Vid: What Americans Really Think About ISIS (Reason-Rupe Poll, October 2014)


"There seems to be a sort of collective amnesia problem regarding the Iraq War," says Reason Foundation polling director Emily Ekins.

Ekins is referring to a question contained in the October 2014 Reason-Rupe poll, which found that 51 percent of Americans recall opposing the Iraq invasion in 2003. In reality, Pew found that most Americans—72 percent—supported the war at the time of the invasion. Ekins says its fairly common to find such discrepancies in public opinion polling. People tend to want to say they supported the winner and opposed the loser.

"And this tells us something about how Americans view the Iraq War," says Ekins.

Watch the video above for a deeper look at the foreign policy opinions uncovered by the latest round of polling from Reason-Rupe, or click the link below for a more detailed breakdown of results, associated links, and downloadable versions of the video.

Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Paul Detrick. Music by Chris Zabriskie. Approximately 6 minutes.