CDC Lays Out New Plan to Fight Ebola Spread

Rapid response teams


Embattled Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director, Dr. Tom Frieden, laid out a new game plan to counter further contamination of health care workers dealing with Ebola patients – including sending rapid response teams to any hospital where a new case is confirmed.  

Frieden told reporters during a press conference Tuesday that the CDC had deployed a team of their most experienced staff to Dallas to work with state's health department and the hospital where Nina Pham, 26, a Texas Health Presbyterian  Hospital nurse who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, is being treated after testing positive for the disease.

Going forward, Frieden said the CDC will provide Ebola response teams within hours of a confirmed case to any hospital in the United States.

"I wish we put team like this [in place] when first the patient was diagnosed," said Frieden. "We will do it from this day forward anywhere in the U.S."