trying to perpetuate double standards and gender roles just like traditionalists.

      1. Society has just let them get away with saying too much stupid and hateful things. Just look at their patriarchy "theory" where they think a cabal of white men sit around trying to hinder women everywhere. I guess it's true; success does breed jealousy. These feminists from day one have been jealous of men and that jealousy has turned to hatred.

        What we are seeing now is a group not rolling over and letting them get their way and they are shocked that some people are calling out their bullshit and their hatred. You kick a dog long enough it's going to bite you.

  11. The brand of feminism that gamers are fighting are the type who are either pro-communist or pro-fascism. They complain about wage gaps or catcalls where the only real solution is to make all jobs pay equally (Communism) regardless of any factor or make catcalling (which is tantamount to saying hello or asking how a young lady is doing) illegal thus bring about thought-crime and stifling free speech.

    To call people like Sarkeesian or her boyfriend McIntosh "far-left" isn't really doing their ideologies justice. They and people like them are out-right, proudly, and often expressively so, anti-capitalist and anti-liberty.

    They are a scourge of reason, freedom, liberty, and expression; they make no effort to hide it.

    1. Thing is that many people with not believe that and aren't willing to do the research to find out what Anita Sarkeesian actually believes.

      Many journalists just aren't familiar with their work and just see "feminist journalist attacked by male gamers".

      1. She doesn't believe anything. She's McIntosh's sockpuppet, but with a vagina.

  12. I'm kind of hoping that GamerGate is the event that leads to the loss of power by this brand of feminism. GamerGate is made up mostly by leftist, and I think win or lose these folks are never going to forget what happened in these last two months. In the future, when this type of feminist comes crying about how X is a misogynist, I believe many of these people will remember what it was like to be on the wrong side of these guys. Maybe hopefully it will inspire them to look to see if there are any real facts to back up their claims. If so, its all over for tumbler feminist. They really can't survive if forced to provide evidence for their claims, or at least not survive in the severely toxic form their currently inhabit.

    1. You seem to be severely confused. GamerGate is antifeminist and supported by Breitbart, so certainly not leftist.

      1. Leftists can't be anti feminist? I think you need to read more.

        1. ...So are you arguing that Breitbart is leftist?
          You people are beyond self-parody.

          1. No, he's arguing that those with 'left-wing' political beliefs may not agree with a cultural Marxist interpretation of social relations. Just because Breitbard may support it does not mean that 'leftists' are unable to support it. You're presenting a false dichotomy with zero self-awareness, which really proves how poorly you construct you arguments (reinforcing llocust's point about poor logical abilities).

            1. damn i made an account to say pretty much the same thing but you beat me to it.

            2. Oh God, how dumb you are. Truly, truly dumb.
              It is fact, true, undeniable fact, that GamerGate is not leftist, it doesn't matter if leftists could hypothetically support it, because they factually don't. GamerGaters mock people with leftist concerns as SJW ffs.

              1. Your post consists of nothing but insults and demands that it is 'true, undeniable fact' that what you say is true, despite no actual evidence to support it. Quality arguments there. But please, continue. Screaming about how dumb truly I am helps to support your claims.

                " it doesn't matter if leftists could hypothetically support it, because they factually don't." Well except for how people who 'factually' support gamergate can support 'leftist' policies at the same time. One only needs to, I don't know, actually read the twitter feed of people who have used the hashtag to see this.

                "GamerGaters mock people with leftist concerns as SJW ffs." Some do, but some also actively support leftist causes. Once again, checking the twitter feeds of the people who use the hashtag shows that many 'gamergaters' are not regular Breitbart readers. Of course, this is what's called 'actual evidence', which is contrary to the emotional hissy fits you like to throw.

              2. Not all people with leftist concerns use the kind of tactics that the "SJWs" use.

                The "SJW" crowd is primarily about flash-mobbing people on twitter and screaming racism or sexism at the slightest provocation. It's not a group of people involved in reasoned critique. They are extrmists who are essentially twitter-terrorists.

      2. I think he was using the term "GamerGate" in the way in which normal people use it, namely as a reference to the entire scandal.

