Offended Mob Demands Head of SNL Comedian Over Catcalling Comments, Airstrikes Not Stopping ISIS Recruitment, Michael Jordan Says Obama Is a Shitty Golfer: P.M. Links


  • Michael Jordan
    Wikimedia Commons

    The New York Times reported that the U.S. economy experienced healthy growth this quarter. Really, it was just all that new federal defense spending.

  • Speaking of which: U.S. airstrikes are having little impact on the number of jihadist militants traveling to Syria to join ISIS.
  • Michael Che, a comedian and Saturday Night Live performer, made a joke—deemed offensive by some—about that viral catcalling video. Get your pitchforks ready, folks.
  • Kaci Hickox, the nurse who is supposed to be under ebola quarantine for traveling to Sierra Leone, decided, "It's a beautiful day for a bike ride."
  • Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz is working on a version of season four that will tell the story in chronological order, which would be significantly different from the version that was originally released on Netflix.
  • Michael Jordan said President Obama is a shitty golfer. BOOM.

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  1. “It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride.”

    Did she borrow Obama’s helmet and mom jeans?

    1. Hello.

      Finally, a Che I like and can believe in!

    2. everything FoE says is comedy gold; it’s uncanny.

      1. Are you suggesting Fist is Jerry Seinfeld?

      2. I laugh at FoE’s idiocy. Does that count?

      3. It’s almost…..un-American.


    3. I posted this over at the 24 hour feed article.

      Basically I’m predicting: that the authorities will get butt hurt, raid her house, and shoot her dog for “quarintine safety”

      Actually with Ebola as an excuse these assholes have a blank check to shoot anything.

    4. Holy shit, what a selfish piece of crap that woman is.

      OK, fine, mandatory quarantine in a tent in NJ is uncalled for.

      But she can’t keep her dick in her pants and “self-isolate” for another week or two?

      I hope she catches a bad cold on her bike ride, and it scares the crap out of her because she finally realizes that maybe, just maybe, that 21 day quarantine period is there for a reason.

      And, no, the tests they have for Ebola are nowhere near good enough to be a substitute for the quarantine, at least not the last I heard.

      1. Yes, we should do this to every person that tests negative for a communicable disease.

        1. Nah, just the ones that go on a vanity epidemic vacation.

  2. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz is working on a version of season four that will tell the story in chronological order…


    1. AD is a great show but lost some of its lustre when Jason Bateman did.that embarrassing video pledging to serve BO.

      1. David Cross makes Bateman look like a republican. Dude is insufferable.

        1. Cross is a moonbat? Too bad. He’s funny.

        2. Oh I know. He’s insufferable. But look at the character he plays. Anyway, Bateman was an unknown to me and thus was so much more.disappointing.

      2. It’s really difficult to enjoy any movie, song, book, or artwork if you color your perception by what the person does outside the art form. I set that aside a long time ago and am much happier for it.

        1. It’s a good policy. Otherwise, most stuff would be off limits.

          1. I mean, have you seen Sean Penn in Hurlyburly? Absolutely brilliant, and yet so insufferable out in the wild.

            1. I liked his performance in “Team America” better….

          2. Meh, I am so ambivalent about entertainment that I can afford it. I don’t generally enjoy movies or TV, so I see no real loss in it.

  3. The New York Times reported that the U.S. economy experienced healthy growth this quarter.

    And in time for the midterms!

    1. How is that even possible, what with all the austerity we’ve been suffering under?

  4. So, nothing happened today?

    1. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

    2. What a blase day. Seriously.

    3. Well there’s this new Belgian ad campaign that’ll make your friends jealous…

      1. “Go on ?.” is *too* written in an English script!

    4. Gillespie shit the bed. So did Bo.

      1. There was bed-shitting and nobody told me? I even had popcorn this morning.

      2. Where was Bo shitting the bed? I just cracked open my first beer, I have time.

        1. The Chicken Shit thread.

          Gilmore cratered him, and he didn’t take it very well.

          1. I have been away all day in meetings and missed that.

          2. I don’t see a single mention of Gillespie in that thread.

            1. I think Gillespie lost it in the Telly Savalas thread.

            2. The Jacket shat the bad with the Telly Savalas garbage.

          3. This sounds vaguely sexual, go on….

      3. Gillespie shit the bed. So did Bo.

        Well summarized.

