A.M. Links: Ebola in New York, Maybe Terrorism Too, Boko Haram Kidnaps More Girls


  • Escape from New York
    "Escape from New York"

    Dr. Craig Spencer of New York City, who treated Ebola patients in Guinea, was diagnosed with the disease. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city is safe, which is true, but not because of him.

  • The gunman who killed a soldier in Ottawa, a recent convert to Islam, had attempted to go to Syria to join rebels there, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who say he had no ties to another man who killed a soldier in Quebec last week.
  • A man in New York City attacked two cops with a hatchet before police fatally shot him. The cops also unintentionally shot a 29-year-old woman. Police are investigating possible terror links.
  • Boko Haram kidnapped 25 more girls in an attack on a remote town in Nigeria after the government claimed to have negotiated a temporary ceasefire that would include the release of more than 200 girls kidnapped earlier this year.
  • The European Union has calculated that the United Kingdom owes it 2.1 billion more euros on top of the 10.9 billion it contributes annually because of its relative economic health.
  • The governor of the Mexican state of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre, resigned amid revelations that 42 students in Iguala were disappeared by local cops working with drug gangs.

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  1. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city is safe…

    From sugary drinks and salt.

    1. Hello.

      Under control Reason?

      Cartoon depicting fallen soldier. I figure (military) people here would appreciate this.


      1. Where are the labels?

        1. Labels?

  2. Ebowling! Woohoo!

    1. Ebowling… for columbine.


  3. The cops also unintentionally shot a 29-year-old woman.

    Heroics and marksmanship on display.

    1. I read that as, she was being investigated for terror links.

        1. (Alternately, if you see something, shoot something.)

    2. Was she black? Because if so, the police shot her because she’s a thug and in a gang and large and scary and probably was casing the street to commit an armed robbery.

      1. Michelle Obama is perfectly well, last I heard

      2. She looked just like Christopher Dorner.

        1. An asian senior citizen?

    3. That’s actually pretty good for NYPD to only hit one bystander. I remember they shot a guy in Manhattan and managed to hit 9 bystanders.

  4. 42 students in Iguala were disappeared by local cops working with drug gangs

    Is there a worse combination than cops working with criminal gangs, aided and abetted by politicians? Isn’t this alone a good reason to just legalize it all since all Prohibition does is get people murdered?

    1. Sounds to me like those brave officers found a way to make sure they go home safe at night! Hooray for their thoughtfulness! Raises all around!

  5. anyone else not able to connect – temporarily?

    1. Squirellz got ‘bola!

    2. It appears that the squirrels were unhappy with something in the Morning Links…

    3. Obstructionist Republicans cut the squirrel budget. I blame Bush.

      1. +1 Ebola Virus.

    4. I was blaming my proxy, because it was reporting a gateway timeout in less than half a second.

    5. Yes.

      When I have that problem, I always go to Down for everyone or just me to check what’s up, or technically down.

  6. The governor of the Mexican state of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre, resigned amid revelations that 42 students in Iguala were disappeared by local cops working with drug gangs.

    It is time for ordinary Mexicans to rise up in arms and take out the cops and drug gangs. Sorry for my use of redundant words.

    1. Yeah, the Facebook pages have been aflame with calls for the resignation of the president of Mexico for the disappearance of those 42 students…

      Who, by the way, were not your standard-issue students. These were students of education from one of the many state schools of education called “Normales” (I owe you the explanation why they’re called like that) and normally all students of education from these places are either little red Marxians, political activists or crooks.

      1. It’s the same as what teachers’ colleges used to called in the U.S. I don’t think any explanation is needed for the monocle, tophat, and spats wearing set.

        1. They’re still called normal schools in my neck of the woods, which incidentally borders Mexico.

          1. The Normaltown neighborhood in Athens, Georgia is so named because of the teachers’ college that was once there, and which my grandmother attended.

      2. In the US, many teacher colleges were named “[something] State Normal School [for Women]” to differentiate them from “Training Schools” which was the euphemism for so-called correctional institutions (reform schools, jails). Assume that Mexico followed a similar pattern.

    2. I know a certain federal agency happy to send weapons over the border

  7. Smart people listen to Radiohead and dumb people listen to Beyonc?, according to study

    How does a person’s intelligence relate to the type of music they listen to? For the last several years, a software application writer by the name of Virgil Griffith has charted musical tastes based on the average SAT scores of various college institutions. For example, students attending the California Institute of Technology have an average SAT score of 1520. By looking at Facebook to determine the most popular (or ? “liked”) band of students at Cal Tech, Griffith was able to conclude that Radiohead really truly is music for smart people. A highly scientific study, I know.

    As Digital Inspiration points out, Griffith’s chart reveals Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan, The Shins, and ? uh ? Counting Crows as other favorite bands of smart people. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne, Beyonc?, The Used, and gospel music comes in at the lower end of the spectrum ? or, as Griffith puts it, is music for dumb people.

    Among other interesting revelations from the Griffith’s chart: Smart people prefer John Mayer over Pink Floyd; rock titans like Tool, System of a Down, and Pearl Jam fall right in the middle ? so, music for average people?; and people still listen to Switchfoot.

    1. I don’t find his methodology compelling.

    2. I dislike it when people break down things like musical taste by social strata. There’s music for the Inner Party, and then there’s music for the dumb proles.

    3. I agree with the second part of the headline.

      1. “according to study”?

    4. I never got into Radiohead but I don’t listen to Beyonce.

      Where do I fit? I NEED TO BE FITTED!

      1. Where does Anne Murray fit on the scale?

        Canadian minds wanr to know.

    5. Smart people prefer John Mayer over Pink Floyd

      I am pretty sure in 20 years people will still be listening to Pink Floyd and those that did listen to John Mayer will wonder what the hell they were thinking.

      1. Smart people do stupid things all the time.

      2. Depends on the album. Animals, yes. The Division Bell, not so much.

        1. truly smart people listen to Def Leppard.

          1. I thought it was assertive people listen to Def Leppard.

            You never hear Def Leppard saying shit like “on the other hand”…

        2. -1 Stephen Hawkings

        3. The Division Bell is post-Waters. I know there are plenty of people who really like Gilmour, and he’s certainly a very talented individual, but I don’t regard anything after Waters left the band as legit Floyd.

          Although, on a related note, I used to be a massive fan of Waters’ solo work and it has not aged well at all as I myself have aged.

      3. I enjoyed his first album, actually. If you took out the hit No Such Thing, it’d be a good album all around. I haven’t put it on in years, but Neon gets stuck in my head from time to time still.

        Also, his cover of Free Fallin is one of my all time favorite covers.

      4. A smart person should never be limited to those two dreadful choices.

    6. I question this because of where Bob Dylan places on the spectrum.

      1. I think that is more accurate than Counting Crows.

        And John Mayer.

        1. Bob Dylan while clearly musically talented is a terrible singer. People who listen to him should only do with a buddy so he can periodically check in to see what condition their condition is in.

