NBC News Highlights Low Pay Offered by Some St. Louis-Area Police Departments


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NBC News has a story on its website based on pay data collected from 24 police departments in the St. Louis Area, arguing that the gap from department to department means "Many of America's Finest Struggle on Poverty Wages," as the headline notes.

The story itself doesn't include too much substance; the average pay for the 24 departments is listed but mostly NBC News talks to an officer paid $10.50 an hour in Hillsdale. Unsurprisingly, because the piece is trying to find sympathy for cops, the officer chosen to feature the gap through is African-American.

Here's a quote that comes close to a substantive point for the piece:

"In areas without a tax base to speak of, where residents live in poverty already, communities are saddled with a police force that is underpaid and under resourced in other ways," says David Harris, a University of Pittsburgh law professor who studies policing. "It's another form of a penalty for being poor."

Unmentioned is Radley Balko's recent expose for The Washington Post, which found municipalities across the St. Louis-area using the poor, and policing them with fines and penalties, as a significant source of revenue. All the "resources" that come from the transfer of military surplus from the federal government to local police agencies was also unmentioned.

Neither was there any attempt to correlate high pay with decent service. Do cities with better paid cops have better behaved cops? I don't know of any evidence that points to that, and the NBC piece didn't try to tackle the question at all. Instead, it played to emotion. NBC News' cable affiliate has spent the last several months taking a critical, if racialized, look at policing in the United States. In that context, this piece wasn't surprising. It didn't have the kind of information that would be useful, like what's listed above, nor did it address how police brutality and union rules that protect bad cops contribute to police departments not having the resources to, uh, properly serve poor people.

But what is listed is how much Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, is getting paid, along with the observation that it's more than the cop NBC News featured in its story.

It's not a story interested in structural police reforms, the kind that would lead to better cops and even better pay, insomuch as eliciting an emotional reaction, grafting the issue of income inequality onto the issue of police conduct, and maybe playing the race card.

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  1. ” Do cities with better paid cops have better behaved cops?”

    The higher paid cops are probably unionized. So, no.

    1. Yep. I’ve had a peek behind the curtain at several police departments in the area.

      The higher the pay, the more powerful and entrenched the union is.

  2. “Many of America’s Finest Struggle on Poverty Wages”

    Oh, for fuck’s sake.

  3. NBC News: we make shit up. So fuck you, news consumer.

  4. But there are perks that help make up for it, like being able to help yourself to nude selfies and getting to practice your marksmanship on dogs and black men.

    1. Does one hit for every 20 bullets fired count as marksmanship?

      1. Cops aren’t marksmanship experts, as I’m sure you’ve been told.

        1. They’re envious of the Stormtroopers’ accuracy.

          1. So, they’re pretty much A-Team bad guy level?

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  6. No discussion of police-pay has even started until there is transparency on ‘total overtime pay’

    Cops routinely double their headline salaries via Overtime padding every single week. its one the structural features of policing.

    A lawyer friend who worked for NYC under Giuliani in the 1990s pointed out that an absurdly high percentage (80%+ or so) of police arrests/citations occured in the last hour of an officer’s shift, necessitating an additional 1-2 hours of booking/procedural time.

    He basically said, ‘dont ever be doing anything wrong a X-o’clock and Y-o’clock’, and you’ll never get in trouble with law enforcement. Cops work when it pays to work.

    1. And retire with full pension at age 50?

      1. “Jerry on the sea|10.27.14 @ 1:25PM|#

        And retire with added disability benefits with full pension at age 50?


      2. That and what GILMORE said. Looking at the base pay of police is meaningless. And looking at the compensation for any job and not including benefits and pension guarantees is very dishonest. And then there is the “professional courtesy” and outright theft that police benefit from as well.
        No one ever seems to look at that stuff when looking at government employees. How much would I have to pay right now for the pension most cops get to retire on in their late 40s or early 50s?

    2. GILMORE|10.27.14 @ 1:18PM|#
      “No discussion of police-pay has even started until there is transparency on ‘total overtime pay'”

      I’d also like to hear what benefits are included in the compensation before I reach for a hanky.

    3. My stepson’s dad is a cop. Kid never sees his dad on holidays, because holiday double-pay is more important.

      Remember that being a cop is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. They strut around, expecting to be obeyed, and use violence on anyone who fails to comply with their every whim. And on top of that they get paid? The pay is a bonus. They’d do it for the power alone.

