Family Says Ebola Victim Treated Unfairly


The family of the first person to die of  in the U.S. is upset with the patient's medical care, and called his treatment "unfair."

Thomas Eric Duncan, who is from Liberia, died today after being infected with the Ebola virus. He had been in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, since his diagnosis on Sept. 28.

Duncan's nephew Joe Weeks told ABC News he felt Duncan had "unfair" medical treatment. Weeks suggested that Duncan did not get the same treatment being given to Ebola patient Ashoka Mukpo in a Nebraska hospital, although he did not detail that alleged difference.

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  1. Because there should be no limit to the amount of taxpayer money spent to support an unemployed Liberian immigrant…

    I’ll bet good money that his family is here illegally. OpEn BoRderz!

  2. If nothing else, his HIPAA rights were thrown right out the window. These days I couldn’t so much as call the hospital to find out if my wife gave birth, but the entire world knew about this dude’s medical condition.

  3. Sounds like his nephew has been talking to the Reverend Jackson.

    What is “unfair” is that a bunch of people were unnecessarily exposed to this disease.

  4. I feel rage reading that. Fair would have been sending him and his family back to Liberia then burning down his house.

  5. Given the high profile disease he had, he was probably given exemplary care; far more than the average Joe with pneumonia would receive.

    1. Far more exemplary than the coverage detailed in his insurance policy…wait, what??

  6. I understand that Duncan did NOT get the experimental drug that is being given to patients in Africa, because of shot supply of the drug. That is probably what the nephew is referring to.

    All the more reason the uncle should have stayed in Africa instead of recklessly coming here and exposing, through second- and third-order interactions, hundreds of people.

  7. Speaking of Ebola – I’ll just leave this here ….


    Way to go, cops – into the apt with no protection. Apparently the group of deputies this guy is part of were not included in the monitored group of 100 or so that health org’s were watching who interacted with Duncan (aka ‘patient zero’).

    1. I wonder how many hundreds of people this deputy has had contact with in the last few days.

    2. Some dipshit Dallas judge went into the apartment without protection as well for no apparent reason. I hope he gets Ebola.

  8. Unfair treatment? Really? How fair was it for his family to have to be moved from their home because he brought the disease home with him? How fair was it for all of the people he came in contact with on the plane? How fair was it for the people he came in contact with in the ER not once but twice? How fair will it be when there is a huge outbreak because he lied on the questionnaire and brought the disease into this country?!

    The entitement in Obama’s America is astounding. Obama and his cronies are more concerned with winning votes and being politically correct than they are protecting our country. Banning flights is racist. Closing our borders is racist. It would also stop the endless supply of cheap labor. Sigh.

    You allowed ISIS to flourish. You picked a senseless fight with Russia. You ruined health insurance. My health insurance is up to $450/month from just $200/month. My car insurance is currently only $25/month (from Insurance Panda), but who knows when Obama will try to step in and create socialized car insurance. Our country is doomed.

    I’m sorry for their loss but to blame the hospital for his death and to say that he received unfair treatment is just despicable!! And oh yeah, let’s bring in the race baiter so he can blame this all on racism.

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