Volcano May Force Hawaiian Village Evacuation


Residents living in the flow path of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano may soon have to evacuate.

Hawaiian authorities urged residents to prepare for possible evacuations within three to five days. 

Lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has picked up speed and is quickly advancing on the remote town of Pahoa in the Puna district of the Big Island. By Saturday morning, the lava flow had crossed  and continues to flow northeast at 10 yards per hour. The lava flow is 160-230 feet wide and is six-tenths of a mile from the town's main road, Pahoa Village Road. 

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  2. How the story would be headlined in

    Tea Party Cuts to USGS Budget allow Volcano to Destroy Village

    Republican Obstruction Thwarts President’s Volcano Control Program, Women and Children Hardest Hit

    Fox Network
    Hawaii’s Democrat Government Sacrifices Village to Volcano

    1. Jezebel
      Angry Hawaiian Goddess Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

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