          1. +1 Gutterball.

          2. I loved the SNL where they had Tom Petty translating for Bob Dylan.

            1. That was hilarious. I’m laughing as I type.

      2. I’m smart, and don’t listen to Bob Dylan. In fact, I think he’s one of the most overrated singers of our time.

        1. I’m dumb and can’t stand him. So maybe your just an outlier.

        2. I used to hate Dylan – and then I listened to Nashville Skyline, which was my gateway album. He’s not a singer he’s a songwriter.

          1. With you on that. The gateway for me was the run of recent albums because his voice is less whiny. NS is wonderful except for Lay Lady Lay and that’s because of that annoying vocal style he affects.

            1. Have you ever read one of his interviews? He’s like totally encrypted into a riddle of a puzzle.

    7. Counting Crows? John Mayer? Really?




        1. The saxophonist, whose real name is Kenny Gorelick, is an unlikely superstar in mainland China.

          His smooth jazzy tunes, including the best-selling Songbird and Going Home, are routinely played in airports, hotels and shopping malls.

          Amazing that more Chinese people don’t run amok with knives

    8. That chart clearly suggests smart people are generally boring.

    9. gospel music

      I have a serious issue with gospel music being “music for dumb people.”

      1. “Can’t you see you’re not making christianity any better, you’re just making rock ‘n roll worse?” — Hank Hill

        1. The genius of Hank Hill aside, when someone says gospel music I think of either african american gospel choirs or older bluegrass/folk tunes.

          1. I was thinking more along these lines.

            And I apologize.

      2. Brian Eno, oddly enough, is a huge gospel music fan.

        ENO: Well, yeah, that’s why I like it. If I sing at all now, I sing much more emotional than I used to on my, records. But it’s interesting: One of the things about gospel music is that it’s emotional without being personal. It’s as though the emotion is tapping a common pool of emotions. It’s not your feelings about your relationship or wanting to feel your girl’s body. It’s a much more impersonal, deep-rooted, feeling. The reason I never got emotional in my singing before is because I never wanted to write relationship-type songs, I never want to be the sort of center of the song. But somehow you never are with gospel records. So it’s not at all difficult for me to join in with that music. That’s what I should be doing this morning, actually. I want to go to church, to a gospel church here.


        1. He’s probably listened to a lot of Southern gospel, both black and white, which is far removed from what most people think of when they hear the generic term.

    10. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne, Beyonc?, The Used, and gospel music comes in at the lower end of the spectrum ? or, as Griffith puts it, is music for dumb people.

      Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and gospel? That shit is racist.

      1. DO they rate Linkin Park fans?

        1. How about Nickelback fans?

        2. Hopefully even below The Used. Blech.

          Well that’s two of the five bands I used to fight with all of my friends about 10 years ago. Can’t someone mention Brand New, The Get Up Kids, and Saves the Day so I can bitch about them one final time before they’re rightfully relegated to the dustbin of history?

    11. Fuck Radiohead. I can’t stand Tom York’s voice.

    12. What about those of us who like Throbbing Gristle and related?

  8. Coloradan residents ask burrito place ‘illegal Pete’s’ to change it’s name

    “Social context is hugely important,” Fort Collins immigration attorney and meeting moderator Kim Medina said. “We’ll never get to big issues, such as immigration reform, until we can solve these smaller issues of language.”

    Garcia wrote: “The restaurant will be located in the same area that current Fort Collins residents remember often seeing signs saying ‘No dogs or Mexicans.’ It is under this legacy of American racist practices that the name Illegal Pete’s becomes unacceptable.”

    At the meeting he added: “This is a place that’s going to instill violence in our community.”

    1. Is that a threat?

    2. I’d definately check out a restaurant called “Illegal Pete’s”. I’d boycott them if they changed their name due to PC pressure (and I knew about it)

      1. They are OK. But now I am going to have to go there to support them against stupidity. If they cave I will stop going there. Easy since I rarely go there anyway.

        1. I think they’re just trying to say “we’re so authentic, and it’s because we’re illegal(s).?” Que no?

      2. Word.

    3. At the meeting he added: “This is a place that’s going to instill violence in our community.”

      Maybe they should ask “Mayors against Illegal Guns” to change their name while they’re at it. A name like that is going to obviously instill violence in your community.

    4. Indoctrinating soft heads with Marxist and Marxist inspired ideology has created swarms of people who can’t draw rational or logical conclusions no matter how much information they have access to. They are programmed to arrive at certain predetermined conclusions and launch into the same course of action no matter the situation. We call these idiots Social Justice Warriors.

    5. What the fuck is a “meeting moderator” doing taking sides, anyway? Sounds like the usual SJW bullshit of pretending that their side is the only one that can possibly be legit.

      I love how “solve these smaller issues of language” is said with zero irony or, uhh, what’s the term? “Social context”, that’s it. As in, the context of 1984 Newspeak.

      What a dishonest hack moron.

  9. The cops also unintentionally shot a 29-year-old woman.

    Heroics and marksmanship on display.

  10. Residents ask Illegal Pete’s to change name


    But on Wednesday, 30 or so community members explained the negative context of the word illegal, or the “I-word,” as some referred to it, and its importance, down to its use as the name of a restaurant.

    1. No sense of irony or humor. That’s a hilarious name for a burrito place.

    2. “The Restaurant Formerly Known As ‘Illegal Pete’s'” is probably a better choice than “Illegal Pedro’s”.

      1. Undocumented Pete’s

        1. Fuck that, go in a less PC direction.

          We had a hole in the wall Dominican place near my college that my Colombian roommate would casually call “spic food.” Made it even more enticing, though I didn’t need extra motivation to get a pound and a half of pernil, rice, and beans for $4.50.

        2. Much better than “Wetback Willie’s”

          “INS Cafeteria”

          “Pepper-belly Pete’s”

          “Mojado Miguel’s”

  11. US seniors face student loan debt

    Janet Lee Dupree is 72 years old and has a financial burden that will not leave her in peace: she owes $16,000 (?9,957) in student loans she acquired in 1971 and 1972.

    Dupree, who lives in Citra, Florida, admits she forgot for many years that she had borrowed the money – originally $3,000 – in order to complete her undergraduate studies in Spanish.

    “I am an alcoholic and I have HIV,” she tells the BBC. “That’s under control, but at that time I was sick and I didn’t worry about paying back the debt.”

    Dupree defaulted on her loan, and since she turned 65 she has had money withheld from her Social Security benefits.

    1. So… it’s a crisis because a borrow made bad life choices and never paid their debts back?

      1. She’s still paying back from school in the early 70s!

        Well, she’s not paying back, and certainly not “still”, but that’s besides the point. She owes money from over 40 years ago, and that’s not fair!

