Update: Judge Lifts Quarantine on Maine Nurse

Tested negative for Ebola after returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa


Less than a day after restricting the movements of a nurse who treated Ebola victims in West Africa, a judge in Maine has lifted the measures, rejecting arguments by the State of Maine that a quarantine was necessary to protect the public.

Within an hour of the decision, state troopers who had been parked outside the nurse's house for days had left.

The order, signed on Friday by Judge Charles C. LaVerdiere, the chief judge for the Maine District Courts who serves in Kennebec and Somerset counties, said the nurse, Kaci Hickox, "currently does not show symptoms of Ebola and is therefore not infectious."

The order requires Ms. Hickox to submit to daily monitoring for symptoms, to coordinate her travel with state health officials, and to notify them immediately if symptoms appear. Ms. Hickox has agreed to follow the requirements.

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  2. Damn! Spam got first dibbs. We’re slacking. I would love to see the argument made to justify her incarceration…..er…I mean quarantine.

    1. I’m pretty sure the argument is that she may have been exposed to a disease that’s got a 50-90% mortality rate, and it would be fucking stupid to let her roam the streets until we’re sure she’s not infected. Something about how she may have volunteered, but the people she’ll come into contact with didn’t, and that temporary quarantines are the only way to ensure she’s not a fucking Typhoid Mary.

      1. Ebola cannot have a Typhoid Mary. The virus’s MO just doesn’t let that happen.

        1. There was a team of medical professionals working in Gabon in 1996 who identified a number of individuals who were infected with Ebola, but remained asymptomatic. If you want to read the report, google “Human asymptomatic Ebola infection and strong inflammatory response”, I’m having trouble posting the link. The journal is the top link.

      2. Quarantine was presumptive and medically unfounded. Monitoring regimen being imposed now is sufficient and not punitive.

  3. In other news, the CDC is editing their website to remove or minimize data that contradicts the President’s medically incorrect claims.


  4. What I’m seeing in the news is the exact opposite, and that the forced quarantine was denied. Maybe that was a different judge.

  5. Ebola is not a threat to America.

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