25 Years Ago in Reason


"Contrary to advocates of the Canadian model, it is by no means clear that spending less on health care is a priori a good thing. Indeed, although the United Kingdom spends about half as much per capita on health care as Canada does, no one therefore infers that British patients are better off. (In fact, the reverse is true.)"

-Michael Walker, "Beware of Bargains"

"Space beckons to every child who first looks through a telescope at another world or gazes at the night sky with the knowledge that every star is a sun."

-Jacob Sullum, "On to Mars?"

"There is a perverse danger to be avoided in any embrace of family farming. Farms must stand on their own strengths. If they are adopted as public charities, lap-fed on fatty government largess, they will cease to exist as the independent, strong, and diverse social institutions that inspired us in the first place."

-Karl Zinsmeister, "Bitter Harvest"

-November 1989