Palestinian Man Plows Car Through Group in Jerusalem, Killing Baby

Seven others injured; driver killed by police.


A three-month-old baby was killed and seven other people were wounded on Wednesday evening when a Palestinian drove his car into a light rail train station near Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem and ran over over passersby disembarking from the train.

A 20-year-old woman was in serious condition following the attack, two people were moderately hurt and four more were lightly wounded.

The driver, who was shot by police trying to flee the scene, succumbed to his wounds in hospital hours later. He was identified as Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, a Palestinian resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, who in the past served prison time for security offenses.

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  1. Religion of Peace?

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  3. The parabola that this World War of Religion instigated by the Zionists is about to take should be looked over even by the same citizens of Israel.

    If at first it may seem as the Muslims are fighting Jews and Christians joined together soon after the next conflict will certainly be one between Christians and Jews for the Deception on 9/11. Finally, Protestants and Catholics will duel to in the end proclaim One who will “represent” both because of the lack in unanimity as for the recognition of the Pope.
    A new King at the top of a virtual pyramid.

    Should this be today the greatest gift that the citizens of Israel wish upon themselves and want to offer to the whole World?

    Time to steer the boat for a new Direction.

    There is no need for another King Herod or for a New World Order.

    Instead there is a need for new understandings and a Change of Culture.

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