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Brickbat: Back of the Bus


Former Maryland Transit Authority driver Karen Murphy is facing multiple charges of assault and conspiracy after allegedly arranging for a gang of youth to attack a family riding on her bus. Murphy reportedly became angry when she asked the family to move to the back of the bus and the mother said that it was too crowded.

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  1. Teens and youth, oh my!

  2. Wow. The comments went racist fast.

    1. Was there something that has since been deleted?

      1. From the linked article. Sorry

        1. Ah. Those are Disqus comments, which don’t work on any computer I own.

          1. You’re not missing anything.

    2. Racism is evil, however, this brave new world of race only being mentioned for “white hispanics” and the like where others are always the aforementioned “teens and youth” certainly isn’t doing a damned thing to make things any better.

      1. I hear you, but the second comment was something like “our Muslim presentment doesn’t care about white people, hur dur”

        1. See, the problem with shit like that is that 99% I hear it, it’s from the left thinking they’re being cleverly ironic and mocking because “that’s what opponents of the President really think”.

          And, in this case, let’s say that it was in earnest… why does it need to be a fucking federal issue that the President has to involve himself in? Sheesh. Fucked either way.

          1. *why does it need to be a fucking federal issue that the President has to involve himself in? *

            Because Obama has inserted himself in petty, stupid issues that involve bombastic reactionaries who happen to share his hue? Beer summit ring a bell? Travon Martin’s likeness to his imaginary sons ring a bell?

  3. You know who else was asked to move to the back of the bus…


    1. The mechanic, because that’s where the engine was hiding.

      1. in fear, no doubt.

    2. Otto?

    3. The terlet repairman – it’s jammed with paper towel AGAIN…

    4. Apparently the alt text got sent to the back of the bus.

    1. Pardon me?

      *cups ear and leans closer*

      1. Whats a yute?
        /Herman Munster

        1. Fine, the YOOTHHHSSS.

  4. Did Obama chime in with his priceless racial words of vapid wisdom?

    1. Wow, Rufus – RACIST much?

      *returns to gazing in wonder at a picture of The President (PBUH)*

      1. *advert announcer whisper* “We have secretly replaced Almanian!’s picture of the president with a can of generic cola. Lets see if he notices.”

      2. *advert announcer whisper* “We have secretly replaced Almanian!’s picture of the president with a can of generic cola. Lets see if he notices.”

      3. I am who I am!

  5. I love how the MTA did NOTHING at first.

    This idiot buffoon of a woman challenged a citizen and taxpayer that pays this lazy lout a salary and she charges them?

    What is this nonsense of public servants attacking citizens verbally and sometimes physically? That should ALWAYS be grounds for dismissal. It is usually the case in the private sector and so it should be in the public.

  6. Wait, I thought it was only Uber and Lyft drivers that were doing all of the assaulting?

    1. No, no. This bus assault was an isolated incident. Every Uber driver will beat you sensless because they have no incentive for repeat business.

      1. If we subsidize Lyft and Uber with tax dollars, erect a powerful labor union and enact protectionist legislation, Lyft and Uber drivers will stop assaulting customers. It makes sense that if you insulate a business from market incentives, the quality will rise and more demand will be met. That’s how it works, right?

  7. I like that the “yutes” were students at the “Mergenthaler Vo-Tech and Academy for College and Career Exploration”. With a name like that, you know you’ve got only best of yute material. I’m sure it’s one of the top college prep schools in the city.

  8. I don’t know if this was a racial incident or not, but at least the media should look into the possibility.

    Flip the races, and that would certainly be a question on the media’s mind.

  9. So this is why cities want to get people riding public transit.

  10. Officials said the victims found a book bag that one of the assailants, a 16-year-old who had been talking with Murphy since the start of the incident, dropped. It had three forms of identification in it, which police said Fisher was able to give them when detectives interviewed them.

    So these were wealthy people. Because I’m told poor people have NO ID, or any realistic prospects of acquiring any.

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