    2. Ok. Seriously? Is she fucking serious?

      1. Nowhere in the article is she quoted saying she shouldn’t have to pay it back, interestingly, so I’m not about to get stuck into her. She fucked up, she’s paying up, so we’re all good.

        1. Yeah but notice the tone.

          It’s not fair!

  12. The European Union has calculated that the United Kingdom owes it 2.1 billion more euros on top of the 10.9 billion it contributes annually because of its relative economic health.

    So they’re basically inviting the UK to leave the EU.

    1. David Cameron today angrily refused to pay an ‘appalling’ ?1.7billion EU bill within weeks, threatening Brussels with legal action if it fails to back down.

      The Prime Minister used a press conference to insist Britain is ‘not suddenly going to get our cheque book out’ and agree to the demand, triggered under rules from 1995 because the UK economy is recovering faster than other member states.

      The huge sum is equivalent to ?56 for every income taxpayer in Britain. To add insult to injury, France will receive a ?790million rebate because its economy is struggling.


      1. What’s Britain complaining about? THAT’S the forward thinking social European model. Where has he been?

        1. They might just be seeing that their hrd work is getting ripped off… and giving votes to UKIP.

          1. I thought France was the most productive country EVAH!

            1. The individual factories are – because they’ve been 100% automated. Now once the workers all die off (since they can’t be fired), that will get even better.

      2. powdered wigs everywhere.

      3. Remember, the EU is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Along with a bunch of incompetents like… you know who.

        1. No. Who.

          /grabs jacket lapel.

          Say it. SAY IT.

      4. Its different when you have to write the check to be redistributed to parasites and layabouts, isn’t it?

        Sadly, this brief glimmer of self-awareness will not lead to the blinding insight that the entire fucking UK operates on the same principle.

    2. The first thing that comes to mind – crab bucket mentality.

      1. +1 step up
        -2 steps down

    3. De Gaulle celebrates.

    4. I find this to be hilarious.

      Uh, dude, like you’ve got money, don’t be a cheapskate. Buy us some pizza already.

      1. He’s rich he can afford it.

        Of course, there are degrees of rich. To a penniless socialist hack, $10 000 in the bank is rich ergo fork it over pal.

  13. Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement, his lawyers get $459,000

    An Alabama man who sued over being hit and kicked by police after leading them on a high-speed chase will get $1,000 in a settlement with the city of Birmingham, while his attorneys will take in $459,000, officials said Wednesday.

    The incident gained public attention with the release of a 2008 video of police officers punching and kicking Anthony Warren as he lay on the ground after leading them on a roughly 20-minute high-speed chase.

    Warren is serving a 20-year sentence for attempted murder stemming from his running over a police officer during the chase, in which he also hit a school bus and a patrol car before crashing and being ejected from his vehicle.

    1. Ummm…he agree to a 99.8% contingency? That seems unlikely.

      1. Imma guess the settlement was for $1000 plus attorney fees.

        So, he’s probably only getting $600.

  14. The Queen has sent her first tweet


    1. If Queen Victoria could tweet:

      “The Queen is most anxious to enlist everyone in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights’. It is a subject which makes the Queen so furious that she cannot contain herself.”

    2. “I have heard of this Welfare Queen who lives in England. She has 10 palaces, 100 cars, 1000 guards, and gets a check every month from the taxpayers. Her cash income is over 1 million pounds.”

  15. Police are investigating possible terror links.

    Luckily they already have those mosques under surveillance.

  16. “The cops also unintentionally shot a 29-year-old woman. Police are investigating possible terror links.”

    Ok, they may have been incompetent but to call cops terrorists?


    1. The cops also unintentionally shot a 29-year-old woman

      No, I’m pretty sure they meant to point their guns and pull the triggers. That means they intentionally shot their guns in her direction, and thus that they intentionally shot her.

      Good thing they’ve got a serf to put the rap on.

  17. “Police working the scene around the Manhattan apartment of the doctor diagnosed with Ebola were wearing gloves and masks for their protection, but photos and videos show at least two officers dumping their gear and caution tape into a nearby street-corner trash can.”


    1. It’s a possible terror connection!

    2. One aspect of this whole ebola shebang that I’m finding extremely entertaining are the repeated official proclamations which are then rebutted by cell phone camera pics.

  18. The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed

    Eight years after the fact, Jake Swearingen can still recall the video that made him quit. He was 24 years old and between jobs in the Bay Area when he got a gig as a moderator for a then-new startup called VideoEgg. Three days in, a video of an apparent beheading came across his queue.

    “Oh fuck! I’ve got a beheading!” he blurted out. A slightly older colleague in a black hoodie casually turned around in his chair. “Oh,” he said, “which one?” At that moment Swearingen decided he did not want to become a connoisseur of beheading videos. “I didn’t want to look back and say I became so blas? to watching people have these really horrible things happen to them that I’m ironic or jokey about it,” says Swearingen, now the social media editor at Atlantic Media.

    1. That’d actually be a pretty good job for me.

      1. All you would have to do is stop submitting them for your job…you would be a self licking ice cream cone.

        1. I’ll be in my bunk.

  19. The European Union has calculated that the United Kingdom owes it 2.1 billion more euros on top of the 10.9 billion it contributes annually because of its relative economic health.

    But Ayn Rand’s villains weren’t realistic at all, no sirree.

  20. The Poll Tax That Wasn’t

    For the left, voter ID is tantamount to a poll tax. It is meant to suppress minority voters and is a last-gasp, unconstitutional scheme by the Republican Party to save itself by decisively shaping the electorate to its advantage.

    If all of this is true, the nation is awash in neo-segregationist election rules. According to a recent Government Accountability Office report on voter ID laws, 33 states now have them, although the rules vary.

    A valid ID is a necessity of modern life and requiring one to vote hardly seems an undue imposition. Especially if you are willing to give one out gratis. Of the 17 states that have strict requirements for a photo or government-issued ID, the GAO notes, 16 provide a free ID to eligible voters.

    1. Yeah, but then they have to fill out a form and spend a bit of time to get one. No one would dare suggest you make someone fill out a form and spend some time to vote!

    2. Plenty of dingleberries here have argued that it amounts to a poll tax, even when it’s pointed out that IDs are available for free, the goalposts are shifted to having an ID being an undue burden, because you have to go get one.

      1. Don’t you have to have an ID to collect your government benefits?

      2. In most states, you have to go register to vote.

        Sure, it may be done when you get your drivers license, but, ummm, problem solved, as you get an ID too.

        1. I’ve always been asked to present ID in KY. Have you?

          1. Yup.

            Well, not sure about always, I dont remember if I had to do it in the late 80s, for example. But probably.

          2. When this first erupted as a big deal, it confused me, as I thought it was the norm to prove who you are before voting. Seems like basic fraud protection to me.

            1. Me too. You have to present ID for damn near everything. The idea that you don’t have to prove you are who you say you are to vote makes no sense to me at all.

