Government Waste

Sen. Coburn Takes Aim Again at Wasteful Federal Spending

His last annual analysis before he retires


Zombies, aliens and teaching different types of "monkeys" how to do things are some of the big themes in Republican Sen. Tom Coburn's 2014 "Wastebook" released Wednesday.

The fifth annual Wastebook chronicles 100 of the silliest uses of taxpayer dollars. The Oklahoma conservative says he has identified $25 billion in wasted government funds in what will be his last such book before he retires at the end of the Congressional session. (Some of the projects do have a more meaningful purposes than Coburn presents, but he focuses most on the absurdity.)

"The problem is not just what Washington isn't doing, but what it is doing," Coburn writes.

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  1. And I resume he gets maggy’s drawers.

  2. $25 billion? While that number sounds large and I guess it’s good to start somewhere, that’s approximately 0.6% of the federal annual budget. If I limited my personal budget to 0.6% on absurdities, I’d consider that a great victory.

    A quick glance of the list discovers barely any absurdities in the military appropriations (of course).

    1. You can limit your personal budget to whatever you like. As money is forcibly confiscated from me, I’d like to know that it’s being used wisely. If there’s room for fripperies, absurdities, and nonsense, then there’s absolutely no need for a tax increase.

  3. He also doesn’t comment on the amounts of money we spend on DEA and drug interdiction not only in the USA but overseas, without any measurable success, and it is quite ample. He’d probably have no problem with a government program to convert gays to heterosexuals, and if he tried, he’d probably find some….

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