Daniel Payne on Why Both the Left and Right Are Doing Health Care Reform Wrong



So far, the essence of Obamacare has been delivering inferior products at higher prices. On its face this may seem like a standard, garden-variety failure of progressive statism. But the Obamacare mess isn't simply a problem of the left; the right is complicit, too, writes Daniel Payne. 

The star reform effort that Republicans put forward in 2012 proposed a healthcare plan that was, at its core, functionally identical to Obamacare. What libertarians and conservatives should do, argues Payne, is dispense with any notion of moderation and offer a serious set of proposals to strip away the deleterious effects of government meddling in the healthcare market. Meanwhile, the left should get away from the messy and embarrassing disaster of Obamacare and instead advocate for what it truly desires: a government-administered, single-payer healthcare system.