Poll: Americans Not Happy With Obama, Ebola Gets Confusing, U.S. Ranks 20 on Gender Gap Index: P.M. Links


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  1. The other Dallas nurse who caught Ebola is clear and has been released, so that’s good.

    You know who else was bunkered up but didn’t have Ebola?

    1. Michael Stivik?

      1. Aren’t you the clever one, meathead.

      2. I swear this comment wasn’t here when I typed mine! 😉

    2. Carroll O’Connor?

    3. Eva Braun?

    4. Dr. Strangelove?

    5. David Koresh?

    6. Hello. I can’t believe nobody has brought this up yet:

      “FireEye found a well-crafted phishing email aimed at a Georgian journalist, purporting to come from an editor at libertarian magazine Reason.”

      1. Seriously. One would think they’d be all over this. Although.maybe they are and a well researched feature is in the offing.

        1. All you have to do is copy the small bit of text that they show and google it. It provides the link and when you click it, you can read the entire article.

          The more you know…

      2. Maybe because it’s behind a pay wall?

        1. It wasn’t 10 minutes ago. This is your fault.

        2. I’ll paste some of it.

        3. “Perhaps most telling, researchers say, the hackers deployed the malware almost exclusively in targets of interest to Russia?government networks in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe, U.S. defense contractors and NATO. FireEye found a well-crafted phishing email aimed at a Georgian journalist, purporting to come from an editor at libertarian magazine Reason.

        4. Earlier this year, investigators for Silicon Valley security company FireEye Inc. visited a U.S. firm to determine who, and what, sneaked into the firm’s network harboring military secrets.

          There they found what they call a sophisticated cyberweapon, able to evade detection and hop between computers walled off from the Internet. The spy tool was programmed on Russian-language machines and built during working hours in Moscow. FireEye’s conclusion, in a report to be released Tuesday: The cyberspying has a “government sponsor?specifically, a government based in Moscow.”

          1. But which government based in Moscow? Don’t leave me in suspense here.

          2. Thanks.

      3. That’s weird. I stopped getting emails from Reason folks looking for my personal info when Lucy left.


      4. When did Reason people stop going to Russia Today every other day?

      5. I’ve never trusted reason editors and I never will. I can never forgive them for the phishing of my information.

    7. Brendan Fraser?

      1. I don’t even know where this comes from.

        1. Blast from the Past (film):

          Calvin Webber (Christopher Walken) is a brilliant and eccentric Caltech nuclear physicist, living during the Cold War. His extreme fear of a nuclear holocaust leads him to build an enormous self-sustaining fallout shelter beneath his suburban home. When the Cuban Missile Crisis begins, Calvin and his pregnant wife, Helen (Sissy Spacek), move into the shelter. A US Navy pilot loses control of his airplane and ejects; the plane crashes into the Webber home and destroys it. The Webbers, having seen the resulting fireball just as they lock themselves in their shelter, believe that the unthinkable has happened and that they are the sole survivors of a nuclear war. The locks on the shelter are timed to open in 35 years and cannot be overridden by anyone inside or outside the shelter ? for their own protection according to Calvin. The following week, the Navy investigates the crash and concludes the Webbers perished in the explosion.

          1. A few days after the locks have been engaged, Helen gives birth to a baby boy that they name Adam. During the 35 years they are in the shelter, the world above drastically changes, while the Webbers’ life remains frozen in 1962. Adam becomes highly educated, learning several languages, all school subjects, dance, boxing, and many other things, mainly due to his homeschooling from his parents. The family passes time watching black and white films and kinescopes of television programs via a projector rigged to look like a television. Adam is given his father’s baseball card collection and stock certificates from various companies like IBM and AT&T (which Calvin had bought to help out Adam in his adult years, but concludes they must have been rendered worthless by the nuclear war).

            In 1997, the timer releases the locks, and Calvin ascends to the surface in full protective gear, anticipating either a post-apocalyptic wasteland or a Soviet takeover. The suburb in which they once lived has turned into a ghetto of Los Angeles, and Calvin thinks while society has rebuilt from the nuclear winter, anarchy now reigns. He wants his wife and now grown son (Brendan Fraser) to stay in hiding while he collects supplies. When he suffers from chest pain, Adam is sent for supplies in his stead. While Calvin thinks the world is dangerous, Adam sees this as his big chance to see the outside world.