    4. There is a fuckton of construction going on in Seattle right now. And you know who is at every single construction site, “directing traffic”? SPD. Is there even the slightest need for someone to direct traffic at these sites? Nope. Even if there were, could it be done by a construction worker? Yup.

      But the pigs just sit there and collect overtime, day in and day out. They’re not even doing anything. Except stealing money from me.

      1. Round here they pull up to the construction site, turn on their lights, and then take a nap in the car. They don’t even pretend to do anything.

        1. Epi, you really are a fucking moron

          In almost every case we see an officer working at a construction site they are working what are referred to as off duties or details depending on your agency

          In other words the construction agency etc. is the one paying the police not the city they are not on overtime they are getting paid an off duty rate

          In the city of Seattle they get decent off duty pay scale and the pay scale is dependent on the kind of off-duty work such as is it traffic enforcement or general security or whatever

          The same applies to Seattle PD officers if they’re working a Seahawks or Mariners game they are getting paid by a private agency

          The Mariners actually contract with both the local sheriff and Seattle PD for security and a different rates to the different agencies depended on how they contract for off-duty service

          1. “In other words the construction agency etc. is the one being forced to pay the police”


            1. And the construction agency is billing the city in its bid for the work, knowing full well they are being forced to pay for this service.

  7. I’m confused, I thought cops were supposed to be accountable, altruistic individuals who only wish to serve the public good? Shouldn’t the pay not matter when your obvious career goal is serving the public without complaint?

    1. You are fucking high, DOOD

      Marketplaces? How do they work?

      Want better service? Offer more to those providing the services

      It’s an ironclad rule
      Even many faux libertarians should be able to grasp this

      1. Says the moron who considers himself a ‘working class hero’. I guess your pathetic narcissism and delusions of grandeur go out the window when money’s on the line.

        Shut up and take a bullet for the polity like a good thug, then we’ll talk about pay increases.

  8. here’s an idea. don’t have kids you can’t afford. don’t make the people force you to pay for your kids.

    1. Cool story bro.

  9. OT (and no link, besides!)
    At the semi-regular Willie Brown breakfast this morning, the speaker admitted that the Ds are likely gonna take it in the shorts next Tuesday, and it’s because the ‘rethuglicans gerrymandered the redistricting!’.
    I did no know that.

    1. Well, whoever is in control at the time always gerrymanders the redistricting, so it’s probably true to some extent.

    2. Also, the Dark Money (cue scary sound) in politics!

      Democrats only lose because Rethuglicans are all the Rich Money FatCats with Deep Pockets

    3. How do you Gerrymander a Senate or gubernatorial voting area?

      1. She didn’t say…

      2. Aliens?

      3. Stop ‘letting’ dead people vote?

  10. It is an uncanny feature of news reporting on any public-sector issue that the main problem seems to be interpreted as

    #1) “we’re not throwing enough money at this” and
    #2) “we need more bureaucrats to Take Control” *(which is really just #1 in human form)

    Now, about that “College Rape Crisis”… NEEDS MOAR MONEY, MOAR BUREAUCRATS!!

  11. Markets work with cops, just like anything else in the law

    Hint: better lawyers tend to charge more

    Cops do the same

    The best talent migrated to wear the pay AND benefits combined are best in any given area

    It distorts when local geographic stake hold. Like hawaii has good cops even though shitty pay and decent b befits because there is no local competition

    All 4 pd’s have the exact same pay etc due to th same Union

    Also, Maui boys tend to stay Maui, kuaui boys etc

    But even with that many of the best and brightest fled to mainland

    Just like east Germany saw a major brain/talent drain and ended building walls etc hawaii of.’a tried to enforce contracts where runaways had to pay back for training etc if they left too soon but last I checked have never been able to enforce one of these contracts in court

    Even some of my friends who are kanaka Maoli and it would take a lot to get them to leave the islands ended up doing so when mainland pd’s offered 30 to 50% more pay better benefits and a cost-of-living that’s 20 to 30% cheaper

    Vancouver of, kent pd, etc suck up the best and brightest

    Also departments that take laterals in an area tend to get better officers since seasoned veterans can transfer in without having to go to the academy all over again