        Of course, the feminists and journalists involved have managed to change the obvious meaning of the term (namely a label for scandal) into a reference to their opponents.

      3. Wow, look, this asshat is back.

        You seem to be severely confused. GamerGate is antifeminist and supported by Breitbart, so certainly not leftist.

        The 'gaters are across the board politically.

        You got so thoroughly fucking destroyed last time you decided to plop into the thread with a full load of bullshit I'm somewhat surprised you came back.

        Of course, actual libertarians don't fucking ban people and twitter mob them into silence for having the wrong views, unlike your SJW pals.

    2. You don't seem to understand the dynamics of this.

      Sarkeesian, Wu, and their supporters are leftist feminists and activists who are fabricating all sorts of grievances and wrongs; they are wallowing in the attention they are getting.

      "GamerGate" is usually used to refer not to the scandal, but to a group of gamers opposing these feminists; these are gamers of all stripes (men, women, gay, straight, whatever) who are pissed off at the the fact that activists are attacking their hobby.

      The only people who win here are the Internet trolls, foremost Sarkeesian and Wu, who are making a career out of this.

      1. Yes, there seem to be a lot of people covering this who haven't bothered to delve into some of these people work and think about whether they are mainstream feminists or extremists. All they think is "feminist, therefore GOOD!", and "feminist being attacked, must be sexism!"

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    1. I'm not a fan of 67 hour weeks, regardless of rate. When do you enjoy all this money?

  14. "some of the harassment and threats come from trolls who go after both sides to stir things up, because that's what trolls do."

    ^ This

  15. The whole problem is that feminists and SJWs are attacking one aspect of the video game industry, the games that men like, and are trying to ruin them.

    Yet there's a huge segment of the industry that caters to women. Casual gaming. Most of those games have women protagonists, many are designed by women. Because the demographics of casual games are women. Go to Big Fish Games and look at all the games they have. But gaming journalists completely ignore them.

  16. " Sarkeesian's harassers in their midst?citing as his example a netizen known as "thunderf00t," who has done little more than to engage in sharp criticism of Sarkeesian's work."

    Disagreeing with the Progressive Theocracy is harassment, don't you know?

  17. None of this negates the fact that male chauvinism exists in the gaming community. But to fight it by stigmatizing maleness is exactly the wrong approach, and a way to alienate not only men but many women as well.

    You will have to explain first in a cogent manner exactly why is male chauvinism in the gaming community something one needs to fight, either by stigmatization or any other weapon of your choosing.

    1. Agreed. In the haste to seem reasonable and willing to compromise I'm afraid some folks are loading the question. As many male characters in video games are unrealistic depictions of men as female characters are of women. When there's a deafening wailing and gnashing of teeth over the self-esteem of young boys who aren't dashing, strapping, limber hulks who can run for hours, climb sheer walls, defeat hordes of foes in single combat, and end the day as heroes then call me.


    the hashtag's origination in erroneous accusations involving a female indie developer's sex life as posted on 4chan, the hashtag's harassment targeting female figures in the gaming industry rather than journalists, the hashtag's disinterest in engaging or criticizing major game publishers with a history of proven ethical violations and the hashtag's virulent opposition to social criticism and analysis of video games.

    Who knew a hashtag could do all that?

    1. Cathy Young's Reason article is briefly mentioned on that page:

      Cathy Young, writing for Reason, described GamerGate supporters as leaning left-libertarian, even as right-wing and right-leaning libertarians support the hashtag as resisting feminist criticism.[60] Young argues that supporters of GamerGate who are critical of feminist critiques of gaming are not necessarily opposed to greater diversity in the medium, but are upset over the approach of prominent feminist critics and a lack of tolerance for dissenting views. She characterizes GamerGate as being "an anti-authoritarian rebellion, not an anti-woman backlash."

      ... but as the Wikipedia disclaimer at the top says:

      The neutrality of this article is disputed. (October 2014)

      Huge understatement. The whole thing reads like a Salon, Slate, or Gawker article.