  2. …and Press Secretary Josh Earnest says blame James Madison and states’ rights.

    I would think that would be the default position in DC.

    1. Damn that James Madison. He’s the devil!

    2. If only the federal government could do something! But its hands are so securely tied by that dang Constitution.

      1. Maybe we could get the president to take action!

  3. The U.S. ranks #20 (three spots better than last year) on the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index.

    Gender gap. Tee hee.

    1. I’d be glad to help many of the ladies close their gender gaps.

    2. somehow I bet there is a strong correlation between birth rates and the gender gap.

      1. Well, if men would just step up and do their fair share of being pregnant and giving birth, we wouldn’t have this problem.

        1. it’s been tried and failed spectacularly. What an abortion.

          1. I’m not sure I want to look at that link. I wish youtube URLs gave you some hint as to the content.

          2. Well, I’ll be damned. I never realized that Schwarzenegger and DeVito appeared together in two movies about implausible reproductive technology.

  4. Kim Jong-un sprains credibility.

  5. Well, ya know, except for that whole Georgia incident?

    They did get into that shoving match at the China Olympics.

  6. U.S. military is isolating soldiers sent to Africa even if they exhibit no signs of the virus, but Obama is criticizing states for doing so, and Press Secretary Josh Earnest says blame James Madison and states’ rights

    “Lord Obo, your daughter went binge drinking at an sleazy underage party and died!”

    “I blame James Madison for the states’ patchwork alcohol laws!”

  7. Kim Jong-un six-week absence was due to a cyst-removal surgery…

    A pack of starved dogs ate the cyst out.

    1. There aren’t any dogs left in North Korea.

      1. They were specially starved medical dogs flown in from Cuba.

        1. And the dogs were 100% literate.

          1. And smiling the whole time!

    2. Six weeks to recover from a cyst? Was it in his brain stem or something?

      1. He couldn’t show up on state TV with a Band-Aid.

        1. Last year, all males were required to get the same haircut as Dear Leader. There aren’t enough bandaids in NK to take the chance of him showing up in public with one.

  8. Most Americans think the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction…


    1. *sips Slurpee, watches amusedly*

    2. America! You’re going the wrong way!


  9. The Walker election is probably the one election next week that means something big long term. If Walker wins, there is hope going forward that public employee unions can be stopped before they bankrupt every state in the union. If he loses, then they are unlikely to be stopped anywhere outside of a few places.

    1. I agree. I’m a little shocked that he’s in trouble after winning the recall decisively, but to the progs he’s certainly Enemy #1.

      1. Brownback is at least as important. I hope they both win.

  10. Try to keep up, or you might die: The Center for Disease Control released new Ebola guidelines about avoiding large groups and commercial travel, the U.S. military is isolating soldiers sent to Africa even if they exhibit no signs of the virus, but Obama is criticizing states for doing so, and Press Secretary Josh Earnest says blame James Madison and states’ rights. The other Dallas nurse who caught Ebola is clear and has been released, so that’s good.

    Anyone catch this asshole’s speech earlier today, where he actually stood in front of a microphone and said that the reason the soldiers need to be quarantined but the doctors and nurses don’t is because “soldiers aren’t treating patients”?

    Hey dickhead, the people treating the patients are the ones who are by far at the highest risk of getting infected! That was one of the most completely nonsensical things I’ve ever heard in my life. His contempt for us is just staggering.


      1. Looks like someone got their talking points today. You really would eat the vomit of an Ebola patient if Obama told you to do it.

        1. It’s like rubbing a dog’s nose in his shit when he shits in the house. It’s not a glorified job, but Obama has to do it or else the dog starts getting ideas.

      2. Ready for your beloved democrats to get their asses kicked Weigel? One more week. Better keep drinking yourself into a stupor, because you’re going to need it pretty badly.

      3. Hey, Palin I really enjoyed your bullying last night.

        Good stuff.

        Here’s a Scooby snack.