  5. Michael Jordan said President Obama is a shitty golfer.

    And imagine what kind of a president he is, with so fewer hours of practice in on that.

    1. Hey man, he’s put in his 10,000 hours.

      1. Of golf, right?

        1. For Obama, golfing is an integral part of Being President. He (as seems to be a trend among politicians in recent years) has adopted a cargo-cult approach to governing. He observes successful leaders in business and applies their superficial trappings to his own image, mistakenly confusing cause and effect.

          Look at his mode of dress, his speaking style, his hobnobbing with elites, his taking of extravagantly expensive vacations. All these things come to successful leaders in business but only because they have built the fortunes to afford them.

          Obama and other politicians put on the show without substance, because that is all they know how to do. They attract money and power by dressing up like rich and powerful people.

          1. Bang on, db.

            Of a piece with the people who (1) see that many financially successful people have college degrees and own a house, and (2) therefor believe that having a degree and owning a house cause financial success.

    2. Racist! Oh, wait…

  6. Are these links targeted to millennials?

  7. “Michael Jordan said President Obama is a shitty golfer.”

    RACIS-eh, fuck it.

    1. The Ghost of Richard Pryor said President Obama’s crazy.

    2. I liked that clip because MJ is probably incapable of lying about sports–he’s too competitive to cut anyone slack. So when asked about golfing with Obama, he tells the truth: the guy is a hack golfer and it would take forever to play a round with him.

      Ahmad Rashad is an ass-kisser so he tries to get him to walk it back, but no, MJ wasn’t having it.

  8. Bring on the culture wars. Eventually the general populace will become so familiar with SJW positions and tactics that the permanently offended and stultified puritanical culture they are trying to force on us will wither on the.vine as people identify and reject as crazy their whining.

    1. I read his tweet. It wasn’t bad at all.

      I really liked his apology tweet. They deserve mockery.

      1. Yeah the sarcastic tone in the apology was refreshing. Good lord, what sort of society do we live in when something which is annoying at best can’t be joked about? We get less controversy when people joke about Hitler.

        1. *annoying at most

      2. It’s apologies all the way down!

      3. The most excellent apology that’s really a smack in the face. A true art form unto itself.

      4. Wow, yeah, that “apology” tweet is great. Bravo to Che.

    2. I’ve seen “celebrities” like Chris Kluwe and Wesley Crusher on twitter saying things like “if you’re mocking someone for being a social justice warrior, what are you?! Anti-social justice??!?!?!”

      It’s like the Equal Pay Act. How could you ever be against the Equal Pay Act?!?!?!

      1. Proper response:

        shut up Wesley

      2. Long, pedantic response: Hayek thoroughly demolished the concept of “social justice,” which is a mirage and an oxymoron, because any attempt to achieve it involves injustice to individuals.

        1. Short response: it’s a free country.

      3. Yeah, it’s rather pathetic that Reason was reporting on Kluwe as some sort of libertarian a couple of years ago, just because he wrote a vulgar response to the easiest of political targets. He’s really just a screeching mangina with an unwarranted sense of self-regard, who REALLY doesn’t like it when people criticize him.

        Apparently he’s suing this guy for defamation or something equally silly, and the guy he’s suing is actually looking forward to it as a chance to make Kluwe talk about all the fucked-up shit going on in the Vikings locker room that he supposedly shouldn’t be mentioning:…

      4. what are you?! Anti-social justice??!?!?!”

        I’m pro-justice, which means I have to be anti-social justice.

        And if you’re pro-social justice, that means you are anti-justice.

        Why are you anti-justice, Wesley?

    3. There was quite a cross-section in the comments but this was pretty good:

      How Mel Brooks made Blazing Saddles, I’ll never know. But if he made it today, he’d likely be hauled off to Guantanamo

  9. Serious question: Why wasn’t Sharyl Attkisson’s book out before the midterms?

    1. Duh- The Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that the government can ban books. Remember?

      1. *** fistpalms in remembrance ***

        1. *** facepalms ***

          Dammit, Fist!

          1. As long as I’m in there somewhere.

    2. That’s a lovely book you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it.

      1. You know who else liked to burn books?

        1. Savonarola?


        2. The Romans at Alexandria?

        3. Guy Montag?

        4. Enron?

        5. Jake Gyllenhaal and friends…in the NYC library….in that derptastic “climate change” movie.

  10. If Fist would slow the hell down with all his babbling, other people might actually get to post some interesting things. Ahem.