              1. It makes sense if you want to preserve the ability to fraud your way into victory in a close election.

                1. Saw an article pointing out the amazing coincidence that Dems win 2/3 of races that are decided by less than 1%, but the parties split races evenly that are decided by more than 1%.

                  Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

            2. I remember the first time I voted being surprised at not being asked for ID.

              1. I was so suprised, I came back and voted for the whole neighborhood!

            3. I just voted in person for the first time in my life the other day (lived in an all mail-in state prior) and didn’t have to show ID. They did, however, scan a bar code on the sample ballot that was mailed to me, showing my name and address (presumably this was tied into the electronic voting system and flashed to the plastic card I had to feed into the machine).

            4. You need an ID to drive a car or buy a gun, dont see why its unreasonable to ask for ID if voting. Of course I also think an ID to drive or shoot is over the li e

            5. I have never been asked for ID in NY.

            6. Seems like basic fraud protection to me.

              It is. Which is a big fat clue as to why some people are so opposed to it.

    1. According to that incident report, Haskins again said that he damaged county vehicles by pulling spark plug wires to “masturbate while cranking the engine.” Deputies said he told them the act is a sexual fetish he learned about online.

      Obviously you’re not spending enough time online, SF.

      1. Not, I’ve heard of mechaphiles… I meant knowing about one running for office.

        And he’s on the gay-hate bandwagon, of course.

        1. Well, he only copulated with female cars…

          1. “Is it OK if I open your hood?”


            “Is it OK if I touch your spark plug wires?”


            “May I take off your air filter?”


            “Can I touch your tailpipe?”

            [honk honk honk honk honk honk honk]

            “Calm down, baby. I’ll take it slow.”

            1. lol

            2. Honk means Honk!

        2. Sorry to have doubted you.

          1. My wording was ambiguous, much like Episiarch’s genitalia.

    2. Because they were too busy reporting on all the other criminals running for office in Michigan?

    3. Wow. A bizarre sexual fetish beyond even your imagining.

      I guess there is someone who is into anything you can think of, but “cranking”?

      1. Real men actually *use* those loosened wires.

    4. Well, if he’s going to have a bizarre fetish like that, at least he was in the right state.

    5. I believe I posted this in the past – perhaps you were on a sabbatical, studying the habitat of Warty.

      1. It was dangerous work.

        1. Certainly in one of the worst neighborhoods.

    6. One in five cars will be sexually assaulted at some point in their life.

      1. That’s why, beginning in model year 2017, all new motor vehicles sold in the US will have to have affirmative-consent-ometers.

        1. And back, back, back dat ass up cameras.

  21. The zoo where you can EAT the animals: Swiss wildlife park runs out space – so puts boar and deer on the menu

    Langenberg Wildlife Park is serving up its exhibits to tackle overcrowding
    The animals are being eaten at the zoo’s own visitors’ restaurant on site
    Guests can enjoy boar sausages, venison in cognac and wild deer carpaccio
    The park has 16 native animals including bears, elk, lynx, wolves and bison
    Some visitors have taken exception to eating the wildlife park’s exhibits
    Zoo says animal welfare is their priority and they need to control numbers


    1. Finally – a reason to visit that alpine state other than banking

      1. *especially now that the bankers have betrayed their clients.

        1. Given the number of indictments still out there, they didn’t exactly have a choice. The US has jurisdiction over everything, don’tcha know.

          1. Yes, FYTW is not limited by national borders.

    2. Not sure if I’d want to chance the wild deer carpaccio.

  22. Elizabeth Warren’s silence was Fidelity’s gain

    As the lobbying battle dragged on into 2014, Warren and Ed Markey ? now both representing Massachusetts in the Senate ? objected, through their staffs, to proposals that Fidelity didn’t like. They didn’t cite industry complaints; they cited concerns of local politicians. A compromise was reached, which, according to Rowland’s reporting, favored the mutual fund industry.

    In a statement to the Globe, Warren’s office said the SEC rules were “an important first step” and stressed a need to “balance the risks that money market funds can pose to the economy against the need to maintain money market funds as an important investment alternative.”

    Compromise is not a crime. It’s a natural part of politics. But when compromise comes down on the side of powerful financial interests, that’s exactly the kind of politics Warren is said to be fighting. And she’s taking that fight to the national stage.

    1. The game is rigged.

    2. Will she summon her inner spirit animal?

      1. The Western European Shrew?

    3. The first thing that came to my mind after reading this was an old Far Side cartoon, the one with the caption that said: The Chief of the Manhattan Tribe speaks to his tribe for the last time. And in the picture the Chief holds up a necklace and says: “To begin this meeting, I’d like to show you this. Isn’t it a ‘beaut?”

    4. She should totally run. A couple of years’ experience in the Senate is all you need to run the US.

      1. A couple of years’ experience in the Senate is all you need to run the US.

        …into the ground.

        1. Or forward, right off the cliff!

  23. Men’s boxers promise to block ‘harmful’ cellphone rays

    Belly Armor ? which claims its products protect pregnant women from harmful rays emitted by laptops and other gadgets ? is pitching a product to men concerned about the effects of cellphone radiation on their fertility.

  24. To Infinity and BEYOND!

    Fed’s $4 Trillion Holdings Keep Boosting Growth Beyond End of QE

    Quantitative easing may turn out to be a gift that keeps on giving for the U.S. economy.

    As the Federal Reserve prepares to end its third round of bond buying next week, the central bank plans to hang on to the record $4.48 trillion balance sheet it has accumulated since announcing the first round of purchases in November 2008.

    That will continue to keep a lid on borrowing costs, helping the Fed lift inflation closer to its target and providing support to a five-year expansion facing headwinds abroad, from war in the Mideast to slowing growth in Europe and China.

    1. Fed’s $4 Trillion Holdings Keep Boosting Growth Beyond End of QE

      “This penile extension pump is going to rock your boat, baby! Hold on, I’m boosting growth with the vacuum cleaner…”

      Famous last words. Both cases.

    2. Sigh. QE just can’t continue like this and not have dire, dire consequences, dammit. And of course, those consequences won’t impact the folks who know about the end before it will happen. Fuckers.

        1. I hadnt realized how big QE3 was. I hadnt looked at that graph in a while.

          1. If the velocity of money was to return to pre-QE levels, then M2 would be 5 times what it was then.

            A full recovery would lead to hyper-inflation, which, of course, wont be allowed to happen, so recovery cant happen.

            We are Japan.

            1. Bingo.

              1. Pre-QE1, I made this argument on here, if anyone cares to go thru the archives. I predicted back and forth in and out of recessions thru 2020. QE2 and 3 extend that.

                Actually, I think I made the argument based on TARP. I cant remember how QE was connected with that.

            2. 500% inflation isn’t hyperinflation.