        1. You are just ignorant. Bill Maher constantly fights two of the biggest anti-liberty factions out there – the drug war proponents and Bible/Koran theocratic types.

          Try to be less ignorant.

          1. Whatever you say, pal.

            I have no more snacks.

          2. WAH Someone doesn’t like my favourite D-list comedian. Typical of a Maher’s fan. Hitchens nailed you pathetic losers perfectly.

            Cry more you pathetic piss ant.

          3. Says the pussy who wouldn’t even take the bet.

            I’ll make sure you’ve done plenty of lines before offering another bet. See you this weekend!

    2. Did Ernest say that or Obama? Every press secretary is worse than the last. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Carney and Ernest manages to be worse.

      1. Obama himself said those exact words on the lawn right in front of the Marine helicopter earlier this afternoon. My jaw just about hit the floor.

        1. Barack H Obama
          Super Geenius

          1. President Ron Burgandy. Don’t put it on the teleprompter because he will read it.

            1. Wee Tu Low
              Ho Lee Fuk

    3. I don’t think it’s just us…

    4. The argument about the doctors and such is really odd. They would expose themselves to significant risk by treating people with a horrible disease under far from ideal conditions, but having to be isolated or monitored for a little while on returning is too much?

      1. And you would think they would want to avoid giving it to their family and friends.

      2. And what’s up with people not wanting to be raped? I mean they have sex with other people, but having sex with a random stranger is too much?

        1. What the fuck did that have to with the comment you were responding to?

          People are dumber for having read most of the things you post here.

    5. Anyone catch this asshole’s speech earlier today,

      No. Why would I want to catch this asshole’s speech?

    6. said that the reason the soldiers need to be quarantined but the doctors and nurses don’t is because “soldiers aren’t treating patients”?

      That’s because they’re making the utilitarian judgment that protecting you from being infected because a volunteer doctor coming back with Ebola is less important than encouraging doctors to volunteer.

      That’s what they mean by “the science”. “The science” tells us that not putting health care workers into quarantine is, in fact, dangerous. But “the science” also tells us that risking your life may help save African lives. So fuck you, stop worrying about your life.

      You may think that quarantines are about protecting you – but that’s your whole problem. You’re thinking of this in terms of protecting you. Utility calculations say you can go fuck yourself.

      1. It’s certainly true that Obama doesn’t give a flying crap about America, or whether or not Ebola ends up in America. Hell, he might even feel like we deserve it on some level.

        It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but a member of Congress supposedly got a tip from an insider yesterday that the administration might actually be quietly formulating plans to bring African victims here to the U.S. for treatment. If that’s true, the guy is even worse than I think he is, and I thought I already suspected the worst.

        1. It hasn’t been confirmed yet

          Translation – it is all over wingnut AM radio.

          1. Whatever, turd.

          2. The estimable John Derbyshire was correct when he noted that right-wing talk radio is the movement self-lobotomizing. Democrats should love it.

            (Ditto w/right-wingers enjoying the shit-show that is MSNBC.)

      2. “The science” tells us that not putting health care workers into quarantine is, in fact, dangerous.

        It does no such thing.

        1. Yes, it does.

          What set of returning medical workers is more likely to infect others with Ebola?

          1. The set in strict quarantine
          2. The set ouside quarantine

          Nobody at the CDC – no one – couches their distaste for travel bans by claiming that people who have provided medical care in Ebola hotspots aren’t potential vectors to spread the disease. Every last man-jack there knows that they are.

          Their argument is that quarantines are counterproductive because they encourage people to lie and because they discourage health care workers from traveling to the infection zone. And they’re confident that most of the time they’ll be able to get people into isolation using contact tracing.

          But the reason contact tracing works is because it pushes the transmission rate below 1. Not because it pushes it to 0. So not pursuing quarantine for the reasons above is a utilitarian judgment that it’s OK to sacrifice all the people who get infected while you’re pushing the transmission rate below 1, if it gives you some other benefit that helps you fight the disease “overall”. And that’s all well and good, as long as you personally aren’t one of the sacrificed contacts.

    7. Oh, I don’t know, Mike. Frieden’s “You can’t catch Ebola on a bus, but someone with Ebola can give it to someone else on a bus” statement is still the capper for me.