    1. Yeah, showing up five minutes in should guarantee you top posts.

      1. A wizard is never late.

    2. The fault, Los Doyers, lies not with Fist, but with ourselves.

  11. U.S. airstrikes are having little impact on the number of jihadist militants traveling to Syria to join ISIS.

    They should just go ahead and hitch a ride with the bombs.

    1. Each bomb is more like a recruiting pitch.

  12. Justin Trudeau responds to Conservative family tax cut, benefit boost

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced a new “family tax cut,” a version of the family income-splitting promise he made during the 2011 federal election.

    The tax cut comes in the form of a non-refundable federal tax credit ? meaning it will have no effect on provincial income taxes. The credit is capped at $2,000.

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has already vowed he’d reverse a Conservative income-splitting policy if his party forms a government. Trudeau will speak to reporters after Harper’s announcement.

    1. Why does Justin Trudeau hate families?

      1. Apparently just the conservative ones.

      2. WAR ON FAMILIES!!!111!!!

    2. God, the comments. My eyes.

      I tear for my country sometimes.

      1. It’s CBC, so it doesn’t get a lot worse. Don’t tear yourself or anything else.

        1. When I need the real Canadian derp I always go to Radio-Canada. It never disappoints.

          1. Ah, but that requires you to read French.

            1. It’s worth it.

              I still recall who delightful it was to read the comments in Le Monde and Le Figaro after the first US presidential debate in 2012.

    3. He’s doing it. That idiot is going to step in every trap set by Father Steve and get him re-elected with a minority government.

  13. “Kaci Hickox, the nurse who is supposed to be under ebola quarantine for traveling to Sierra Leone, decided, “It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride.”

    This egotistical bitch needs to learn about the greater good.

    1. This egotistical bitch needs to learn about the greater good.

      Said Seven of Nine as she secured the restraints on Janeway’s wrists. She then slowly unzipped the front of her…

      1. I *was* about to get up and walk to my car…


      2. Hey! You’re not Sugar Free!

        1. Dammit. I should have refreshed before posting that.

      3. Stop that. You’re not Sugar Free.

      4. I always pictured it the other way around.

  14. Regarding the catcalling video…

    Has anyone else seen the funnyordie parody video where a white guy walks around New York for 10 hours and by the end of the video they’ve made him king of New York and are carrying him around on a chair? And they attribute it all to white, male privilege.

    I must have been living under a rock when privilege made the jump from something crazy people talked about on Jezebel to that’s commonly accepted as being an actual, real thing.

    1. I also though FoD was funny. Guess it’s time to die.

    2. You mean FOD made something not wholly liberal and unfunny? Or are they not being sarcastic?

      1. I didn’t get the impression they were being sarcastic.

        1. That’s sad

      2. Eventually, FOD, TDS with JS, and all these ‘witty’ Liberal types will converge into the same thing: the endless laughter of an audience of young retards.

    3. One of the SJW complaints about that video was that it didn’t show enough white men catcalling.

      Go figure.

      1. Was that a complaint or a concern?

    4. Has anyone else seen the funnyordie parody video where a white guy walks around New York for 10 hours and by the end of the video they’ve made him king of New York and are carrying him around on a chair?

      Was DeBlasio the white guy?

  15. Things I never knew existed: Klingon Targ “beanie baby” doll.

    1. Can I interest you in some cake farts?

      1. The hell? I just thought it was an odd, amusing thing.

        1. Just calmly back away…

        2. Well, I’d say cake farts are both odd and mildly amusing. See for yourself!

    2. My “favorite” eBay offering was the — I am not making this up — armpit hair clippings for use as doll eyebrows.

      1. Now I’ll have to look at my armpit hair and my eyebrows and compare.

        Maybe you’d use it for dolls for children/collectors you secretly detest.

  16. From the Che article, we have this piece of art:

    “At its core is a power dynamic that constantly reminds historically subordinated groups ? of their vulnerability to assault in public spaces” and “reinforces the ubiquitous sexual objectification of these groups in everyday life.”

    Now translate that and ask yourself whether it’s true.

    Who are the “historically subordinated groups”? The Irish?

