New York, New Jersey Impose 21-Day Quarantine on West African Travelers


The governors of New Jersey and New York said Friday they are ordering a mandatory, 21-day quarantine for all doctors and other travelers who have had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa.

The move came after a New York City doctor who returned to the U.S. a week ago from treating Ebola victims in Guinea was diagnosed with the lethal disease.

Many New Yorkers and others were dismayed to learn that in the week before he was hospitalized, Dr. Craig Spencer rode the subway, took a cab, went bowling, visited a coffee shop and ate at a restaurant.

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  1. Uh, can a state do this? Does the state put them up at a hotel? Does the hotel have isolation rooms, special food and waste-handling systems?
    Or is this so much political grand-standing?

    1. I think the White House has special rooms, as well as Hug Therapy sessions.

    2. Wait for the conspicuous silence from all of those who opposed the Arizona border control laws. But this is different.

      1. As you’ve most likely noticed Ebola and Ebonics have the same prefix root-meaning. Just as was the AZ border issue, this is blatant hardcore racism. Regardless of how threatened they feel, it’s not up to the individual states to apply their own racism. Legally, all racism must be performed by the federal government.

        1. …”Legally, all racism must be performed by the federal government.”

          And the Fed Gov is so GOOD at it!

    3. States and localities have always had laws regarding quarantine. There is the famous Typhoid Mary of NY, a carrier who insisted on working in food preparation and caused many outbreaks during the early 20th century. She was confined once for 3 years and later for over 20, until her death. Both City and State health departments had to deal with this.

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  3. Did Ebola perfect game? (Rimshot)

    1. You have a sick sense of humor

      1. So I had hoped this strain of puns would last a lot longer than it did, but I guess we were put under joke quarantine.

  4. They did the right thing.

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