  11. Press Secretary Josh Earnest

    *points at; laughs at; mocks; derides*

  12. (Reuters) – U.S. consumer confidence rose in October to its highest level since October 2007 as views on the job market improved, according to a private sector report released on Tuesday.

    The Conference Board, an industry group, said its index of consumer attitudes rose to 94.5 from a upwardly revised reading of 89.0 the month before. Economists had expected a reading of 87.0, according to a Reuters poll.



    1. Wow. I guess that means the Democrats are saved!! Woo Hoo.

      1. Hey, gas is cheaper, so everything must be good.

        1. Gas is cheap, interest rates are at record lows, markets at record highs, UE is 5.9% with 54 consecutive months of private sector job creation, and the federal deficit has been cut in half.


          1. How’s that participation rate? That’s good too, right? And that national debt, has that been cut in half too?

            You’re so pathetic it’s no wonder everyone thinks you have no brain.

          2. It never ceases to amaze me how Obama cheerleaders keep pointing to the stock market to indicate how well the economy is doing. Who’s the “party of the rich” supposed to be, again?

          3. How much is deficit growing every year?

            What was the equivalent statistic 10 years ago?

            After the Lehmann blow-up/credit crisis, the FedGov budget moved its residence at a new, higher level. Terrible.

            Simpson-Bowles was our chance and our leadershit blew it.

          4. Palin’s Buttplug|10.28.14 @ 5:06PM|#
            …”and the federal deficit has been cut in half.”

            Turd announces his fave lying POS ran the deficit high enough that even the best of times only cuts it by half!
            Way to go, TURD!

    2. Thank God! I was running out of money to feed my family, but now I have consumer confidence!

    3. Wow. What utterly meaningless bullshit. Is that the best you can do?

      1. Actually, yes. Things suck so badly that that is the best he can do.

        I remember a few years ago when a yellow dog Democrat of my acquaintance posted a list of Obama accomplishments. I stopped reading after about #8, which began: “He appointed a commission to….”

        1. If that was the Facebook thing going around, I remember that. One of the “accomplishments” was closing Guantanamo Bay.

    4. Holy shit, you found something even more meaningless than GDP.

    5. No where to go but up?

    6. Palin’s Buttplug|10.28.14 @ 4:36PM|#
      “(Reuters) – U.S. consumer confidence”

      Fuck off, turd.

  13. I’ve decided not to give the least shit about anything Ebola related. I’m completely bored with it. When the “bring out your dead” guy starts coming around with his cart, it might regain some of my interest.

    1. LOL. I figure I am unlikely to need to go to a hospital and will have to be pretty unlucky to get it. So if the rest of these people are too stupid to take precautions, what am I going to do about it?

      1. Pretty much. This is one of those situations where you realize that people are pretty smart as individuals and can do amazing things working together in smaller groups, but taken as a whole, humanity is just a force of nature.

    2. By this point you either have all your prepping complete and can do nothing but sit back and wait, or you are in a 3-month queue for your hazmat suit and respirator and can do nothing but sit back and wait.

      1. I can avoid contact with most people without much trouble, so I’m pretty comfy. And I have enough ammo stashed to trade, hunt or just take shit if it comes down to it. Which it won’t.

    3. I’m still interested because my sister is a nurse and we’ve been discussing the ethical dilemma of the Hippocratic oath vs. the government requiring medical professionals to treat Ebola.

    4. When they start writing nursery rhymes about it I’ll worry.

  14. The CDC seems to be more infuriatingly confusing as time goes on.

    I read the NYT editorial on why quarantining healthcare workers would foment more panic.

    I don’t get that. There may be valid scientific reason to not quarantine people coming back, but quarantining them would probably do more to tamp DOWN panic. Creating a policy that says, “Hey, we’re gonna watch some people very closely if their previous job was shoveling out the Ebola shed” would do a lot to calm people’s nerves.

    Then this: The Center for Disease Control released new Ebola guidelines about avoiding large groups and commercial travel,

    So, would riding around on a New York subway, going bowling with friends etc., be considered “avoiding large groups”?