    1. Ugh, voice to text ‘migrated WHERE’

      . Here in other sound region some agencies pay about six figures and offer awesome benefits and some agencies pay substantially less

      You also have to factor in benefits like several agencies offer take-home cars which in my experience many officers value at around equivalent to 15,000 or even more of salary per year when you look at costs that saves for gas and commute time as well as just the benefits of being able to have your own car set up the way you like it

      Of course from a standpoint of cost savings to the tax payers studies have shown that on the whole take-home cars tend to be a cost-saving especially for departments that have a large spread out area since officers treat them better they have lower collision rates etc. etc. which makes sense because when you take pride in ownership in your car you are less likely to drive it recklessly or place it at risk etc.

      1. A friend of mine with a masters degree just transferred from one agency to Kirkland PD and they get paid better than my agency but besides the fact that it will be boring to work there they don’t get nearly as good benefits as us with the one major exception that they don’t have to pay into Social Security however I’d stillcompare the totality and give the edge to my department and thus would never leave for Kirkland

        My position gives me a take-home car which again is a huge benefit and we have better medical etc.

        New Orleans PD has historically paid pretty poorly and also has a gnarly working environment and of course you end up with arguably one of the most corrupt departments in the country by a mile

        1. You just have to look at all the benefits for example University of Washington cops get to attend classes for free and in some cases even attend classes on duty so that’s a huge part of their benefits package and if you’re a cop looking to get advanced degrees etc. those factors are going to be huge

          Some local agencies include up to five hours per week of work out a time that is paid and those are also benefits that tend to attract good officers and of course FBI statistics from the FBI LE journal show that more physically fit officers tend to be far less likely to get sued abuse sickleave get accused of excessive force etc commit suicide etc

          Officers also tend to value contractual benefits such as binding arbitration etc.

          I once worked for a small pd where we had no union protection and no binding arbitration but I also knew first hand that the chief was wicked awesome so that balanced out and I chose to work there despite those factors

          You show me an agency that offers superior pay and benefits in any given area and I will show you an agency that has better cops

          1. It must be nice when your employer can toss its customers into a cage if they refuse to purchase services that they neither need nor want.

            In the dreaded private sector, when the union demands more than the company can afford to pay, and the customers choose to no longer purchase the company’s goods and services at the increased price, then something’s got to give. The company relocates, goes bankrupt, whatever.

            Not so in the public sector. Just raise taxes. Easy peasy.

            Even FDR opposed public sector unions. He was right about something anyway.

            1. Dude, you need to be the change you want to see.

            2. And even in the dreaded private sector security and police that offer a better payi and benefits get better officers when I was back east Boston University PD and Harvard PD offered a pretty good package and both got some damn good cops

              Harvard PD compared quite well with Boston PD in many respects and while I would rate Boston PD’s overall package as better especially if one want to take classes at Harvard there are some pretty awesome benefits to being a Harvard of cop instead

              I went to Dunedin Academy and we did not have Boston cops since they have their own Academy but we had Harvard cops and I was pretty impressed with their overall package (har har)

              1. Ugg, NEEDHAM academy

                1. Dunphy, you are the dumbest cop on the force. The dumbest.

                  1. Only because he didn’t take his meds.

  12. Neither was there any attempt to correlate high pay with decent service. Do cities with better paid cops have better behaved cops?


    Seattle PD officer starts… starts at $69,240.


    1. My agency offers a much better overall package – pay AND benefits and thus gets better cops

      We get plenty of laterals FROM SPD, but nobody leaves FOR SPD unless they get cut from our FTO program

      SPD has mediocre talent and they micromanage so subpar officers can get by

      My agency again has a better package but even if the package was the same, our service population is better than there’s more appreciative etc. and of course that’s partly due to the fact that we are better but it eventually becomes a performance loop – better officers = mor appreciative public etc

      Of course that is also skewed by politics such that if you work an area like Seattle with an overwhelmingly liberal population you tend to get more cop haters per capita than someplace like Bellevue or Spokane etc. where people lean more to the right

      1. When I looked at different agencies from my stance at Maui PD I never even considered Seattle police compared to the agency I work at like my current agency and Vancouver PD since these agencies offer a way better total package and of course have a reputation as having much better officers which of course correlates to that package and the loop continues

      2. IOW you are ALL a bunch of overpaid over-entitled fucks. Thanks for clarifying.

        1. No on the wholewe are very fairly compensated but my point is that you get what you pay for and as a general rule the better compensated an officer is the better that officer is at providing service

          I get paid just under six figures without overtime and get awesome benefits due to my position such as a take-home car etc. and I also get 100% of my medical paid for and of course I offer awesome service as well


          1. As a general rule, you talk out of your rear and offer no actual evidence in favour of the points you use to glorify your fellow dinks in blue.

