Rand Paul Becomes First Presidential Hopeful to Visit Ferguson


Sen. Rand Paul met with civil rights leaders Friday in Ferguson, Missouri, the city torn apart by racial unrest following the August shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. During his visit, the Republican Senator, who is seen as a likely presidential candidate, stated his concerns about long prison sentences for nonviolent crimes, the loss of voting rights for felons and military programs to give unused equipment to local police departments.

"I wanted to find out what we could do to make the situation better," Paul said of his visit Friday.

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  1. *”I wanted to find out what we could do to make the situation better,” *

    Really just two choices on that front, Senator.

    1) Lead the lynch mob to the police officer they wish to murder.
    2) Lead a squadron of A-10s over the city to wipe out the lynch mob.

    1. 2) Lead a squadron of A-10s over the city [of Washginton, DC] to wipe out the lynch mob [known as Congress].


  2. But Rand Paul is racist, you guys.

    1. Totally

      “Paul said that he would support increases in federal spending for job training in urban communities that could be paid for with cuts to the costs of incarceration. “I think there would be money for job training if you greatly lessened criminal sentencing,” he said.”

      1. I thought that my sarcasm was blatant enough. I guess I was wrong.

        Paul also offers a rather nuanced view of the Civil Rights Act. That’s worth noting.

        1. I think my sarcasm cancelled out yours 😉

    2. First true thing i’ve read on here. It must be some kind of typo

      1. As opposed to the Democratic Party, which has NEVER exploited race in the name of winning elections?

      2. Bob Dole’s Viagra is voicing something few are willing to say: Paul’s trying to get the blacks out of prison so he can personally kill each and every one of them!

        Speak Truth to Power BDV!

  3. Just read this racist, sexist diatribe of his.

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