Ebola Quarantines Analyzed, Marines Leave Part of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabian Lawyers Imprisoned Because of Tweets: P.M. Links


  • Why aren't these people wearing Iron Man armored suits?
    EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection / photo on flickr

    To quarantine or not to quarantine? New Jersey decided to quarantine a nurse who was treating Ebola patients in Africa but then changed its mind and let her go. The Obama administration is discouraging such responses. U.S. soldiers leaving their mission in Liberia to help with the anti-Ebola fight are being separated and monitored in Italy.

  • The last of U.S. Marines (and NATO troops) in the Helmland province of Afghanistan have left, though there are still U.S. forces in the country that will be there for some time.
  • Our "allies" in Saudi Arabia have sentenced three lawyers for up to eight years in jail for tweets that were critical of the judiciary.
  • Several former judges are trying to halt an execution of Mark Christeson scheduled to take place in Missouri this week. The man's court-appointed attorneys missed a filing deadline, resulting in him being denied a federal review.
  • A second teenage girl has died from her injuries from the deadly Friday school shooting in Marysville, Washington.
  • As we restlessly anticipate the midterm elections in a week (or, you know, simply shrug and click on funny videos elsewhere), Republicans still seem poised to take over the Senate, with many more options to win than the Democrats.

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  1. Our “allies” in Saudi Arabia have sentenced three lawyers for up to eight years in jail for tweets that were critical of the judiciary.

    NoW that’s an effective ATTACK WAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH!

    1. Hello.

      Green Islam.

      Who knew?


      Great. More ideas for Obama.

      1. For its part, “Islam was never secularized as Christianity was,” says Nasr. “Muslims did not lose faith in the same way that happened in the Christian West.

        And therein lies the problem, Professor Nasr.

        1. I think many Muslims have lost faith; they’re just scared shitless to admit it.

          1. Cue “Mohammed’s Believe it or else!”

            1. +1 Greatest Muslim Hero

            2. Did Mohammed move the mountain or was that just P.R.?

        2. Islam is a lie.

          1. Well, what religion isn’t?

            1. Some are worse than others.

              1. That’s certainly true, but I wouldn’t say that whether or not they are lies has much to do with it.
                Islam does seem to be pretty special among religions in its focus on world domination and its history of violence and conquest.

      2. At least it tears away any pretense of not being a dogmatic faith.

        “And the ensuing scientific revolution in Europe “left nature in the hands of two forces: modern science where the meaning of nature is totally irrelevant and, of course, greed.”

        Because greed was never a thing before the Enlightenment, and the elites of groups like the Ottomans never lived in extreme luxury for the period.

        1. Nature has meaning?

          That’s an odd way to characterize science too. Before a scientific understanding of nature formed, nature was mostly seen as something to be overcome or dominated by people.

  2. The last of U.S. Marines (and NATO troops) in the Helmland province of Afghanistan have left, though there are still U.S. forces in the country that will be there for some time.

    Black Hawk Down 2: Black Hawk Downer

  3. New Jersey decided to quarantine a nurse who was treating Ebola patients in Africa but then changed its mind and let her go.

    Knee jerk reactions are always best remedied with other knee jerk reactions.

    1. Congrats! You just taught an entire semester of AP US History in one sentence.

    2. She had some shopping to do in Cleveland.

  4. U.S. soldiers leaving their mission in Liberia to help with the anti-Ebola fight are being separated and monitored in Italy.

    You know who else had troops move north into Italy?

    1. Julius Caesar?

        1. Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, dude.

    2. George Patton? Julius Caesar?

    3. Hannibal?

      1. Do you know why, unlike Hannibal, Maximilian I would not cross the Alps?

        He was an anti-climb Max.

        1. I wish I had rotten vegetables right now.

      2. I’m pretty sure Hannibal sent troops south into Italy, after taking the long way around. They didn’t have GPS then and no one would stand by his elephant long enough to tell him directions.

    4. Mussolini when he was retreating?

      1. Good one. At least the trains were on time so his troops could catch a ride.

    5. George IV?

      1. Fuck. Charles VIII.

        Where did that come from?

    6. The Vandals under Genseric?

    7. Lidia Bastianich?

      1. I think you’re thinking of Giada De Laurentis.

        1. I would move some… eh, TIWTANFL.

        2. The odds of that being true are pretty high, in any context.

    8. Belisarius?

    9. You know who else had troops move north into Italy?

      The U.S. and England?

  5. Republicans still seem poised to take over the Senate, with many more options to win than the Democrats.

    Not according to Chuck Schumer. And you can believe him, because he never lies and he’s always right.