    1. Their inconsistency and incoherence in messaging is freaking people out. It leaves the conspiracy theorists and doomsdayers a wide open hole thru which to drive their best nightmares.

      At this point they would be better off saying nothing.

    2. Avoid voting lines.

  15. Apparently, christmas came early for gamergaters.

    They’ve got a clear-cut and well documented case of an SJW inspired blacklisting being coordinated from the game-journolist.

      1. I was gonna post that next. I love points 4 and 5, but point on 3, he apparently forgets all about the comic code, production code and Jack Thompson.

        And it’s strange how he criticizes the gamergaters in #8 for doing nothing more than shutting down one of the SJWs favorite arguments.

        1. Also #10 is bullshit, as the GGers are the only group actually tracking down any of the people making threats. They found that Brazilian journalist threatening Sarkesian. Seems like he should redirect that criticsm to the journalists. Hell, aren’t they paid to investigate shit?

          1. Were they able to conclusively prove anything about that Brazilian guy? The last I heard of that story people were questioning it because it seemed unlikely that the hacker guy, who barely spoke any English, could have written the threatening letters in question.

            1. Only conclusively from Brazil. Could’ve been a shared IP with other users. But he has written about her before, and was active with that IP around the same time the threats were sent.

  16. PM links already booted off the front page!

    1. They need to perma-link it to the front page for at least 2 or 3 hours. It’s a pain in the ass to scroll through all the articles on this phone. (not the phone’s fault, it’s the website’s fault.)

      1. The new mobile site is coming soon. It’s much better.

        1. I can only hope. I switched to the desktop version because I literally couldn’t get the site to stay in one place while commenting. Every time I tried to focus on the comment box, it would whisk me back up to the top of the page. I ended up switching from Chrome to Firefox solely to be able to comment here, but ff is such a battery Drain that I’m plotting my return to Chrome.

          1. The comments in particular are much better on the new mobile site. Should be out of beta soon.

            1. Excellent! Good to hear!

  17. PM links already booted off the front page!

    1. It’s been a while since the squirrels wreaked their conniving havoc.

    2. Did Reason-Rupe release another poll or something?

  18. http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/197359/

    The NYT proves again, Progs completely lack any sense of self awareness. The two headlines in the Science section of the Times Read one after the other as follows

    A chronicle of warnings denied; An historian of science imagines what future generations will make of our handling of climate change. and

    Magic may lurk inside us all; several streams of psychology research are converging on an uncomfortable truth: we are more susceptible to magical thinking than we’d like to admit.

    Do tell Times. Do tell.

    1. But John! Hope and change! Especially this change.

  19. Ooh, these are always a treat.

    Fark reaction to a Reason Article.

    First one, right out of the gate:

    Jackson Herring [TotalFark]
    8 hours ago
    “Imagine you lived in a country where there was no law saying you couldn’t criticize the President, but the authorities would just like a copy of it if you did.”

    farking kill yourselves, reason

    1. I don’t understand what he finds so offensive about this hypothetical.

      1. He’ll find it offensive until a Republican is President.

      2. The hypothetical is exposing a gaping hole in his political beliefs and forcing him to admit that he’s logically inconsistent.

      3. Is it even a hypothetical? I thought it referred to the Houston mayor’s attempt to get the sermons of clergy she thought might be anti-gay.

        1. Indirectly, yes. But at that point it’s a hypothetical.

    2. Subby, censorship has never been “just for conservatives”. It’s a tool used by anyone who is scared of, or knows the true power of, freedom of speech. However, please try to differentiate “censorship”, which is prior restraint on speech by government, from “consequences of your speech”, which is what the teahaddis and bigots constantly conflate with “censorship”

      Wow. Just wow.

      1. That started out so well.

        1. I know, that’s what makes the last sentence so painful.

          1. Apparently to SJWs today, having mobs hound Communists out of their jobs in the ’50s was A-OK, because it was just “consequences of speech.”

      2. from “consequences of your speech”, which is what the teahaddis and bigots constantly conflate with “censorship”

        And apparently all of the SJW journalists in for the last two months as well.