    2. I could be convinced that police should be well paid to attract the best possible people if it were also extremely easy to fire them for misconduct.

  13. I also chose to live in an area with a good police department as well as of course good schools etc.

    I researched the policies and procedures of the police departments where I was looking to live as well as other factors that are signs of good policing and my agency where I live has an awesome reputation and of course provides very good pay and benefits to their officershas a good pursuit policy etc. unlike a place like W PD that has a totally pussy pursuit policy and that’s one of the reasons why I never want to live there

    I did to ride along’s and discovered that the place where I ultimately chose to live just has a damn fine police agency and very very high cytisine satisfaction with their local police department so it was clear that I would get a better product if and when I called the police and I’ve never had to do so but if I do I know I’m much more likely to get Better services

    1. I have no idea what a ‘cytisine’ is fwiw

  14. Epi, you are a moron as demonstrated in your above post about Seattle police officers working at construction sites

    In almost every case they are working a so called off-duty for a private construction company etc. and are not being paid overtime as you say but are being paid by the person/agency that hires them for that off-duty

    When I was in Massachusetts I worked tons of off-duty’s for companies like asplundh etc.

    Here in Washington I almost never work of duties are over time but when I have a choice I will prefer overtime sense due to some pay incentives they have a education et cetera I get a better rate($75+/HR) and the idea of directing traffic bores me out of my school and I haven’t done it in over 20 years

  15. Smells like pig shit in here.

    1. At least Unlike morons like you and Epi I know the difference between off-duty employment such as the traffic enforcement he erroneously believe Seattle police are getting paid overtime for and on duty employ


  16. http://www.seattle.gov/police/…..yment.html

    This is for Epi the moron


    Interestingly Seattle police department sets for after the way to differently than mine

    They set a minimum based upon their normal duty pay whereas my agency actually sets specific dollar per hour amounts depending on the type of assignment and there is no variation from That

    In my agency a Flesner Rotie may see that the often anyway appears favourably to their overtime rate especially if the off duty is for one of the better paid rates such as traffic direction

    The other hand if you have the additional incentives I have due to education longevity et cetera and especially if you have extra incentive to do with special unit et cetera then overtime starts looking better than the off duty rates in many cases

  17. What’s it take to get this fuck to quit posting?

    1. Prescription refills?

  18. I was hoping for a mention of how much was paid out by the police in settlements.

    1. It’s got to average out to several thousand dollars per officer.

      1. Yes generally speaking it is cheaper to understaffed and then pay out overtime then it is to fully staff since even though overtime rate is paid at time and a half if you fully staffed your PD to minimize overtime the ancillary per our costs are actually greater study after study has shown

        If you fully staff and have more FTEs it actually cost more than understaffing and paying overtime despite hysterical media articles about how much overtime officers are getting paid

        If you have more FTEs you have far more costs as to medical retirement and tons of other ancillary costs per hour that go along with the salary to the officer

        1. Settlements, you reading-challenged mo.

          As in tax payer money shelled out for settling cases of misconduct.

          1. You assumed it every time money is shelled out that there was misconduct and just like in the private sector where many companies will pay out because it’s cheaper then fighting not every payment happens because of misconduct

            Also there is a substantial amount of money shelled out when agencies fire officers without proper due process

            I am reviewing a case now where an officer has received about $1 million after he was unjustly fired for sleeping on duty when he had sleep apnea and they ignored the medical evidence

            As a general rule agencies that use proper due diligence and provide due process payout for less then agencies that treat officers badly and end up taking it on the nose after civil redress

            Again I am currently sitting on some nice money due to civil redress I received for police misconduct

