Zenon Evans on the Tom Brown Show at 9p.m. to Discuss Hypocritical Socialists and Cops Who Shoot Puppies


At 9p.m. ET I will be on the Tom Brown Show at WEZS AM 1350 to discuss the Freedom Socialist Party, which advocates for unionized labor and a $20 minimum wage, but doesn't practice what they preach: They recently posted a $13/hour non-union job listing that went viral. I'll also talk about a recent incident in which a police officer got paid leave after shooting an "aggressive" six-month old puppy. You can judge for yourself, courtesy his body camera. If there's time, we might talk about this poor sap who cracked a joke about Ebola and got charged with felony inducing panic.

Listen live at www.wezs.com and call in at 603-524-6288.

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  1. …”the Freedom Socialist Party, which advocates for unionized labor and a $20 minimum wage, but doesn’t practice what they preach”…

    Lefty hypocrites?! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    1. Freedom Socialist

      I dunno, but I’m thinkin that this here is one of those oxymorons.

      1. You’re right.
        “Murdering Socialist” is closer to reality.

      2. Liberty Socialist would be an oxymoron. Freedom Socialist is not when you think of freedom as being free from want. To them freedom means the freedom to work for a living wage, to go on the dole when you don’t have a job, to have free medical care, free college, shit like that. To them freedom means free shit.

        1. But you still need the “Murdering” part to convince all those others folks to give them the ‘free’ shit.

        2. Liberty socialist is as oxymoronic as Freedom Socialist. Positive liberty is also a concept of “freedom from want”, which is SJW-speak for “enslaving everyone around you to satisfy your wants”.

    2. Is this hypocritical? The whole point if socialism is to game the system so that you put in as little as possible while milking it for all it’s worth (and more!). This seems consistent with their worldview.

      1. Len Bias|10.23.14 @ 9:45PM|#
        “Is this hypocritical?”

        If you claim “Freedom”, it is.

  2. We really have to join the communist party now, because even though it’s never worked before, it can, as soon as we eliminate obstructionism.

    See, we almost just saw it! There was hope and change and then… Rethuglicans! If only Obama could do whatever he wants, we could achieve paradise.

    1. Gwyneth? I enjoyed your frowning in The Royal Tenenbaums.

  3. If there’s any lesson to be learned about the 20th century, it’s that the road to statist utopia is paved with corpses. You’d think that would make people question utopian and Romantic ideology in general, but apparently we need to pile on more bodies to get the message to sink in.

    1. We have the right people in charge now. Just look at their stellar records (Obama, Hillary, Kerry), you feel better now?

      1. I feel worse. At least fucking Lenin worked his ass off and had a decent amount of intelligence and charisma. These people think that power should just be given, no strings attached, to them out of narcissism. And the fact that people agree with them is more troubling.

        1. The science is settled. Now we just have to get the best top men. That’s easy. Thinking is hard.

    2. You’d think that would make people question utopian and Romantic ideology in general, but apparently we need to pile on more bodies to get the message to sink in.

      For those who feel that ideology to be true, it seems like the truth only sinks in when they see the bodies up close. It isn’t not the idea of utopia through central planning and force is a radical idea. It’s a very, very old one. Collectivism has been going on in some shape or form since the dawn of civilization. It feels right. Everyone working together for the common good (by working together I mean doing as they are told by people who use violence when they don’t get what they want). Eliminating scarcity through central planning (that is enforced by violence). You have to think to be able to understand why it is so wrong.

      1. The concept of dispersed knowledge and voluntary cooperation and the Invisible Hand of the Market just isn’t intuitive. Who plans it? Who decides who gets what? Who decides what get made? Who makes sure that goods and services are distributed fairly? For many people the Invisible Hand isn’t an acceptable answer. To them the Invisible Hand is government taking a cut whenever they buy something, and with that money making sure everything runs properly.

        1. Supposedly during Khrushchev’s visit to the US, one of his aids asked a US official which agency made sure the food got to NYC.
          I can’t find a link; maybe apocryphal. Maybe not.