    Are members of these groups, in fact, especially “vulnerable to assault in public spaces”?

    And what is “assault” here? What is “vulnerable”? And what counts as “public”? Are “groups” really treated as “objects”?

    1. The common sense follow on is: Assuming what you say is true, what’s the easiest, most straight forward solution?

      Changing society? Or concealed carry?

      1. That was my thought, too–that if this means anything, it’s an argument for concealed carry.

        But I think that’s giving it too much credit.

    2. “ubiquitous sexual objectification” sounds like a good way to spend your day off.

      Or a decent (not great) band name.

      1. Mindless Self Indulgence is already taken…

      2. If you could get the USO to sue the band it’d be a great way to get publicity.

    3. The catcallers were just telling this woman to check her privilege.

  17. Apart of building a Black Freedom Movement is unlearning the misguided gender norms imposed on us due to white supremacy. Check out this important tool to let the unlearning begin!!!!!!

    1. Do I get $88 an hour for checking out that important tool?

      1. Yes. You can make 52,560 in a few hours next week on the Internet.

    2. I’m gonna unlearn how to be polite to idiots spouting drivel. Does that count?

      1. Check your non-idiot privilege, cis-lord.

  18. Here’s something to warm every ant-authoritarian’s heart: Burkina Faso’s president of 27 years attempted to get a constitutional amendment allowing for another re-election run. In response, hundreds of thousands took to the street and burned Parliament, burned the ruling party’s headquarters, and burned state TV and then some. The military is taking power.…..1414666888

    1. Wreckers, driving the country into a ditch.

      1. Maybe they subscribe to the NY Times and took Krugman’s broken windows stimulus ideas too far.

    2. Our only hope lies in the…what’s the word for residents of that country?

      1. BFFs-Burkino Faso Forever

      2. Looks like the demonym is Burkinabe. Good luck, Burkinabes.

    3. Hey, any country with a capital named “Ouagadougou” is OK in my book.

    4. I’ve only ever known one person from Burkina Faso and he was a great guy.

    5. non-paywall article if anyone is interested:

      1. You can always read WSJ articles if you go through a Google search. Google the first few words and follow the link and you’ll get the full article.

        1. No. That’s theft.

          1. No. That’s theft.


            Are you one of those abject retards who thinks he has the “right” to be in Google’s index?

            Google has a fairly strict policy that they don’t index content that is not visible to everyone on the Internet when they click on the link in the search results.

            If the WSJ considers people viewing their articles through Google to be theft, then it can take its articles out of Google’s index.

  19. The whole catcalling video is a microcosm of what’s wrong with the feminist movement today. I noticed that if I give most women appropiate compliments, they fucking love it. A lot of the men in the video were just saying hello and that is now being called harrassment? I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

    1. Maybe, but is your schlong already whipped out when you say hello? You might be coming on too strong.

      1. Are you sure? I’ve had decent success with that…

        1. The important question is are you micro-aggressing or macro-aggressing when you do that.

          1. Relative to the aggressee? I suppose I’m macro-aggressing a little more often than micro-aggressing, but it’s not something I like to brag about.

            1. You missed my innuendo there

              1. Wait, did your innuendo relate to something other than dick size?

                I thought my “I’m bigger than average but not huge” response was on point.

                1. Like the kids in Lake Woebegone, all men are bigger than average.

        2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

          And something about using your ‘bear hands’?

        3. You know that’s why a lot of us secretly envy you. Go on with your bad self player.

          p.s. Letting the empires tent show itself has been more successful than not with the ladies at least.

      2. Not always.

    2. Yes, yes it is. Because it’s not Edward Cullen or Christian Grey or Mr. Darcy or whatever fictional, idealized, masturbatory aid is currently in vogue among women, offering the compliment, or catcall, but a man a woman deems to be “beneath her”, the only answer is that it is harassment, and should be punished with the full force of the law.

      1. Wasn’t Emmett Till murdered for whistling at a white woman?

        1. Bringing this back is the ultimate endgame of the feminists here, isn’t it?

        2. Yes, this what progressives now believe to be progress.

      2. In fairness, wouldnt most guys respond differently to a woman who was aggressively coming on to him depending on how attractive he thought she was?

        1. Absolutely. But we wouldn’t expect them to not try because “they should just know” that it ain’t happening.

    3. “Good afternoon, Miss.”