              1. It could be. Depends on how fast. The usual definition is 50%/month.

        2. Good lord. I have not seen that graph before. That is horrendous.

          1. And keep in mind that’s it’s not enough for Krugabe.

            1. Hey man, living out those Hari Seldon fantasies ain’t cheap.

          2. I used to post it all the time back in the period between QE1 and QE2. I hadnt looked at it in a while. Its only gotten worse.

      1. I use $100 trillion Zimbabwe banknotes as bookmarks, which I can then produce as a handy visual prop whenever this topic comes up and the opposing party is incapable of believing that running the presses nonstop could possibly have any negative effects.

  25. Woman sets her flatmate on fire because he threw away her spaghetti meatballs

    After a night of drinking, Ms Sellers reportedly returned to her home in Clearwater, Florida at 2.30am and flew into a rage upon finding that Carlos Ortiz, 42, had thrown away her meal.

    The arrest report states she then doused Mr Ortiz with flammable nail polish remover and set him ablaze.

    Mr Ortiz’s friend Ines Causevic, who witnessed the incident, immediately threw water over him and tried to put out the flames with his shirt.

    ‘When he got up his face looked like it was melting off, it was pink and sore. His lips were burning,’ Causevic said.

    1. I’m going to need more info than the article provides before I make a judgement on this. How long were the meatballs in the fridge before he threw them away?

      1. Still… Lighting someone on fire is an overreaction, even if they were put there earlier that day.

        1. even if they were put there earlier that day.

          That would be a complete dick move though.

          1. Even so – Lighting someone’s face on fire and potentially scarring them for life is a grossly disproportionate punishment.

            Proportionality is making them provide a replacement meal and an apology.

            1. I don’t know if I came back home from a bender and had been looking forward to spaghetti and meatballs all night and my dick roommate had thrown my spaghetti and meatballs away that I had put in their that night I would be pretty pissed off. Are you sure this isn’t covered in the nap?

              1. I might consider punching him in the dick, but even I wouldn’t set his face on fire.

            2. It’s like you don’t even care about your meatballs.

    2. [Italian accent]

      That’s a spicy meatball!

      [/Italian accent]

  26. Vodka drip saves poisoned cat

    Missey the moggie was left fighting for her life after she was attacked by thugs who doused her in antifreeze outside her home in Middlesborough, as reported by The Metro.

    She was rushed to the vets who informed her owners that vodka would help to break down the poison, recommending that Missey was fed half a litre of vodka through an IV drip over two days.

    Despite ending up “blind drunk”, the bizarre treatment worked with Missey making a full recovery.

    1. Apparently ethanol is also the best antidote for methanol poisoning too.

        1. The liver will process the ethanol preferentially over methanol, so basically the ethanol keeps the liver busy until you can excrete all of the methanol.

          1. I had thought something along those lines, but my mind went “receptor blocker? no, that can’t be it.”

          2. The same enzyme that breaks down ethanol also breaks down methanol. If you give enough ethanol, it competitively inhibits the breakdown of the methanol to the point where your body can eliminate the toxic metabolites, which cause all the damage, as they are produced. It’s not really a matter of preference, it’s just a matter of there being more ethanol floating around. You really do have to give enough to make the recipient very drunk. It’s rare to use an ethanol drip in a person, though. Fomepizole is generally used now. Although it’s very expensive, it’s a lot easier to dose and lacks the intoxicating effects, which can result in agitated patients ripped out their IVs and the like.

            1. Thanks for the more informed answer.

              Am I correct in understanding that methanol is metabolized to formaldehyde and that is really what does the damage with methanol poisoning?

              1. It is initially metabolized to formaldehyde, which is somewhat toxic, but then metabolized again to formic acid, which is what does most of the damage.

                1. Thanks. A friend who is a biochemist explained it to me once, but I forgot the last part.

      1. That’s what the cat was poisoned with.

        1. Never mind, the article doesn’t specify if it was Ethylene glycol or Methanol antifreeze.

          1. I had assumed ethylene glycol.

            1. I know. That’s the better assumption, given it’s prevalence.

          2. Can you even buy ethylene glycol antifreeze anymore? I thought they had moved to propylene glycol for just the reason of toxicity.

            1. The switch over hasn’t been mandated yet and PG will corrode cooling systems (according to wikipedia.)

              1. It’s coming. Just one more thing to destroy the reliability of engines along with ethanol and electronic emissions systems.

              2. The most common water-based antifreeze solutions used in electronics cooling are mixtures of water and either ethylene glycol (EGW) or propylene glycol (PGW). The use of ethylene glycol has a longer history, especially in the automotive industry. However, EGW solutions formulated for the automotive industry often have silicate based rust inhibitors that can coat and/or clog heat exchanger surfaces. Ethylene glycol is listed as a toxic chemical requiring care in handling and disposal.

                It looks like the problem isn’t corosion so much as non-toxic antifreezes can’t have the rust inhibitors added. And why use a non-toxic base if the additives are just as dangerous.

            2. Goddamnit, really?

  27. The ‘Dear White People’ syndrome: Why movies are obsessed with light-skinned black characters

    For Princeton University’s recent Black Alumni Conference, an advance screening of “Dear White People” took place at the town’s Garden Theater, and I was one of many who could not wait to see it. Throughout the film, I could hear many black alums scoff at some of the micro-aggressions that we’ve all experienced and heard about, or laugh at all the things that we’ve all wanted to say in response to white people when these experiences occur but may have never had the gall to do so. The film is a bold attempt. But I could not help wondering why a light-skinned biracial woman was the lead female protagonist, the champion of civil rights on the fictitious Winchester University’s campus.

    Frankly, as a light-skinned African-American female, I am tired of seeing women who look like myself presented as the epitome of complexity when it comes to setting forth the many different layers of the black experience for a mainstream audience.

    1. Frankly as a white person it perplexes me that you hinge your entire self worth based on your skin tone.

      1. Sorry, any thought that the speaker had worth went out the window the moment they used the term “micro-aggressions” in a serious fashion.

        1. I stopped at ‘Princeton Alumni’

      2. As a white person, naturally you wouldn’t get it. Identity categories are everything, specifically those identity categories whose existence fits the narrative.

      3. Yeah, it’s a strange thing. I can understand why people do that, given the generations of official, institutionalized racism that black Americans had to deal with. But at a certain point, maintaining strong racial identities is going to serve only to preserve and reenforce the racism that is left in the culture.

        1. That’s pretty much how I feel about it.

        2. And I suppose there are a good number of white people for whom skin tone is a big part of their identity. Which I don’t get either.

          I think that many of the worlds problems would be solved if people stopped defining themselves based on who their ancestors are and whose ancestors fucked over who.

          1. Which is something plenty of people do. It’s a tribal thing.

            1. Well, yeah. That’s why it’s such a big problem. And people go around celebrating these tribal identities as if that’s the best way for people to be rather than the reason why most of history is full of people killing and brutalizing each other.
              It’s interesting and good to know something about your ancestry. But it shouldn’t define who you are.