    1. “Ny eyes are up here.”


      1. “Why don’t you idiots have an edit button?”


  6. …Republicans still seem poised to take over the Senate, with many more options to win than the Democrats.

    I restlessly anticipate seeing how they fuck it up.

    1. in an alternative scenario, they win and then f*** it up. By spending again.

    2. Eithet way you can look forward to absolutly nothing changing.

  7. 2040’s America will be like 1840’s Britain, with robots?

    To steal a guy on facebook’s comment: “It’s amazing how creative people are when it comes to saying “Robots are gonna take our jerbs.”

    1. So we will be the dominant world power, about to embark on 50 years of unprecedented economic expansion, political liberalization, scientific discovery, and literary and cultural creativity?


      1. Well, that’s an awfully optimistic view of the future.

        A shame that this is our timeline.

  8. I forgot to email this in:
    Teen arrested with loaded gun in vagina

    1. How vacuous of her!

      1. Wait until you read what was in her other hole.

      2. Vaginuous?


        /shrugs shoulders.

    2. I think that’s called Snappin’ pussy.

      1. I once saw a movie at a drive-in in the 1970s, a soft-core version of Cinderella, where instead of trying to find the woman whose foot could fit in the glass slipper, the prince searched for the woman from the Ball who had the Snappin’ pussy.

    3. Muff pistol?

      1. Sex Pistol!

    4. Moms Demand Action will now demand cavity searches!

    5. That’d be one hell of a bang.

      1. Why would anyone need an assault vagina?

        1. Those fanatics always use hand-loaded rounds.

        2. Haven’t you seen Teeth?

          There are clearly a number of instances where it would be handy.

          1. I’m more thinking of that vaginal needle from Snow Crash that can inject a knockout drug or a deadly neurotoxin into a potential rapist.

            1. But that doesn’t appeal to my organic, granola-munching, feminine ideals!

        3. Why would anyone need an assault vagina?

          Because they’re really taking those new campus consent laws seriously.

    6. That woman, Christie Harris, also had two bags of what turned out to be methamphetamine hidden in baggies in her butt, according to police.

      Sounds like a party.

      1. She’s, ah, go a lot going on there.

      2. Business in front, party in the back.

        1. I think you have that, um.. backwards.

      3. methamphetamine hidden in baggies in her butt, according to police.


      4. Police actually said they found meth “in her butt?” How colloquial of them.

        Reminiscent of the classic Newlywed Game show where the emcee asked “couples, where’s the most unusual place you’ve made whoopee?” and the one guy answered, “that would have to be in the butt.”

        1. It was the chick who gave the answer.

          1. Shame. I bet she’s pretty old now.

    7. left right back to the middle
      head on swivel neck till i quivel
      open ya mouth…say goodbye.

  9. Looks like I’ll be voting for some Green Party chick named Anita Rios for Governor.

    Sing it with me:
    Her name was Rios and she danced across the land
    Just like the river twisting through the dusty land.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand
      Just like that river twisting through a dusty land

      I hate people that get the words wrong.- CD

    2. Or you could just, you know, not vote.

  10. “The man’s court-appointed attorneys missed a filing deadline, resulting in him being denied a federal review.”

    Should there really be a deadline for this sort of thing?

    Also, malpractice.

    1. Not if they’re court-appointed. 🙁

  11. Republicans still seem poised to take over the Senate

    However, they will not due to close elections that always seem to find ballots for Dems in the trunks of cars and whatnot.

  12. Republicans still seem poised to take over the Senate, with many more options to win than the Democrats.

    I notice nobody even bothers to pretend Montana is “up for grabs” anymore.
    Good. The last thing we need is that goofy schoolteacher-slash-union-puppet in the Senate making Chuck Schumer look like the very essence of rationality and good sense.

    Although, you never know; i’m surer the

    1. Something’s missing here.

    2. To be fair, a lot of the Democrats that manage to gain office in Montana seem to be Republican-Democrats.

      Not like there’s that much difference, anyway.

      1. At one time but not so much in the last 20 years. Bachus voted 100% with Obama and Reid.

        1. That’s true.

          But we all know that Baucus is going to the special Hell.

    3. You accidentally your last sentence.

  13. Brazilians are apparently a free-shit nation that suckles from the state teat. Oh well it’s a much closer result than was anticipated a few weeks ago.

  14. Gawker with the newz:

    Amazon Warehouse Workers Are “Treated Like a Child, a Dumb Child”

    It’s true because one person wrote a letter:

    Let me start of my story by saying that I just walked off the line and quit my job. Yes, just walked off and quit. I am a college grad and I have never quit a job with out giving my two week notice. I am now at a bar maybe 15 minutes away from my Hebron, Ky post, smiling for the first time today.