          1. I seem to remember him marveling at the shoe selection, and asking who plans it. Apparently Soviet shoes were notoriously terrible. I did a quick google but couldn’t find anything.

            1. “Apparently Soviet shoes were notoriously terrible.”

              As it was explained to me, the problems were a result of the quota system.
              You’re a manager; your quota is 5,000 pairs of shoes, and getting good leather is difficult. So you make 4,000 pairs size 6 and mix the others up.
              You can’t get enough good leather, since the leather is produced under the same skewed incentives.
              IOWs, they PLANNED to make bad shoes!

              1. Oh yeah, smart guy? What kind of incentives would you propose? Profits? That’s when teh rich steal from their workers and customers alike by providing goods, services, and jobs to voluntary takers! The rich get richer and those poor people wearing Air Jordans get poorer! Real manufacturing jobs that are beneath the average American since they don’t require a college degree get shipped overseas, while Americans with college degrees get stuck providing all these useless services that pay better than manufacturing! We need those manufacturing jobs that are beneath Americans since all Americans are supposed to have a college degree! What kind of monster are you?

                1. “The rich get richer and those poor people wearing Air Jordans get poorer!”

                  You would win comment of the day except that I am stealing that. I may alter it a bit to be a stand-alone comment, but I am stealing it. You should guard your comments more carefully.


                  1. Thank you.

                2. A friend of mine from high school reconnected with me on Facebook a while ago and I learned that not only had she made the career choice of bureaucrat at the local unemployment agency, said career choice also allowed her to spend all day every day playing dumb Facebook games clogging up my feed.

                  I was on the verge of just filtering her out entirely when she started posting about how she’s been kind of depressed because everyone coming in had iPhones now.

              2. About quotas; I remember hearing a story of a glass factory whose quota was 6000 lbs. Rather than make 6000 pounds worth of windows, the factory poured a single 3 ton ingot of glass.

            2. They were barely good enough to beat your podium with.

              1. Hey, he was happy to take that damn size 6 shoe off for a while!

        2. It’s a quasi-religious mindset. There MUST be some anthropomorphic entity out there to distribute things equally and fairly.

          1. They respond by saying they are superior to libertarians nutters who worship the free market god, but who in fact are just apologists for teh rich and teh corporations.

      2. Collectivism exists because people are generally superstitious. Something has to fill the yawning chasm of existential angst. Superstition leads to super-ordination.

    3. Unfortunately, a reading of Soviet history will also show there were plenty of Walter Durantys, Paul Robesons and others of their ilk who knew of the corpses and decided to lie about it, because advancing the narrative and cause justified the starvation and blood of millions and millions.

      1. From what I read, Duranty didn’t bother to claim other than he was living the good life and filing stories people wanted to read; that is, he was simply a cynic far beyond what the commies needed. The deaths of millions of people wasn’t of interest so long as he got his 7-course meals. I’m reminded of our own commie-kid.
        Dunno about Robeson.
        Wallace, that twit, finally admitted he’d been ‘duped’; an admission of stupidity that should embarrass every commie, but still doesn’t.

  4. “a police officer got paid leave after shooting an “aggressive” six-month old puppy.”

    OT: Can someone please explain to me how punching a presidential police dog is felony assault? Since when do government dogs have human rights, and can I get those for my dog?

    (I know: FYTW)

    1. Laws are for the little people.

      The fact that the shreeking social justice crowd has not yet figured this out or even sought to question it, is a monumental testament to their naivete and ignorance.

      1. In all seriousness… How can a judge convict someone of assaulting a police officer when the “officer” is a dog?

        Does anyone know?

      2. “The Secret Service initially said that Adesanya would be charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer for attacking the Secret Service dogs that helped take him down”


  5. I have to take issue with the alt-text.

    Results DO NOT vary.

    1. Yeah, sorry, you’re right. They’re stunningly consistent failures.

  6. Also…Freedom Socialist Party….I have to snicker.

    I cringe to imagine the fetid soup of mangled logic, cognitive dissonance and delusion that exists in the minds of the rubes who buy into that horse shit.