            2. They’re not called collectivists for nothing.

              1. Sadly “they” are 90% of everyone.

                Though I’d say that tribalism is even worse that collectivism on a larger scale. In some ways anyway. Collectivism devalues the individual, but tribalism not only does that, but also dehumanizes those outside of the tribe.

        3. Tangentially, KBEM FM in Minneapolis runs these little clips called School News, where kids report what’s going on at their schools. This morning, kids were discussing their heritage. One girl says, “I was born in Minnesota, but I identify as Mexican and Puerto Rican.” WTF?

          1. What does being from Minnesota get you?

            1. Cold and lots of misquito bites?

          2. Clearly she’s been paying attention in class.

          3. I went to college with a (very white) girl who changed her last name to her mother’s Spanish maiden name for college admissions purposes. Apparently advice like that it part of the services offered by many fancy prep-schools.

        4. maintaining strong racial identities is going to serve only to preserve and reenforce the racism that is left in the culture.

          And if your power structure is founded on maintaining racialist groupings in society, this is a big, big feature.

      4. it perplexes me that you hinge your entire self worth based on your skin tone.

        Mighty white of you, sir.

    2. I am tired of seeing women who look like myself presented as the epitome of complexity when it comes to setting forth the many different layers of the black experience for a mainstream audience.

      Girlfriend, just listen to your bad self!

    3. For Princeton University’s recent Black Alumni Conference

      Oh, by the way, the White Alumni Conference had to be cancelled. Yeah. Sorry, guys.

      Frankly, as a light-skinned African-American female, I am tired of seeing women who look like myself presented as the epitome of complexity when it comes to setting forth the many different layers of the black experience for a mainstream audience.

      We want Lt. Uhura back!

    4. From what I’ve heard about the movie, the lead being a light skinned black person is kind of an important part of the whole thing.

      1. That’s what makes it so tiresome, the movies is like 2 hours long.

        1. From what I’ve heard of it it seems like it could be an interesting movie. I heard some interview with the guy who made it and it sounds like it might not be all preachy and righteous or anything.

          1. I jest but I have heard it was meant to be a comedy for everyone. Of course I find comedies marketed exclusively to black people awesome.

            1. You like Tyler Perry movies? You monster!

              1. you mean those are supposed to be funny?

    5. And who’s really the one obsessed with skin color?

  28. Can Lena Dunham save snark?
    The sardonic tone once so fresh to TV has become ubiquitous and unbearable. The “Girls” star may be its last hope

    And so, we watch Lena’s character, Hannah, like one would watch a pinball, dripping with blood, bang up against the bumpers of her life, leaving red trails of experiences that may or may not be unconsciously repeated later. We watch the stillness of her and the other actors’ reactions to situations they cannot control, situations they did or did not bring upon themselves, situations they can’t possibly fully understand.

    We are looking at ourselves. At emotions we may or may not know how to access. We are looking at consequences. We are looking comedy that cuts to the bone.

    And I don’t think Dunham, herself, is being attacked by “sexist critics and viewers” over her nudity, or by just-about-everyone-with-a-blog about her supposed navel-gazing, or by “fashion critics” for her awards shows’ outfits. I think she’s being attacked because she is sticking the comedic knife into herself in every film, every “Girls” episode, every article and book she writes, and what it reveals so resembles the truth about our own human experiences that it enrages those of us who don’t want to look. It enrages.

      1. Justine Bateman, Jason Bateman’s sister. She was also on Family Ties, a sitcom in the 1980s about a short Republican being raised by hippies.

        1. Nellie Bluth!

        2. Justine was serious cutie back in the day. And I have always had a thing for women named Justine.

          1. Did she give you growing pains?

            1. The less said about Kirk Cameron, the better.

              1. Give in to the Cameron, you know you want to.

          2. She deserves some respect for running her own production company and is currently doing a degree in computer science at UCLA. Smart lady.

            1. I saw where she was doing that. She seems like a normal person. She understood that being on a single successful show as a teenager didn’t entitle her to a lifetime career as a movie star and actually has done something with her life instead of being a professional freak like most other child/teenage stars.

            2. She’s also a net neutrality tard, so, probably not that smart.

              1. Net neutrality is one those issues on which otherwise intelligent people can be reduced to drooling idiots.

                1. I’ve had more success in convincing people that the NFA restrictions on machineguns should be repealed than changing their minds on net neutrality and Citizen’s United.

    1. what it reveals so resembles the truth about our own human experiences

      Yeah, ok.

      It doesn’t resemble anything about my life in my early 20s, but I wasn’t a self-indulgent spoiled rich kid.

      And honestly, based on the things she has said publicly it doesn’t appear to me that she understands just how fucking awful every single character in that show is, including her own. Were it actually snark I’d think she was a genius for sticking her big pudgy thumb right in the eye of the very people who could actually relate to her show (namely Gawker franchise readers), but I really don’t think it is, she’s just utterly lacking in self-awareness, and apparently so are all her friends.

      1. The characters in that show are more repulsive than any third world dictator.

    2. I think she’s being attacked because she is sticking the comedic knife into herself in every film, every “Girls” episode, every article and book she writes,

      It may be one of those butter comedic knives she’s using because I ain’t laughing.

      When she becomes a crack suicide soldier of the Judean People’s Front, then call me .

    3. Uh, we don’t watch Lena’s character.

    4. we watch Lena’s character, Hannah, like one would watch a pinball, dripping with blood, bang up against the bumpers of her life, leaving red trails of experiences that may or may not be unconsciously repeated later.

      Holy fucking shit, that’s gawdawful writing. What is it, some undergrad English 201 essay?

    5. Moused over link, Salon. Shocking, shocking.

      Perhaps time has fogged my memory but I actually recall Salon producing things worth reading about 15 years ago.

  29. Sweden submarine search called off

    Eh, it was probably just Nessie anyway.

    1. or the fucking norwegians.

      1. They are nasti

  30. “The European Union has calculated that the United Kingdom owes it 2.1 billion more euros on top of the 10.9 billion it contributes annually because of its relative economic health.”

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

  31. Iceland Review linka to a year-old blog post about the day in 1930 the Graf Zeppelin appeared over Reykjavik. Vintage photos included.

    1. The third time Zeppelin came to Iceland it was the world famous Led Zeppelin in 1970, but that is another story


      1. A different and probably better story.

        1. I’m too young to have had the opportunity to see Zeppelin play, but I did see Page and Plant when they did the Unleaded tour, as well as Plant solo. Good shows.

          1. I bet they were. I missed those. But I did see Page with his old band with Paul Rogers The Firm when I was in high school. It was a good show if forgettable band. Page got out the bow for a little bit.

            I have met a few people who saw Led Zeppelin and they all say that they were even better than advertised. A women my wife worked with’s sister actually won the lottery and got to see the reunion show in London. I guess it was amazing. It pisses me off Plant wouldn’t get the stick out of his ass and take the cash and tour. Who cares if it is just being a jukebox. It is one of the greatest jukeboxes ever and only you can make it work. If they had done a real reunion tour I would have been selling my possession and doing whatever was necessary to see them as many times as possible.