    This will not be my first time working for Amazon, not my second but my third. As a college grad who is having a hard time finding work in her field, 11.75 an hour sounds just about right to me. I took night shift like I always do to have time during the day to look for another job.

    Amazon, is absolutely the worst place to work, especially when you have to go through hiring agencies like smx.

    1. Well, she certainly sounds like a child from that excerpt.

    2. Does she say what “her field” is?

      1. She does not say, but we can all assume.

        1. Box expert.

    3. Walking off the job without notice and going to the local bar to bitch about it online. Sounds like a winner there.

      1. Amazon’s a terrible place to work. Until you need beer money.

    4. They are a morally defunct company that must have come from the pits of hell, you know the place where the devil and Judas reside. That’s my rant and I’m done. Will never go to work their again as long as they keep that company.

      If you want to be treated like an adult, maybe you oughta act like one. This whiny entitled bullshit coming from my co-generationalists is getting on my fucking nerves.

      And that last sentence just kills me. If you’re so proud of being a college grad, maybe take the time to proofread your shit before you send it.

      1. It’s a yelp review clothed in some sort of social commentary, lending an air of legitimacy to the author’s incoherent emoting.

        It’s a generational issue only in the sense that two generations of entitled neerdowells have compounded one another, releasing a third-generation victim, full of entitlement and angst.

      2. Wasn’t Judas acting on instruction from Jesus? (Spoiler alert)

        1. Heh. Always reminds me of Time Bandits:

          Cartwright: But why, if that’s the case, are you unable to escape from this fortress?
          [Evil blows him up]
          Evil: That’s a good question. Why have I let the Supreme Being keep me here in the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness?
          Robert: Because you…
          Evil: Shut up, I’m speaking rhetorically.

    5. Vote for the Wealth Maximization Party.

      1. They’re both maximizing THEIR wealth, not mine.

    6. She’s whining about being treated “like chattel” during the interview process? You’re a dime-a-dozen warehouse worker. What do you expect, formal sit-down interviews at Morton’s?

    7. And comments:

      1. I hear them coming… All the “its not skilled labor, what do you expect.” morons.

      2. Followed by the “it’s a job, you shouldn’t complain” simpletons, followed by the “should have earned a STEM degree” idiots.

      3. Yeah they’re already here and I kinda hope they’re the first against the wall when the time comes.

      4. I can’t even with that STEM bs anymore.

      1. Yep all those STEM simpletons, as opposed to the great thinkers in the gender studies field.

        Also, I love number 3. What an absolute lack of historical knowledge. It’s always been the useful idiots to the wall first.

        1. Marketable degrees. Key word being marketable.

        2. Yeah number 3 got me too. Especially the fact that, uh, we HAVE guns. Progs think those are icky

      2. As someone with a non-STEM degree, non-STEM degree whiners are the worst.

        1. There’s been a lot of articles showing up on LinkedIn about hiring people with liberal arts degrees.

          One idiot wrote an article saying the two best reasons to hire liberal arts majors were 1) They’ve read incredibly boring things, and written incredibly boring things, so reading dozens of e-mails all day will be a breeze and 2) they basically have a degree in bullshitting.

          There are arguments to be made for hiring liberal arts majors – those two reasons in particular are piss poor.

          “You should hire me because I’m a bullshit factory and your business certainly needs more of that…”

          1. I personally went for my bullshit liberal arts degree in the hope of teaching, and then experienced a couple years of university and realized the whole education system is profoundly fucked up and the students are terrible. When I got out I didn’t expect shit from my degree and fell back on what I did during university, warehousing. I then did some work as a customs analyst and eventually got into more office work. Nowadays I’m more focused on making some cash for a more skill-based degree of some kind.

            I have zero sympathy for the people who whine that their liberal arts degree got them nothing. Dependent on the degree your job prospects are extremely limited from day one and if you aren’t planning to work in education or that very specific field you don’t know what you’re doing.

            1. I know of two co-workers who got their first undergraduate degree in philosophy, and then, as they put it “decided they needed to feed their families.” So, their second undergraduate degree was in engineering.

              My brother in law is a high school Latin teacher, and he can make very eloquent arguments for how a liberal art can teach critical thinking and problem solving ability. The problem is that the B.A. doesn’t necessarily require you to develop those abilities, so telling a possible employer that you have a B.A. doesn’t tell them much about what you’re capable of.