    1. Are they Social anarchists?

      1. LOL NO!

        (I overcame my laziness and read their platform.)

  7. Where’s Flashman?

  8. Mali becomes sixth West African nation hit by Ebola

    Mali confirmed its first case of Ebola on Thursday, becoming the sixth West African country to be touched by the worst outbreak on record of the haemorrhagic fever, which has killed nearly 4,900 people.

    Mali’s Health Minister Ousmane Kone told state television that the patient in the western town of Kayes was a two-year-old girl who had recently arrived from neighbouring Guinea, where the outbreak began.

  9. OT:
    I’m getting a Hertz Europe ad for car rentals with wonderful photos of Venice, where you *CANNOT* drive a car!

    1. Rent-a-gondola

      1. I met with a friend in Venice (he was born there) who pointed out that the gondolas are all built ‘twisted’!
        Since they’re poled from one side only, they have to be to go straight. If you catch one head-on, it is visible.

        1. Interesting.

    2. I’m getting a stop Carl Domain ad

      1. Demaio

        1. Fucking spellcheck

      2. “I’m getting a stop Carl Domain ad”

        That’ll be Eminent’s brother?

    1. Given that the dead guy was actually sinking the hatchet into people (admittedly, cops, but still), there was cause for lethal force.

  10. New York City doctor tests positive for Ebola.

    A Doctors Without Borders physician who recently returned to the city after treating Ebola patients in West Africa has tested positive for the virus, according to preliminary test results, city officials said Thursday. He’s the fourth confirmed case in the U.S. and the first in the nation’s biggest city.

    A further test by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be necessary to confirm the initial test results.


    1. The CDC has dispatched an Ebola response team to New York, and the city’s disease detectives have been tracing the doctor’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at risk.

      City officials say Spencer acknowledged riding the subway and taking a cab to a Brooklyn bowling alley in the past week before he started showing symptoms.

      Ok, everyone just fucking stop for a second.

      Just… stop. Hold it.

      *sound of needle dragging across vinyl as music stops*

      A doctor, who was treating Ebola patients in Africa, just sort of whipped back over to New York, hopped on some subways, did a few wine tastings, went bowling with friends, made out with one his nurses in the supply cabinet.

      Does the CDC not currently have some kind of protocol to that says if you’re a doctor treating ebola patients in Africa, that we’re going to test you or possibly quarantine you for a bit after you return?

      Does not the Doctors Without Borders have some kind of protocol in place?

      1. Consider a doctor, knowing he has possibly been exposed and then doing all of those things. I wouldn’t want that fuckwit treating me.

        I know the people working in the medical field have taken and passed the appropriate classes, but when I watch their behavior it is clear to me that a great many of them either do not understand or do not believe in germ theory.

        1. It is also worth noting that, as far as I know, everyone in the US who caught the disease here, caught it in a medical facility.

          1. Hospitals are wonderful places to get sick.

      2. Obo wants to be clear that Mr. Klain is considering what steps to take in that regard…
        (hand slash to suggest action!)

      3. I’d like to know why 9 people who flew into new york were brought to Connecticut for quarantine — I mean besides Fuck Connecticut!

  11. Awesome!!!!



    1. Aerobic workout with Dunphy!


  12. I’m glad conservatives are finally talking about police brutality, but I feel like they should use some more forceful language.

    Bobby Griffin Jr. was wanted on murder charges. His next-door neighbor on Peck Street, Joseph Adams, wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the SWAT team from knocking down his door, setting his home on fire, roughing him up, keeping him tied up in his underwear for nearly three hours, and treating the New Haven man, who is gay, to a nance show as officers taunted him with flamboyantly effeminate mannerisms. If the events detailed in Mr. Adams’s recently filed lawsuit are even remotely accurate, the episode was a moral violation and, arguably, a crime.

    They set his house on fire, tied him up in his underwear, and taunted him for being gay while they periodically hit him. Way to go out on a limb by saying they ‘arguably’ engaged in criminal activity, Williamson.

    1. Baby steps, baby steps.

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