            1. Also one reason I support body cameras is that for among other reasons it will clearly lower liability costs for agencies since those officers can get fired much more easily and agencies will also be far less likely to fire officers unjustly or pay out for alleged misconduct when in fact it never happened

              Look at the case I cited recently where an officer who was accused of sexual assault was able to negate the claim almost immediately due to body camera evidence

              Without that we would’ve seen an expensive investigation the officer probably would’ve been put on paid administrative leave for the entire time it was investigated and it’s quite possible the department would’ve paid out substantial money to a woman who was never assaulted in the first place

              1. Or it could turn out like that one officer in Albuquerque who killed a young woman. He had multiple use of force investigations in the past two years. In every one of them, the camera had either not been turned on or had malfunctioned. Imagine that! What a coincidence!

                And he wasn’t disciplined for those.

                I’m willing to accept that body cameras are a good thing if in a case where the camera “malfunctioned” or did not turn on, the evidence is automatically found to be whatever holds the officer in the worst light.

            2. You’re right, Dunphy. It’s all money paid out because the government felt bad. Those poor officers didn’t do anything wrong!

              Go fuck yourself with a railroad spike, you mendacious cunt.

  19. I was hoping for discussion on how much admin costs the PDs have.

    1. That varies a lot and of course under standard span of control doctrine you need a minimum Sgt. per officer ratio

  20. Again I work almost no overtime maybe on average 4 hrs a month whereas I know many officers who work 40 or more oT hours

    Under LEOFF II, retirement pay is based on high-five principle so working overtime can improve your future retirement pay whereas working off duties cannot

    Interestingly when officers get rehired and get paid backpay under binding arbitration et cetera the back will include compensation for how many hours they work overtime on average per year since they were declined the opportunity some agencies will also include how many hours of of duties they work in the year but other agencies don’t

    There was also some controversy invariability on what kind of coverage you get if you get killed working off duty.

    It’s especially relevant as the injuries some agencies you get on duty injury benefits even if you are working off duty and other agencies you don’t

    My friend in Maui PD got killed in line of duty and initially did not want to give him line of duty death benefits to his family since he was working a off-duty but after some court wrangling he ended up getting considered as a line of duty death as to benefits for his family since he was directing traffic even though he was doing it for a private company in uniform

    Gene Williams with Maui PD

  21. Jebus. My neighbors across the street have three pigs, and it makes me want to gag when the wind blows just right.

    This is worse.

    1. I know you’re still butt hurt over the fact that you are justifiably convicted for being a piece of shit DUI but maybe eventually you will get over it

      Gene Williams mentioned above my Academy classmates with Maui pd he was killed by a drunk driver and I work with tons of officers who have been injured by them the stats are actually pretty amazing

      Drink or do drugs I am 100% for that as long as you are not driving

      1. ? I know your aware of what people here think of cops. I would like to ask you Why do you think that is? Could you possibly be biased and blinded to the abuse and corruption that goes on a daily basis, because you are one yourself? If the police are as squeaky clean as you constantly surmise, why at the moment are they having such pr issues throughout the country? Also what could they do to counter those pr issues?

        1. The pr issues are only because of bigots like us.

          Cops can do no wrong. They’re like George Washington and the cherry tree.

          1. Only a fucking moron like sarcasmic could think that I think that cops are above reproach or are squeaky clean or whatever

            I am an actual critic of copper misconduct and unlike most of the idiots here have actually somewhat civil redress against the police misconduct as well as testified against officers who have committed misconduct

            I know that on the whole officers do a fucking awesome job but corruption and misconduct is far from nonexistent and unlike the idiots here I criticize it when it happens and praise them for good conduct that the morons here cannot distinguish since they don’t understand use of force doctrine

            I support mandatory body camera use by every officer in this country since it helps we doubt that officers and helps hold misconduct accountable

            1. I am an actual critic of copper misconduct and unlike most of the idiots here have actually somewhat civil redress against the police misconduct as well as testified against officers who have committed misconduct

              I LOL’d out loud! That was hilarious! Cops ratting out on each other? Too funny! OMG that was great! Got any more?