      3. It’s really just down to definitions, but I do agree that censorship and punishing people after the fact for speech are different, or at least worth distinguishing. Of course, when consequences of your speech include jail or fines, it is just about as bad and works out to almost the same thing. The difference is that you still can publish something and take the consequences, whereas if the government had true censorship powers, they could stop publication.

      4. I’m gonna need a trigger warning whenever some shit for brains douchelord uses the word “conflate”

      1. I know. I was surprised as well. The comment sections have definitely taken a hit since the crackdown, though. They’re down by about 2/3rds.

          1. On “hate” speech.

            You know, like blazing saddles references.

      2. Fark is the anal beads of the Internet; no one wants to admit they use them, but someone has to be or you wouldn’t stumble over them so often in public parks.

        1. Public parks must be different in your branch of the Multiverse.

          I’m guessing Earth-4?

          1. Watch where you step the next time you are in a public park. Used anal beads everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

            1. About 10 years ago I was in a thrift shop here in SF, and in the glass case (where they put the small, high-value items) was an anal vibrator. I think that’s where I draw the line on used merchandise.

              1. “No, I don’t care how well you cleaned it.”

                Prudie had a letter recently where a 13-year-old was stealing her mom’s vibrator for private sessions. Can you imagine the therapy bills?

                1. I knew a girl who used to do that. Then her mom found out and showed her where the really good toys were.

  20. The Bushes, Led by W., Rally to Make Jeb ’45’


    “Bushpigs – The Sequel”

    1. Just think: Obama has been such an epic universal failure that in only 6 years he’s made people forget about how much Bushes suck.

      1. Well put.

    2. I expect a bipartisan ticket in 2016: Bushpig/Cristfag

      1. Crist is a Democrat now, remember?

        (though that second part of the name…)

          1. Yes, I realized that after I posted.

            Though Crist may switch back to Team Red by 2016 if he believes it’s politically expedient.

            1. Maybe he’ll run as a Libertarian, just to piss me off. He tasks me.

        1. Bushpig/Christiefag

  21. “The U.S. ranks #20 (three spots better than last year) on the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index.”

    I’ve been staying awake nights just waiting to hear these results!

    1. Wife: Ruf, what’s wrong?
      Rufus: Sigh. I’m getting bullied in the PM links by a crazy guy.
      Wife: Oh, poor you. It’ll get better.
      Rufus: No! Didn’t you see the GGI?

      /throws paper at wife.

      1. I know my wife just started throwing confetti out the windows!

  22. Meanwhile, Walker’s grappling with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

    Taken literally this is an amusing sentence.

    1. The blow-off of this feud is a cage match next year at the South Carolina primary.

  23. So after the Toronto election I got to see about bunch of university students whining about how John Tory thinks ‘white privilege’ doesn’t exist.

    You know, I thought Tory was a bit of a weird loser, but if it makes those sad morons upset he can’t be all that bad. Better than Chow at least.

    1. My sentiments exactly.

      I’d just hand out snacks whenever they speak to keep them fed.

    2. He should reply to them “I see university student privilege is still in full swing.”

  24. The cops in MA have a new way to make sure that convictions based on police wrongdoing are never overturned:

    If the witnesses the police intimidate later retract their statements – charge them with perjury!


    1. “Whoever commits perjury on the trial of an indictment for a capital crime shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life,” states Massachusetts general laws. Both face up to life in a state prison.

      That law would be awesome if it applied to prosecutors and cops.

    2. Interesting strategy. Because suborning perjury is also a crime.

      1. First, they invent testilying. Now they invent testiflaying. Perhaps cops really are better than common folk.

  25. From Shreeek’s link:

    The expectations index rose to 95.0 from a revised 86.4 in September, while the present situation index rose to 93.7 from a revised 93.0.

    Consumers’ labor market assessment improved. The “jobs hard to get” index declined to 29.1 percent from a revised 29.4 percent the month before, while the “jobs plentiful” index rose to 16.5 percent from a revised 16.3 percent.

    In other words- for all intents and purposes, FLAT.


    1. I see Obo’s voice well to the left.

    2. Didn’t we demolish this shit in the AM Links (or was it the PM Links) late last week?

      1. shrike only listens to the sound of him fingering his own asshole. It makes him an Interweb GEENUS!