            1. Zeppelin is one of those bands that is probably better, or at least as good, live. They are all such talented players that they can just play it all. I think Bonham and Jones were my favorite part of that band.

              1. Having listened to the reunion show, I think in some ways they were a bit better with Jason Bonham as crazy as that sounds. The thing with John Bonham live was that judging from the live tapes I have heard he was just incandescent. You listen to any Zeppeling Bootleg or the How the West Was One live record and as soon as Bonham starts to play the drum kit just explodes with sound to such a degree Jones and Page sound like they are just trying to keep up. Bonham just completely dominated at all times. It is incredible to hear but it has its drawbacks.

                Jason in contrast is a very skilled drummer but just isn’t explosive and dominating the way his dad was. This actually turns out to be a good thing. If you listen to the London show Page and especially Jones really come through in ways they didn’t with John Bonham. The band is a little more balanced and you can hear and appreciate how good Page is other than just in his solos and you really can hear and appreciate what a great base player Jones is in a way you couldn’t before.

                They would have been great with that lineup.

                1. That’s a good point about younger vs. older Bonham.
                  But when I hear one of their earlier live recordings and hear the drums just explode like that I just imagine that that must have been incredible to see when no one else had ever really rocked quite so hard before. You are right about his dominance in the performance, but it’s pretty awesome that the others did keep up with him.
                  And John Paul Jones is the shit. Probably the most talented and interesting all around musician of the group.

                  1. Yeah Zeb. You and I grew up listening to it. I can’t imagine what it must have sounded like to people who had only heard guys like Moon and Ginger Baker and such. What he did was something completely different than anything before or since.

                    After Bonham generations of hard rock drummers worked out and went out every night and beat their drum kits as hard as they could trying to sound like him and none of them even came close. There is just a tonal quality about Bonham that no one else ever had.

                    Think about all of the drummers who tried to imitate him. Yet, the most sampled drum track in history, the drum track that basically drove hip hop for the entire decades of the 90s and 00s, is the Bonham drum track from When the Levy Breaks. All of the tracks to choose from by all of the different drummers who tried to imitate him and still that one is the one that gets used and for good reason. He was just unbelievable.

            2. I would pay well over $1,000 to see Led Zeppelin reunited w/ Jason Bonham on drums. In a second.

    2. It looks like an alien invasion.

  32. Did anyone happen upon the Vermont U.S. House debate?

    Hooo, boy. A bona-fide freak show of characters. Not even Mad or SNL in their best years could come up with what I saw.

    1. So there was more than just the R and D candidates? Since its Vermont, I assume there was a socialist candidate as well. Vermont is a really beautiful place too. Yet, it was taken over by the worst sorts of fascists. The always take over the nice places. Can’t they for once take over somewhere that sucks already?

      1. Probably not. Their MO is basically 1)Ruin something. 2)Complain about it. 3)Move somewhere nicer 4)Ruin that 5) Complain 6)????? 7) Profit

        1. It’s not propfit, it’s plunder.

        2. They will take over a place that is incredible to begin with, California being the best example, turn it into a shithole that manages to still have charms because it was so nice to begin with even they couldn’t totally fuck it up. Then they will feel smug because all of the places they run are so nice and better than some hot dry wasteland that has flourished thanks to the efforts of normal people who have made it a hundred times better than it should be.

        3. Leftism is an even more dangerous virus than Ebola.

      2. He said he was a ‘peaceful’ socialist, though.

        1. That’s contradictory, unless you’re making taxes 100% voluntary and only redistributing what people choose to give away.

      3. Like Oklahoma? Or Kansas?

        1. Sure. If they would give up California and Vermont, I would give them those places in trade.

          1. They really did take two of the most beautiful states. Bastards.

  33. The Traitors Who Join ISIS
    Western nations have fought shy of enforcing their treason laws. They shouldn’t.

    However, treason charges here in the United States remain an important legal remedy. Consider Adam Gadahn. Gadahn, a U.S. citizen who joined al-Qaeda in the late 1990s, was charged with treason in 2006. Federal law explains that “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death [or imprisonment] . . . ” This legal clarity is important. Noting a citizen’s “owing” of allegiance, the actus reus (evil action) of “levies war” or “giving aid and comfort” to the enemy, U.S. treason law is well suited to the West’s present homegrown-terrorist threat. Other nations should follow this example.

    Still, this isn’t just about legal remedies. Treason charges also offer a critical political response to this threat.

    It’s treason all the way down…

    1. Treason charges also offer a critical political response to this threat.

      Now we get to the real reasons.

      1. “Treason charges also offer a critical political response to this threat.”

        “Now we get to the real reasons.”

        That’s perceptive of you, and I agree.

    2. I was listening to CBC on Cspan radio and they were talking to a american who was fighting for the Kurds against ISIS. The number one question I would have had that wasn’t asked was how much are you getting paid? The guy hopped in a plane to Istanbul and drove from their to Syria on his own. Some people are completely nuts.

      1. Some people are completely nuts.

        Was he just some random guy from Nebraska looking for adventure or did he have some other ties to the Kurds?

        1. he was some random guy from Illinois. If he was from chicago he might actually be safer over there

      2. In John Barnes’ Kaleidoscope Century he refers to those types as “Tourist Psychos.”

        1. he said there were like three other Americans fighting with him. It was probably the most interesting news segment I had heard in a while.

        2. I’ve been interested in Spain’s Division Azul / Blue Division:

          Although Spanish dictator Field Marshal (General?simo) Francisco Franco did not enter World war II on the side of Nazi Germany, he permitted volunteers to join the German Army (Wehrmacht Heer) on the clear and guaranteed condition they would fight exclusively against Bolshevism (Soviet Communism) on the Eastern Front, and not against the Western Allies or any Western European occupied populations. In this manner, he could keep Spain at peace with the Western Allies whilst simultaneously repaying Adolf Hitler for his support during the Spanish Civil War (see Condor Legion). Spanish foreign minister Ram?n Serrano S??er made the suggestion to raise a volunteer corps, and at the commencement of Operation Barbarossa, Franco sent an official offer of help to Berlin.


    3. What about the traitors who join Congress?

    4. The problem is that people want answers. Western Secularism and the limp wristed Christianity it has created don’t do that for a lot of people. Islam, as crazy as it can be, does.

      The secularists have beaten Christianity down to such a degree that it barely exists in any confident and forceful form. That wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t given a total pass to Islam. So if you are the kind of person looking for real and forceful answers to the questions in life and just are not satisfied with Western secular materialism, Islam is the only place talking to you. And that is not a good thing.

      1. For those of us who aren’t mentally unstable, there is plenty of middle ground between “secular materialism” and murderous ideology, isn’t there?