              1. Testifying against misconduct is not ratting out it’s doing one’s duty

                You ignore the fact that in many cases such as the Paul Schrne incident it was officers who were the ones who initiated the investigation against the officer who committed misconduct

                I realize you are too fucking stupid to understand this but if you actually look at internal affairs investigation as you will see that a very substantial percentage of the time an officer is investigated for misconduct the initial complaint is brought by a fellow officer

                What have you done to fight officer misconduct I have testified against it I’ve helped spearhead change in policy for use of SWAT officers and I have sued for Ofc. misconduct and won?

                What the fuck have you done besides being a criminal DUI?

                1. What the fuck have you done

                  Once I learned how people in your profession are liars who lie on paperwork and in court, and routinely get away with it, I’ve made a point of keeping as far away from your ilk as I possibly can.

                  Drawing attention to myself by complaining about someone with immunity and a gun seems to me to be unwise and potentially deadly.

                2. I call bullshit on you having “sued” for officer misconduct. Being a fellow officer witnessing it wouldn’t give you standing to sue.

                  1. How stupid are you?

                    I sued for misconduct committed against myself moron

                    1. You didn’t say that.

                      There’s a huge fucking difference between “testifying against misconduct” and “testifying against misconduct that happened to you”. What do you do if you see misconduct against one of us proles?

                    2. I’ve mentioned this several times in the last couple of months


        2. According to Dunphy, cops are perfect angels and are supported by the populace. Only us haters here can’t see how wonderful they are.

          1. No according to me on the whole officers do an excellent job but unlike the idiots here I have gotten civil redress due to Ofc. misconduct and have testified against officers who have committed misconduct

            1. Noble Dunphy!

              Crusader against the Great Blue Wall of Silence!

              That’s fucking hilarious!

              1. No it’s documented in court and of course I have won in civil court as has my union when officers were wronged bymisconduct

                Again I realize you are too stupid to do a public disclosure request but if you did I can guarantee you would find that in many cases where officers were investigated for misconduct in your local agency the misconduct was discovered and spearheaded by a fellow officer

      2. How many were killed by drunk cyclists who violated no other law?

        1. He knows that what pissed me off was the fictitious police report that claimed I caused the accident, totally ignoring the fact that the person who hit me was a 15yr old kid who ran a red light while distracted by a carload of his friends.

          Or that the officer dismissed witnesses because they would have told the truth, instead of the cop’s false narrative.

          No, Dumphy totally ignores that. He ignores it because he would have done the exact same thing.

          1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that he absolutely refuses to acknowledge or comment on that part of your story.

          2. Facts don’t matter, the truth doesn’t matter, all he sees is a CRIMINUL who broke TEH LAW.

            You silly pleb, details are for the privileged class, of which you are not a member.


  22. “Many of America’s Finest Struggle on Poverty Wages,”

    Finest? Finest at what? Powerlifting?

    1. Smooching.

      1. Surfing?

    2. At being working class hero public servants

      Of course an Ofc that (primarily) powerlifts offers inferior service to one that does Olifting

      Also, we olifters are prettier too!

      And have better sayings

      1. At being working class hero public servants

        That’s pretty offensive to the working class. They don’t go around stealing others money, taking naps on the clock, beating the shit out of people, and killing their dogs. Then retiring at 50.

        Also I thought Reason trolls only work on Saturday?

        1. You’ve never met any Teamsters or UAW workers, I see.

          1. Yea, sorry I was raised in the South.

          2. Teamsters kill dogs?

      2. I just read this from you:

        “I am reviewing a case now where an officer has received about $1 million after he was unjustly fired for sleeping on duty when he had sleep apnea and they ignored the medical evidence”

        On a totally different subject:


        1. I know someone with sleep apnea, where’s *his* $1 million? Maybe he should take a job involving public trust, and then fail at the job by sleeping on duty.

          1. I am surprised that in this day and age with a terrorist behind every corner and a Cujo behind every tree that cops would want to keep someone on the force that would not be there to back them up when they need him.

            1. Maybe the IA people have sleep apnea, too.

              1. “Gosh, boss, I would have had that report ready for you, honest, I was just feeling tired. Now, just give me…One. Million. Dollars.”

                1. plus disability!

        2. after he was unjustly fired for sleeping on duty

          unjustly fired for sleeping on duty

          unjustly fired… sleeping on duty

          Something doesn’t add up here.