    4. The whole catcalling video is a microcosm of what’s wrong with the feminist movement today

      Bitch walked around NYC for 10 hours and made a self-aggrandizing video about getting “catcalls” 100 times in that ten hours, roughly half of which were just guys saying “hello” to her. I’d bet $100 that if she had walked around NYC for 10 hours and nobody said shit to her, she’d be complaining about that too.

  20. Mitch McConnell willing to kill Obamacare with just 51 votes

    I call BS. Either that, or they repeal portions unpalatable to insurance companies and keep the rest of the stinkin’ pile.

    1. I call BS too, because I don’t trust McConnell to do anything sensible.

      However, Obama would veto it anyway.

    2. It passed with 51, so I dont see any reason it cant be killed that way.

      But yeah, it will be vetoed, so I dont see the point.

  21. re: catcalling. We recently met with three Italian gentlemen from a potential supplier. One of our female engineers changed her hair cooler since the last meeting, which precipitated a gracious comment about her appearance from one of the Italians. She really enjoyed that. Everyone else here is too Damn scared of sexual harrassment charges to say shit like that anymore. It’s sick.

    1. Yep. Remember “Nice sweater”

      1. No, it’s “nice outfit”. Sweater might imply that she filled it out nicely.

        1. “Nice outfit, it’d look perfect piled up next to my bed?”

    2. Why does she cool her hair? Or did she simply make it less red?

      1. She’s a *mechanical* engineer.

    3. When I went through my company’s compliance training, my take away was that I should limit by conversations with females and say nothing that doesn’t have to do with work. Anything I say can possible be taken the wrong way.

      Makes for a really boring environment when you can’t get to know anyone as a person, instead of just an employee.

    4. Sorry, did you say “gracious comment about her appearance” and Italians in the same sentence? Never been to Italy?

      1. Italians consider grabbing a woman’s ass with both hands polite flirtation.

        1. Your point?

          1. The Europeans occasionally get things right.

  22. “Offended Mob Demands Head”

    Couldn’t we just add this to the PM links every day?

    1. Pabst Blue Ribbon has descent head.

      1. And so begins your decent into madness.

      2. There is nothing about PBR that is descent.

  23. “It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride.”

    Out trolling for catcalls?

    I’m sure you guys could come up with some good ones…

  24. Che =

    I wanna apologize for my last apology. Sometimes I forget that I belong to all of you now, and that any thought I have should be filtered through you, and receive your approval,” Che wrote on Instagram. “It’s tough because I’m used to taking risks and finding humor in places of discomfort. But that’s all over, because I have a job on TV. And if I say the wrong thing you’ll see to it that it’s taken away. So the next time I have a silly thought, I’ll giggle to myself, keep my mouth shit and post a picture with my arm around a more famous person I met somewhere”

    It almost seems to me that society may be moving slightly back in the direction of ‘sanity’ away from this whole fever-dream of Social Justice Warrior political correctness.

    Or maybe its just a breath of fresh air before being swallowed back up by the shit-tornado of FRVR KLTRWR

    1. That’s really awesome. I hope there’s more like him.

    2. So the next time I have a silly thought, I’ll giggle to myself, keep my mouth shit

      Wait, Che is John?

      1. John’s more like Castro than Che.

    3. Sometimes I forget that I belong to all of you now, and that any thought I have should be filtered through you, and receive your approval


    4. It almost seems to me that society may be moving slightly back in the direction of ‘sanity’ away from this whole fever-dream of Social Justice Warrior political correctness.

      Been saying it for weeks. The sentiment behind gamergate is spreading.

  25. Anti-Violence Activists Beat Former Roommate Unconscious

    Two “Stop the Violence” organizers in Washington County allegedly beat one of their colleagues so severely that he vomited blood and was left unconscious in critical condition.

    Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate of stealing their property, and allegedly punched and kicked him in the street until he had seizures. Arrested moments later, Ardeno was still wearing the same “Stop the Violence” T-shirt she had on the night before when she coordinated a march protesting two recent shootings, Washington Police Chief Chris Luppino said.

    The victim, Joshua Magraff, also is a community organizer with the anti-violence group, and shared an apartment with the suspects until recently.

    This brightened up my day.