        1. Sure there is. But the Christianity that occupies that middle ground has been pretty much run out of public life. That Christianity is called “evangelical” or “conservative”. The entire western media and secular culture is built around the idea that that brand of Christianity is evil and racist and only ignorant and racist people would believe in such.

          Meanwhile, we tell everyone how Islam is the religion of peace and how great and wonderful all other cultures except conservative Christian culture are great.

          So here we have a guy in Canada. He is the son of a western secularist mother and he lives in a culture that tells him the above. Yet at the same time he is disastisfied and wants deeper meaning in life and is generally a bit fucked up anyway. Where is he going to turn? That of course depends on a lot of things. But given the way Western society treats Islam versus conservative Christianity, it is no surprise at all he choose Islam and a particularly radical brand of it. Now, would he and us be better off if he had chosen a conservative brand of Christianity? We will never know but we might have been. Even the most conservative and radical world hating Christians are not out shooting people like this. That makes you think that maybe if he had gone in that direction he would have ended up some angry weird guy talking about God all of the time rather than a terrorist.

          1. But the Christianity that occupies that middle ground has been pretty much run out of public life.

            In other words, he seeks a controlling force in daily life that everyone is compelled to follow. Gosh, if only we had that anymore things would be peachy.

            Hell, I’m not necessarily disagreeing but your implied remedy is not acceptable to me or I’m sure many other Americans.

            1. My remedy is to leave people alone and stop the jihad against Christianity. What is your problem with that?

              And if you can’t stomach that, then start applying the same standards to Islam so that it won’t be the only acceptable alternative.

              People are always going to turn to something. You are very foolish if you let your hatred of the evil SOCONS cause you to not understand just how tame they actually are and just how much worse some other beliefs actually are.

              1. Well, I guess that’s where we differ – I don’t believe there is a “jihad against Christianity”. I think the majority of people are tending toward “secular materialism” all on their own. A handful of nutbags looking for “meaning” in blowing up infidels is not going to bring that down.

                And I am not any kind of cultural or moral relativist, so please don’t put those words in my mouth.

  34. Black teenager gunned down by off-duty St Louis cop was shot six times in the back

    Vonderrit Myers Jr was shot by off-duty police officer on October 9
    Autopsy shows he was shot six times in the back before fatal head wound
    Family claims it proves he was running away from the officer
    Incident occurred two months after Michael Brown shooting 10 miles away


    1. Just muddled enough for the cop to walk away with a medal.

    2. But the protests will continue about Michael Brown. There are so many more sympathetic victims of police violence, it’s almost as if some of the protest organizing people want to maintain racial divisions.

    3. We were talking about why the race mongers never seem to pick a no kidding sympathetic victim of the police and always seem to choose the worst piece of shit criminals. I think I have figured out why.

      The whole point of making light of these cases is not to stop police abuse but to anger the black community and keep them voting Democrat. The way they do that is to convince them white people hate them and their black leaders and the Democrats are the only thing that protects them. If they choose a sympathetic victim, then white people will be just as outraged as blacks and the “white people all hate you” narrative fails. So instead they choose the worst possible cases and victims to highlight. They know blacks are going to generally side against the police and thus for them it doesn’t matter how bad the victim was. But for whites it does matter. If the cop was justified and the guy was a dirt bag who deserved what he got, whites will stand up and say so. And when they do that it allows the race mongers to point to it as more evidence how whites just hate blacks. If they had a sympathetic victim, they couldn’t do that. The whole thing is about being outraged at the most idiotic case in order to bait whites into standing up to it.

      1. I’m afraid that might be what it is. That and race baiting shits like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to keep themselves relevant.
        It’s a damn shame and a disgrace since there are real issues with police violence and racial attitudes underneath it all.

      2. I agree. However, I wonder what is going to happen when in about 25 or 30 years, Latinos become the majority or almost majority of the country. What will the Democrats do then? Will they abandon their black constituents completely for their new shiny voters?

        1. yes. But when the latinos take power in this country you can bet that all those affirmative action campaigns that were for blacks will all be peared back and be exclusively for latinos. Latinos are(and this is purely antecedal) far more open about being racist than anybody else, and they hate black people.

        2. I’m fairly confident that 1-2 generations hence, the wide majority of Latinos will be folded into the white race for SJW purposes and vote similarly to earlier Catholic immigrant groups at the same stage of development.

          Accordingly, the Democrats will thoroughly abandon them and repeat the cycle with the next group.

          1. Maybe, but you have plenty that play pretty decent Identity politics now.

          2. That does seem to be the pattern for immigrant groups. I hope it continues.

        3. It’s not like the Democrats actually do anything for their black constituents now.

        4. That is what they think they are going to do. The problem is that it won’t work as well. The thing that has kept the black vote so monolithic is that even today intermarriage between blacks and whites is pretty rare. Intermarriage between Hispanics and whites is very common. Hispanics are going to melt into the melting pot the way the Italians and the Poles and such did before them. So, I don’t see the Democrats keeping Hispanics isolated and poor the way they did the blacks.

          Even today the percentages given for the “Hispanic” population are decieving as hell. They list anyone with any significant Hispanic blood as “Hispanic”. So it includes a lot of people who are and consider themselves American and have an “Hispanic” identity no more than other Americans have a German or an Italian identity.

          I honestly think the melting pot will work. I think the Democrats realize that and that is why they are trying to hard to get as big of a surge of Hispanic immigrants as quickly as possible. Their only hope is to overwhelm the country such that intermarriage can’t absorb them all.

          1. Blacks will always be different, I think (unless and until you start getting enough intermarriage that race becomes less well defined). African Americans have a distinct indigenous culture and history that is quite different from immigrant groups, plus the history of official repression which makes the culture more resistant to assimilation in the general melting pot.

  35. Even the way The Nation begs for your money sucks.

  36. Interesting data on calories in versus calories out. Note that finding the right resting calorie rate for your individual body makes a huge deal. So does making sure that you eat the right amount of calories for your current weight. But it is much closer than I would have thought once you get those parameters dialed in. At least for that guy.

    1. Meh. Doesn’t seem like anything ground-breaking to me.

      Then again, I use an app to track my calories in and a FitBit to get a rough estimation of my calories out.

      Also, I bulk and cut with some degree of efficiency and associate with several people who do the same, so… predicting weight loss and gain just doesn’t seem that complicated.

  37. Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen is upset because people don’t value her political input.

    Earth to Chrissy: you’re not being attacked because you’re a woman or because you’re a model with an opinion (which the world has enough of). You’re being attacked because your opinion is ignorant and detrimental to the Second Amendment. Get over yourself. (And yes, the death threats are terrible. I agree.)

  38. Boko Haram kidnapped 25 more girls in an attack on a remote town in Nigeria after the government claimed to have negotiated a temporary ceasefire that would include the release of more than 200 girls kidnapped earlier this year.

    Ah, the old Cease Fire trick. Works every time.

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