    3. 1560, and I don’t listen to classical.

      God, your links suck.

    4. Jazz makes you dumb, apparently. Right.


    Turner was asked about the TV ad during a Monday debate in Cleveland for Secretary of State candidates. Turner, who is black, said the ad’s use of unflattering black and white images of her is a racist “dog whistle.”

    “I’m calling it the way that I see it. It was deliberate for him to put me in black and white and to put it in the minds of voters, to paint me as the other,” Turner said.

    Jesus autofellating Christ, I hate elections. They’re like #gamergate for even bigger fucking losers.

    1. Turner, who is black, said the ad’s use of unflattering black and white images of her is a racist “dog whistle.”

      How does one hear a dog whistle without being of a canid persuasion?

        1. Just looked at the political ad.

          2/10. Kinda looks like a fella. Would not.

  27. MPAA cares about you.

    The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) said Monday it’s concerned that intellectual property pirates are being exposed to malware and other dangers.

    “It is important to note that websites that traffic in infringing movies, television shows, and other copyrighted content do not harm only the rights holder. Malicious software or malware, which puts Internet users at risk of identity theft, fraud, and other ills, is increasingly becoming a source of revenue for pirate sites,” the lobbying group told (PDF) US trade officials on Monday in its latest report about global “notorious markets” for illegal content.

    The group added that “such risks jeopardize legitimate e-commerce and consumers” and that the “MPAA continues to work with global partners against criminal organizations and activities in an effort to protect consumers not only from the dangers of illicit audiovisual goods and services, but other potential threats, such as malware.”
    The MPAA’s concerns for the well-being of pirates is included in the group’s report to the United States Trade Representative (USTR) as part of a lobbying effort to get a host of cyberlockers and websites included in the USTR “Notorious Markets List”?with the goal of global governments taking action against them.

  28. Today, in Security Theater LULZ:

    Name of Wi-Fi network stalls plane’s takeoff

    A plane at Los Angeles International Airport was stuck on the tarmac for three hours Monday because a Wi-Fi network was named after al-Qaida.

    One passenger on board the American Airlines flight to London, U.K., was using a smartphone and found a Wi-Fi network called “Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork” and told a flight attendant, ABC7 News reported.

    After waiting on the plane for an hour in a remote area of the airport, passengers were informed of a possible security threat and that they weren’t allowed to take out, the station reported.

    “After further investigation, it was determined that no crime was committed and no further action will be taken,” the airport told ABC7 in a statement.

    The flight took off at 1 p.m.

    How IT people love to prank the squares and the bosses.

    1. Link: http://www.northumberlandtoday…..es-takeoff

    2. I just moved into a new apartment. I actually looked at the network names of everyone’s WLAN yesterday and found one that was “House LANnister”

      It’s now my mission to meet this person.

  29. the “jobs plentiful” index rose to 16.5 percent from a revised 16.3 percent.

    I hear a deafening roar of champagne corks popping all across this great land!

    1. The Great Gatsby 2: The Greats Just Got Gatsbier!

    2. I would just love to know how many formerly full-time employees are now working part-time, on the dole, or both.

      1. They finally have the time to get that mixology degree! Or open the 800,000,000th Esty store that sells found object jewelry!

      2. At my local grocery store, which employs over 100 people, around 1/2 of the workers had their hours capped at 30/wk to avoid the mandate.

        I love talking politics with them. They know who to be mad at.

    3. “I hear a deafening roar of champagne corks popping all across this great land!”

      One hand clapping.

  30. One passenger on board the American Airlines flight to London, U.K., was using a smartphone and found a Wi-Fi network called “Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork”


  31. Or open the 800,000,000th Esty store that sells found object jewelry!

    Admit it. Those railroad spike earrings are sexy.

    1. They’re not really for ears, you know.

  32. I actually looked at the network names of everyone’s WLAN yesterday and found one that was “House LANnister”

    It’s now my mission to meet this person.

    Get on their network and make some threats against the police. Then, wait to see whose door gets busted own.

  33. Kim Jong-un’s six-week absence was due to a cyst-removal surgery, according to South Korean intelligence.

    So he’s gone then?

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