              With STEM degrees, the measuring stick is slightly more quantitative. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met a lot of idiot engineers.

              1. Agreed on the idiot engineers point. The degree doesn’t impart intelligence or work ethic.

                I do, however, get to see the difference between STEM and lib arts majors here in law school. It tends to be rather marked, both in in-class performance, and in career outcomes. Many of the philosophy and political science grads have trouble grasping concepts that aren’t laid out in the most conspicuous way. Most STEM grads have trouble staying focused in such slow paced and poorly taught classes.

                1. I’m old (42), switched my major from Economics to English lit ‘cuz I would’ve had to spend another year at school to take two classes (Econometrics), and I wanted to get the fuck out of there. I’m not going to spin my degree as anything other than basket-weaving, but you used to learn things like Textual Analyses (especially for Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, Pope), that served a lot of my classmates in good stead when the time came to get a job.

                  I know literally dozens of people who used those skills to become database administrators, since SQL was a snap if you’d gone through Chaucer with Dr. Bettridge, and, though it was the DC area, those DBAs (nearly all of them women) never lost their jobs even amid the dotcom bust.

                  Now, not only do you not learn Textual Analysis as part of your English major, you don’t learn Shakespeare. It’s all Ted Hughes beat up Sylvia Plath and that gives me sad feelz.

      3. All those people making the points I’m trying to ignore are just the worst!

        1. Stop destroying my arguments!

        2. All those idiots who followed the advice they’re about to give me and aren’t sitting unemployed in a bar complaining about working at Amazon packing boxes just don’t know what they’re talking about!

      4. Salon says #3 is terrorism and the FBI should prosecute gawker.

        1. It’s not terrorism when the government does it! Duh!

          /Useful Idiot

        2. Help us Bill Maher, you’re our only hope!

        3. I love that merely being dismissive of a warehouse worker’s plight is enough to justify killing you in a firing squad.

          And the first against the wall, too. Not the industrialists or billionaires or conservative power players that are supposedly exploiting us all; the people with this mild thoughtcrime are the first to go.

          1. No, no, it’s just that everyone will be first against the wall. Industrialists, billionaires, power players, white male gamers, rural families, unsympathetic plebs, not-quite-sympathetic-enough plebs, everyone.

            They’re just gonna build a really big wall.

            1. And I guess it’s true that “dismissive of warehouse workers” probably encompasses all of the other classes I listed. Or the commenter assumes that’s the case, anyway, and that’s all that matters.

            2. Maybe they can use the Amazon warehouse wall. It’s pretty big.

          2. When you’re so disconnected from the murder you advocate, you lose the sense of gravity that comes with it. Ask this person in real life to pick up a gun and kill thoughtcriminals, and they’ll wet themselves. Ask them to support the killing as filtered through three layers of bureaucracy, and they’re right on board.

            1. It’s the ‘German villages near Auschwitz’ problem all over again. They’ll deny responsibility even after you drag those people through the camps.

            2. I got into a discussion with a friend of mine over whether birth control should be covered by healthcare – and whether healthcare should be more socialized. She was arguing for those things to happen.

              To prove a point, I pulled $20 out of my wallet and tried to give it to her to go buy birth control. She was insulted.

              1. What you should have done was hire a friend to pretend to beat you up, take your Twenty, and hand it over to her.

                1. Ah yes, the Robin Hood of birth control ploy.

          3. It’s actually not a mild thoughtcrime, it’s the worst possible thoughtcrime –

            …the one that holds her to account and offers her a common-sense rebuttal she has no answer for.

            When your life sucks and it’s your own fault, the person you hate the most is the one who can correctly say, “I told you so.” When you tell her that her degree sucks, you’re filling in for her father.

            1. When you tell her that her degree sucks, you’re filling in for her father.


    8. Amazon, is absolutely the worst place to work,

      If you’ve never slogged through three-weeks of garbage from a Mississippi riverboat, driven packages down an unlit, ice-covered road with nothing but headlights, hocked a 40 pound tub of beer for 3 hours on an 100+ degree day, or unpacked truck, after truck, after truck, after truck, after truck, of Wally World goods, your bitching about Amazon requiring that you put the right DVDs into the right boxes sounds like whining BS.

      1. *slow clap*

    9. Well, I bet it does suck (yes, I’ve decided that every comment should start with “well”) working in an Amazon warehouse. But that’s the job. And it’s apparently preferable to the alternative for lots of people.

      1. I worked in a warehouse through college. It absolutely sucked (although I kinda miss the walking around instead of sitting on my ass).

        But I majored in something marketable, so I used the shitty warehouse job as motivation to finish my degree and move on.