    2. Though, admittedly, I chuckled at this:

      Those who came to Quinn's defense were targeted and labeled by their opponents with the "insulting" phrase "social justice warriors" or "SJW" for short, which The Washington Post described as "a derogatory term for people in the video-game industry who use the medium to talk about political issues," though the term has much broader, often negative implications.

      ... and this:

      The feminist journalist and author Laurie Penny characterized the reasons for the ferocity of the reaction against the shift in gaming culture thus: "The problem is that women are creating culture, changing culture, redefining culture, and those cunts, those poisonous cunts, those disgusting, uppity cunts must be stopped."

      1. and those cunts, those poisonous cunts, those disgusting, uppity cunts must be stopped."

        What a cunt.

      2. The second paragraph there...
        Seems like Laurie Penny has a very specific idea about what sort of culture women should be changing, and in what specific way.

        When people resist changing culture in a way that they find offensive, that's not necessarily because they hate women.

        There are plenty of women changing video game culture in ways that don't involve forcing progressive gender politics down everyone's throats. Nobody is trying to stop them from doing that.

        The resistance is towards people who are trying to force a particular progressive political orthodoxy upon games that are designed to cater to men.

  19. Gamergate is one of the first real cultural push backs against the Progressive Theocracy.

    Instead of the usual "oh, begging your pardon for being born white with a penis", they're fighting back. They have a message for the the Thought Police and the Junior Anti Sex League: Kiss My Ass.

    In a year where the Progressive Theocracy has run wild taking scalps, some people are finally fighting back.

    1. i tip my fedora to you #unitedineuphoria

  20. Pfft. Samantha Allen isn't a woman. He's a man with a mental disorder.

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  22. The Gamergate got even it's own Wiki

    1. I forgot to mention, there was once at this adress who was archived at the Internet Archive.

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  24. this article made me feel euphoric; I tip my fedora to you, reason magazine and gamergaters, and wish you well in your battles against the friendzone

  25. well done - making sense of the cloud of mental trash that is gamergate seemed to be insurmountable, but cathy young has done it.

  26. This is the best pro-GG article I've read thus far, and I say this as someone who is highly critical of the movement.

    You are absolutely right about male stigmatization, although tbh it is more so reactionary than anything else. I'm not sure how to put this, but I don't think it's a conscious attempt at fighting "patriarchy". It's more flippant and / or emotionally charged than that. It's a reaction to real or perceived misogyny. Ex: someone has a bad experience w/ men, then goes on youtube or 4chan and sees comments like "Fuckin slut" or "All women deserve rape" (believe it or not I've seen this one a lot). What's their reaction going to be? It's going to be an opposite reaction. It's going to be misandry. The internet is a goldmine for confirmation bias.

    (Fyi I'm not saying this in their defense. I'm just analyzing and attempting to understand, which imo is more productive).

    The "sexualization" thing is incredibly complex. I think some women feel uncomfortable with it b/c on the one hand they feel they are unable to achieve the level of supposed beauty these women have, and on the other hand there is a general consensus that a woman who is sexual has gone down in value somehow. Combine the two in a character that lacks depth and the result is discomfort and alienation.

    Some feminists are stigmatizing male sexuality. But it's important to remember that female sexuality has been stigmatized for a very, very long time as "slutty".

  27. The problem with GG though, is that it's essentially a war on feminists cloaked as a battle for "ethics", which is entirely dishonest. Ironically, GGers seem to be anti-censorship in every aspect, except when it comes to feminist voices. They don't want feminists to have an opinion on video games like they do with movies, books, or TV shows, which is in and of itself an unrealistic goal. But then again this is a "culture war" we're talking about here.

    I also take issue with their apparent origins as a harassment campaign connected to 4chan. Let's not pretend that corner of the internet isn't full of baby misogynists and "trolls". But hey, let's focus on the present. At present, they are:

    1. Far too obsessed with Anita Sarkeesian and Wu, still, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with "ethics". They are simply women who disagree with GG.
    2. Using advertisers to attack certain websites -NOT- because of ethical issues but because they disagree with them, which is ridiculous. Not to mention, advertisers affecting what journalists do and don't say is the -OPPOSITE- what can be regarded as ethical.

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