World Health Organization: Ebola 'Unquestionably the Most Severe Acute Public Health Emergency in Modern Times'


In a statement emailed to reporters on Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed Ebola "unquestionably the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times," saying that most countries where Ebola has spread have failed "to put basic public health infrastructures in place."

Encouraging people and health officials to get informed about how to prevent Ebola, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan explained that 90% of economic losses during the outbreak of any disease comes from "the uncoordinated and irrational efforts of the public to avoid infection."

"We are seeing, right now, how this virus can disrupt economies and societies around the world," she said.

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  1. Well, this certainly puts the AIDS epidemic, which at one point was going to wipe out the entire human race, into perspective.

    Turns out that “you know what causes it and you can be 100% safe if you avoid that behavior” isn’t just a facile argument after all.

  2. Only this isn’t AIDS, and avoiding it isn’t as simple as not engaging in unprotected butt-sex. Unless you walk around in a hazmat suit, it’s difficult to avoid contact with doorknobs, airline seat armrests, and everything else an infected person may contaminate before they become symptomatic enough to be diagnosed, quarantined, or dead.

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