        1. My only warehouse job was as the sole person doing packing and shipping for a small company in the first dot-com boom. It was pretty good; I just got to listen to music and wait for orders to come through.

        2. Certainly you’re not talking about accounting?


        3. Six weeks on the Dell assembly line putting computer boxes together. The design called for 3 people, but they were always short, so we only had two. It sucked ass. It was so bad I went off and became a waiter.

    10. I can believe it. I’ve worked in a warehouse where there were a few salary skilled employees and the main workforce were temps – long term temps, like worked there for years. If you were a skilled employee, like a forklift operator, it wasn’t a bad place to work. If you were a temp it wasn’t much fun – evidently some of my coworkers were unhappy, as one day we had a company meeting where the executive in charge of the facility snarled at us for not appreciating the 50 cents more than minimum we were making.

      So, no, Amazon isn’t the worst place to work, it’s just another warehouse with thin margins. It still sounds better than one place I interviewed, where the employees disassembled perfume gift boxes (like one sees for Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.) for repacking into new gift boxes. The whole place stank (a dude working there told me he never needed cologne, he just smelled all the time), but most notable was the chain-link fence waiting area (complete with pay phone) to keep people from clocking in too soon. Current shift files out, new shift is let in, etc.

    11. A college grad who doesn’t know how to write goodly.

        1. Goodest.

    12. Read between the lines here:

      1. The contractor hires anyone.

      2. If you can’t cut the test, they work with you to get you through, and their staff will coach you until you get it right.

      3. They’re incredibly efficient at handling all the hiring steps for you, so you can coast right through it.

      4. They hire people with special needs.

      5. If you can’t make rate and get fired, they’ll hire you again. And again. And again.

      6. They pay almost 50% over the minimum wage.

      Yeah, those monsters. They’re the worst people ever.

      1. Stop with the mansplaining and Patriarchy oppression! Male gaze! 77 cents! Microaggressions! Unequal opportunity! Glass ceiling!

    13. The only job I ever walked out of was horribly mismanaged. It actually went under less than a month after I left, and even though I was jumping a sinking ship I still felt bad about leaving the way I did for a week or two afterwards.(stupid German work ethic)

      So there are some circumstances when walking out of a job doesn’t matter , say, if you don’t need it on your resume and everyone who works there is a bumbling fool who can’t help your career. Neither of those reasons apply to AMAZON. What an idiot. At least when she has to go work at the local coffee shop she’ll have like-minded people to bitch to about corporation-y corporations.

  15. U.S. soldiers leaving their mission in Liberia to help with the anti-Ebola fight are being separated and monitored in Italy.

    Quarantining: bad; separating, isolating, and monitoring, good.

    Oh, and I love the fact that the authorities meeting the planes landing in Italy are all wearing spacesuits, even though the Top Men keep reassuring us that the disease isn’t even a tiny bit airborne and it’s almost impossible to transmit.

    1. Hi Mike.

      1. Please resign from office Mr. President. Go buy a house on Martha’s Vineyard and spend the rest of your life playing golf.

    2. The Andromeda Strain is the closest thing to a medical textbook they can afford.

    3. the disease isn’t even a tiny bit airborne and it’s almost impossible to transmit.

      It isn’t and it’s pretty hard to transmit. The space suits are unnecessary.

      1. Thus spake the broken record.

  16. deadly Friday school shooting in Marysville, Washington.

    So, I’m assuming Marysville schools are not gun free zones then? I mean how could there be a gun in a gun free zone?

  17. Goddammit. I’m not going to bother blaming the skwerlz. This computer has gotten flaky as shit, lately.

    To continue: I’m sure the motivated crackpot vote will be strong in places like Missoula and Bozeman. College kids will undoubtedly come out to register their outrage at the Rethuglitards’ meanspirited war on crazy women.

    1. Ugh… Missoula.

    2. You won’t even reply to your own comment when it’s cut off in the middle.

      That’s dedication.

  18. For Brooks (Because he loves it):
    #Gamergate is really about terrorism: Why Bill Maher should be vilifying the gaming community, too

    Under any of these definitions, the threat against Anita Sarkeesian easily qualifies as a terrorist act. It’s premeditated, as evidenced by the very existence of a threatening email; it’s certainly politically driven, with the author singling out “feminists on campus” as his desired victims, and citing the charge that “[f]eminism has taken over every facet of our society” as the reason he’s “chosen to target her”; and lastly, it’s most definitely intended to coerce and intimidate civilians, in this case feminist activists, in the hope that they will stay silent.

