Sheldon Richman Remembers Leonard Liggio


Leonard P. Liggio

This week Leonard P. Liggio, 81, died after a period of declining health. Since the early 1950s, Liggio was a scholar and activist for individual liberty, the free-market order, and the voluntary network of social cooperation we call civil society. In his long career, Leonard was associated with the Volker Fund (a pioneering classical-liberal organization), the Institute for Humane Studies, Liberty Fund, the Cato Institute, and finally, the Atlas Network. He studied with Ludwig von Mises and a long list of eminent historians. 

"Like many libertarians of my generation and beyond, I learned so much from him," writes Sheldon Richman. "Leonard was a major influence on my worldview during the nearly 40 years I knew him. While I had not seen him much in recent years, I have a hard time picturing the world—and the noble struggle for liberty—without him."