Watch Nick Gillespie on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld[*] Tonight at 3AM


I'll be on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tonight (though Andy Levy will be guest hosting for Greg).

Other guests include attorney Remy Spencer and comic Tom Cotter.

The fun begins on Fox News at 3 A.M. ET. More info here.

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17 responses to “Watch Nick Gillespie on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld[*] Tonight at 3AM

  1. Does Greg’s unicorn poop rainbows? No? Oh well, it’s nice anyway I guess.

    1. All I know is my gut says maybe.

      1. +1 Successful carpet bombing of Eden 6.

  2. Ask how Bill Schultz is doing.

    Even though I never liked him, I hated how he got fired for not sucking up to the NSA like Greg does…

    1. Wait, is that why he got fired? Then why is Levy still on the show? Levy is vastly more critical of the surveillance state than Schultz was.

      Here’s Andy Levy being awesome about the NSA and then yelling at Gutfeld by telling him to stop calling himself a libertarian.

      It’s pretty much the greatest Red Eye moment because Levy just obliterates some bimbo they had on the show because she looks good in a low cut dress.

      Seriously. This woman is staggeringly stupid and it honestly is a bit sexist that Fox seems to hire women based on their bra size rather than their ability to string words into a sentence.

      Kevin Williamson also gets in a few good jabs, but Gutfeld is such a fucking douche that he keeps trying to derail a good conversation with unfunny interjections.

      1. I might actually watch this if I’m still up though because Levy hosting instead of Gutfeld should make the show much better than it normally is.

        1. You will probably be able to download it on Reason’s iTunes channel next week.

  3. Geeze…Didn’t realize there was so much Gutfeld hate in these parts. He tends to be much more entertaining than TI has ever been.

    1. Yeah, I’m frequently impressed at how Gutfeld can come up with a short monologue about a political topic that is trenchant & funny.

      Over the course of the show, TV’s Andy Levy has definitely had an effect on Gutfeld & he’s become more libertarian, but not as much as I think he would like to believe.

      This show has changed a lot since it began & it does lack a lot of the biting humor of the first several years. They also used to almost always have a left winger as one of the guests so there was somebody to argue with.

    2. Gutfield blamed libertarian support for Edward Snowden for the the rise of ISIL.

      1. If they were merely spying on foreign leaders, or frankly, any foreigners, there would have been no Snowden. No one cares if they spy on Merkel. Merkel doesn’t even care if they spy on Merkel. If libertarian support of Snowden is the cause of the rise of ISIS they are wholly responsible for the creation.

      2. Obviously Gutfeld is aiming for O’Reilly’s time slot after they inevitably find Bill hanging naked from his necktie in the closet.

  4. Dude that makes no sense at all man. WOw.

  5. Great show. Always better when Andy is there and Greg is not.

  6. I enjoyed the show much more with repulsive sidekick Bill providing a little push back with humor and Levy at the halftime. I think that formula worked better than today’s.

    Also, Jim Norton needs to sub way more often for Greg. His one time was truly fucking epic.

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