    As usual, Salon gets it wrong in their efforts for more clicks. Sarkeesian didn’t cancel because of an anonymous email threat; She cancelled because USU allowed concealed-carry permit holders on-campus and she wouldn’t stand for peasants carry weapons in her presence.

    Second, I can’t be the only person who sees the irony of feminists crying out for a man/patriarch/potential rapist/sexist/misogynist (or as close to a man as Bill Maher gets) to tie on a cape and fly to their rescue.

    1. When Ferguson protestors destroy property, well, that’s understandable and doesn’t discredit the larger cause. When peace marches and Occupy rallies are run by Communists, well, that’s really irrelevant. But if some nut threatens Sarkeesian, then all of Gamergate is tarred by that brush, and none of their concerns are valid.

      Funny how that works.

      1. Ah, identity politics. Thinly veiled hypocrisy wrapped up nice and tight in ad hominem fallacies.

    2. Isn’t Sarkeesian the one who sent “threats” to herself? If she has done it once, why would anyone think that this time is different?

    3. Isn’t the most incredibly stupid thing about this is that, by their argumentation, they’re providing that threats work? Doesn’t it throw a wretch into the whole ‘strong woman’ narrative when all you have to do is call somewhere up and vaguely imply violence, and they’ll comply to your demands? How does that not encourage constant fabricated threats?

      I mean, say what you want about the crazy bitch Ann Coulter, at least she laughs off the massive amount of violent threats she gets.

      1. I, for the record, was at the University of Ottawa several years ago when a band of protesters were chanting ‘kill the bitch’ in response to a Coulter Q&A. That, for some reason, was not an example of the oppressive patriarchy suppressing a woman’s right to speak.

      2. Coulter seems not only to laugh it off, but to relish it.
        I really loathe Ann Coulter, but she’s not stupid and she knows what she is doing.

    4. My brother-in-law was a genetics researcher and ran a lab there at USU a few years back (he got his doctorate there; it’s also my alma mater). They received a few threats because of some of the research that was going on. So what did they do? A vast majority of the people in the building started packing heat. Nothing ever happened there, but if it were to, they were prepared.

      I’m glad this lady didn’t speak there and would be pissed if my tax dollars paid for her to spew her vitriol. I think she vowed to never speak in Utah until concealed weapons aren’t allowed. Fat chance, lady.

  19. An interesting interview with Steven Hatfill on Ebola. He sounds rather sensible to me: he thinks the authorities are underplaying the dangers, and that Ebola should be treated as a BSL-4 threat and not BSL-3, as they had been doing. He also notes that we have very few BSL-4 facilities set up to actually treat people.

    In other Ebola news, it seems it can survive on surfaces longer than you might think.

    1. In other Ebola news, it seems it can survive on surfaces longer than you might think at 4 degrees Celsius. And even then there is a loss of a couple logs.

      1. I thought that Ebola makes people’s logs turn into blood-infested rivers…

      2. Go eat an Ebola sandwich. That is all.

        1. Ebola Sandwich is a good name for a Bond villain–or Bond Girl Who Dies in the first Act.

          1. Nothing gets between Q and 007 but an Ebola Sandwich…

  20. To be fair, a lot of the Democrats that manage to gain office in Montana seem to be Republican-Democrats.

    Tester seemed fairly unobjectionable, until he got to D C. He went native in a hurry.


  22. Inside Hollywood’s Shocking Blackface Problem

    The issue, you ask?

    It felt like 1964 all over again.
    The news spread quickly earlier this month in the small, tight-knit stuntperson community. As first reported by Deadline, a white body double was going to be painted down ? the process of literally painting someone with darker skin ? to appear as a black woman to do work for a black female actor who was guest-starring in the Fox drama Gotham, instead of hiring a black stuntperson in the first place. It isn’t always that news like this gets publicized. For the most part, Hollywood labor union SAG-AFTRA almost never hears about it, even though the union is convinced it happens more often than not. A SAG-AFTRA representative told BuzzFeed News that they hear about instances like this one two or three times a year now. It’s their hope that this never happens again.

    The horror.

    1. God, people are stupid about this. Blackface was offensive because it reenforced ridiculous stereotypes about blacks. Not because there is anything inherently wrong or racist about pretending to be of another race for dramatic purposes.

      1. Still, it seems like a lot of trouble to go through when they could just hire someone they didn’t have to paint.

        1. I dunno I’ve seen guidos get it done it like ten minutes.

        2. It was for a guest star. They already had one of their regular stunt people on set. I suspect hiring a new person would take longer than smearing on some dark makeup. It’s a stuntwoman, it doesn’t have to be a great job. Just enough to pass for a brief glimpse.