    1. Well despite their blatant hypocrisy, good job on beating a thief’s ass. Although they might want to tone in down to a more mild ass whoopin. Of course their excess does point back to that hypocrisy issue with a side of projection.

      1. Edith Bunker: “Oh! OOOoooooooooohhh”

  26. Abbas lets the mask fall off. Guess what-he’s an anti-semite!

    Abbas has recently called for Jews to be banned from the site and urged Palestinians to guard the compound from visiting Jews, whom he called a “herd of cattle.”…..ederated=1

    The site is the Temple Mount, and the Evil Thing Israel wants to do is…let non-Muslims worship there.

    With the facade of ‘responsible’ Palestinian leadership revealed as phoney, it is time for Israel to terminate the ill-advised ‘Palestine’ Experiment. Step down Bibi for someone who do the right thing and send tanks into Gaza and throughout the West Bank. Palestine is a crime.

    1. I can find plenty of US politicians who have said heinous things about Muslims. Does that mean we deserve to be wiped out to?

      1. The USG isn’t a terrorist organization like the PA is. The USG isn’t actually out to destroy Islam like the ‘Palestinian cause’ is out to destroy Jews and Israel.

  27. In “Fucking Lame” News =

    Washington Post is sending out daily updates to people registered to the website called, “ICYMI”

    ‘in case you missed it’

    Because apparently they think that being ‘hip’ these days means a lot of DFA, or, ‘dumb fucking acronyms’ (not the *good* DFA)

    naturally, the links in their @()#*@ ICYMI email don’t work.

    One wasn’t entirely useless =

    Think You Drink a Lot?

    I heard about this data here a month or two ago…and was flat out impressed that so many people manage to put down 10-12+ drinks a day

    “The top 10 percent of American drinkers – 24 million adults over age 18 – consume, on average, 74 alcoholic drinks per week. That works out to a little more than four-and-a-half 750 ml bottles of Jack Daniels, 18 bottles of wine, or three 24-can cases of beer. In one week.

    Or, if you prefer, 10 drinks per day.

    These figures come from Philip J. Cook’s “Paying the Tab,” an economically-minded examination of the costs and benefits of alcohol control in the U.S. Specifically, they’re calculations made using the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) data.”

    Gentlemen, whomever you are = I *salute you*

      1. I’ve been an admirer of Maurice Girodias since I was in high school and I learned about his role in helping Henry Miller, WS Burroughs, Terry Southern get published. The ‘father of transgressive fiction’.

        Then I read his autobiography. which was terrible. Still, i tip my hat to the dude.

        1. Yeah, he was trying to outdo his dad by being happy; came off saccharine. Probably the worst published memoir of anyone from that period. My favorite account was by John Glassco, dude who knew Hemingway and Girodias (and a guy named Robert McAlmon, who was the Girodias of the ’20s).

  28. 10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A[n attractive woman in form fitting clothes] Woman

    The point being, that everything IS NOT THE SAME.

    And before anyone thinks I’m Blaming The Victim(tm), I’m not. But this is not a problem that all women suffer.

    The woman in the video suffered a range of friendly “hellos”, “good mornings” and other various comments, and then (from my viewing of the video) had two legitimately creepy encounters with the one guy that walked exactly beside her for five minutes, and the other aggressive guy who insisted on attempting to either get her number or give her his number.

    There are a lot of women that don’t suffer this harassment. My mother walked through the streets of Manhattan, and suffered NO harassment, except from Episiarch.

    Unfortunately, ALL of it was labeled as “harassment”. When you label everything as harassment, nothing is.

    1. Good point and I dont think it is a fair representation of women to imply that its all considered equally bad. With 1 being the worst form of catcalling, I think most women would rank it this way…

      1. Guy becoming your friend on the sidewalk and walking/talking for so long that people probably think you are together
      2. Loudly asking you questions to get you to show interest then equally loudly accusing you of being rude when you ignore them in the interest of trying to not lead them on
      8,502. Saying hi

    2. I saw your mom, the one wearing the burka.
      The point of the video was to raise money for a non profit. The Camel Toe and Artesian Hitchhikers’ Action Network.

  29. Michael Jordan said President Obama is a shitty golfer. BOOM.

    BOOM? That’s an insult, then?

    1. Expect M.J. to get audited.

  30. Sometimes mdude you jsut have to smack it.

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