          1. He had apnea, undiagnosed.
            It was later discovered but they still fired him

            I already posted the link

            They persecuted him for being sick

            It cost the taxpayers a million dollars

            1. “They persecuted him for being sick”

              I thought you said he was fired for sleeping on duty.

              1. “It cost the taxpayers a million dollars”

                I’m going to guess it was the union contract which cost taxpayers a million bucks.

                Maybe the taxpayers should work to get rid of these expensive union contracts, so that a cop who sleeps on duty will be treated the same as, say, a museum guard without a union contract.

            2. Better than the millions of dollars in salary, overtime, benefits, vacay, more overtime, and pension that he would have sucked out of us over the years.

            3. He had apnea, undiagnosed.
              It was later discovered but they still fired him

              Here’s the thing, fuckstick. Whether or not he was diagnosed is irrelevant. His behavior (sleeping on the job) warranted dismissal. It’s not “wrongful” termination if the person being fired shouldn’t be in the job in the first place.

              If I or anyone I knew when I was still active duty would’ve been found to have a history of snoozing on watch, whether it was the fault of some existing condition or not, they would’ve been discharged ASAP. If you can’t be trusted to be there when it realy counts, you can’t be trusted.

              1. I knew a college student who missed a morning exam because he overslept…from “exhaustion” if you know what I mean.

                He could have used a million dollars, too!

  23. I love how the readers of a website called REASON get their rocks off on spouting idiotic stereotypes about certain subsets of society, constantly.

    Talk about derp.

    1. Timeless wisdom from our resident statist shithead.

      1. Sometimes I wonder if I only think that the socks who post like that are all Tulpa because it scares me too much to think there are lots of people who think the same way he does.

        1. Sometimes I wonder if I only think that the socks who post like that are all Tulpa because it scares me too much to think there are lots of people who think the same way he does.

          Tulpa is everything, Tulpa is everywhere. All within the Tulpa, nothing outside the Tulpa, nothing against the Tulpa.


    2. Talk about Reason drinking games!

    3. He didn’t say “for a magazine called Reason…” specifically, but it was close enough. Drink?

    4. Oh, you weren’t talking about dunphy?

    5. I love how the readers of a website called REASON get their rocks off on spouting idiotic stereotypes about certain subsets of society, constantly.

      I love how you think you’re refuting the claims, while at the same time upholding the basic notion underlying them. You can’t even pretend that “police officer” is just a job title and not the name of a subculture with its own identity and sense of entitlement long enough to get through a single sentence.

  24. By his own admission, dunphy is an honest and incorruptible cop, so honest that he testifies against crooked cops, who seem by his own account to be fairly numerous. Good thing his testimony purged them all from the force, or at least got them two weeks’ leave or a transfer to another agency.

    And of course, don’t forget the dunpheyan distinction between the working-class hero patrolmen (minus the corrupt ones) and the “cop o crats” who actually run the various police departments. These cop-o-crats, as dunphy sees it, are clueless morons who give ridiculous or even illegal orders to their subordinates.

    But we should totally trust the cops who are under the orders of clueless morons who issue unreasonable orders!

    1. We should probably pay them more, so all of these problems would disappear.

      1. Problems will never disappear but given body cameras, citizen review boards, due process Eric they can be reduced from their already low levels

        We are blessed with excellent peace officers, but we can get better accountabity for misconduct and better protection for good officers wrongly accused and punished

        Boots binding arbitration!

        1. Did binding arbitration give Officer Sleepyhead one million dollars?

  25. dunphy porn (start 1 minute in)


  26. Wow, I guess dunphy’s asleep, too, from the exhausting effort of defending his colleagues (other than “cop o crats” and fat cops and the unethical cops against whom he testified) against people who distrust the police!

    That would tire *anyone* out.

    1. If it keeps him from shitting all over the P.M. Links, all the better.

  27. Brave Sir dunphy ran away.
    Bravely ran away away.
    When HnR commenters reared their ugly heads,
    He bravely turned his tail and fled.
    Yes, brave Sir dunphy turned about(“I didn’t!”)
    And gallantly turned away his snout

    ****Bravely**** taking to his feet,
    He beat a very brave retreat.
    Bravest of the braaaave, Sir dunphy!

  28. You get what you pay for, but at the NYT, they are victims of fraud in the workplace.

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