          1. It was for a guest star. They already had one of their regular stunt people on set.

            Ah, I see. Kinda like how Tarantino painted his butt brown when Ving Rhames balked at doing the “Zeb” scene.

            1. Wait, for real? That’s hilarious.

        3. Make-up is a whole lot easier and cheaper than finding a new (union) stunt person to fit the guest star’s description.

  23. OT: My wife, son and I finally got around to filling out our absentee voter ballots. It had been my plan to vote Libertarian Party across the board, or at least whenever possible. Much to my dismay, there was not a single Libertarian Party candidate on my California ballot. Matter of fact, there wasn’t a single 3rd party candidate of any flavor. Only oliphonts and donkeys.

    I voted “no” on almost all the CA Supreme Court noms because they were all so far to the left.

    I remember not so long ago I would see LP, Green Party, Peace and Freedom etc on the ballot. It was shocking to see them all gone. Anyone else seeing this kind of political lack of ballot diversity?

    1. Didn’t California do the non-partisan primary thing where the top two get on the ballot?

        1. Well, then that would do it.

          I sort of like the idea. But they should put more than the top two on the ballot. Or combine the primary and general in some sort of instant runoff sort of thing if no one gets a majority.

      1. Thanks for reminding me. That explains it. Politically, this is a terrible state.

        1. I hope you voted for 46. If not, you support doctors throwing back shots in some seedy bar while their patients die, according to that really awesome ad.

          1. Yeah, like we need babysitting doctors to be codified into our state constitution. I think the marijuana legalization measure was the last time I voted yes on one of those.

          2. 46 is going to make doctor shopping so much more tedious.

            1. In that doctors will retire, yes.

              For our non-CA reasonoids (reasonistas?), prop 46 is a major power grab by the insurance commissioner packaged with a drug/alcohol testing for doctors clause as the way to rope in the uninformed and easily scared. Oh, and it tosses some money at the trial lawyers too.

              1. Saw that ad today and it is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. A doc wearing a lab coat and stethoscope while being served shots of whiskey and his pager says “911 go to the ER”.
                Mmmkay. And, a pager?

                46 is a nightmare, and not just because I’m a physician. It was written by and for tort attorneys to quadruple their malpractice awards — then adds this random drug and alcohol testing of docs to give them something else to sue doctors about.

                The state’s own analyst said if this passes it will raise healthcare costs in California by hundreds of millions of dollars per year, mostly in malpractice insurance, etc.

                The drug and alcohol testing can get a doc into trouble at any time, even when they are on vacation. Imagine going to a party on your week off and drinking a few Mai Tais. Hey, they’ve just ordered you in for immediate testing! Goodbye career!

                Nice when the healthcare system is so totally fucked, that anything positive to help out the sick would be great — and instead here’s the trial lawyers with their mitts out, essentially saying “screw sick people — millions of dollars for me instead.”

                1. My mistake — 45 is the insurance commissioner power grab. 46 is the trial lawyer boondoggle because drugs.

                  Both are no good terrible horrible awful.

        2. California used to be one of the most third-party friendly states, with fairly low standards for automatic ballot access. Now it’s Soviet party A or Soviet party B.

      2. They’re trying to pull that shit here in Oregon. 🙁

    2. Same here. Nothing but TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE on the ballot.

      1. Haven’t even looked at it. I’m not voting. Nobody has my permission or consent, especially in this state.

        1. I’m voting. The local geniuses have a measure on the ballot to raise local sales taxes by 1%, promising all the money will go towards the police department and fixing local roads. Apparently, they believe the city council will just add that to the existing budgets rather than reduce the existing budgets by the same amount and then spend that “extra” money on more frivolous bullshit. Fucking insanity.

    3. The regular elections only include the top two vote-getters from the primary, regardless of party. That’s why you aren’t seeing any small party candidates.

      1. No, we’re not seeing any third party candidates because the Republicans got worried they were starting to do too well.

    4. GOP (Kasich) got the Libertarian candidate for Governer in Ohio kicked off the ballot. Not even eligible as a write in. Unfortunately this may have impacts for the party in future elections.


      1. I should add that I’m not sure how “libertarian” this guy actually is. No point in spending a lot of time researching that now.

    5. Top 2 rears its ugly head. Democracy sounds great, until you’re outnumbered.

      1. Democracy never sounded great.

        1. Because you knew right away you were outnumbered.

  24. Anyone else seeing this kind of political lack of ballot diversity?

    Rejoice, Citizen. Big Brother has freed you from the oppression of choice.

  25. Today in a special segment of “Progressives Eating There Own”:

    Stop Bill Maher from speaking at UC Berkeley’s December graduation

    This year, UC Berkeley has chosen to invite Bill Maher to speak. Bill Maher is a blatant bigot and racist who has no respect for the values UC Berkeley students and administration stand for. In a time where climate is a priority for all on campus, we cannot invite an individual who himself perpetuates a dangerous learning environment. Bill Maher’s public statements on various religions and cultures are offensive and his dangerous rhetoric has found its way into our campus communities. Too many students are marginalized by his remarks and if the University were to bring this individual as a commencement speaker they would not be supporting these historically marginalized communities. It is the responsibility of the University of California to protect all students and uphold a standard of civility. Sign this petition to boycott the decision to invite Bill Maher as a commencement speaker at the UC Berkeley Fall 2014 Commencement Ceremony.

    Berkley: Bastion of diversity and tolerance. Now, BAN HIM!

    1. Fuck you for making me defend Bill Maher, you statist assholes.

    2. I just signed as “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” of Syria. (No option for “Islamic State,” sadly).

      1. Nice. Good idea. I went with Mohammad Omar, Former Mullah of Afghanistan.

        1. Nice work, guys.

          1. Late to the party, as always.

            Ahmed Hussein ibn-Hussein

    3. The internet Red Guards (H?ng W?ib?ng is a much better sounding expression) are on the mission.

    4. Maher may be a massive cunt, but even he doesn’t deserve the torture of having to go to Berkeley.

    5. Bill Maher’s public statements on various religions(*) and cultures are offensive and his dangerous rhetoric has found its way into our campus communities.

      (*) Not Christianity, though. We like it when Christians are mocked and vilified.

    6. You’re at a university. You’re supposed to be smart, capable young people. But rhetoric is “dangerous”? You’re so fucking stupid and impressionable that one douchebag throwing out some smug proclamations will turn you all into zealots? Your marginalized communities are so fragile that they can’t withstand a medium-talent comedian talking for 20 minutes?

      You fucking IDIOTS.

    7. These fucking idiots who take their idiotic barbaric murder-worshipping scumbag deathcult false religion seriously.

      Sadia Saifuddin STOCKTON, CA 4 days ago Liked 14
      As the Student Regent for the University of California, I cannot stand for any action that makes our students feel unsafe. Bill Maher should not be honored for his bigotry and sexism by being invited to be a speaker on our campus. If Berkeley values campus climate and the way its students feel, it will stop Maher from being present at the Fall Commencement.

      Unsafe. Unsafe. UNSAFE.

      1. I would make a joke about Maher jumping out from behind the bushes and drugging Berkeley students… but I’m not sure that he’s not into that.

    8. Note that 3/4 of the comments there begin with “As a…”. VOMIT.

      1. You have to first establish your victim status level before anyone will know what to think of your screeching.

    1. I remember a TV movie of Dr. Strange that was supposed to be a pilot for a new series, only it premiered against Roots. Oops.

      1. Are you thinking of the one with Jessica Walters in it (who PS used to be hot)?

        1. Yes, but Jessica Walter is still “age-cohort hot” (i.e. hot for 73).

  26. Global warming has doubled the chances that any given winter in Europe or northern Asia will be unusually severe, according to new research.
    Specifically, temperatures have risen at the poles much faster than around the rest of the planet, leading to the collapse of Arctic sea ice coverage and altering weather patterns in the northern hemisphere. The research was recently published in Nature Geoscience, and relied on a the combined output of 100 different simulations ? “the most comprehensive computer modeling study to date,” as The Guardian put it.

    From Nature:

    Over the past decade, severe winters occurred frequently in mid-latitude Eurasia1, 2, despite increasing global- and annual-mean surface air temperatures3. Observations suggest that these cold Eurasian winters could have been instigated by Arctic sea-ice decline2, 4, through excitation of circulation anomalies similar to the Arctic Oscillation5.

    “Could have been” becomes “has”, natch.

    1. Global warming has doubled the chances that any given winter in Europe or northern Asia will be unusually severe, according to new research.

      Milder winters: Blame it on Global Warming
      Harsher winters: Blame it on Global Warming

      “Milder” or “Harsher” compared to what, you say? Ah, that’s the key. Compared to a baseline that Mann et. al. pulled out of their collective government-grant-paid ass.

  27. Our “allies” in Saudi Arabia have sentenced three lawyers for up to eight years in jail for tweets that were critical of the judiciary.

    Just wait until they get an NBA team.

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